50 Fitness Affiliate Programme To Keep Your Affiliate Earnings In Tip Top Shape

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The world of fitness has been growing consistently for many years. People are becoming more health-conscious all the time. This has led to consumers doing lots of their own research and finding out how to be healthier. One major aspect of living a healthy life is exercise which often requires tools and equipment to achieve optimal results.

Fitness also includes eating healthy to fuel and maintain your body. The industry is a lucrative one for affiliate marketers as many people turn to those with knowledge and experience to point them in the direction of the best products possible. By promoting fitness related products you can earn a steady income for yourself while helping people make smart and informed purchasing choices.

There are many facets of fitness so your options as an affiliate are wide open. You can choose to focus on certain areas of working out, such as equipment, supplements, or apparel. You can also choose to focus solely on food and nutrition. This will include recipes, meal-planning guides and strategies, and educating your audience on the nutritional value of the foods you are recommending they eat.

All of these are extensions of the fitness industry that will have plenty of related affiliate programmes with quality products for you to promote. This list of 50 fitness affiliate programmes cover all aspects of fitness and can be promoted throughout your fitness website. It’s also important to note that some may work with other types of websites as well. Nutrition-based programmes can work with food blogs, and the apparel can often translate well to a yoga blog, for example.

Fitness Affiliate Programmes


1.ACE Fitness

ace fitness affiliate sign up page

ACE Fitness aims to educate those who wish to pursue a professional career in fitness. They offer certifications and assessments to aspiring health coaches and exercise professionals. They provide them with education and assess their ability to provide a safe and effective programme.

They are constantly on top of research and innovation to ensure they are always offering the most relevant and up-to-date information that is backed by science. They want to ensure that those who are educating others have the correct training and information behind them.

Their affiliate programme offers an 8% commission on the sale of their courses and certifications.

Reasons To promote ACE Fitness: They are passionate about creating quality, up-to-date courses. Their research is science-backed and they help aspiring professionals achieve their career goals in a safe and effective way.

2. Workout Anywhere

workout anywhere affiliate sign up page

Workout Anywhere is a training programme that is meant for those who can’t or don’t want to always go to the gym. It’s a series of workouts and programmes that can be completed at home or on the go.

The programme includes mobile coaching, meal plans, recipes, challenges, goal tracking, rewards, workout videos, and is compatible with wearable devices. You can also track all your information and progress on your mobile device.

Their affiliate programme is extremely generous. They offer a 30% commission on subscription plan signups and 50% on individual ebook and training plan sales.

Reasons To promote Workout Anywhere: The convenience of being able to work out either at home or on the road will be attractive to your readers who may have very busy lives or can’t afford a gym membership.

3. Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness home page

Wahoo Fitness offers a series of fitness equipment largely centered on cycling. They sell indoor bike trainers for those who wish to workout at home. The benefits of biking are many – it’s a cardio and leg workout all at once.

Other products include sensors and trackers for your actual bicycle as well as heart rate monitors that can be used for any workout routine. Their devices use BlueTooth technology and can connect to most mobile devices and desktops for convenient tracking.

Their commission rate for affiliates is standard at 7.5-10%, depending on the product you sell.

Reasons To promote Wahoo Fitness: Cycling is a fantastic way to work out and burn crazy calories. Their products make cycling possible indoors, and allow outdoor cyclists easy and convenient ways to track their progress.

4. Lifespan Fitness

lifespan fitness home page

Lifespan Fitness sells a series of workout equipment. Commercial companies can buy the products in bulk, or they can be sold as individuals for in-home workouts. They also sell an innovative line of workplace-specific workout equipment.

The workplace options include treadmill and bike desks as well as standing desks. All of their equipment comes with an app that allows the information and statistics from your workouts to go straight to your smartphone.

The commission for affiliates is 8% which will add up quickly due to the higher cost of these professional-quality machines.

Reasons To promote Lifespan Fitness: Their innovative products benefit both home and office settings. Their equipment comes with top-notch safety features and their high prices offer great earning potential.

5. Natalie Jill Fitness

Natalie Jill fitness program product page

Natalie Jill is a well-known figure in the world of health, fitness, and weight-loss. She has created a robust and comprehensive programme for those who wish to lose weight using her methods.

She offers quick, easy at-home workouts, meal plans, recipes, and plenty of encouragement to keep your mind sharp and on point. She also has plenty of additional resources including books, a blog, and a community of like-minded people. She also sells a series of supplements to round out her fitness regime.

Affiliates must be accepted into the programme to learn the commission rate, but her reputation and popularity stand on their own and make her a good one to partner with.

Reasons To Promote Natalie Jill Fitness: She is a well-known fitness guru who already has a huge following. Her line of products is comprehensive with a little of everything. Those who want to workout at home won’t have to go anywhere else for their fitness needs.

6. Driftsun

driftsun home page

Driftsun carries a huge line of water sports equipment and accessories. This includes things like kneeboards, wakeboards, surfboards, and kayaks. Many of these activities are largely recreational but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a fantastic workout.

Water sports are a full-body workout with a focus on the core. You can burn several hundred calories in an hour when you’re in the water, and it’s also much gentler on the joints than regular workout routines. Driftsun helps you mix fun with fitness.

Their affiliate programme offers 5-15% commission rates depending on the product you sell and they have a 15-day tracking cookie. Their average order size is around $250.

Reasons To Promote Driftsun: Many people are passionate about watersports and their line of products make it easy for your audience to add an element of fitness to their fun.

7. Mukha Yoga

Mukha Yoga affiliate sign up page

Mukha Yoga is dedicated to providing top-quality yoga apparel, gear, and accessories to yoga enthusiasts of all levels from beginner to professional. They have a huge variety of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories such as yoga mats, straps, cushions, and bags.

They also offer smudge sticks, mala beads, and oils for enhanced focus and relaxation. For many, yoga is a large part of their fitness regimen and good quality products are important.

The Mukha Yoga affiliate programme offers an 8% commission and a solid 60-day tracking cookie. They also offer bonuses for high-performing affiliates.

8. Jumpsport Fitness

jumpsport fitness home page

Jumpsport Fitness founders recognise the health and fitness-related benefits you can gain from adding trampoline jumping to your routine. However, they also know the risk involved. They created a line of safety products to go with their trampolines.

Their safety nets ensure safety for the whole family, whether the kids are playing or you’re working out. They sell specific trampolines for each purpose – recreational and fitness – as the design needs for each activity are different.

The company offers a standard, straightforward affiliate programme with an 8% commission rate and a 30-day tracking cookie.

Reasons To Promote Jumpsport Fitness: They want to help everyone reap the benefits of trampoline workouts while staying safe at the same time. They conveniently sell both trampolines and the safety nets so you can get it all at once.

9. Hickies

Hickies how it works page

Hickies has designed a unique and innovative lacing system for all shoes. It works as long as the shoes have eyelets. The goal is to make wearing shoes easier, more comfortable, and more convenient. Some people do struggle with laces and Hickies wants to remedy this.

The elastic laces are designed in such a way that you should only have to install them once and not touch them afterward. Just slip the shes on and go! They have regular, loose, and tight-fitting options. These laces are a fantastic addition to workout shoes as it ensures a good, tight, fit each time with no effort.

The affiliate program offers 10% commission for coupon sites, 25% commission on new customer orders, and 20% on repeat customer orders.

Reasons To Promote Hickies: Their laces are unique and innovative. It offers customers a new level of comfort and convenience. Your fitness-loving readers will be attracted to this small item that can make their lives much easier.

10. Reebok

 reebok home page

Reebok is one of the top activewear/fitness companies in the world. They sell a wide variety of fitness clothing and apparel for men, women, and kids. They are Amerian made and the quality is unmatched.

In addition to clothing, they create some of the best running and training shoes in the world. They recognise that running is one of the top activities in a fitness routine regardless of your specific goals. They want to support people in this with the best shoe technology possible.

Their affiliate programme offers a 7% commission rate as well as a $5 bonus when you refer other affiliates.

Reasons To Promote Reebok: They are one of the best and most recognised fitness companies in the world. They are trusted by many and have a lot of loyal customers. Conversion rates will be high when promoted to the right group of people.

11. Body Elite Nutrition

body elite nutrition home page

Body Elite Nutrition is a supplement company that is dedicated to creating products with the best, purest, and highest-quality ingredients possible. They don’t limit themselves. They have gone all over the world to source their ingredients, in search of the best quality and the most effective options.

Their flagship supplement is a thermogenic compound designed to help you in multiple ways. It will provide mental focus, properly suppress the appetite to help you stay on track with your diet, and promote extremely fast metabolism for maximum fat burning. It’s a comprehensive all-rounder that will make your workout much more effective.

Their commission rate is standard at 10% and they have a strong cookie-tracking at 90 days.

Reasons To Promote Body Elite Nutrition: They have created a new and innovative product that fitness nuts and dedicated weight-lifters will be excited about. Your audience might not have heard of them before and will be happy you told them about this exciting new supplement option.

12. NASM

NASM affiliate program sign up page

NASM is the National Academy of Sports Medicine. They are a leader in providing evidence-based specialisations for professionals in the fitness world. They offer a series of certificates that will enhance the knowledge and expertise of those who are training others.

They offer their NCAA-accredited Certified Personal Trainer exam as well as Corrective Exercise Specialist, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Performance Enhancement Specialist. These programmes give professionals proper credentials that help customers and clients trust them and what they’re doing.

The programme offers affiliates a flat rate commission of $25 every time they make a sale on a certificate and they offer a standard 30-day tracking cookie.

Reasons To Promote NASM: They are an official, certified source of credentials and certificates. If you have an audience of readers who love fitness, some are likely interested in pursuing it as a career. The NASM can help them get there.

13. Gene Food

gene food home page

Gene Food has created a nutrition planning programme that uses your specific genes to help you decide what to eat. They believe that this is a better solution than the “one size fits all” fad diets that come and go.

To get your personalised meal plan you’ll need to take a genetics test. They offer this on their site if you’ve never done it before. They have partnered with 23andme to allow users who have already taken these genetic tests to access their meal plan service at a discounted rate. They have an expert nutritionist/recipe builder and scientist with a BSc in genetics on staff who work together to curate the plans.

Their affiliate programme offers a $15 flat-rate commission for new customers that sign up through an affiliate link with a 90-day tracking cookie.

Reasons To Promote Gene Food: Many people struggle to lose weight and stick to particular diets, especially when they don’t work well. Gene Food offers a new, personalised system that may give your readers the success they’re looking for.

14. Aaptiv

 Aaptive affiliate program sign up page

Aaptiv is a fitness app that is designed to help you optimise your home workout efforts and/or make your gym training sessions as productive as possible without having to pay hundreds for a personal trainer. They do this through a series of workout videos and programmes that have been created by professional, world-class trainers.

The app is simple. You fill out your goals, the app finds appropriate workouts to help you meet them, and you choose which ones you want to do. There is a variety of durations, trainers, and even music to choose from.

Affiliates are given a flat rate payout when they refer a new customer. They are paid in three tiers: $15 per sale with 100 sales or less per month, $20 per sale with 101-500 sales per month, or $25 per sale when you reach 500+ sales per month.

Reasons To Promote Aaptiv: Most people can’t afford expensive personal trainers. Some people can’t even afford a gym membership or they simply don’t have time. This is a fantastic, affordable alternative to help people workout productively.

15. Argos

argos home page

  • URL:
  • Commission: 3%

Argos is a huge variety retailer with more than 89,000 products to offer and more than 1 billion website visits each year. They offer products in many categories including home & garden, babies, beauty, clothing, and sports/fitness.

Their fitness section includes a selection of weight training products such as free-weights, benches, and home gyms. They also sell a variety of other sports and cycling equipment as well as camping/hiking accessories, all of which can be a part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

Their affiliate programme offers a low 3% commission rate, but they attract a lot of business. With more than 1 billion visitors, they get plenty of traffic.

Reasons To Promote Argos: They have a great selection of fitness-related items but they also carry a huge variety of other things. Your audience can find what they’re looking for to achieve their fitness goals while shopping for other areas of their life at the same time.

16. Bowflex

bowflex affiliate program sign up page

Bowflex sells a line of high-quality in-home workout equipment. They are dedicated to innovation and are often at the front lines of new technology, new methods, and breakthrough ideas.

Their equipment includes treadmills, max trainers, home gym systems, and their trademark treadclimber. The equipment is very expensive, which is why they offer reasonable and affordable financing options. They won’t charge you any interest if you pay off the price in full within 12 months.

Affiliates are given a 3% commission rate which actually gives you fantastic earning potential given the high price of the machines.

Reasons To Promote Bowflex: Their in-home workout equipment is already top-notch and they are constantly working to improve even more. They offer payment plans that allow many people to afford their machines and get themselves fit in the comfort of their own home.

17. GNC

bowflex affiliate program sign up page

GNC is one of the most well-known and diverse supplement stores. They have something for everyone, whether you’re a hardcore body-builder, casual weight-lifter, or just want to lose some weight and stay healthy.

The enormous selection may be overwhelming to some, which is why they are dedicated to helping every customer find their best solutions. They hire knowledgeable and experienced people who can offer educated guidance both online and in-store.

Their affiliate programme offers a commission of 5% and a short tracking cookie of 7 days. Their popularity, reputation, and price points will make up for these lower numbers, however, and make them a worthy partner.

Reasons To Promote GNC: They offer some of the most diverse variety when it comes to supplements, your readers will be able to find something to suit their needs regardless of where they are in their fitness journey.

18. Lululemon

lululemon affiliate program sign up page

Lululemon is one of the most popular fitness apparel companies in the world. They are most known for their premium quality. They have separate lines for men and women with a focus on activewear meant for working out and training.

They also carry a series of more casual clothing, including jackets, sweaters, dresses, scarves, and the like. These items are of the same quality and are just as sought-after as their fitness wear.

Their affiliate programme is the perfect addition to any fitness blog or website. Their commission rate is not publically disclosed but their reputation and high-priced items will make the partnership worth it.

Reasons To Promote Lululemon: They have a fantastic reputation for creating consistently high-quality clothing. Their prices are high but people continue to return to the brand because the clothes are worth it.

19. Magazine Store

Magazine Store home page

Magazine Store is a single resource for many different magazine subscriptions. Magazines can be a great way to get regular, consistent advice, recipes, ideas, updated information, or whatever else you might be after. Magazine Store isn’t a fitness-specific company, but they offer plenty of health and fitness centered magazines that can be helpful to anyone on a fitness journey.

Customers can benefit from the ease and convenience of managing multiple subscriptions from one place. They also offer sales and discounts for those who use their service.

Their affiliate programme is generous with a 40% commission rate and a 45-day tracking cookie.

Reasons To Promote Magazine Store: Their commission rate is well above industry standard and they can offer your readers many magazines in the fitness category as well as other areas of life.

20. MyProtein

myprotein home page

MyProten is a comprehensive sports nutrition brand. They carry a variety of supplements as well as vitamins, minerals,  and high-protein foods, snacks, and ingredients. Their focus is on nutrition but they also carry a line of performance clothing.

They produce their nutrition products in-house which eliminates the involvement of third-parties, effectively keeping costs down. They are also committed to sustainability and have a zero-landfill policy, meaning all of their materials and packaging are recyclable.

Affiliates are offered an 8% commission rate and a standard 30-day tracking cookie.

Reasons To MyProtein: They offer a wide range of fitness products while remaining dedicated to sustainability. You can promote them with confidence knowing their products are kind to the environment.

21. Nike

Nike affiliate program sign up page

Nike is a leading brand in the area of fitness apparel and activewear. Their line is filled with premium quality clothing options and a huge variety for both men, women, and children. They are dedicated to innovation and are constantly working to improve their designs to become even better and more productive.

Nike is not only dedicated to quality and sustainability, but they are active in communities around the world. They partner with more than 60 organisations worldwide that are dedicated to getting kids to play and be active.

Affiliates can earn up to 11% commission when they make a sale. They offer category-specific banners for when you promote certain products, and they offer many promotions and competitions for affiliates to earn even more bonuses.

Reasons To Promote Nike: Not only are they a leading fitness brand across the globe, but they are dedicated to helping kids all over the world become more active.

22. TRX

TRX home page

TRX has designed a unique and innovative product in their suspension trainers. The equipment can be purchased by gyms or by individuals looking to create effective at-home workouts. The equipment is good for everyone from beginners to professionals and everything in between.

In addition to their equipment, they offer professional education to go along with it. You can become well versed in the use of the equipment to the point of being able to teach others and hold classes. This is perfect for gyms who want to offer classes using the equipment and need someone to teach them.

Affiliates can earn an 8% commission on their sales which will add up quickly with their average order value of around $200.

Reasons To Promote TRX: Their products are unique, innovative, and effective. They provide their equipment to gyms in addition to the support and education necessary to teach proper classes.

23. Under Armour

under armour home page

Under Armour is a brand that is passionate about the betterment and support of athletes of all kinds. They are passionately dedicated to consistent innovation and practical design. Each and every one of their items do something for you while also looking great.

This means that they have a t-shirt that keeps you cool, or shoes that offer support. They always design with the athlete in mind. Under Armour is a high-quality, recognized brand that many people love and trust.

Their commission rate for affiliates is only 5% but the opportunity to partner with such a well-known company with such fantastic products is a worthy endeavor.

Reasons To Promote Under Armour: Their passion for athletes is evident and they are dedicated to continued and high-quality innovation.

24. Simple Mobility Tools

simple mobility tools affiliate sign up page

Simple Mobility Tools focuses on a product called the Mobilizer. The creator and the company’s founder suffered from constant neck and back pain and stiffness. He was an avid surfer and loved to work out, but was hindered by this problem.

After years of research, he developed the Mobilizer which is designed to provide true relief from back pain. It’s similar in function to a foam roller but its effects go much deeper. Thee affiliate programme is open to individuals such as bloggers and influencers who believe in the product, as well as gyms or physical therapists who want to refer their customers and clients.

The affiliate programme doesn’t tell you much before you join, but it’s worth considering due to the incredible success the product is having.

Reasons To Promote Simple Mobility Tools: Many people struggle with back pain in varying degrees. Often, this can make working out, getting fit, and even losing weight more difficult and less enjoyable. If your readers fall into this category, they will be grateful for this product.

25. Body Spartan

bod spartan home page

Body Spartan offers a series of intense workout programmes for those who are serious about getting fit and bulking up. They also offer nutrition plans to complement these programmes. Their programmes can help you get started on the journey and lose weight and take you all the way into being a true bodybuilder.

They have 12 different programmes ranging from 28 days to 12 weeks in length. In addition to their intense and effective workouts, they offer a series of supplements for men and women, as well as some apparel and accessories.

Affiliates are offered a standard 10% commission rate and a solid 45-day tracking cookie. They boast strong conversions and an average order of over $80.

Reasons To Promote Body Spartan:  Their programmes help customers see results. They include helpful, guided workouts and offer everything else one could need for a successful fitness routine including meal plans, supplements, and apparel.

26. Jillian Michaels

jillian michaels affiliate sign up page.

Jillian Michaels is a leader in the world of fitness and nutrition. She has developed an app that guides users through her methods, workouts, routines, and meal plans in order to achieve the results they’re after.

The app allows users to create a customised plan for their specific goals, or use a fully-developed programme created by Jillian Michaels herself. There are programmes and guides for all levels of fitness, from beginner to professional. You can even choose your music once you’re ready to begin your workout!

Affiliates are given a solid 20% commission rate on the sales they make, with a standard tracking cookie of 30 days. Her popularity and success will give you a high conversion rate.

Reasons To Promote Jillian Michaels: She’s a global leader in the fitness world and many have found incredible success with her app and programmes. The commission rate is much higher than industry standards meaning you have some great earning potential.

27. Dynapro

dynapro home page

Dynapro sells a line of high-quality, practical workout equipment for those who wish to workout at home. They believe in keeping things useful and effective, rather than trying to follow the fitness “trends” that come and go.

Their products include jump ropes, battle ropes, mini bands, resistance bands, exercise balls, and many others along these lines – classic, effective, portable workout equipment of top-notch quality. They also have a blog with plenty of articles and resources to help you learn how to use the equipment and create powerful, effective workouts.

The affiliate programme offers a 10% base commission and a 30-day tracking cookie. They also have no minimum payout amount, meaning you can access your earnings with minimal delay.

Reasons To Promote Dynapro: They don’t push fitness trends or fads. They focus on providing quality, affordable equipment that is proven to work.

28. ActivenAble

activenable home page

ActivenAble is a company that provides tools and equipment for those with particular physical needs and/or those who are recovering from major surgery or injuries. The company was founded by a licensed physical therapist who noticed that simple tasks and staying fit can sometimes be difficult for people who are injured and recovering. They set out to develop products that make these things easier.

Those with physical limitations are more than capable of working out and staying fit, they just need to do it differently. They sell things like ankle weights, pedal exercisers, desk attachments, and stretching aids and guides.

Affiliates are given 10% of every sale and a solid 45-day tracking cookie.

Reasons To Promote ActivenAble: They have created a line of fitness products for those who can’t use or benefit from traditional tools and equipment. This is a fantastic way to reach a very specific section of the market.

29. Tune-Up Fitness

tune-up fitness home page

Tune-up Fitness offers a line of fitness products that are focused on relieving pain, stiffness, and other obstacles you might experience when trying to exercise and workout. In addition to their helpful products, they offer a serious of educational material to help people with these limitations get the most out of their workout efforts.

Their content includes videos, books, courses, and live training sessions. They have two main formats – “The Roll Model” and “Yoga Tune-Up.” They also offer training packages for specific areas of the body – knees, back, core, etc.

Their affiliate programme offers a 15% commission rate and a short cookie tracking of 7 days.

Reasons To Promote Tune-Up Fitness: The company focuses on a smaller category of the fitness niche, but one that certainly needs its own set of specialty products to make their experience better and easier. They are also dedicated to offering adequate training and education to go with their products.

30. Fringe Sport

 fringe sport about us page

Fringe Sport offers a huge variety of workout equipment, tools, and accessories. They focus on three categories of working out: weightlifting, bodyweight, and conditioning. They have specific items available for each type of workout.

They cater to both gyms as a whole and individuals. You can get everything from free weights, barbells, and squat racks to foam rollers and medicine balls. Many of their products are sourced from the US and they place a priority on both safety and quality.

They don’t tell you much about the affiliate programme before you join, other than the fact that they are dedicated to making the affiliate experience great for you. They even offer to generate specific, customised banners and images for you.

Reasons To Promote Fringe Sport: Their wide variety of quality equipment will cater to many of your readers and bring high conversions. Their dedicated affiliate manager and customised material mean you’ll get all the support you need to succeed.

31. Inner Beast Clothing

inner beast clothing home page

Inner Beast Clothing is a fashion brand designed to motivate you to reach your fitness goals, health goals, and overall life goals. They want to empower everyone to be the best, strongest, and most motivated version of themselves that they can be.

They have a number of clothing items that can actually be worn to workout, while others are designed for more casual wear with prints that are strong, powerful, and bold. Much of the designs are black meaning they are universal and can be paired with almost anything.

Their affiliate programme boasts an “above average” commission rate and an average order value of $93. They have competitive prices, super fast shipping, and lots of returning customers.

Reasons To Promote Inner Beast Clothing: They use their clothing to promote and encourage a sense of confidence and motivation. Their quality is high and their message can help people feel better about themselves.

32.  Evolve Fit Wear

evolve fit wear home page

Evolve Fit Wear sells a huge range of workout clothing and activewear. They have over 50 brands in stock, giving customers a great level of convenience to have them all in one place. Their prices are affordable given they don’t charge tax. They also have a price match guarantee if you happen to find an item cheaper somewhere else.

They have been in business for more than ten years and have many happy, returning customers. They also cater to international customers well, offering all brands with one flat-rate shipping fee.

Their affiliate programme is standard with a 10% commission rate and a 30-day tracking cookie. They also offer a $5 bonus to affiliates who refer other affiliates.

Reasons To Promote Evolve Fit Wear: They offer more than 50 brands in one place. This gives your readers plenty of options and a chance to shop all their favorites at once.

33. Body Building

bodybuilding.com affiliate sign up page

Bodybuilding.com is an online supplement superstore. They have a huge selection with at least a few options for every kind of supplement you could imagine. Their products cater to all types of workouts and healthy lifestyles. Their prices are competitive and they often have sales going on.

They also have a number of workout plans you can use to reach your specific goals. This includes building muscle, losing weight, getting fit, and others. They have more than 1 million visitors to their website each day.

Affiliates are given a base commission of 3% for the sale of physical products and a flat rate of $9 for the sale of an all-access workout plan subscription.

Reasons To Promote Body Building: They are one of the biggest supplement stores in the industry, carrying many major brands and products for every fitness goal.

34. Reebok

reebok home page

Reebok is a well-known American fitness brand. They specialise in workout shoes and have options for every type of workout. They have specific shoes for training, running, weightlifting, and more. They also have classic shoes with a more casual design and purpose.

They also have a line of workout clothing and apparel, with options for all types of exercise. Be it dance, running, or gym sessions, they’ve got you covered. They cover everyone from newbies to professionals, helping you nail the workout and look great doing it.

Affiliates can earn a 7% commission rate and are given 30-day tracking.

Reasons To Promote Reebok: They are one of the most recognised fitness brands in the world, offering a huge variety of top-quality shoes and clothing.

35. Love Fitness Apparel

reebok home page

Love Fitness Apparel is a small, family-owned business based in Hawaii. They are dedicated to quality and they handprint and silk-screen each piece themselves, in Hawaii. Their goal is to offer unique and trendy fitness apparel that people can feel confident in.

The family is passionate about helping others and giving back to their community. They orchestrate fundraisers and donate some of their own profits to different charities and campaigns.

Affiliates are offered a standard 10% commission rate with a 30-day tracking cookie. They partner with those who influence a passionate, fitness-loving audience.

Reasons To Promote Love Fitness Apparel: They are family-owned, handprint all their clothing and donate to many charities and other worthy campaigns. With them, you know your money is going to a good place.

36. World Gym

world gym home page

  • URL:
  • Commission: 10%

The founder of World Gym grew up with a passion for bodybuilding in a time when the ability to do so was limited. He built much of his own equipment, becoming extremely fit and touring with celebrities as a result. He eventually opened a small gym with some of his homemade equipment.

Today, there are more than 215 locations across the world, all with 40 years of knowledge and experience behind them. Their online store features a line of workout and casual clothing with variations of the World Gym logo. It’s great for fans of the brand and the story, and even better for those who actually attend a World Gym location.

Affiliates are given a 10% commission rate on all sales they make.

Reasons To Promote World Gym: The company is built on years of passion and dedication, which they spread all over the world as they continue to grow across multiple continents.

37. Absolute Fitness Apparel

absolute fitness apparel product page

Absolute Fitness Apparel is a high-quality fitness apparel line with an emphasis on men’s clothing. This is unique and absolutely necessary in the industry as so many companies place their focus on women’s clothing.

They have a series of t-shirts, hoodies, and vests that are perfect for working out. Their line is not as large as some others, but men who are looking for something unique and high-quality will love what they have to offer.

Their affiliate programme is a basic one, with information and details being revealed after you are accepted.

Reasons To Promote Absolute Fitness Apparel: They are unique in that they sell men’s workout clothes exclusively. Their quality is high and they place a priority on innovation, wanting to make products that help customers become healthier.

38. Nimble Activewear

nimble activewear affiliate signup page

Nimble Activewear was founded by two women who met in high school and bonded over a love of fitness. Eventually, they both left their corporate jobs and began their activewear business together.

They aimed to create a brand of activewear for women that would not only function well but look great. They wanted to raise self-esteem and promote confidence in women who aren’t afraid to express themselves. Today, they are doing just that.

Affiliates can earn a standard 10% commission rate on all sales with a 30-day tracking cookie.

Reasons To Promote Nimble Activewear: It is a company founded and run by women who are passionate about uplifting and encouraging other women. Their high-quality, innovative activewear embodies their message.

39. Smart Strength

smart strength home page

Smart Strength was founded by Australia’s strongest man, Ray Hope. He founded his company because he had a desire to help other strength athletes reach their full potential. He has always believed in keeping things simple, going back to basics, and using all-natural ingredients.

He began with his all-natural pre-workout formula. It’s designed specifically for the needs of power and strength athletes. Most pre-workouts are filled with synthetic and sometimes potentially dangerous ingredients, which is why he felt an all-natural option was needed.

The affiliate programme offers an above-average commission of 15% on all sales.

Reasons To Promote Smart Strength: An effective pre-workout is a staple in any workout routine, regardless of your specific goals. This company cares about the health of its customers and has worked hard to develop a healthy, natural pre-workout option that actually works.

40. Hyperwear

hyperwear home page

Hyperwear wanted to create something safer and more versatile than traditional metal weights. They wanted something that would maximise every workout. The result of this desire was the SandBell. You can do anything you want with it – throw it, drop it, slam it, and it won’t cause injury or strain.

The SandBell is a neoprene disc filled with sand. It is one of the most functional and innovative free weights on the market. You can buy it anywhere from 2-50 pounds. The company has also developed other products including weighted vests and other accessories.

Once accepted into the affiliate programme, you will have access to all the details as well as information about discounts, promotions, and banners.

Reasons To Promote Hyperwear: They have created a product that is safer and more effective than traditional free weights. It can be purchased and used by an individual or stocked in a gym for members to use. It’s unique, innovative, and loved by everyone who tries it.

41. King Kong Apparel

king kong apparel affiliate sign up page

King Kong apparel carries a line of top-quality, versatile bags. They have something for every purpose – travel, school, everyday wear, and the gym. They have some fantastic, versatile duffel bags that make great gym bags.

Gym bags go through a lot. An avid gym-goer will be at the gym five or six days a week, constantly dragging their bag with them and piling things into it. A cheap, flimsy bag will never hold up or last long. King Kong Apparel has many options with different sizes and styles. They even have a bag specific to meal-prepping needs.

Their affiliate programme is straightforward – cookies last for 30 days. Orders placed within that timeframe after clicking an affiliate link will result in commission earned.

Reasons To Promote King Kong Apparel:  long-lasting gym bags can be hard to find and King Kong Apparel has some of the best on the market. Your readers will appreciate the quality and functionality of the strong and effective bags.

42. Atmosphere

atmosphere product category page

Atmosphere has a huge selection of camping, hiking, and other outdoor equipment. The gym is a great place to work on getting fit and strong, but so is the outdoors. Hiking through mountains and up and down hills is a total body workout. Outdoor runs are a great way to get your heart rate up while enjoying nature at the same time.

Atmosphere offers durable outdoor clothing, footwear, and other gear. For those that want to take their outdoor fitness to a new level and go on an extended camping trip, Atmosphere has all the gear and accessories you will need, like tents, sleeping bags, safety gear and camping furniture.

Their affiliate programme offers a 6% commission rate. This is on the low side, but many people will place a large order as they can find everything they need in one place.

Reasons To Promote Atmosphere: Exploring the outdoors is a fun and healthy way to get a break from the same old gym routine. Atmosphere provides all the necessary gear and equipment to get outside in a fun, safe and productive way.

43. Gainz Box

gainz box home page

Gainz Box is a subscription box for fitness nuts. Each month they deliver an assortment of fitness apparel, equipment, supplements, snacks, and other things. Their promise to subscribers is that they will receive at least twice what they paid in product value.

The box contains  5-7 full-sized products. Some are consumable while others are pieces of equipment or apparel that can be used either at home or in the gym. It’s perfect for anyone who is serious about their fitness goals as it provides tools and accessories to help them reach their goals to the best of their ability.

Affiliates are given a 15%commission every time they sign up a new subscriber. The tracking cookie is standard at 30 days.

Reasons To Promote Gainz Box: Subscription boxes are a fun, convenient, and affordable way to get the things you need or want on a regular basis. Gainz Box is perfectly and expertly curated for those passionate about their fitness. It will be an intriguing service for all your readers.

44. RYU

RYU affiliate sign up page

  • URL:
  • Commission: 10-20%

RYU is a line of fitness apparel with a purpose. They carry stylish, high-quality workout clothing for men and women, as well as a selection of gym bags. In addition to their products, they focus their efforts and attention on several charities, mental health initiatives, and maintaining an inclusive community for everyone.

They are especially passionate about raising awareness for mental health, educating everyone, and ending the stigma. When you buy from RYU, this is what you’re supporting.

Affiliates are given a base commission of 10% on most products and 20% on the sale of bags.

Reasons To Promote RYU: Few companies are as passionate about giving back and supporting their community as RYU. Their clothing is high-quality and so is their integrity.

45. Gym and Fitness

gym and fitness home page

Gym and Fitness began in 2002 as a small, family-owned company. Over time they have grown into one of the largest online fitness retailers in Australia. They sell more than 30 leading brands with more than 800 products to choose from.

They stock everything from cardio equipment, strength training equipment, boxing gear, to supplements and accessories. They offer small pieces of equipment like free weights and medicine balls all the way up to home gym equipment and gym enhancements like good-quality flooring.

Affiliates are given a 6% commission which can add up fast with their extremely high average order value of $650.

Reasons To Promote Gym and Fitness: Not only do they have a huge selection of versatile products but your purchase supports a passionate family-owned business.

46. Sportchek

sportchek home page

Sportchek is a well-known line of quality fitness apparel. They want their clothing to combine looking well with feeling well and performing well. Their clothing works to achieve this while they work to motivate and encourage people to get active and be healthier.

They partner with a number of regional and national lifestyle organisations that help them reach people of all ages and levels of fitness. These organisations include small efforts to get children more active as well as full-on sporting organisations that support entire communities.

Affiliates are given a 6% commission rate which will add up due to the higher prices on their top-quality products.

Reasons To Promote Sportchek: Many fitness gurus already love their products so you may end up with many loyal, consistent customers. You can also be confident that your money is going to support communities and initiatives all over the place.

47. Norco Bicycles

norco bicycles affiliate program sign up page

Cycling is an effective element of fitness than many find enjoyable. For some, it’s a passion. You can, of course, use the stationary bikes at the gym or even buy one for your home. But, nothing replaces the rush of a real bike ride out in nature.

Their bikes are high-quality, innovative, and ready for anything. Whether you’re cycling around the block or ripping through deep forests, they have a bike for you. They also have a line of related gear, accessories, and apparel such as headgear and biking shorts.

Their affiliate programme offers a moderate 5% commission, which adds up given their impressive average order value of $1200. Their tracking cookie is solid at 60 days.

Reasons To Promote Norco Bicycles: They work hard to equip their customers with versatile bikes of the highest quality possible while empowering and motivating people to get outside and explore.

48. Titan Fitness

titan fitness home page

Titan Fitness sells an impressive line of high-quality and versatile gym equipment. This includes things like racks, strength training equipment, endurance equipment, and strongman specific equipment. They also sell storage systems, shelves, and racks for organising free weights and other smaller items.

The products sold at Titan Fitness are primarily meant for gyms to populate their floors, but some of the smaller items can be purchased by individuals who wish to workout at home.

There are two tiers of affiliation and they will determine which one you are eligible for after you apply. Both tiers are able to earn commissions on sales.

Reasons To Promote Titan Fitness: Their line of gym equipment is huge and they have a ton of variety. A gym can find absolutely anything they need here, right down to organisation and small accessories.

49. Mighty Buns

mighty buns home page

Mighty Buns was founded by a woman who is passionate about empowering other women to love themselves and take care of themselves properly. The company sells a line of high-quality and reasonably priced work-out apparel, tools, and accessories.

Available products include ankle straps, resistance bands, foam rollers, wrist and knee support wraps, workout gloves, etc. They also have joggers, windbreakers, t-shirts, and leggings available. Their products can be used to work out at home or be brought to the gym to enhance your experience there.

Affiliates can earn up to 10% commission on sales with a solid 60-day tracking cookie. Affiliates are also given a 10% off discount code and free shipping on all orders for themselves.

Reasons To Promote Mighty Buns: The company is founded and run by a woman who truly loves what she does. She cares about her work and is dedicated to producing the best possible products that empower women to be the best they can be.

50. Primal Muscle

primal muscle home page

Primal Muscle has created a line of powerful, muscle-building supplements for those who are serious about bulking up. They are designed to burn fat fast and are some of the most effective compounds on the market. They care very much about getting customers the exact right supplements for them which is why they offer a free consultation with their fitness advisors who can recommend products for specific goals.

In addition to their supplements, they have a blog with a lot of amazing, free articles and videos on training, supplements, and nutrition in general.

They offer affiliates a solid 15% commission on all sales and they have a strong average order value of around $200.

Reasons To Promote Primal Muscle: Their supplements aren’t ordinary. They produce powerful formulas for serious bodybuilders. This company will appeal to the passionate fitness gurus in your audience.

Affiliate Website Ideas

These 50 affiliate programmes cover a wide range of categories within the fitness industry. In order to create a lucrative affiliate marketing website, you need to narrow down your target audience within the umbrella of “fitness.” The more specific you are, the better, as the people who land on your pages will already be looking for what you have to offer.

An example of this would be women who want to get fit. Men and women have different needs in terms of apparel and supplementation and therefore, many products are geared towards one or the other. Mighty Buns is a fantastic option here. The company is founded and run by a woman and the products are created with women in mind. They focus on quality and empowerment at the same time. Nimble Activewear is another female-founded company with unique and high-quality apparel that will help women maximise their workouts while looking great at the same time.

Another good website idea is for people who want to lose weight specifically. For some, losing weight is a necessary first step before they can truly dive into a bodybuilding career, for example. Fitness gurus like Gillian Michaels and Natalie Jill have programmes that are weight-loss friendly, with workouts, meal prepping guides, and recipes that will walk people through the entire weight-loss process.

The fitness industry is extremely profitable and affiliate marketers are smart to get in on it while it’s still on the rise. You can do this with little to no initial investment on your part. Many programmes will accept you automatically and you can be set-up in no time. Choose an area of fitness that you’re passionate about and start promoting products and companies that you believe in.

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