12 Reasons To Blog on Medium

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Medium is one of the largest public blogging platforms on the web. That said, your writing could reach thousands just hours after publishing. I’m sure you’re thinking, “Umm… Do you need any other reasons to blog on Medium?”

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Well, yes. While going viral sounds nice, it’s not likely going to happen if you use Medium to just casually blog or do a brain-dump of thoughts. Medium articles are meant to be highly engaging and thoughtful. But that alone doesn’t mean you should use this platform.

So let’s hope there are a few more reasons to blog on Medium than just having the potential to go viral or be able to advertise to a large audience.

Many newbie bloggers wonder whether or not using this media outlet is worth it or if they should peruse other options.

If you are hesitating between which blogging platform to write on – for example, Medium or your own WordPress website – here are 12 reasons why you should blog on Medium.

  • 12 Reasons To Blog On Medium
    • 1. Connect To Millions Of Monthly Readers
    • 2. Grow Your Social Media & Blog
    • 3. Writing & Publishing On Medium Is Easy
    • 4. Get Discovered
    • 5. You Don’t Have To Build A Website
    • 6. Get Paid With Medium’s Partner Program
    • 7. Cross-Promote Your Content
    • 8. Use In-Depth Post Analytics
    • 9. Your Medium Blogs Could Go Viral
    • 10. Drive Traffic To Your Email Newsletter
    • 11. No Need For SEO
    • 12. It’s FREE!
    • Final Thoughts

12 Reasons To Blog On Medium

1. Connect To Millions Of Monthly Readers

Did you know? There are somewhere between 85 and 100 million, active users, on Medium each month.

That works out to be a whole lot of readers! Unlike with your own website, there is already a hungry audience on Medium just waiting to devour your insightful content.

Simply speaking, this is one of the biggest reasons to blog on Medium. You won’t find a community that’s actually eager to read like you will on this platform.

As a Medium blogger, you have a unique opportunity to engage and create valuable content for an audience that already has a penchant for that sorta thing. Plus, the sky is the limit. You could write about virtually anything on Medium and it’s sure to cater to somebody’s interests.

2. Grow Your Social Media & Blog

Banking off Medium’s in-built audience, one reason to blog on Medium is that it can seriously help grow your other social media accounts or blog.

The more content you publish on Medium, the more it gets viewed by an audience. But how does this help you with offsite handles?

Well, you are free to self-promote in your Medium content.

That means if you are sharing your expert knowledge or advice on “X” topic, you could potentially link out to another supporting article on your own website where users can delve further into the content.

What’s more, each time you post a Medium article, your author bio appears beside your content. And there, within this short sidebar snippet, is your visible URL.

Plus, at the bottom of each Medium article is your full author bio and links to whatever social accounts you use most. If you are a businessman, for example, or prominent CEO of a company, users can read this about you at the footer of the article as well as a click-through to follow you on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

3. Writing & Publishing On Medium Is Easy

Medium has an incredibly clean and intuitive user interface (UI). Most content management systems (CMS) aren’t so easy to use like the Medium UI.

Simply navigate to your profile and click “Write a story.” From there, just start typing into the blank canvas on your screen. The little “+” button beside your text allows you to add a photo, video, embed, or import a stock image from Unsplash seamlessly into your document.

Highlight the text to further add links, bolded lettering, italics, private notes, or switch between headers and paragraph text. Writing in Medium is really that simple! And, there’s no need to worry about updating plugins or internal linking!

4. Get Discovered

LOTS of publishers hang out on Medium to flip through its featured stories in search of their next writer.

In this digital age of opportunity, it can be pretty wild to think about how a viral video or published piece could make you the next rising star or kickstart your professional career.

But it happens and the possibility enough is reason enough to blog on Medium.

And still, even if you didn’t get discovered by a publisher on Medium, you could still use your Medium profile as a public resume for showcasing your writing when pitching stories to online publications.

Remember, just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t ever!

5. You Don’t Have To Build A Website

One of the biggest reasons to use Medium is to not have to undertake the major job of building your own blog and maintaining it.

If you aren’t writing to grow an affiliate blog (like this one), and instead want to become more of a story writer, then using Medium is the best way to connect to a built-in audience.

If you do want to start your own affiliate website, then you will also need to factor in SEO, website maintenance (including monthly fees), and marketing.

6. Get Paid With Medium’s Partner Program

Did you know that you could actually get paid to write on Medium? Yep! Through Medium’s Partner Program, any writer can get paid whenever they put their published stories behind a paywall.

As for how much you can earn – that really depends. There are some writers who earn just $100-200 a month from 20,000 views (or about 10,000 “Reads”). However, if your article(s) were to get on Medium’s featured page, you could potentially earn thousands just from one trending article.

To join the Partner Program, you need to apply, connect your bank account, and set up payments via Stripe. Once you’re in, to make your post eligible to earn money you need to enable the “paywall” feature, which only allows paying Medium members to access your content.

Whenever they read your article, a portion of their monthly subscription fee will go toward you, the author.

7. Cross-Promote Your Content

Say you’ve written up a bunch of beautiful content but it hasn’t yet ranked. One of the reasons blogging on Medium is beneficial is because you can easily cross-promote your existing content – particularly content that offers a lot of value but that hasn’t yet been discovered by the masses.

Cross-promoting your Medium articles – and vice versa – is easy. You can tell your family and friends, or social audience, to follow you on Medium and you can share your Medium articles with them.

If you want to make money from Medium, make sure to enable the paywall. If you don’t want to make family pay (that would be kinda rude…) to read your content, you can send them a special link that enables them to have free access.

8. Use In-Depth Post Analytics

If you’re wondering if your posts on Medium will get ghosted or lost in the interweb space, think again! Medium has in-depth analytics that allows you to track your progress on each of your articles.

Your 30-day stats dashboard includes:

  • Views: How many people have seen or clicked on your story.
  • Reads: How many people have actually read your story.
  • Fans: How many people clapped for your article.

You can also analyze article-specific stats to see the total views, read ratio, and lifetime earnings for that article. If you hover over a specific day you can see how many of those viewers came from external sources or from the Medium platform.

Medium’s analytics data tool might not offer as in-depth of analysis as Google Analytics or Search Console, but it’s more than enough to determine what type of content works best and where you might want to scale.

9. Your Medium Blogs Could Go Viral

As briefly touched upon at the start of this article, one of the really attractive reasons for blogging on Medium is thanks to its insane virality factor. No other blogging platform has such potential.

That’s because Medium’s developers specifically built an API that pushes your content out to its members, “… API makes it easy for you to plug into the Medium network, create your content on Medium from anywhere you write and expand your audience and your influence.”

For now, Medium is the only blogging platform and model that doesn’t require you to actively grow your audience. Simply publish high-quality content and you’re almost guaranteed to see results (and fast).

10. Drive Traffic To Your Email Newsletter

By now we know that Medium is great for blogging. But how can you capture those readers into long-term fans? Hint: Email marketing.

By linking out to your lead capture page, which you can create in minutes with ConvertKit or MailerLite, you can potentially “catch” and convert your Medium fans into subscribers.

Email opens up a whole new opportunity for you to provide valuable content to your readers. For one, you can target them with affiliate marketing which is allowed on Medium (but kinda frowned upon).

You can also use email marketing to upsell your own product or digital course, connect better with your audience, or redirect them to your blog.

11. No Need For SEO

By far, one of the best reasons to blog on Medium is for the fact that you don’t need to learn the challenging ins-and-outs of SEO. As many people would agree, SEO is the least-favorite part about blogging.

If you don’t have a solid SEO strategy in place to grow your own website traffic, then publishing on Medium removes that need and hassle entirely. No more worrying about whether or not Google will suddenly release a core algorithm update or penalize you for reasons unknown.

With Medium, you can remove the need to learn SEO and just focus on writing and publishing high-quality content.

(Disclaimer: Of course, not having to do SEO daily is great. But it comes with a big sacrifice – not owning your own blog that you have semi-full control over – unlike a Medium blog).

12. It’s FREE!

Finally, the last reason why you should blog on Medium is that it’s entirely free.

Many new bloggers don’t realize the costs required when starting a blog. Sure, you can make starting a blog cheap. You can get cheap monthly web hosting with Bluehost (for example), or buy a cheap domain, but at what cost?

Whenever you buy into cheap services to build the foundation of your blog, it tends to come back and nip you in the server. Literally – server speeds can be horribly slow and will negatively impact your blog’s precious site speed and SEO rankings.

With Medium, you don’t need to worry about upgrading or ever incurring a monthly fee. Using the platform is completely free.

So there you have it! Are there any more reasons to blog on Medium that I left out or didn’t touch upon? Let me know your reason for blogging on Medium in the comments below!

Final Thoughts

Though there are plenty of reasons to blog on Medium, if you want to build a business, then Medium is not the place to do it. Ultimately, you are hosting your content on Medium, and they own the platform. If you want to build an online business that earns money, you should be self-hosting a blog and publishing your content there.

You forego the built-in audience from the Medium platform, so it will take longer to build traffic, but long term, you have much higher and more profitable growth opportunities by owning your own website and maintaining full control of it.

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!


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