Can You Really Make Money With Gano Excel?

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Gano Excel is a coffee network marketing company. It is also a special ingredient company. This means that they focus on one main ingredient that is meant to radically change your health. In the case of Gano Excel, that ingredient is Ganoderma lucidum.

You might have heard about Ganoderma lucidum before. It is a type of fungus that plays a role in traditional Asian medicine. The fungus contains a variety of interesting phytonutrients. These compounds may have benefits for human health, although research has yet to find strong evidence for such a link.

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This pattern is one that you’ll find in many companies that follow the special ingredient style. Regardless of what it is, the chosen ingredient will contain some unusual compounds. Marketing is then used to suggest that there is a high potential for health benefits.

Most of the time there isn’t much science supporting the proposed benefits in humans, but there isn’t much research refuting the idea either. This is largely because there is a vast number of compounds out there and thorough research is very involved.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t promote Gano Excel. The products might even provide health benefits. Just be aware that the products may not be as powerful, or as unusual, as the marketing suggests.

Still, there are advantages to this product angle too. Many potential customers won’t mind that there is no proof of health benefits. You’re also promoting a consumable product. This should make it much easier to get repeat sales.

    Two Ways To Make Money With Gano Excel

    The first way to earn with Gano Excel is to sell the products, largely through a buying and then reselling model. You can also build a team to increase your income potential.

    This post examines both of those angles, along with whether you can really make money through Gano Excel.

    Make Money From Product Sales

    Gano Excel offers two different ranges of products and both are meant to boost health. The first one of these is GanoCafé. The company promotes this line as such:

    A description of the GanoCafe product line

    Basically, these are simply hot drinks that have some herbs added to them. All of the products include Ganoderma lucidum, which is where the company gets its name from. But, there are some other ingredients as well. The full range of drinks is as follows.

    • Tongkat ali. Tongkat ali is a popular type of tea. But, the drink from Gano Excel is actually instant coffee with Tongkat ali and Ganoderma lucidum
    • Mocha. As the name suggests, this is a combination of coffee and cocoa. It also contains 16 grams of sugar per 28-gram serving.
    • 3-in-1. Coffee, sugar and non-dairy creamer. Basically, this is an instant coffee that you just need to add water to.
    • Hazelnut. This one is just hazelnut-flavored coffee.
    • Classic. This is just the basic coffee with Ganoderma lucidum.
    • Rooibos tea. This product is simply rooibos tea with the added Ganoderma lucidum.
    • C’real. The company describes this as including cereal (they mean steel-cut oats actually) and spirulina, along with non-dairy creamer and ‘subtle sweetness’. It’s meant to be a healthy option, high in protein and fiber. But, a 30-gram serving has 16 grams of sugar, along with just 4 grams of protein and 1 gram of fiber. That’s not a healthy nutrient balance at all.
    • Schokolade. This is hot cocoa. It uses both non-dairy creamer and skims milk.

    The company provides nutritional details for the drinks but there aren’t any obvious ingredients lists on the site. So, it’s not clear whether or not there are any added ingredients.

    At first glance these all sound appealing. After all, coffee is an incredibly popular drink. Many people drink tea and cocoa as well. So, adding health benefits with Ganoderma lucidum should create a powerful product. Many people do want to improve their health and these drinks offer a tasty way to do so.

    But, there are some issues.

    The first is Ganoderma lucidum. Despite the rhetoric, the evidence of health benefits isn’t amazing. There may be some advantages but there have only been one or two studies in most areas. Even if there are benefits, they’re likely to come from supplements, not from coffee. And, any advantages probably aren’t large.

    It’s not clear how much Ganoderma lucidum you’re getting in each cup anyway.

    That aside, Gano Excel is far from unique. The company GanoLife takes the exact same angle, with a very similar product selection. The same is true for Organo Gold. There are also companies like Javita and Valentus that sell coffee with added herbs.

    Focusing on hot drinks is also an issue. People tend to drink coffee, tea, and cocoa for enjoyment. Most of us have specific brands and styles we like, along with ones that we hate. We’re often particular about our coffee too. Many people won’t be willing to switch brands, especially if they’ve found something that they love.

    For people that like instant coffee, Gano Excel may be fine. Even so, it’s hard to imagine anyone drinking it regularly unless they enjoyed the flavor. This means that the products may be much harder to sell than they seem.

    One final thing. This range looks really nice on the site and the company has made them look professional.

    Products from Gano Excel

    But, the same isn’t true for the other line from the company. Additionally, there are some less appealing versions of the hot drinks that seem to be sold in other markets. While you hopefully won’t be trying to sell this packaging style, the presence of two different packaging approaches could be concerning for some customers.

    Full Product Range

    The second product line on offer is GanoDaily and you can see those items in the image above too. These are daily use products and they’re mostly just basic supplements. There is no alternative design for these ones, so what you see is what you get.

    Ganoderma Supplements

    The basic issue here is that the products aren’t unique. There are so many supplements already on the market, what’s a few more? You can even find Ganoderma lucidum supplements by just doing a basic search on Amazon.

    Reviews And Prices

    Overall then, the products aren’t unique and they’re not especially exciting. You’d have considerable work ahead of you if you wanted to make sales.

    Gano Excel doesn’t offer details about the pricing on their site. But, their price sheet shows that retail prices of around $25 to $32 for most of the main products. Many of these offer 20 servings for that price.

    Selection of Coffee

    This means an average of a little above $1 per cup of coffee. That’s fairly expensive but people do pay more. After all, you could easily pay that much for Nespresso or Keurig coffee, while ordering at a café costs much more.

    Still, this is instant coffee and related products. Personally, I’d rather buy high-quality coffee and get a Ganoderma lucidum supplement if I really wanted the proposed benefits.

    That being said, the reviews are surprisingly positive. Some of these probably come from distributors. But still, there are fewer negative reviews that I’d expect.

    This may suggest that maybe people who actually try the coffee love it. Even so, be wary. There aren’t that many reviews, so there may simply be few people buying the coffee.

    It’s also worth mentioning that the negative reviews present mostly come from people who are upset that Gano Excel changed packaging and formulation. The previous type of packaging did not look as nice, but it seemed like the coffee itself was better.

    I’m sure you could still make sales. Paying $1 per cup is reasonable for many people, especially if they expected health benefits. The products are consumable, so people would buy more once they ran out.

    Personally, though, I don’t see the point. You’d need to put considerable time in to be successful. Why do all of that for a set of products that are mediocre, at best? You would have much more potential with affiliate marketing, especially as there are many coffee affiliate programmes to choose from.

    With those, you could promote coffee that tastes good and is competitive. There are also many related tools to focus on, including the various home coffee machines.

    If you do go in this direction, stick with regular coffee. The extra herbs just seem to raise the price and make the coffee more difficult to sell. That’s just not worth the hassle. As Gano Excel points out, coffee really is a booming industry. But, that only helps if you’re selling good coffee.

    Is Gano Excel A Good Business Opportunity?

    So then, the products aren’t unique or competitive. But, you could still sell them. What about the rest of the opportunity? Thankfully, Gano Excel provides considerable detail on precisely what they offer.

    The first thing to mention is the sales. Gano Excel is a purchase first company. This means you buy the products and then sell them on. For a single box of the coffee, this breaks down as such:

    Example One

    The amount is decent. $8 a box is a rate of around 32%. That’s pretty high. Most MLMs start off at a lower commission rate.

    But remember, this is the suggested retail price. Your actual commission is going to depend on the price you sell the coffee for. So, if you can get sales at the $25 mark, you’ll get a decent commission. If you find you have to lower the price to get sales, your income will decrease as well.

    Personally, I hate this style. You have to spend money to get the products initially and then turn around and resell them. If you don’t make enough sales, you could end up spending more than you earn.

    I get it. The buying and reselling model works. Many people find success this way, including through Amazon FBA and conventional businesses. But, the techniques take time to learn. You have to get to the point of anticipating what people are going to want and making your orders strategically.

    For a beginner, the idea is risky, there is too much to lose and it’s far too easy to end up out-of-pocket.

    If you’re interested in Gano Excel anyway, the next step is the other ways you make money. These all involve building a team in some way. Unlike other companies, there are no bonuses simply associated with sales or hitting specific sales volumes.

    Make Money Building A Team

    The concept of a team is simple. Recruit people who then recruit others and so on. These people become your downline. The larger your downline is, the more potential for income.

    Gano Excel uses a binary structure to payout commission. That structure looks like this:

    Binary System

    Basically, you have two teams under you and it keeps splitting out like that. The two teams are important, as some of your income comes from how they perform.

    With Gano Excel this is simple. One of your two legs is a Power Leg, the other is a Pay Leg. You earn 10% to 17% commission overall. Half of this comes from your Pay Leg and the other from your Power Leg. However, your commission is capped by the volume of your lower leg.

    This structure means that you really need two well-performing teams to make a decent income. If one does well and the other poorly, you’re not going to earn much at all.

    You also need to have a $100 monthly autoship to be eligible for the bonus. That’s not an exceptionally high requirement, as you are reselling those items. Still, it’s a monthly cost that you have to meet, regardless of what’s going on in your life.

    There are various bonuses and incentives in place too. These provide extra chances to earn, but they all come with their own requirements. The general rule is that you would need a decent-sized team to hit the bonuses consistently.

    Another way to make money is the company’s Fast Start bonus. This doesn’t run through the binary structure at all. Instead, it’s associated with enrollment packs. To get the bonus, you need to enroll as an ESP member, with one of their three product packs.

    ESP Packs

    From there, you earn a bonus each time you recruit someone who buys a pack. You get $25 from ESP-1, $75 from ESP-2 and $150 from ESP-3. There is a downline component to this bonus too. So, if someone you recruited gets another person to buy a pack, you get a commission. The structure looks like this:

    Generational Bonuses

    I’m not sure why they call it a fast start bonus, as there seems to be no time component involved. It’s also not as good as it sounds. The extra income is nice, sure. But, recruits buy these packs directly from the company. So, you’re not getting a regular commission from them.

    To put that in context, you earn 32% commission from a regular sale. Yet, if you get someone to buy ESP-3, you only earn $150. That’s closer to 15%.

    This is it for the basic ways to earn money. But, Gano Excel actually has an entirely separate compensation plan that offers many other bonuses if you can progress far enough. That includes a rank-based system, where you’re trying to get promoted through ranks in the company.

    I’m not going to go into those aspects in detail – partly because the general pattern is the same. Basically, there is potential for income and you do earn a decent amount per sale. Even so, most of the bonuses come from team building and that’s a much harder process than it seems.

    Can You Generate Reliable Income With Gano Excel?

    The Gano Excel Review


    Business Opportunity

    Final Review

    There are countless ways to make money these days and, yes, Gano Excel is one of them. As long as you can sell the products for more than what you pay, you should theoretically make some money. You might even create a reliable income stream over time.

    Personally, I don’t think it matters whether you can make money or not. The real question is whether Gano Excel is a good way to do so. After all, it’s always best to follow an income model that is going to work for you, rather than one that is going to make life more difficult.

    One critical area is sales. Could you sell the coffee (and related products) from Gano Excel regularly? If you had an audience interested in the health benefits of herbs, then there might be some sales potential. Likewise, an audience that drinks instant coffee could want to switch to a similar coffee that also offers health advantages. On the other hand, people who drink coffee because they enjoy the flavor are unlikely to want the products from Gano Excel.

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