Bluehost Affiliate Program Review: Literally Everyone Is A Potential Customer

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The Bluehost Affiliate Programs pays extremely well, and is one of many hosting affiliate programs

When customers search for a web hosting program, they want to know which one is #1. Finding that specific platform can be difficult, which is why recommended Bluehost as the best hosting company to support you in building your customer’s sites.

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That is why when I was looking for the best affiliate programs on the market to suggest to you, I reviewed Bluehost and found it to be a great option for anyone to use to compliment their site. Utilizing Bluehost as an affiliate program lets you show your website visitors which hosting site you suggest for them to use when they start their own websites. All the while you earn some extra cash from the referrals.

Getting setup as a Bluehost affiliate requires no special qualifications to sign up and allows you to start earning right away! To sign up as an affiliate go to this site:

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  • What Type Of Products Are Featured
  • What Is The Commission Rate
  • Alternative Affiliate Programs
  • Website Ideas
  • Can You Make Money With The Bluehost Affiliate Program?
  • Pros/Cons of Working With Bluehost

What Type Of Products Are Featured

Bluehost features website hosting services with great speed and service compared to many budget hosting companies. With many different hosting options including shared servers, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers with different offers and rates. Within each of these services they each offer differences in the following:

  • Number of websites you can host
  • Storage space for images and files
  • Number of email accounts
  • Email storage limits
  • Spam experts assigned to you
  • Domain privacy
  • Shared and dedicated servers

While each of their packages offer different options, you will find the perfect one for you. Their entry level package comes at an extremely low charge of $2.95 which is very affordable for even the most basic of users.

All Bluehost packages come with 24/7 customer service for any questions or support needed. Whether a simple question on site setup, or a more advanced HTML issue on code is needed they will be there to back you up and give you the resolution you need.

Bluehost also offers a premier service to customers in which a professional designer will customize and build your website for you. This service is available at an additional charge by requesting a quotation to Bluehost. You can see my full Bluehost hosting review, but let’s talk more about the affiliate program.

What Is The Commission Rate

Earning commission through Bluehost is simple and easy. Anytime you refer visitors to Bluehost by using your affiliate links/tools you get $65 USD for each user who signs up for a website package. No matter which package they purchase, you still get $65.

With each affiliate program there are always different terms for each agreement in terms of when you earn and how you earn. Bluehost’s terms are quite simple in that any customer who clicks your affiliate links have 90 days to sign up for a Bluehost package. Once they have completed the purchase and have maintained their site for 90 days, you will receive the commission.

To be eligible then for a payout from Bluehost, you must reach a minimum of $100 in our account. All payouts are then done directly to your valid PayPal account. Make sure that the PayPal account is active and valid or there will be fees charged for invalid accounts.

The referral amount through Bluehost is very comparable to other programs which offer either a set or ranging amount which averages between $50-100 USD.

Alternative Affiliate Programs

Two of the most popular alternatives to Bluehost are Flywheel and WP Engine. They both have very similar services but with slight differences in offerings, cost, and referral commissions.

WP Engine is similar to Bluehost, however, they optimized their platform only for WordPress. They made the WordPress platform easy to use, allows you to have many sites active at once but yet easy to manage, boosts naturally increased traffic due to the lightning fast speeds, and provides customers with personalized site suggestions that will optimize your SEO.

WP Engine offers customers a commission of $200 or 100% of the first monthly payment (whichever is higher). While this is considerably higher than Bluehost, it’s also important to note that their packages are much higher prices as well.

Flywheel is also a WordPress optimized website platform which will host your site and offers similar benefits that Bluehost does. Their commission program provides you 3x the monthly payment of the plan the customer selects. The potential for earnings is high on Flywheel depending on your customer base and the types of packages they offer.

Website Ideas

The great thing about web hosting affiliate programs is that no matter what type of website you operate currently, you can utilize Bluehost on your site. Everyone needs a place for their website to be hosted so literally anyone that wants to make a website online is a potential customers. Here’s a few ideas on how to make money with this hosting company (or any one actually!):

The first idea being to create a site that specifically helps new online entrepreneurs start up their own website. Doing this will take quite a bit of work in the beginning but can have amazing long-term success.

Start by providing your website visitors many different articles on how to startup a site on Bluehost. Provide them with every step from the creation, to the WordPress theme selection, to how to create your first blog post after purchase, and how to SEO optimize them. On each of these steps, provide them with your insight and knowledge all the while providing them with your recommendation (via affiliate links) to use Bluehost as the best service on the market.

Personal recommendations along with projects completed are a great way to get customers to buy your suggested service.

As a second way to promote Bluehost services, simply add your own story to your blog site. Show customers your own personal experience when you signed up with Bluehost. How you started your site, how you got it going, and how much you enjoy the services that Bluehost offers. No matter what your niche is, a percentage of people will want to start their own sites in your niche. For example, if you have a recipe site, your followers may want to start their own brand of recipe site.

Since they won’t be directly competing with you, they can follow your footsteps, and you can make money as you teach them how to create something like your own site, but with their own flare.

One last idea is to simply do hosting reviews.

Can You Make Money With The Bluehost Affiliate Program?

There are many ways to make money with Bluehost by promoting it’s services throughout your websites, social media platforms, and in personal interactions. No matter what the route is there are some great tools that Bluehost has created for it’s affiliate partners.

Below are the affiliate tools available for Bluehost:

  • Banners: There is a long list of banners available under the Bluehost “links” tab in the affiliate partner tool. These come in many different shapes and sizes and offer different phrasing to attract your potential customers to check out the site. You can utilize these banners either on your sidebar, footer, or throughout an article you create where you see that it fits. Here is a sample banner:

  • Text Links: These are some of the most common and easy ways to share with social media and website visitors a quick hyperlink to the Bluehost site. This text link includes the Bluehost URL with the special tracking code that ensures you receive any commission from purchases made. These are great to add as hyperlinks while you’re talking about Bluehost.

While there is no special secret to success with affiliate programs, the best advice I can give is to is to focus on your content. Great content attracts customers to your site.

Whether you’re a travel blogger, you sell amazon products, or you’re a website designer, you can do well with Bluehost as an affiliate partner by attracting great customers. Try not to focus on achieving sales, but rather on achieving a great customer base. Over time that customer base will turn into sales automatically.

Pros/Cons of Working With Bluehost

The great thing about working with Bluehost is it’s easy to sign up, they have a 1-click WordPress migration, and their packages are relatively affordable. This means it’s easy to attract customers and to keep them.

The downside to Bluehost and all of the web hosting affiliate programs is that there is so much competition on the market these days. Being able to capture and attract customers to your specific affiliate program for website hosting tends to be difficult. There are currently hundreds of different hosting programs and often when someone is first starting up it’s really hard for them to know who to use. That is why building great content should be your primary focus so that customers know and trust your suggestion.

Hopefully by going through this review you have a better overview of Bluehost and what it’s affiliate program can offer you. There are many different affiliate programs out there so I always suggest you do as much research as possible before committing.

If you have a great web hosting affiliate program that you love, share it with me below so I can look into it as well!

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