Can You Really Make Money Doing Homework For Someone Else?

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While in school, most of us dreamed of the day when we would never have to do homework again! However, with more than a decade of experience completing assignments to follow, wouldn’t it be kind of a shame to stop now? Put this together with my love for side-hustles, and it starts to makes me wonder… Can you really make money doing homework for someone else?

  • Making Money Doing Homework For Someone Else
    • What Is The Earnings Potential?
    • Doing Someone Else’s Homework 101
    • There’s A Lot of Competition
    • The Ethics of Doing Someone Else’s Homework
    • My Personal Feelings About Doing Homework for Someone Else As A Side Hustle
    • Our Final Opinion On Doing Someone Else’s Homework

Making Money Doing Homework For Someone Else

I came across this side-hustle in my early years of content writing. At first, I disregarded it, mostly because I didn’t want to be responsible for changing some irresponsible student’s grade!

But as it turns out, this can be a lucrative gig for the right person! The industry shows no signs of slowing down either.

What Is The Earnings Potential?

This really comes down to two considerations – are you a good writer, and how fast can you type?

The most commonly outsourced homework is essay writing… where the average price for a 1,000 word paper starts somewhere between $40-$80. If you’re familiar with the subject matter, you’ll likely be able to earn on the higher end of that scale. If you’re unfamiliar with the subject matter, however, then expect to earn in the lower end of this pay range.

The more references you have for a given topic, the more money you can usually ask for your services.

One nice thing about writing essays is that you can do it any time of day, from any place in the world. You could go on a cruise, write for an hour a day, and at the end of your 5-day cruise, have an extra $200-400 to show for it. Not too shabby, right?

But fair warning – there’s also a lot of competition in this side-hustle market, both domestically and internationally. If you’re going to do someone else’s homework as your side hustle, you’ll need to do a little bit of work upfront before you earn $40-80/hr.

Doing Someone Else’s Homework 101

There are many sites where you can set up a profile and sell your writing services. Most freelance writing platforms allow you to name your own price… though keep in mind that without any references, it may be slow-going to get started.

To get ahead of the learning curve, browse some of the most popular (aka most successful) profiles to pick up some tips on how to sell yourself. I’ve listed a few of the best places to start researching here.

For most of them, the sign-up process is the same; you simply register, send in a work sample, and get verified.

Writing samples are a must within this side-gig. Even a student expecting to get a B or an A- will want to see proof of your writing ability.

As you get started on these freelance writing platforms, your previous work will be the only thing giving potential clients any sort of confidence in your ability to deliver. Consider getting started by creating work samples that feature standard essay topics like: new technology and its impact on society, the human mind and how to cope with emotions, and questioning established norms and suggesting better alternatives.

Whichever topic sounds interesting to you is probably a good choice. These sample works may set the tone for what types of jobs you get hired for in the future!

There’s A Lot of Competition

With some side hustles, it can be difficult to gauge the level of competition you will be facing. But this is not the case with essay writing!

On alone, one of the larger freelancing sites, there are 12 million people offering their creative services for similar types of work.

So how do you stand out in a crowd so large?

Step one: stay calm.

It’s tempting to get discouraged when you look at the competition, but remember that you have very little control over how many people choose to pursue a particular side hustle.

Instead, focus on what you can control – building a compelling profile, writing high-quality samples, putting extra work and effort into your bids and messages, etc.

As you browse existing profiles, you’ll find that some writers offer to write about any topic, while others narrow their offerings and ‘specialize’ in particular fields. Consider going the niche route, and specializing in a topic that you are particularly well-versed in.

If you are most comfortable talking about history and science, then say so on your profile… and let someone else have the humanities papers that you won’t enjoy anyway.

After completing your sample papers and landing your first job, do your best to finish the project a little ahead of schedule. Yes, it may just be glorified homework… but also keep in mind that this is a service that you are providing. So take every opportunity to stand out and show your clients that you are a professional.

Remember… students are nervous about deadlines!

And as the writer-for-hire, you can alleviate their risk (and their anxiety) by not waiting until the last day.

Show your dedication by asking for feedback. What worked well and what didn’t work so well? Caring about the student’s experience will increase customer loyalty and may motivate them to leave a positive review, or even refer you to their friends.

Insider Tip: Boost your competitive edge by increasing your writing speed (not your typing speed… that is a little bit different)! It may feel weird at first, but in Google Docs, there is an option under the Tools drop-down menu called Voice Typing. Most of us can speak faster than we can type, so take advantage of this great tool if you think it may work better for you.

Talk into your computer mic, and watch the paper take-shape before your eyes. If your computer doesn’t have a microphone, there’s an easy alternative in your pocket… your smartphone!

The Ethics of Doing Someone Else’s Homework

At some point in your journey, someone is probably going to point out the big elephant in the room.

So let’s address it now.

Hiring someone else to do your homework is not considered academically ethical.

Now, while this is technically true, you have two options for handling the ethics of doing someone else’s homework:

  1. As a writer, you’re not responsible for vetting why a student hired you. They paid you and you did work for them. Easy!
  2. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, you may be happier tutoring students through their homework instead.

Some of the freelance writing platforms actually have policies that align them with the academic standard… which means that they will discourage you from actively soliciting students for homework-work. A workaround to this that one user found was to change their syntax and offer “creative content writing” instead. You’ll get requests for more than just homework, but I imagine that most people looking into doing someone else’s homework would also be open to other types of writing.

Should you prefer to pivot towards tutoring, here are some of the many platforms available:

  • Tutor – offers the choice of tutoring military families, college students, K-12 students, and businesses. They vet their applicants with a demo lesson and background check, so you’ll need to be on the ball to get work here.
  • Chegg – the top 5% of tutors on this site earn $1,000+/month, likely because they have degrees in the subjects they tutor. So if you have a relevant degree and feel like tutoring, this might be a good option for you.
  • Solution Inn – similar to Chegg, but available to students and tutors anywhere in the world.

My Personal Feelings About Doing Homework for Someone Else As A Side Hustle

If you like reading and writing, this side hustle could actually be a good fit for you.

Success will come to those who price themselves competitively to start out, deliver completed essays quickly (preferably ahead of schedule), and can rack up a list of reviews from happy students who got good grades. A college degree is a big advantage – even if you’re someone who got a degree in a subject that’s not exactly employable.

At the very least, your degree shows the world that you spent four additional years in school.

Another bonus is having a flexible schedule. Writing can be done anytime around your day job or at night, when family or roommates are sleeping.

With that being said, this is essentially an extension of a freelance writing gig. But it is also unique in that it gives students an interesting advantage.

If you are already a student and are used to writing awesome essay papers, you will also be automatically prepped for this type of work as well… and that will make you a prime candidate to offer your services to students who may prefer to throw money at the problem of turning in quality essays on-time!

Another thing to consider is that a side hustle will usually never be able to truly compete with a livable wage. But then again, if you take a few hours each week to write papers and get good enough at it, you can realistically cover your car payments and probably buy groceries as well; and that is nothing to scoff at.

Our Final Opinion On Doing Someone Else’s Homework

Should you jump onto a freelance writing platform and try making a bit of extra money doing other people’s homework?

There are a lot of ways to make money online. Some are good, some not, but ALL of them are still just trading hours for dollars.

Starting your own affiliate website really is the best way to build passive income and “make money while you sleep”. Affiliate websites earn income in every timezone, and can be instantly accessed by billions of smartphones across the globe!

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!

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