Can You Really Make Money With ASEA?

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ASEA mostly operates in the health and wellness field. This means there is an emphasis on promoting health. The company does have some skincare products too, but even these are promoted as ways to improve skin health.

The health angle has been done time and time again, by countless companies. Even so, health remains a powerful field, partly because the demand is so high.

Another important thing is that health products are never exactly the same. Even similar products have subtle variations between companies, while other products are much more distinct.

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At the same time, it’s often tough for customers to know how well a product works (or even whether it works at all). After all, can you really tell if a supplement gave you more energy or decreased your inflammation?

While this pattern is frustrating, it is useful from the sales perspective. This is one reason why health products continue to sell, even when there are so many similar items out there.

ASEA is an interesting example, as the company has a strong focus on cell signaling. This product emphasis isn’t seen very often and may give ASEA distributors a slight edge. But, are the products any good?

    Two Ways To Make Money With ASEA

    As an MLM, ASEA provides two methods for making money. You can sell the products or you can expand to building a team.

    In this post, we’re looking at the two areas and whether ASEA is viable as a way to make money.

    Make Money From Product Sales

    ASEA is a health company, one with a very limited focus. They offer three types of products, which are all designed to improve cell signaling.

    This process refers to the way cells communicate with one another. Making cell signaling more effective could theoretically improve health. To see how realistic the claims are, we need to look at the products individually.

    The first item is ASEA Redox, which is the flagship product for the company. The company states that it goes through steps that involve “complex chemistry and physics”.

    The end result is water that has a neutral pH (pH 7.35) and apparently contains redox signaling molecules. It’s basically a variation on saltwater, as the signaling molecules are “suspended in a pristine saline solution”.

    A Bottle of ASEA Redox

    The company offers little information about what these molecules are specifically or how they actually work. Instead, most of the discussion is just marketing hype, along with vague details. The claim below is just one example of this.

    Claims About Redox Water

    This idea is both accurate and completely misleading at the same time. In a way, ASEA Redox will help regulate genes and cell signaling, simply because your body does this anyway. But, you’re unlikely to see improved regulation or signaling.

    ASEA doesn’t even offer any evidence of the proposed benefits. Instead, their science page just focuses on why redox signaling is important. I’m sure it is. But, that doesn’t mean that drinking a specific type of water is going to help matters.

    Reviews are also incredibly mixed. For example, the Amazon distribution for one listing looks like this:

    Customer Reviews from Amazon

    This type of distribution is very common for MLM products. Many of the positive reviews will come from distributors, while negative ones are often from customers.

    Even if all the reviews were legitimate, the distribution isn’t encouraging. It suggests that many people who buy the product aren’t happy. That’s never good if you’re trying to make consistent sales.

    And honestly, ASEA’s marketing is far too vague to be trusted. If the product really did help, they should be able to say why. But, they can’t. More detailed examinations into the product have found the same pattern – there is very little evidence.

    The other thing to mention is the price. If the water was cheap enough, it might be worth trying to see if you noticed any benefits. But, it’s really not. Instead, these are the two main pricing options:

    Prices of ASEA Redox Bottles

    There are other options as well, including discounts for distributors and people on autoship. Regardless, you’re looking at very expensive water.

    Beyond this, the company offers a range of skincare, including RENU 28. RENU 28 is promoted as being the ‘only redox anti-aging face care system’, while the other products are meant to be powerful as well.

    Redox Skincare Products

    Once again, there’s little evidence that the products help at all. I’m certainly not convinced that the redox aspect would help improve the skin at all.

    The final set of products is called ASEA VIA. These are supplements. They might offer health benefits, but none of them are unusual.

    ASEA VIA Selection of Products

    All-in-all, ASEA offers expensive products with questionable benefits.

    What does that mean for making money? Well, that really depends on you and your audience. ASEA is operating in the health industry and also in skincare.

    Both of those areas are incredibly popular and make consistent sales. Customers are always looking for the next amazing thing, for the product that can dramatically improve their health or appearance.

    The products are also consumable. This always makes sales easier. Anyone who is passionate about the products may come back for more.

    I’m not personally convinced about the products. But, not everyone will agree. At the very least, ASEA does have an unusual angle and this alone could help with sales. If you had the right audience and were good at sales, income may be possible.

    Making Money With ASEA

    Let’s move onto the other part of our discussion, how you are going to make money.

    The first approach is to buy the products yourself and then resell them. The second is to send someone to your replicated website. You then earn a commission on sales. Either way, your income is the difference between retail and wholesale prices.

    For the standard case of ASEA Redox, the retail is $150 and the discounted price is $120. That’s a commission of $30 per $150 sale, a 20% rate.

    This rate is lower than many other companies, which isn’t a good start. If someone is on autoship through ASEA, you only earn $25 per sale.

    There are also no bonuses for hitting certain sales volumes. Instead, most of the income potential comes from team building.

    Make Money Building A Team

    ASEA uses a binary model for the team-building aspect. This means that you need to build two distinct teams under you. Your income is based on their success and how they compare to one another.

    Binary Model for Team Building

    The end result is that you need both teams to perform relatively well. If one makes high sales and the other doesn’t, your income will be low. At the very least, you need two high-performing recruits in your downline, ideally more.

    The company does offer some bonuses from the team. One of these is a Fast Start bonus. This gives you extra income when a person you enroll buys a starter pack. This also applies multiple generations up.

    Enrollment Pack Bonuses

    If you had a decent team, the bonus could be powerful. It would basically be a bonus from work that you didn’t do yourself.

    Still, it’s not amazing for people with small teams. This is also instead of regular compensation, so you could even earn less with this bonus, not more.

    There are also ranks for ASEA. Progressing through the ranks offers extra bonuses and income potential. But, as always, the requirements get more difficult as you go along. For example, the image below shows some of the relatively early requirements.

    Requirements for Rank Progression

    At the end of the day, income is possible but there are many hoops to jump through.

    Activity Requirements

    To stay active in ASEA, you need to be moving 100 Personal Value (PV) in product per month. This typically means purchasing or selling one case of ASEA Redox, which is $120 after discount.

    You can also meet the volume requirement through sales you make but these do count for less. For example, the same case will give you 50 PV if you’re selling to a preferred customer and only 30 PV to someone going through the company’s Fast Start bonus.

    Either way, you need to purchase products monthly and/or make consistent sales, just for the chance to make money. This type of requirement ignores how complex life is. In practice, sales will vary over time.

    Distributors often find that they need to make purchases for some months, just to stay in the game. The costs of doing so add up quickly. You may even find that you’re spending more than you’re earning.

    With ASEA, it seems like you need to stay active to make any money at all. I’ve seen worse requirements but not often.

    Many companies have lower goals or only require you to meet them every few months. Often, those targets are only relevant to team commissions, not to what you earn from individual sales.

    If you’re going to make money with any company, picking one with low monthly requirements is important. With companies like ASEA, there is too much risk and a greater chance that something will go wrong. Being successful with MLM is hard enough, to begin with, high ongoing requirements just make everything worse.

    Qualification Requirements

    The requirements above are just to stay active. To be qualified for team commissions, there is another set of requirements. In particular, you need to have two distinct legs, which each hit 300 Group Volume (GV). At least 10% of that volume needs to be in the lesser leg.

    This means you need a decent team to earn anything at all from them. That design is unusual. Most companies have lower requirements for basic team commissions.

    When you combine the two sets of requirements, it’s clear that ASEA is tough to stay involved in. And remember, this is a team-based operation. So, you need to get other people to join and make money through the company. The stricter the requirements are, the lower the odds that people will stick with ASEA.

    Can You Generate Reliable Income With ASEA?

    The ASEA Review


    Business Opportunity

    Final Review

    Making money with ASEA is possible. Some members may even earn reliable income with the company.

    But, making consistent long-term income is an entirely different story. For one thing, you have to rely on your team. Most of the income potential comes from the various commissions and bonuses associated with this group of people. The marketing often suggests this is easy. Simply share the concept with people you know, get them excited and you’re on your way.

    In practice though, team building is no easy feat. You have to make sure that the people you sign up are making sales and are recruiting. This involves considerable training and follows up. You also can’t force people to be successful. Instead, you have to do the best you can and hope that people stick around.

    That brings up another issue – most people will leave. Estimates suggest that between 50% and 90% of distributors drop out within a year. Many aren’t prepared for the amount of work involved or the ongoing costs. Others may face life changes that make it impossible for them to continue.

    Some of those who drop out are going to be in your team. This means that you need to always be recruiting more people. The end result is that you’re never earning passive income. Instead, you’ll always be managing your team and working hard just to keep it going.

    This directly impacts how much money you can make and your rank in the company. As a result, most people really don’t get far at all. How could you? This model forces you to heavily rely on other people. And honestly, other people just aren’t reliable.

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