13 Australian Network Marketing Companies

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While network marketing is especially common in the United States and in the UK, people in Australia don’t need to miss out. Many companies have expanded to support multiple countries, giving you plenty of Australian network marketing companies to choose from

When researching for this list, we noticed that many websites simply highlight a selection of international companies that are available in Australia, focusing on the ones that are the most popular. While this is an appealing enough idea, such lists tend to miss out the home-grown network marketing companies.

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So, in this list, we’re specifically looking at companies that have their roots in Australia. There are fewer of these to choose from, but the appeal is easy to see. After all, there’s always something special about supporting a home-grown company, rather than one that has made its way from overseas.

Some of these companies aren’t as well-known as their international counterparts, but that’s not a bad thing. Some of the international companies have already acquired many distributors and customers in Australia. There often isn’t that much growth left for them to do.

On the other hand, Australian companies may have much more growth potential. At the very least, you won’t be promoting Avon or Tupperware to customers who are well and truly sick of those products.

Australian Network Marketing Companies


Australian Network Marketing Companies

  1. Miessence
  2. Lorraine Lea
  3. Postie
  4. Veducci
  5. Intimo
  6. A Bit Rude
  7. April Nites
  8. Become Beauty
  9. Nature Direct
  10. Nutrimetrics
  11. Pro-Ma Systems
  12. Silk Oil Of Morocco
  13. Flavourista

1. Miessence

Miessence Website Screenshot showing a young woman against a pale background

  • Focus: Organic beauty, health and home products
  • Minimum Cost: $50

Product Overview: Miessence is one of many global MLMs. However, the company is headquartered in Queensland and the figures in their compensation plan are also provided in Australian dollars.

Miessence offers more than 100 different products. Many of these are related to the skin and body field, including items like skincare, cosmetics and body items.

There are some other interesting areas as well, including superfoods, home care and Orient. The Orient line is the most unusual. This offers skincare items that focus on texture and fragrance combinations that are unusual for the industry.

While the products are very different from one another, there tends to be an emphasis on quality. Miessence itself has been certified organic since 2001. This should mean that most or all of the products are organic as well, which is an excellent sales point.

Despite these advantages, the products aren’t cheap. For example, a container of Darling Salt Glow costs $39.95, while Foaming Hand Soap costs $17.95.

These prices might not be a problem for the right audience. Customers often expect to pay more for high-quality products anyway, especially if those products also happen to be organic.

Still, the prices from Miessence would be too high for many people. This aspect limits your audience and could mean that you need to work harder to make sales regularly.

Commission Quick View: The compensation plan from Miessence suggests a purchase-first model. Distributors get a discount of 0% to 40% on their orders, based on the amount that they order in that month.

Orders can be made manually or through autoship. The volume requirements for autoship orders are much lower, but you don’t have the same control over which products you get every month.

To make matters worse, distributors need to pay for shipping on many non-autoship tiers. This significantly cuts into your profit margin, which isn’t that high anyway.

Beyond this, there are various bonuses related to your team performance. Some of these can only be earned in your first 30 days as a distributor, while others are ongoing.

Interestingly, there is a unilevel-type system in play, but this only provides income from reorders after any recruits have been in the company for more than 30 days. This style might limit your potential income.

Miessence follows the typical style of linking the bonuses to your rank. People with higher ranks are able to earn more from their team. The first few ranks aren’t too bad, but the later ones require an increasing number of personal recruits. You’ll also need some recruits that get 1,000 in team volume themselves.

The model means that you need to keep recruiting and encouraging your team, even at the high ranks.

Final Thoughts: The product selection from Miessence could be appealing to the right audience. Still, the purchase-first model is a serious limitation, especially as your discount is linked to the volume of products that you order each month.

Distributors would need to pay close attention to their orders and sales to make sure that they didn’t spend too much.

2. Lorraine Lea

Lorraine Lea Website Screenshot showing a bed with pretty linen

  • Focus: Linen and products for the home
  • Minimum Cost: $50

Product Overview: Lorraine Lea offers various items for the home, including products for the kitchen, bathroom and dining room. However, their main focus is on linen and related items.

For example, on one section of the site, the company offers wool blankets, an ultra soft blanket, a Barcelona cotton blanket and a quilt.

Reviews for the products tend to be positive. Many people say that they are pleased with the products that they have purchased, feeling that the quality and durability of the products are good for the prices.

However, the products are often on the expensive side. For example, a standard cotton pillowcase costs $19, while a queen flat sheet costs $89 and a king flat sheet costs $99.

These prices aren’t unheard of. Some customers are willing to pay to get better products. Lorraine Lea isn’t offering low-quality cotton sheets either. This particular set has a thread count of 500 and the sheets come in a variety of colors.

Still, similar items could be found from local retailers, often at a lower price. The items from Lorraine Lea might be better, but you’d need to be able to convince customers of this.

Commission Quick View: Lorraine Lea doesn’t provide a complete compensation plan on their site, which is a shame. Still, information online shows that distributors earn a 20% commission on sales.

This can be increased to 25% by recruiting two people into the business. There is also a 5% bonus that can increase the total commission rate to 30%.

Unfortunately, there seem to be no other ways to increase the commission rate from sales. Anyone who doesn’t want to build a team would be stuck at the initial 20% rate, which is low for an MLM.

On the plus side, Lorraine Lea appears to use a catalog-based system for ordering. This style means that there is no need to purchase and then resell products.

The company also follows a party model. Distributors are encouraged to regularly hold events where they promote the products. While parties can be good ways to encourage sales, they are also time-consuming and often don’t go as well as distributors might hope.

Information about the rest of the plan is difficult to find. However, Lorraine Lea is likely to follow the same approaches as other MLMs. This would include having various ranks for you to progress up through, with requirements getting more significant for each new rank.

There will be various bonuses as well, many of which may be linked to your rank in the company.

Final Thoughts: The lack of compensation details from Lorraine Lea is frustrating. This makes it hard to recommend the company. Then there’s the problem of low starting compensation and a familiar product type.

That being said, the products get decent enough reviews and people seem to trust the company. These aspects mean that you could, potentially, make sales to the right audience.

3. Postie

Postie Website Screenshot showing a young girl on a beach

  • Focus: Women’s clothing
  • Minimum Cost: $399

Product Overview: Postie is a female clothing company, with an emphasis on creating appealing styles and outfits. Just like other clothing companies, Postie’s selection changes with the season.

They regularly release new pieces and have brochures that showcase these to customers. This approach is a good way to keep customers engaged.

Another interesting feature is the Curve Collection. This offers pieces for larger women. While many local stores have similar selections, it’s fairly unusual to find a clothing MLM that does so.

As for the pieces themselves, most are fairly typical. You won’t find any revolutionary designs or colors here. The clothing would still be appealing to the right audience, but it’s a little tough to see why someone would go to the hassle of ordering through a distributor.

The prices aren’t amazing either. For example, tops often cost $79.95 or $89.95, while dresses are often more than $100. These price points limit your potential audience. After all, many people aren’t willing to spend upwards of $70 on a single top, regardless of how good it looks.

There aren’t many reviews of the clothing online, although some people do mention that the styles are old-fashioned.

Commission Quick View: Postie follows a typical party model. Each event (called a Pop-Up) is hosted by someone that the distributor knows. That host is able to get gifts and receive 50% off some purchases, based on the sales total of the event.

Postie is another company that provides very few details about compensation approaches. The images on their site suggest that distributors would need to purchase a stock of clothing for customers to try on.

Customers might buy those pieces directly or use them as a guide to the sizes that they want to order. The start up cost is $399, which supports the idea. It’s likely that you’d need to buy more stock regularly.

Buying stock in this way is also a risky approach. You would need to sell most of your stock every season to turn a profit. Being left with too many pieces could easily leave you out of pocket.

Postie’s site talks about building a team too, so there is clearly a downline aspect to the company. Further information isn’t provided. However, the $399 starting cost alone would make recruitment difficult.

Final Thoughts: Selling clothing in an MLM is a particularly tricky area. This isn’t the type of product that people normally buy in the home environment. The need to buy stock adds to the challenge. If you were going to be involved in this MLM, planning well would be essential.

4. Veducci

Veducci Website Screenshot showing a woman in a yellow dress and blossoms

  • Focus: Women’s clothing
  • Minimum Cost: Unknown

Product Overview: Veducci is a second Australian MLM that focuses on women’s clothing. This time the pieces are a little more unusual and follow modern trends.

Veducci also offers many different sizes and colors for some of their pieces. This makes their selection seem larger and should help the pieces to appeal to more people.

Once again, the clothing isn’t cheap. Tops are often around $79. These prices will still be too much for some customers. However, the unusual cuts and interesting colors do make the pieces seem more worth their price than some of the examples from Postie.

Another feature is that the products are made in Australia. Veducci is even accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. This helps to justify the price tag and would also be appealing to anyone concerned about the labor used in the creation of clothing.

Commission Quick View: The Veducci site does highlight the party approach that distributors follow. Party hosts are able to earn free garments once the sales from a party reach $445, along with one half-priced piece.

Veducci produces a Spring/Summer collection of fashion and an Autumn/Winter collection. It’s likely that you need to purchase products from the collection and then sell them to customers.

However, the exact sales processes aren’t clear. Veducci doesn’t provide much information at all about what you can expect. The site doesn’t even mention the commission rate or how you’ll be making sales.

You’re meant to contact a distributor to learn about the compensation plan. That style is always annoying. After all, a distributor is going to be biased into wanting you to join. There’s also no guarantee that they fully understand the compensation plan themselves.

One other thing from the site is that you need to book nine presentations. It’s not clear how long you have to do so or what happens if you don’t. But honestly, getting nine events booked is more difficult than it sounds.

Potential hosts often don’t have the spare time. You may also find that people’s social connections overlap. It gets progressively more challenging to find guests for events.

Final Thoughts: The lack of details makes this opportunity tough to evaluate. While some of the pieces are nice, you’re still selling clothing through direct marketing, which honestly isn’t a great plan.

5. Intimo

Intimo Website Screenshot showing a beautiful house

  • Focus: Lingerie
  • Minimum Cost: $699.50

Product Overview: Intimo offers lingerie for women. The emphasis isn’t just on lingerie that looks good, but also on pieces that are comfortable and fit well.

As part of this emphasis, Intimo has a wide variety of different styles. Their collections include Boutique, Active, Special, Convertible and Everyday. There are plenty of differences between and within these collections too.

Another key aspect is the idea of bra fitting. Distributors aren’t just responsible for selling products, they also offer a group fitting service. You’ll need to learn how to do this, but it looks like Intimo provides information about how to do so.

The idea has some serious advantages. It’s important to get a bra fitted well, but doing so with a stranger in a store can be uncomfortable. Doing so in a home environment instead, perhaps with a glass of wine, would be much more enjoyable.

Still, it isn’t all good news. Offering bra fittings would mean much more work for you as a distributor.

The idea is that the fitting process tells people the best bra type and size to order. But, this process won’t be 100%. There will be some cases where customers will need to send bras back.

Intimo suggests that it handles the returns process well, which should make things easier for you and for your customers. Even so, the process of sending lingerie back and forward would get frustrating fast – for you and for your customers.

This is one of the reasons that selling clothing through network marketing is such a strange idea. To make matters worse, reviews of Intimo products are mixed. Some customers have good experiences, while plenty of others complain about the products.

Commission Quick View: Distributors for Intimo need to purchase a kit with samples that customers will try on, along with a starter kit for stationary.

The website for Intimo mentions some high sales requirements if you want to hit quick start bonuses. These bonuses do increase the potential to earn money, but they would be very difficult for people to hit.

Unfortunately, there is no information about the commission that you can make from sales. Details about ongoing sales requirements aren’t provided either.

One final area to mention is that you can’t sell online at all. Intimo focuses almost entirely on in-person sales, ideally through fitting sessions. You can take orders via email or the phone, but that’s it.

Final Thoughts: The bra fitting angle does give Intimo an edge over physical stores. Even so, the starting cost is high and dealing with returns and refunds could get frustrating fast.

6. A Bit Rude

A Bit Rude Website Screenshot showing a collection of young women

  • Focus: Sex toys
  • Minimum Cost: $59

Product Overview: A Bit Rude is a fairly small sex toy MLM. The product selection is what you might expect. It includes items like dildos, vibrators, bondage gear, lingerie and products for couples.

It’s always difficult to compare prices for sex toy products but, on average, the items from A Bit Rude seem a bit expensive. They’re also far from unique. You could probably find the same exact items from other companies.

If nothing else, the products would be expensive for anyone who has never purchased sex toys before. For example, many of the items are more than $70 and some are upwards of $100. Even a basic vibe costs more than $40.

In contrast, there are many online stores where people can buy sex toys at a relatively low price, with discreet shipping. Such stores tend to have larger product ranges too.

The only difference with the items from A Bit Rude is that they’re being sold through home parties, rather than online. Whether this is a good thing or not is highly debatable.

Let’s be honest. A home party about sex toys could be fun, but it could also be tedious and embarrassing for everyone involved. Getting people to come along and buy something would be much more difficult than with a conventional MLM.

Is this what you want your business to be?

Commission Quick View: A Bit Rude offers a base commission rate of 40%, which applies for in-person sales or online ones. The company also provides an app to take credit card payments on the day, which is an interesting advantage.

Products are ordered through catalogs and the items can be shipped from the company directly to customers. As such, you don’t need to keep stock on hand. You don’t need to deliver anything to your customers either.

Consultants do still need to have a ‘demonstration kit’ of products, so that they can show customers what to expect. For example, A Bit Rude talks about how you can test vibrators on the end of your nose.

While details about the rest of the plan aren’t provided, A Bit Rude suggests that 40% is the starting rate for compensation. This may increase if you hit certain sales targets or if you build a team.

Final Thoughts: Even if you’re passionate about the product selection, selling sex toys in a home environment is never going to be easy. You’re dealing with a topic that many people don’t like talking about, especially not in a social situation.

Besides, anyone who is really comfortable with the idea of sex toys has probably already found good places to get similar items from – often at a lower price. If you’re going to sell anything through an MLM, it should be very well priced or unusual in some way. The products from A Bit Rude are neither of these things.

7. April Nites

April Nites Website Screenshot showing black text on a white background

  • Focus: Sex toys for women
  • Minimum Cost: $250

Product Overview: April Nites is a second company that offers ‘adult’ products. This time the company just caters to women, so men don’t attend the parties at all.

There is also a focus on making the events tasteful and classy. This aspect can be seen across the site for April Nites. There are many images of professional and happy-looking women, while images of scantily clad women are few and far between.

The company focuses on sex toys and lingerie, so the selection of products is pretty typical. April Nights claims to focus on high-quality branded items, rather than white box sex toys.

This claim may be accurate too, as the products are a little more unusual than normal and are certainly more expensive. For example, some vibes cost upwards of $200. Even so, you could easily find similar items elsewhere.

Regardless, the products will only appeal to the right audience. It doesn’t matter how unique the toys are, some people just won’t be interested in sex toys.

Interestingly, April Nites allows customers to pay using a payment plan for orders of more than $100. This is an unusual feature that could encourage sales, especially given the pricing for some of the products.

However, orders from a party have a two- to three-week turnaround and are only submitted once all payments from that party have been received. This could get very frustrating for customers.

Imagine waiting for a month or more for products that you wanted because someone was slow in paying. You could order similar products from an online store and get them in less than a week.

Commission Quick View: April Nites mentions that you shouldn’t be fooled by companies that offer high compensation rates like 50% (which sounds like a reference to A Bit Rude). As they point out, high compensation rates often follow a tiered structure, where you need to hit sales targets to get the best rates.

However, the company doesn’t provide much information about their own compensation rate.

They do have one video that compares a tiered compensation rate to a flat rate of 30%. This suggests that distributors get a 30% commission on sales with April Nites, but the company could have a different rate.

Once again, there is no information about the team side of the compensation plan.

Final Thoughts: With so little information on compensation, it’s impossible to say whether April Nites is a good way to earn or not. But, you are selling adult toys in a party environment, so you can be certain that sales won’t be simple.

8. Become Beauty

Become Beauty Website Screenshot showing a selection of skincare products

  • Focus: Anti-aging skincare products
  • Minimum Cost: $30 fee + $75 initial order

Product Overview: Become Beauty (or simply Become) offers various skincare products, including related items for the lips. Their main emphasis is on products that help to fight aging.

To do this, the company uses approaches like herbal extracts, gemstone therapy, aromatherapy oils, nano-technology, bio-technology and peptide-technology. The approaches all sound appealing. They could help to encourage sales for that reason alone.

Of course, it’s debatable whether these approaches have any significant impact on aging. Other companies use similar approaches too. This suggests that you would need to be passionate about the products yourself to sell them regularly.

Become has various sets of products to choose from. The prices tend to vary based on the apparent quality. For example, a set of two products from the Basic Collection costs $122, a similar set from the Advanced Collection costs $174 and one from the Signature Collection costs $240.

Needless to say, the products aren’t cheap. While the prices aren’t unusual for the skincare industry, it’s clear that selling the products would take considerable effort. You’d probably need to rely on samples, as potential customers would be hesitant about shelling out this much money for a product that they hadn’t tried.

Commission Quick View: Become offers discounts of 25% to 45%. This suggests that you’ll be purchasing the products first and then reselling them, which is always a frustrating model.

Starting at a 25% discount means that you have a slim profit margin, especially if you do need to resell products. Any samples that you provide will probably come from your own stock, so you’ll have some ongoing costs.

It’s not clear how you increase the discount. Some companies allow you to do so simply by hitting sales targets. Others require you to build a team as well.

The team side of the plan provides you with up to 12% in team overrides on distributors that you personally sponsor. But, it’s not clear how the overrides are structured or what the team requirements are.

Details about ongoing requirements aren’t provided either. Still, it’s likely that you’ll need to hit a sales target every month to earn from your team.

Final Thoughts: If you’re able to make sales online or through catalogs, Become could be a viable way to make money – as long as your audience was willing to pay the product prices. If the model requires you to purchase products and resell them, then the risk with Become is simply too high for most situations.

9. Nature Direct

Nature Direct Website Screenshot showing a young girl and her dog

  • Focus: Essential oil-based home products
  • Minimum Cost:

Product Overview: Nature Direct sells various products for the home, including dust spray, a floor system, microfiber clothes and home care concentrates. There is also a commercial grade disinfectant, which is promoted as a product for the professional environment.

Nature Direct’s most significant feature is that most of their products use essential oils as ingredients. The approach is meant to provide additional benefits. The products also tend to be natural, avoiding the use of artificial ingredients and controversial chemicals whenever possible.

Using essential oils as ingredients is an important idea from the sales perspective, Essential oils are popular and they’re not often included in products for the home. It’s debatable whether the oils have any noticeable benefits or not, but at least they should help to encourage sales.

The style probably means that the products from Nature Direct are more expensive than what you’ll find elsewhere. Nature Direct doesn’t provide details on their site, so the price difference isn’t clear.

While Nature Direct was an independent company at one point, it has since merged with Youngevity. Indeed, Australian Nature Direct customers actually get their products shipped from Youngevity International in New Zealand.

The merging of Nature Direct and Youngevity means that Nature Direct is no longer a purely Australian business. Nevertheless, it was developed in Australia and appears to still sell many of the products that it did initially.

Commission Quick View: The site for Nature Direct doesn’t provide details on the compensation plan. However, as the company is now part of Youngevity, the Youngevity compensation plan is likely to apply here.

Distributors for Youngevity earn retail commissions, but the commission rate isn’t stated. Youngevity does mention that distributors can get up to 30% discount on purchases. This may mean that you need to purchase the products and then resell them.

There are more details from the team side of the plan. Youngevity follows a unilevel design. This gives distributors the chance to earn from various levels in their team. The percentages are actually pretty good, starting at 5% for a distributor’s Level 1 and Level 2 recruits.

At the highest tiers, a distributor can earn around 57% residual commissions from their downline. Of course, hitting these goals would require having a considerable team under you who are all making sales.

While the numbers sound appealing, they also highlight a serious issue. If you’re able to able to get this much commission from sales, the products must be seriously overpriced.

Final Thoughts: If Nature Direct does follow Youngevity’s compensation plan, then the potential to earn from your team is surprisingly good. However, the lack of information about retail commissions is concerning. This should be the first piece of information that a company tells you.

10. Nutrimetics

Nutrimetics Website Screenshot showing a pink background

  • Focus: Skincare, bodycare and cosmetics
  • Minimum Cost: $145

Product Overview: Nutrimetics is a beauty company. As such, their product areas include skincare, haircare, body products and cosmetics. There are even some nutritional items in the mix.

Nutrimetics has a strong homegrown and natural angle. The products were designed in Australia and are produced in New Zealand. The company also avoids animal testing and relies on plant-based extracts. These aspects are all useful for promoting sales.

Most of the products are familiar, but this is hardly a problem. Differences between beauty companies tend to be in the formulations of their products and the exact shades that they offer, rather than in the types of products.

The product pricing could be considered middle of the road. These aren’t the most expensive beauty products that you’ll find, but there are certainly cheaper ones on the market too.

Nutrimetics takes full advantage of the in-person marketing approach by focusing on the idea of hosting a Nutrimetics girls’ night out. These events are promoted as pamper sessions, where attendees get a beauty treatment while enjoying a social evening.

The style is good for promoting sales, as people are more likely to buy beauty products after trying them. The challenge is that the events take time and energy, while there is no guarantee that people will buy anything.

To make matters worse, distributors will need to have the products that are being sampled on hand. This style increases the cost for consultants and can make it more difficult to keep your business profitable.

While Nutrimetics does mention that distributors can earn products to use as samples, the site doesn’t provide details about what this looks like in practice.

Commission Quick View: Distributors mostly make sales using a replicated website. There’s no need to keep products in stock, aside from what will be used during the pampering events.

Nutrimetics offers up to 45% compensation on sales. This is an impressive amount, but it is the final total, not the rate that you start out at. I would expect that you begin at somewhere between 20% and 30% commission.

Some reviews online suggest that Nutrimetics follows a unilevel compensation plan. This is the most common approach and means that your team is structured based on the pattern of recruitment.

There isn’t any more information beyond this. Nutrimetics doesn’t talk about the requirements for increasing your sales compensation or what your team structure is meant to look like.

Final Thoughts: There are some advantages with Nutrimetics, including the wide selection of products and the fact that you’re making sales online. The real question is whether the products are interesting enough to promote regular sales.

11. Pro-Ma Systems

Proma Systems Website Screenshot showing some friends

  • Focus: Home, health, cosmetic, car and skincare products
  • Minimum Cost: $65

Product Overview: Pro-Ma systems is a little unusual, as the company seems to focus on the opportunity more than the products themselves. Even the name of the company gives nothing away about what you will be promoting.

The company offers multiple product ranges, each of which have their own distinct branding. There is even a different landing page for each set of products.

  • Grace Cosmetics. Cosmetics, along with skincare, fragrance, body and hair products
  • Optimum Health. Supplements and related wellness products
  • Performance. Products to help improve vehicle engine life, performance and efficiency
  • Home Products. Various items that are meant to be useful around the home, while being healthy for the environment and your family
  • Light of Hope. A small product range including hair repair, room refresh and hand wash, where all of the profits are used for ‘life-changing projects’

The biggest problem is that the items are all very typical. There’s nothing that makes them stand out. Even the packaging uses styles that have been done time and time again.

The biggest advantage is the focus on quality. This includes the fact that the products are made in Australia, are not tested on animals and contain ‘no harmful chemicals or hidden nasties’. Of course, such an emphasis isn’t very unusual these days.

Product prices are roughly what you might expect. So, the products are more expensive than what you might find in a store, but they’re not too unusual for an MLM.

Commission Quick View: Joining as a Brand Ambassador for Pro-Ma Systems just requires spending at least $65 on their products. Doing so provides you with a discount of up to 25% on all orders.

You can also sign up with a kit, which gives you a discount of up to 35% instead. The cheapest kit costs $129. The marketing from Pro-Ma Systems suggests that you can get up to 60% discounts via offers.

One part of the site talks about buying products at wholesale prices, which suggests that you can resell them for a profit. Thankfully, you also get a site that can be used to make sales. Because there are no details provided about the compensation plan, it isn’t clear whether you earn the same amount from website sales as you do for in-person ones.

There appears to be a rank-based aspect to team building, but no further information is given.

Final Thoughts: Even if the compensation plan from Pro-Ma Systems was decent, it’s hard to imagine this company working well. The products are simply too generic. There isn’t much to make customers want to buy them.

12. Silk Oil Of Morocco

Silk Oil of Morocco Website Screenshot showing a Boxing Day sale

  • Focus: Haircare, body and cosmetic products
  • Minimum Cost: $149

Product Overview: Silk Oil of Morocco’s main selling point is the use of cold pressed argan oil. This oil is meant to be a powerful ingredient that creates high-quality products.

The product range is extensive. For example, there are more than 100 products in the hair category alone and 53 in the skin category. There are even homeware products (mostly candles) and items for men.

The male range isn’t particularly large. There are just 11 products and some of these are packages. Still, it’s nice to see that there are at least some options for men.

Reviews for the products are mixed. For example, the range scored 3.6 out of 5 on the site productreview.co.au. This could mean that quality varies between products and/or batches or it may simply be the result of differences in people’s needs.

Regardless, there are enough products to keep people interesting. Silk Oil of Morocco also uses consistent and appealing branding. The prices are on the high side, but the products would still sell to the right audience.

Silk Oil of Morocco also offers AfterPay. This gives distributors and customers the chance to pay off purchases over time. AfterPay is becoming widely used in Australia and New Zealand and may increase the chance of customers making significant purchases. If you’re into oils, maybe try a CBD MLM to see if they offer products in Australia.

Commission Quick View: For once, we have a company that is up-front about their compensation plan. Distributors mostly make sales through a replicated eCommerce site.

The commission rate ranges from 20% to 35%, based on monthly sales. It takes $500 in sales to hit the 25% rate, $1,000 to hit the 30% rate and $2,000 to hit the full 35% rate. You get a flat 20% discount for your own purchases.

The commission is calculated at the end of each month. This means that if you get $1,500 in sales per month, you would get 30% commission on all of those sales, not just on the final 500.

As for your team, the first aspect is a sponsor bonus. This provides 3% commission on the sales of your first level and second level team members.

There is also a team bonus. This offers 3% in residual commission from your team if team sales are above $5,000. The rate increases to 4% for sales above $20,000 and 5% for sales above $25,000. You need to at least have the rank of Leader for this bonus.

Various other bonuses exist too, including residual commissions on groups in your downline and growth bonuses. However, the team income tends to be strongly related to your rank in the company. This means that you need a multi-level team below you, one that is successful at sales and recruitment.

Final Thoughts: Silk Oil of Morocco is one of the better Australian network marketing companies. They have interesting products and provide details about their compensation plan.

While the initial compensation rate is just 20%, you are making sales through a website, which gives you the ability to target a broad audience.

13. Flavourista

Flavourista Website Screenshot showing people and food around a table

  • Focus: Spices, sauces and similar items to complement meals
  • Minimum Cost: $49

Product Overview: Flavourista is a food-based MLM, but consultants aren’t trying to sell full meals. Instead, the products include items like salts, spices, dessert sauces, olive oil and tea.

The idea emphasis is on items that can make meals and events more interesting, without relying on perishable products. And, as the company name suggests, there is a consistent focus on flavor.

Prices tend to be higher than local stores. For example, the various salts and spices all cost $16, while syrups and dessert sauces are $17.

The pricing isn’t all bad. While it’s on the high site, many of the products are interesting. Some of them are different than what you might find in local stores. This is especially true for the spices. For example, I saw an Apple & Beetroot spice packet, which is a pretty unusual choice.

This type of product can work well in a network marketing setting, as distributors will often be preparing recipes that take full advantage of the products. There is a whole section on the site that features such recipes.

Events from Flavourista are called Socials and they aim to teach attendees about making good food – specifically, food that relies on ingredients from Flavourista.

Commission Quick View: Details simply aren’t provided for compensation from Flavourista. The company’s website simply tells visitors to contact a consultant or to email the company if they don’t have a consultant.

Final Thoughts: The products from Flavourista are appealing, but there’s no way to know whether the opportunity is worth pursuing.

Top Pick

Silk Oil of Morocco is the company that stands out the most from this list. Not only do they have a large selection of products, but the use of argan oil helps to provide an interesting selling point.

This is also one of the few companies that provides full compensation plan information. Distributors earn 20% compensation at the beginning and can increase this all the way to 35% from sales alone. While the sales targets are high, it’s nice that you don’t need to build a team to get your compensation rate up to 35%.

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I have to be honest though. I’m not a big fan of MLM. Tried it. Hated it.

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