Can You Really Make Money With ARIIX?

is wealthy affiliate a scam or can i actually make a living online as an affiliate marketer

ARIIX Review

Company Name: ARIIX

Costs: Around $220 and up

Rating: 36/100

What Is It?

Yet another health and beauty MLM, which sells overpriced products that simply aren’t unique.

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Short Review

Most of the time, MLMs tend to follow an almost identical model, so I was surprised to find that ARIIX does have a bit of a different approach. In theory, their commission model would allow people to earn more money but that’s only the case if you developed a decent team and made it into the higher tiers of the organization. So, despite the interesting model, ARIIX still suffers from the standard issues of an MLM and most members probably wouldn’t be successful.

Product Breakdown

Some MLMs focus on their products when they market, others focus on the opportunity. ARIIX is certainly one of the latter companies. You can see that just by going to the site because you see a lot of hype about the opportunity, long before you actually see what the products on offer are. I mean, they even call themselves ‘the opportunity company’ – even though every MLM offers an ‘opportunity’.

The Opportunity Company

Personally, I find this slogan concerning. After all, the presence of legitimate products is the main thing that separates an MLM from a pyramid scheme to start off with. So, too much emphasis on the opportunity is always a little suspicious.

As for the product selection, the company offers a total of seven different collections of products or brands, as they call them. All of those brands have unusual names, like these ones:

Product Selection

Yet, despite those names, the products appear fairly standard. For example, the collection on the left (Nutrifii) consists of various supplements, which are supposed to boost health. Likewise, the other pictured collection (Slenderiiz) is all about weight loss and includes protein powders, along with essential oils which I personally find a bit questionable.

Homeopathic support

For the most part, there isn’t anything new or unique about the specific products the company sells. The same types of products tend to be recycled from one company to the next, especially when it comes to MLMs. To be honest, I’ve actually lost count of just how many different health and beauty MLMs that I’ve seen and they all promote similar products.

Now, I have no doubt that some of these products are good for health, for some people, at least. And I realize that a product doesn’t have to be 100% unique to make money. After all, Android and iPhone are both popular, right?

For example, a vitamin supplement might help you if you don’t eat a balanced diet or if you are deficient in a key vitamin. Likewise, protein powder does tend to help with weight loss, as it can be a good way to decrease your food intake without feeling like you’re starving yourself. But, those product types are fairly common and you can find them pretty much anywhere.

As is always the case, ARIIX does offer various claims to suggest their products are better than anything else out there, like this pitch for their line Priime.


Uh-huh. A lot of hype but most of it doesn’t really mean anything.

Honestly, though, I doubt it. Most of the claims are carefully worded marketing pitches and there seems to be little evidence that the products are actually better than what other companies offer. Realistically, it’s always important to be a bit of a skeptic about claims like this because just about every health and beauty MLM makes then and they can’t all be true.

The same is true of any company in the supplement industry, which is not regulated by the FDA.

The company doesn’t give much information about product cost on their site but I did find some information looking online. For example, this is the cost to buy one of their supplements as a customer:

Biopro Q

That’s more than $70 for a product that is basically just a CoQ10 supplement. Now, distributors can probably buy the product for less, but even then, you’re still paying a whole lot for a fairly basic supplement. Plus, it seems like the bottle only contains around 50 tablets, so you’re paying more than $1 per tablet. Ouch!

So, the products from ARIIX seem to be fairly typical for pretty much any health MLM and you could probably find similar products from other companies too unrelated to the direct sales or network marketing industry. At the same time, the products are certainly expensive – and this is probably true for all the products that the company sells.

Expensive products are actually a major issue because it makes it that much harder to actually sell the products.

Opportunity Breakdown

From the way ARIIX promotes itself, you might think that they offer an amazing and completely unique opportunity but really, not so much. Instead, there is a lot of hype and marketing but little actual substance.

More Hype

Okay, and this means what exactly?

The site even makes this claim about their compensation plan:

Highest Paying Plan

I highly doubt that this is actually true. For one thing, they don’t even define what they mean by ‘the industry’, as there are a few different industries that the company might fall under. Besides that, the claim is really talking about potential income.

Now, based on the information the company provides, it does seem like the plan has the potential to pay out more than most other plans. For example, the commission rate is 50% and there seem to be no caps on how deep into your team you can get bonuses or how many matching bonuses you can get.

Best Plan

For some reason, they call the plan Active 8. On a side note, everyone does not say the plan is the best. Clearly. As claims go that one is bordering on the absurd.

That’s nice, but it isn’t as good as it sounds.

The problem is that all of these advantages really only apply if you get far enough into the company. So, the really successful members in ARIIX might earn more than they would in other companies but getting to this point is a completely different story.

Realistically, the model of an MLM is one that creates some winners and a lot of losers. This is true regardless of which MLM you choose and there is nothing about ARIIX that changes the pattern.

Essentially, being successful in ARIIX is about growing a team. I’ve made similar statements countless times because this is true for pretty much any MLM that you can imagine. Growing a team involves recruiting people into the company, getting them to recruit others, and so forth.

The idea is that the bigger your team, the more bonuses. In most cases, you can get bonuses up to about three or four layers deep. For ARIIX, it looks like you can get an unlimited amount of depth. However, you still have to get a team that even goes that deep, which isn’t easy. In fact, many people would find it impossible.

I will admit that the commission scheme for ARIIX is certainly unusual. Most MLMs work off a model that resembles a pyramid, which is why they are often compared to pyramid schemes. However, the model for ARIIX looks like this instead:

Compensation structure

In some ways, this is less complicated, as you don’t have to focus on where people end up in your team. There is also a greater potential for income because you can expand in any direction. But, you’re still relying heavily on recruiting, so the model isn’t as simple as it first appears.

In their marketing, the company also makes some pretty standard claims about how great network marketing is. According to them, the process can increase income, decrease debt, and build relationships. To a certain degree, that’s entirely true.

Income, Debt and Relationships

For many people out there, this type of model does the exact opposite.

Instead of gaining income, many people end up losing money and even going into debt because you have to buy products from the company to stay ahead. Often, you will end up spending more money on the company than you are making. Over time, this adds up, especially if your sales and recruitment success is fairly low.

At the same time, this type of company can be extremely destructive to relationships. After all, you’re basically going up to friends and trying to convince them to buy products and/or get involved in the company themselves. That places a pretty big toll on friendships.

Ideally, you would want to focus on making new friendships and relationships, rather than selling to friends. But, unless you are trained in this area, doing this is pretty difficult to achieve. So, most people do simply fall back on relationships that they already had and sometimes destroy them in the process.

Other Comments

My biggest problem with ARIIX’s approach is that it is unrealistic. Yes, they have a good commission plan, but only if you get to the highest levels. Most people won’t actually have the knowledge or the skill set to get to that level. Instead, they’re likely to find themselves spending more money than they want to and getting nowhere.

Overall, the model is a challenging one and most people who get involved in it simply don’t realize beforehand. They get sucked into the hype of making money and forget that there are important steps to take along the way. While it is possible to make money with ARIIX, I would not recommend it to readers of my website.

MLM VS Affiliate Marketing

As a model, an MLM can be a way to make money but it’s certainly not a good choice for most people. To make money, you really have to be good at recruitment and sales, which simply isn’t the case for most people. Even if you think you might succeed, it’s important to be aware that any MLM has some pretty significant ongoing costs, which makes it easier to fail.

This is one reason that I recommend affiliate marketing as an alternative. With affiliate marketing, your startup costs are much lower, as are your ongoing costs. At the same time, you don’t have to try and make money by promoting products to your friends and family. It’s just $15/year for a domain name and $10/month for hosting.

Take advantage of the online environment, which offers a much greater potential to reach people and provides you with a business that you can grow over time. With affiliate marketing, you also get to promote products that you are interested in and that people want to buy. That’s much better than trying to sell overpriced health products that aren’t really special at all.

Instead of starting with a product and trying to sell it to anyone, start with interested online shoppers and find something they want to buy.

Can You Generate Reliable Income With ARIIX?

The ARIIX Review


Business Opportunity


ARIIX may have presented a bit of a different approach with their commission model, but it still came down to the fact that it’s highly dependent on recruitment and the team. Add to that the fact that their products are nowhere unique makes ARIIX not worth the time.

What is this – the 1950’s selling Tupperware? Gimme a break. It’s 2020. If you want to build a business, you NEED to be online or your business will be dead in less than 10 years.

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What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I have to be honest though. I’m not a big fan of MLM. Tried it. Hated it.

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