Can You Really Make Money Playing League Of Legends?

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If you have a computer and enjoy playing video games, odds are good that you have at least heard of League Of Legends.

It is a multiplayer online battle arena video game created by Riot Games, but it is a free-to-play game that, like many games nowadays, is supported by microtransactions within the game itself.

It is a HUGE game, and it is only getting more popular. But here is the million-dollar question… can you really make money playing League Of Legends?

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    • What Are The Odds Of Someone Earning Money Playing League Of Legends?
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Dreams Of Making Money Playing League Of Legends

In the online gaming world, a lot of people have aspirations of becoming professional League of Legend players. They want to play in major tournaments, compete for high-dollar prizes, and score big-name contracts so that they can become rich playing their favorite video game.

A lot of people also love the idea of streaming and making fat stacks of cash that way!

Now, I am a businessman…. But I also like video games. I’ve played a bit of LOL, and while I am certainly no pro-gamer, I was really surprised when I saw how serious some gamers were about it.

I literally know players who have life-goals surrounding becoming professional players on League. And that led me to wonder if there actually is an opportunity to make money playing the game.

I did some research, and learned that yes, there are indeed a few different ways to earn some money playing Riot’s super-popular online arena battle game… though the process of playing for pay on League of Legends may actually be a bit tougher than a lot of people give it credit for.

But let’s take a look anyway!

Ad Revenue

Not surprisingly, with a game as popular as League of Legends, there is going to be a market for content about it. From what I have learned in my research, one of the easiest ways to earn cash in the League of Legends community is to start a video channel and publish content about it.

Then, after building up a following, you can leverage it for ad revenue. From what I have learned, the best way to go about this is to start creating League-focused content on and Twitch.

For, the whole idea is to start creating popular content that people will want to watch based on the game. This could include actual gameplay, or it could include game-based content like champion guides, strategy guides, patch notes, and discussion, etc.

And of course, once you get to a certain level, you can start to sell ad revenue and earn money through You need a lot of views to make this work, but it is attainable.

As far as Twitch goes, you can make money on Twitch by streaming your games and getting gifts from donors and subscribers.

Believe it or not, a lot of Twitch streamers actually make pretty good money streaming their games this way… but it does take a lot of work to build up to. I have even heard of major Twitch streamers making over $10,000 a month alone, just through donations!


Yes, there are actually people who make money coaching League of Legends players. From what I can tell, this gig also usually starts on Youtube or Twitch, because you need to build up a following before people will want to train with you.

Well, once you get to a certain level, to where people are interested in paying you to show them how to get better at the game, you can start to earn money by playing with them, coaching them, training them, and generally just helping them to get better and increase their skills.

It is really no different from hiring a private basketball tutor—except that LOL is an e-sport, while basketball is real-life sport. A membership site could be one way to charge for coaching, although there are many other approaches too.


I remember back in the good old days, when people would boost on Halo 3 to achieve their level 50 rank. Well, apparently, this practice is still alive and well today—except that it has become more of a business than it used to be.

Apparently, it is also frowned upon and actually kind of against the rules. But… the general point here is that players who are good enough sometimes get paid by other not-so-good players to ‘boost’ their accounts.

Yes, people actually do spend money on this. It is a side-hustle, like it or not!

Influencer Marketing

This method, once again, relies on you having an audience built up online who follows you to hear about League of Legends news and to watch your videos or streams. Basically, it focuses on product placement and/or sponsorships to generate revenue.

Some companies will pay pretty good money to have influencers showcase their products or talk about them, because they know that having their product endorsed by someone with a following can be a huge business boost.

Playing On A Professional Team

Yes, much like teams in the NBA or the MLB, there are teams that also hire League of Legends players to play in tournaments and win as a team. Prize money for the largest League of Legends tournaments can be quite large, and some players earn as much as $15,000 per month on a standard team salary!

Pro gamers also tend to supplement their income by streaming and through sponsorships. Of course, this is the big leagues, and the players who make it onto teams like this are competing at a professional level.

If a player wants to have any hope of making it at this level, as a professional League of Legends gamer, they will have to undergo an incredible amount of training and practice A LOT. At this point, it is basically like an Olympic sport, and requires almost as much training and attention, if not even more!

What Are The Odds Of Someone Earning Money Playing League Of Legends?

The odds of someone making money playing League of Legends are truly dependent upon the amount of work that they are willing to put into it.

Really, e-sports are not so unlike any other kind of sport. They take time, practice, work, and dedication to get right.

But if you work hard enough, you can absolutely climb to the top and develop the skills required to compete. It is just a fact that most people are not willing to work hard enough and sacrifice enough to get to that level.

Now, when it comes to making a Youtube or Twitch channel and earning money that way… that is more of a marketing side-hustle than a gaming side hustle. Yes, gaming is still going to play a key role in it, but the concept is just a lot different.

You do not have to be a pro-level gamer to get Youtube followers.

But then again, with that being said, spending quality time on the game and achieving a level of skill that will allow you to bring true quality to your viewers is also probably going to help you if you wish to take League seriously, regardless of what direction you choose for your gaming career.

My Personal Feelings About Trying To Earn Money Playing League Of Legends

Honestly, this side hustle is really not any different from any other kind of side-hustle. There are some side hustles that you can start quickly—but this is not one of them. No matter how you go about it, you are going to have to put some serious time into this idea if you really want to monetize it.

But… with that being said… there is still a huge market for it, and the more time you spend on it, the more likely it is that you will be able to cash in on a piece of the LOL pie.

League of Legends is a very popular game, and it actually continues to grow in popularity every year. The game developers keep putting a lot of work into the storyline, developing new champions, and patching and updating the game in an attempt to keep it relevant.

To be quite honest, League of Legends has never been better—so if there were ever a time to consider jumping into that market, it would be now.

Even if League starts to slow down in the coming years, there will still be a huge fan base who will still take the game very seriously—and it is showing no sign of slowing down in the world stage, either. Tournaments for the game have never been so huge, and it seems to grow every year.

It would take a lot of work and dedication to monetize a League of Legends career. But it can most certainly be done.

Our Final Opinion About League Of Legends

Should you try to level up your gameplay and make money playing it?

There are a lot of ways to make money online. Some are good, some not, but ALL of them are still just trading hours for dollars.

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