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Affiliate Programs, Keyword Lists, and Niche Research for Adult Toys

Are you a ready for a niche that some may find taboo? Well before you get all hesitant in proceeding, take a deep breath and relax. This affiliate niche of adult toys can make you a lot of sensual cash. More people are into using adult sex toys than you know.

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As you will read further down below in this post, the sale of any kind of sex toy is a thriving online mail order business and has been since the 1970s. My number one selection for an affiliate marketing program is the oldest and most respected company in the adult sex toy industry.

rising trend in use of sex toysVibrating adult sex toys continue to be on the increase

When one thinks of technology they rarely think of adult toys, yet technology plays a huge role in the production of the toys. It is used to make them vibrate, rotate, inflate/deflate, and in their construction whether it be rubber, latex, jelly, metal, or glass. Yes glass, and I will touch on this more in just a bit. In fact, the website touchofmodern.com, which is about men’s style, fashion, tech, and art, has an entire section of ‘advanced male masturbation’ devices that have been recently developed.

water-based lubes are most popularThough all lubrications are popular technology has made water based lubes a hot item

Here is another area where technology has played a role in the advancement of adult toys. Many couples desire to make love in the shower or in a hot tub, but most times a lubricant needs to be used. However a majority of the standard lubes become ineffective quickly when introduced to water. Technology solved this in 2008.

One thing you need to understand is that the adult toys niche contain a ton of different products and sub niches, which is one of the reason why it can be a very profitable niche to get into. Just like a car needs gasoline to run, a majority of sex toys need lube to be used safely and effectively. This is why lubes are a very popular sub niche. Let us look at more.

  • G-spot vibrators
  • Anal vibrators
  • Clitoral stimulators (known as rabbit vibrators)
  • Inflatable sex dolls
  • Anal toys and butt plugs
  • Stainless steel toys
  • Male masturbators
  • Strap on dildos
  • Bondage gear and accessories
  • Condoms
  • Sex furniture
  • Lingerie

Many of those sub niches above also have sub niches, and I didn’t even list them all. It can literally blow your mind at just how many kinds of toys and accessories are available on the market that are used by both men and women. One must remember when taking on this niche that men, both homosexual and heterosexual, also use sex toys.

lingerie can spice up a relationshipLingerie is a very popular and profitable sub niche

You cannot think of adult toys as just something you hold in your hand or insert into the body. Anything that enhances the sexual desire of a person is considered a form of sex toy. Even adult DVD movies and lingerie are sub niches of the adult toys genre, both having many sub niches of their own.

This niche is extremely huge as is evident in the top three affiliate programs I have selected below. These companies service an entire culture and in some cases a way of life that is very vibrant, though not as visible within the mainstream. Just because it is not as visible, does not mean it cannot be hugely profitable.

Top 3 Affiliate Programs For Adult Toys

My Thoughts

In doing the research for this adult toys niche blog, I found that you will have to be somewhat specific in your keyword research in order to find low competition keywords. Using common words like latex vibrator is not going to cut it. People who buy these products will want to read detailed reviews, which you can glean from those already online.

As someone is unfamiliar with this industry, I had to consult an “expert” friend of mine. His ex-girlfriend was very much into adult toys. Based on his advice, my number one affiliate program selection is with a company he has purchased from many years ago, in part because they offered great product reviews. He also has first hand experience in knowing their products are second to none. Now that I have researched their affiliate program, I can see they use that same professionalism in their marketing and sales.

The other affiliate programs I offer below all have commissions that are over 10% and up to 20%. In addition they all carry a wide selection of adult toys and with many also selling sexy and fantasy lingerie. I cannot see you having a problem making money with any of these affiliate programs.

Remember! You’ll be able to find even more appropriate programs as you niche-down your and find more specific audiences for your website.

Adam & Eve

  • Signup URL: https://www.adameve.com/t-affiliate.aspx
  • Focus: Every kind of adult toy imaginable vibrators, rotators, strap on dildos, anal toys, g-spot stimulators, penis pumps, adult dvd movies, inflatable and life-like sex dolls, sex furniture, lubes, condoms, fetish accessories, lingerie
  • Commissions: 30%

Comments: Adam & Eve is the nation’s largest marketer of adult products with millions of satisfied customers worldwide. They opened in March of 1971, and they are one of the oldest mail order companies in the adult industry. For decades they have built a time-tested reputation for honesty and reliability in an industry known for shady business dealings.

Though I could not find how long their affiliate tracking cookie is, they are still my number one choice for their track record as stated above, their user friendly website, their 30% cookie which is the highest in the industry, their inventory of products which is also the most comprehensive, a 24/7 knowledgeable customer service department, and for the many national safe sex awareness education programs they sponsor.


Comments: Vibrators.com is the world’s most professional place to shop for any kind of adult vibrator toys. They started in 1998 and following the industry leader, Adam & Eve above, they have taken the professional approach to offering a vast inventory of vibrating adult novelties. They don’t just offer products but offer information on how to choose, use and clean the toys.

They are my number 2 selection for three reasons. They have the longest tracking cookie at 180 days and they have a vast selection of vibrators for many parts of the body for women, men and couples. And I like the 1950s and 1960s Pin Up style graphics of their user friendly website.

Shop in Private

  • Signup URL: http://www.shopinprivate.com/affiliate-program
  • Focus: An eclectic catalog of private products like all kinds of adult sex toys for both women and men, jock itch cream, rubber jumping ball with attached dildo, a stripper pole for your home, an entire gallon of sex lube, penetration pillows
  • Commissions: 10.8%

Comments: The slogan of Shop In Private is “the world’s most private store.” This is because they not only sell many different adult toys for both women and men but also some of the more obscure and weird private products such as dildos shaped like a human fist, enema or anal douche products and oral sex gel that is bacon flavored. With over 1,500 items people consider embarrassing to buy offline, they have it online.

It is because of this wide variety of weird and unusual private merchandise and their above average cookie of 60 days that they are my number 3 choice. Your website visitors will love what Shop In Private carries, which is some really interesting and useful items that people can’t resist. They have been in business since 1998 and have served over 300,000 customers.

Other Affiliate Programs

Too Timid

Love Honey

Good Vibrations

  • http://www.goodvibes.com/Affiliate-Program
  • 15% – 20% (Initially it’s 15% and will go to 20% as soon as you make 1 referral)
  • Lifelike dildos, vibrators, anal toys, lingerie, sex guides, inflatable dolls, condoms, lotions

Ashley’s Sex Toys



My Secret Luxury

Adult Toys Keywords Breakdown

Top 10 Low Competition Keywords (Searches/QSR)

  • adam eve adult toy store – 110/1
  • are jelly sex toys safe – 104/4
  • how to use a penis enlargement device – 72/6
  • glass anal butt plugs – 56/13
  • edible panties for women – 72/14
  • what do anal beads feel like – 72/16
  • realistic strap on dildos – 88/28
  • how to use a penis pump safely – 56/30
  • what is a sex swing – 5241/63
  • adam eve catalog – 831/71

What’s QSR
Top 10 High Traffic Keywords (Searches/QSR)

  • adult dvd rental – 10401/214
  • double dildo – 9877/131
  • penis pump – 9318/211
  • jenna jameson videos – 9189/245
  • sex toys for men – 8661/213
  • adam eve sex toys – 8390/129
  • strap on dildo – 7248/171
  • anal beads – 5535/196
  • realistic sex dolls – 5481/153
  • sexy lingerie for plus size women – 4019/115

Why Is This Different From Google’s Number?

Though Google’s Keyword Tool has improved in recent years, it still gives inflated (inaccurate) traffic numbers. The keyword tool I use takes data from a variety of search engines, not just Google. Remember that Bing + Yahoo own 30% of the search market.

Other Great Keywords (high traffic, low competition)

  • anal lube – 5962/202
  • porn dvd – 4159/184
  • how to use a penis pump – 3106/129
  • vibrating butt plug – 1223/194
  • oral sex toys – 334/158
  • ultimate sex swing stand – 220/249
  • the kamasutra book download – 110/22
  • custom sex swing – 80/22
  • the wedge sex pillow – 96/47
  • the best strap on dildo – 93/51
  • lesbian strap on sex – 928/85
  • wireless vibrating butt plug – 104/93

Affiliate Marketing Action Plan For Adult Toys

Getting involved in this niche will require you to become familiar with all of the products and sub niches available. Remember to think of this niche as more than something that is made of rubber and is phallic shaped. You can learn a lot by just browsing through the online catalogs. But for now let me show you what I would do if I were to take on this niche.

solid glass sex toys trendGlass sex toys are artistic very safe hypoallergenic and a popular sub niche on the rise

About six years ago glass sex toys came on the scene and were very popular then cooled off a bit. But once people realized at how safe they were, you can drop them on the floor and they will not even crack, and how easy they are to keep clean, just as easy as a drinking glass, their popularity has increased.

Now five years later there are more kinds of glass toys available in all varieties of colored glass. Some are actually quite artsy. This is how I would approach getting involved with the adult toys niche. Glass toys are more hypoallergenic than any other kind of toy. This sub niche provides everything better and safer than its peers and is why I would choose this particular sub niche.

Your target audience could be people with certain allergies that mean they cannot use plastic or rubber. Alongside glass toys, you could also promote lubes, oils, and other products that are less likely to cause allergic reactions. If you get stuck for ideas of what to write about, remember that you don’t have to just review glass products! You can write about common allergies, how to use the products, how to clean them, and other informative articles.

Need Extra Help?

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I started my first online business in 2010 promoting computer software and now I help newbies start their own businesses. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!


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