Can You Really Get Paid To Use Facebook?

is wealthy affiliate a scam or can i actually make a six figure income online as an affiliate marketer

In the quest for easy money, the idea that you can get paid to use Facebook has been passed around the internet. You’ll hear claims like “make money doing the things you already do every day”, claims that sound enticing to someone with no computer skills. “If you have an internet connection, you can do this!” is another one that I see a lot.

But don’t fall for these false promises and misleading advertising techniques.

Let’s take a look at what’s really going on.

  • Getting Paid To Use Facebook
    • 1) Posting Links
    • 2) CPA Offers
    • 3) Facebook Advertising
    • 4) Social Media Managers
    • Are You Serious About Earning Money Online?
  • Get Paid To Use Facebook
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Getting Paid To Use Facebook

If you are thinking about buying a product that says you can get paid to use Facebook, there are a few possibilities of what you’ll be doing to make money, if you are going to be making money at all.

1) Posting Links

Some years ago it was beneficial for websites to hire people to post links all around the web. It didn’t matter where – so long as there were tons of links. More links meant more traffic and better ranking on Google.

Things have since changed, and posting spam like this is easily detected and can be harmful to your website. So this means that companies are no longer hiring people to do this.

Even so, scam artists are still creating info-products that teach you how to do it. They tell you to send out pre-written emails or post messages on job boards saying that you can post links and get paid. Sorry to say, no one but inexperienced (and underfunded marketers) will hire you to do this, and if you do it on Facebook, you might get your account banned.

2) CPA Offers

CPA is a type of marketing that’s done online. Some companies hire freelancers to find new users to sign up for their website. They might want new users to sign up for an email list, a free trial, or some other kind of offer.

If you, the marketer, can help this company acquire new clients, you make can a commission (money $$$). For example, if you get them to sign up for something easy like submitting an email address, and you make a small amount of money.

If they actually buy something, you can make a larger amount of money.

Some info products teaching people how to make money online want you to think it’s easy to do this. It’s not. And it’s certainly not easy on Facebook!

Essentially, what these products tell you to do to is to post these CPA offers to your Facebook profile, to other people’s profile pages, and to fan pages, business pages, etc.

So now you have become that annoying guy/girl that’s always posting “Hey, come join me in Candy Crush Saga”, or “You can win an iPad if you click this link.”

Some might even call you a spammer.

Whatever the offer is, pretty much no one wants to see it. Plus, if you continue to post this stuff to your family and friends, they will NOT be happy. You might even get your account banned by Facebook if enough people complain! (are you noticing a trend here?)

3) Facebook Advertising

This is certainly not something you do every day, and it takes a lot of training (as well as money) to learn. “Using Facebook”, is a vague term, but this is another possibility for getting paid to use it.

Sure, you’re using Facebook, but NO, it’s not fun at all! You’re writing ads, sales pages, and looking at statistics to decide which ads are profitable.

Doing advertising on Facebook means you need to study how the advertising platform works. You also need a budget and be willing to spend some money to test ads. You’ll be paying each time someone clicks your ad, and yes, you can actually lose money if your ads don’t convert to sales.

You’ll also need to promote something. And if you don’t know what people want to buy, you have to figure that out too. Don’t’ have a website? You need to make one or figure out how to market a Facebook business page.

Yeah, it’s that complicated. It’s not impossible, and you can really make money doing it, but I would not consider this getting paid to use Facebook. Not by a long shot!

4) Social Media Managers

Your greatest possibility of earning money while using Facebook is going to be landing a social media manager job. You can search for these types of jobs on Craigslist, local job listings, or freelancing websites like or

Responsibilities as a social media manager will vary based on which company you work for, but it usually involves managing accounts and communications for websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or even a Tumblr profile.

Usually, the work as an SMM means you’ll be curating articles from around the web (including your employer’s website) and posting links, along with descriptions on the profiles. For example, you can tweet a link to an interesting article on Twitter and say something about why people should read it.

You can share a funny and relevant picture of the company’s Facebook page, and respond to comments on the post.

This sounds like a pretty sweet job, so it can be competitive. Plus, because it sounds like play instead of work, you have to be prepared to show that you know what you are doing!

Yes, some people actually list their profession as a social media evangelist, and you may have to compete with people like this. Managing the face of a company is not to be taken lightly since you are going to be the mouthpiece and go-between.

If you apply for enough jobs and work your way from the bottom up, this could be a potential career. But you need to start taking yourself seriously as a freelance social media manager and not just be someone trying to earn some extra cash on the side.

At the end of the day, there’s no easy way to make money online. If you keep looking for ‘mini-jobs’ or easy ways to earn some cash you are going to run into two main problems: 1) Micro-jobs pay less than minimum wage and are often a waste of time 2) Many scam companies take advantage of people looking for this kind of work by using false advertising.

Are You Serious About Earning Money Online?

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Get Paid To Use Facebook

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Final Review

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