Can You Really Make Money Making And Selling Tapestries?


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Tapestries are super in right now. Everyone loves them. And since you aren’t really allowed to paint the walls in most apartment complexes, they provide you with a unique opportunity to decorate your living space the way you want without buying paint or going to the hassle of changing the colors on the walls.

But can you really make money making and selling tapestries?

As it turns out, you absolutely can. Let’s explore this a little bit more.


  • Earning Money Making And Selling Tapestries – The Basics
    • Why Have A Side Hustle?
    • How Do You Make A Painted Tapestry?
    • Where Can You Sell Tapestries?
    • How Much Can You Make Selling Painted Tapestries?
    • Does It Cost Anything To Make Tapestries As A Side Hustle?
    • My Personal Feelings About Selling Tapestries As A Side Hustle
    • Our Final Opinion Of Making And Selling Tapestries

Earning Money Making And Selling Tapestries – The Basics

Well, if we’re talking about taspestries, let’s start by looking at what they are.

Officially, a tapestry is “a piece of thick textile fabric with pictures or designs formed by weaving colored weft threads or by embroidering on canvas, used as a wall hanging or furniture covering.”

This type of tapestry is very complex, and takes a lot of work to create. So in this article, we are not necessarily talking about this type of tapestry. Rather, what we are more directly discussing is fabric that has been painted.

There are a lot of places online where you can buy tapestries that are painted instead of woven… and you can also make this type of wall art by buying the fabric and painting it yourself.

So in a minute, we are going to explore how they are made. But even before that, let’s talk for a second about the merits of a side-hustle in-general.

Why Have A Side Hustle?

Some people may wonder if it is even worth it to create a side hustle. Is it worth the time? Will it actually make any money?

Our opinion of this is that it could definitely help to make some extra money… but you need to work on it and give it time to cultivate profitability.

A lot of people start side hustles, only to give up on them two weeks later. But the truth is that you need to keep working on it. Few side hustles will start earning cash within the first few weeks.

This is also why it is important to start a side-hustle that you can care about. If you start a hustle based around something that you enjoy doing, you will likely find it far easier to keep it going for long enough to see it generate some cash.

So yeah. Side hustles are worth the time. You just have to keep trying and learn as you go. If you don’t give up, you will eventually succeed at it.

How Do You Make A Painted Tapestry?

We found a pretty good Youtube video that detailed how to make a simple tapestry here. This is obviously a very simplistic example… but, it is a good idea and it shows us the basics of how some people create wall art.

You can actually create much more elaborate wall art than this with different materials. But in general, this is the idea. You get a large piece of cloth, you dye it to create images or patterns, and then you sell it as a tapestry that someone can hang up in their house.

It can cost anywhere from $10 to create a painted tapestry or dyed tapestry, depending on how large you plan to make it and on what materials you plan to use. The better the materials, the better your image will turn out. And with better patterns or images, you can usually command a higher rate for your work.

The process is pretty simple. You spread out your cloth, and you dye or paint an image onto it. There are also a lot of Youtube videos showing you how to stencil images onto your cloth.

I will admit, right now, that people who have a lot of artistic talent are going to be much more likely to succeed at this side-hustle, simply due to the fact that higher quality images are in higher demand.

People want their wall art to look awesome! So yeah… if you can come up with a better image, you will be able to command a better price (that same pattern is true for printable wall art).

You can buy tapestries online. I’ve seen them priced as cheaply as $14, and I have also seen some that were priced at hundreds of dollars.

Size usually plays into the cost, and for good reason. The larger the tapestry, the more you can expect to pay for it.

Where Can You Sell Tapestries?

There are a number of ways to sell your homemade tapestries for a profit. For one, you can use local social media pages (Facebook marketplace, etc.). Second, you can use Craigslist. You could also hang your art in local galleries and/or flea markets, or set up booths at events and advertise your art there.

But one of the best ways to sell wall art like this is probably online.

Etsy is an awesome platform for this kind of thing, though you could also use eBay.

Once you got rolling and started to generate a bit of cash, you could even set up your own website and start marketing yourself on Youtube.

There are all kinds of different ways to sell tapestries like this… though it may take a little while to get the side-hustle up to full steam. You will also have to decide how you are going to market them.

Can you design custom tapestries? Can you make them and sell them for a super-cheap price? Can you create bold images that people can’t get anywhere else?

Find your niche and play to that. In a market like this, being able to specialize is actually a huge part of the process.

Then, you can market yourself and really target your audience through avenues like Youtube, Instagram, etc.

Do not underestimate the power of social media! It can be a huge boost to your side-hustle efforts if utilized the right way!

How Much Can You Make Selling Painted Tapestries?

There are a few different factors that can play into your profit-margins with this side hustle.

First is your skill level. The better you get at creating awesome tapestries, the more money you will be able to make.

And secondly is the amount of effort you put into selling them. The more people exposed to your side-hustle, the better. But… it is going to take effort on your part to sell tapestries if you really want to make this side hustle work.

People do buy stuff like this. They buy tapestries all the time. But if you want to sell them your tapestries, you are going to have to put in the effort to not only advertise them, but also to sell them to your customers.

Why should people buy your tapestries?

Answer this question for them, and you can absolutely make money at this side hustle!

Does It Cost Anything To Make Tapestries As A Side Hustle?

The main cost associated with making tapestries as a side hustle lies in the materials. You will need to buy the material itself, the dyes, the paints, and any tools that you are going to need to apply the dyes and paints to your canvas.

Some people simply buy bedsheets for this kind of thing, though you can also go into better quality canvas materials that cost a lot more as well.

People like it when you use better-quality materials. They will often pay more for items made with better-quality materials. But at the same time, you also need to make your products affordable, unless you are selling to a very ‘niche’ market.

The narrower your niche, the more you can often charge too… unless you are just using cheap materials.

You need to produce a quality product as the foundation of your side hustle. Once you do that, and market it will, you will start to sell it and make money.

This is actually good advice to follow no matter what your side hustle is.

Create a good product. Serve a narrow niche. Market to that niche. Sell. Make money!

That’s how you win with side-hustles nowadays!

My Personal Feelings About Selling Tapestries As A Side Hustle

Personally, I love the idea of selling tapestries to make extra money… though I also know that this is probably not a side hustle that I would ever invest time into.


Because I’m not an artist! I can write, and I can even make a little bit of music… but as far as actual ‘art’ goes, I am about as clumsy with a paintbrush as I am on roller skates (and that is pretty clumsy)!

But… this is one of those side hustles that you can actually make decent money with if you do have some artistic talent. If you have the means and the desire to create and sell tapestries, then you can actually make some pretty decent side-hustle cash with it… especially on Etsy!

You may not get rich with this hustle, and you may end up making some pretty awesome money at it. You might even end up launching a business that takes you all the way to full-time entrepreneur!

Our Final Opinion Of Making And Selling Tapestries

Should you make tapestries and try to sell them as a side hustle?

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