Can You Really Make Money With Foxx Legacy?

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Foxx Legacy is an interesting company, as its products are designed for pets rather than for humans. While many companies sell pet products, relatively few do so under an MLM model.

Foxx Legacy also takes the idea further by focusing on the idea of mitochondrial health. In doing so, they end up offering a relatively unusual set of products that could be appealing to the right audience.

The sales potential is easy to see. Supplements for health have become very popular, but there aren’t that many options that are suitable for pets. The widespread use of supplements in humans should help to make the pet versions easier to promote.

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The product range from Foxx Legacy does also includes items for humans. This allows you to target a wider audience. Hopefully, you could get some customers to buy supplements for both humans and pets.

While the idea of targeting pets is appealing, Foxx Legacy does have some significant disadvantages too. We’re considering these as part of the current post, along with how you can potentially make some money.

Two Ways To Make Money With Foxx Legacy

Foxx Legacy follows an MLM model, allowing members to earn money by promoting the products or by building a team. As always, the team aspect has higher income potential but is also more complex.

With this post, we’re examining both areas and also looking at whether you can practically make money with Fox Legacy.

Make Money From Product Sales

Foxx Legacy is a supplement company with a twist. Unlike most similar companies, they don’t just offer products for humans. Instead, much of their range is for pets instead.

The concept is somewhat appealing. After all, supplements have become immensely popular in recent years, even though there is some debate about their relevance to health. But, many people do want to promote the well-being of their pets, so why not offer products to do so? With this focus in mind, the products from Foxx Legacy are broken into two categories – one for humans and the other for pets.

All of the pet products are in a liquid form and there are four to choose from. The first of these, mobility, is focused on improving cellular health and also mobility. The marketing for it talks about boosting mitochondrial function to achieve that outcome.

Foxx Legacy Products

The recovery product is focused on improving after surgery or health issues, seasonal (also called allergy) is designed to reduce allergy effects and the final one, life, seems to be a general supplement.

All of this sounds great. But, there’s very little evidence. For example, the ingredients label for mobility looks like this:

Ingredients List 4

The company gives very little information about how these compounds are meant to improve health and certainly doesn’t talk about research studies. The most evidence comes from a discussion about antioxidant effects and the potential of antioxidants to improve health and reduce negative aspects of aging.

But, that’s hardly a new concept. Even in humans, the benefits of antioxidants are far from proven and the science for pets is significantly behind that. Instead, many human antioxidant products don’t offer nearly as many benefits as they claim to.

There also isn’t much difference between the various products. For example, the image below is for the life supplement and it uses most of the same ingredients as the mobility example above, just in a different order (meaning, different quantities).

Ingredients List 3

To me, this pattern suggests the ingredients probably don’t do all that much. After all, you’d expect a significant difference between the two supplements that have completely different goals.

Now, the products available should still be completely safe for pets, especially as they use relatively few ingredients. Testing for safety is also much easier than testing for health benefits. Plus, the company isn’t likely to put pets at risk. This means the worst case is that the products don’t do much at all.

There are also three human products on offer:

UltraMito Products

The first of these is the mind, which is a nootropic, meaning it focuses on improving mental function. There are many similar products on the market and like those, this supplement uses a variety of plant-based compounds. Some of these may offer cognitive benefits but there isn’t much evidence yet.

Ingredients List 1

The next product is a skin balm, designed to promote skin healing, while the final one focuses on cellular energy, metabolism, and similar areas. Once again, the choice of the ingredients (for perform) is similar to other products on the market. There is some evidence for the various components but not a dramatic amount.

The end result is that for animals and humans, there isn’t much evidence at all. The human products have more scientific support – but the items are less unique. In fact, there are probably hundreds of similar items on the market that all make the same claims.

And, while there are fewer animal-based supplements on the market, the evidence is extremely limited. So, there’s no way of knowing whether those supplements would do anything at all. Which begs the question, why bother?

There is also very little information about people’s experiences with the products. Instead, almost all of the reviews focus on the opportunity, rather than experiences. I did find a few positive reviews on Facebook – but even with these, it doesn’t sound like people have actually used the products themselves.

Changes Many Lives

Finally, the prices. Foxx Legacy doesn’t make these easy to find but the pet supplements cost $59.95 each (for a 60 ml bottle), while the human supplements cost $49.95 each (for 30 pills). The cost of the skin balm is unclear but it’s likely to be in the same range.

These prices are higher than many supplements on the market, although upwards of $50 for a supplement is more common than it should be. So, some people may still pay the amount, although most probably won’t.

All-in-all, Foxx Legacy is highly suspicious of expensive products that have no proof of effectiveness.

In fairness, you could probably sell them to the right audience. After all, there is a large market for supplements and many people are convinced of their effectiveness. Some people would want to find good products for their pets and the marketing from Foxx Legacy may just seem compelling.

Making Money With The Products

Most MLMs provide a percentage commission from any sales that you make. In most cases, your earnings would be a percentage, typically 20% to 30%. With Foxx Legacy, you earn a flat rate of $5 per sale, regardless of the product. That’s around 10% commission for the human supplements and 8% for the pet ones.

This is a very low commission rate and there doesn’t appear to be any way to increase the rate over time.

Make Money Building A Team

To earn more, you need to get involved in the recruiting side. The idea here is to build a team and earn money from them. As such, your success is directly related to the effectiveness of the people that you recruit. The style here is similar to other companies, although it is somewhat simplified.

Foxx Legacy Plan

So, the general idea is to progress up through the ranks. The first ranks are just related to sales, while subsequent ones also require you to recruit people. The higher ranks come with various bonuses – although the company doesn’t state precisely what these are.

With this in mind, it isn’t clear how much you earn from team members. But, if they’re earning $5 per sale, you’re likely to be getting considerably less than this. One estimate suggests between $1 or $2 per sale, depending on the level.

Those commissions could still add up but they are on the low side. As such, you would need a very large team to actually be effective. Beyond this, there isn’t much specific information about the plan at all.

The site for Foxx Legacy simply focuses on the products and mentions that you can earn money. Finding out about the actual compensation scheme involves watching their YouTube video and turning to other sites. Even that video isn’t particularly helpful and is almost entirely marketing, rather than specific information.

This means that it isn’t clear what the bonuses actually are or what the long-term requirements look like.

This aspect alone is concerning. With so many different MLMs out there, picking one that is vague just isn’t worth the time. Realistically, you’d have no idea about what you are getting into or the potential until you were actually involved. That’s never a good way to make money, especially not in the long-term.

Advantages Of Foxx Legacy

So far, Foxx Legacy doesn’t sound particularly encouraging. And honestly, if you want to do direct marketing, there are better options out there. Personally, I would at least look for one with decent products and a better commission rate.

But, that being said, there are some minor advantages to Foxx Legacy.

The biggest area has to be ongoing costs. Most MLMs have considerable expenses and requirements. For example, many require you to buy a starter kit, marketing materials, host parties, and even regularly buy products yourself. Often you also have to meet certain sales requirements, which can be stressful and challenging.

But, Foxx Legacy follows a different style, which is similar to another company – Emza Gold. Both companies have relatively few costs, including no ongoing fees and no need to regularly buy products. This means there are fewer risks in getting involved and you don’t lose as much if you never get anywhere.

The lower risks and costs do make Foxx Legacy interesting – but this isn’t enough to turn the opportunity around. After all, you would still be promoting expensive products that offer no evidence of their effectiveness.

Additionally, the rewards really aren’t that great. With Foxx Legacy, you’re earning less per sale and there are fewer bonuses within the compensation plan. This means that there is less income potential than larger and more popular companies.

One final aspect to mention is recruitment. The low risk may make it easier to get people involved with Foxx Legacy but only to a degree. In particular, the lower potential income would make recruitment more difficult. So too would Foxx Legacy itself, as many people wouldn’t trust the company. The end result is that recruitment would still be pretty difficult, even though people don’t have to invest much at all.

Can You Generate Reliable Income With Foxx Legacy?

The Foxx Legacy Review


Business Opportunity

Final Review

It’s easy to see that there is some income potential with Foxx Legacy. You could even earn long-term income, especially as there are relatively few MLMs that provide products for pets. Besides, health and wellness is a popular industry. This remains true for pets as well as for humans.

Even so, it’s important to seriously consider whether you could sell the products from Foxx Legacy. You’d need to make a decent amount of sales too, as the commission rate is low. One area to think about is how people will view the company.

The nature of supplements means that people need to trust them and the company. After all, there is no way to be certain what the product actually contains. This makes the company’s reputation critical if you want any sales.

That’s an issue in the case of Foxx Legacy, as the company is pretty obscure. In fact, most people won’t have heard of it at all, which doesn’t promote much trust.

There aren’t many immediate red flags for the company, although one of the co-founders (Blaine Williams) has been involved in a manipulative scheme in the past. Whether or not he’s doing anything wrong here isn’t clear.

But, even if all the people involved are legitimate, the company still doesn’t have much of a reputation. That aspect alone is going to hinder sales and recruitment, especially as you’re selling products for pets. Pet owners are often very careful about anything that they give their companions.

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