Can You Really Make Money With Mōdere?

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From a general perspective, Modere is a health and nutrition company (they do have skincare items too). They offer various products that are designed to boost health and generally make people feel better. The field isn’t an unusual one. I’ve lost count of how many different MLMs offer health products, let alone all the other companies.

Of course, the demand for health products is high as well. People look for ways to improve their health. They want to look better and feel better. There always seems to be a hope that some amazing product will make all the difference.

Health is an interesting field to make sales in, as there’s often no way for customers to be certain whether a product has actually helped them. The apparent benefits are often vague and impossible to measure anyway, like ‘more energy’, ‘increases your metabolism’, and ‘delays digestion’.

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These patterns have created a field that is filled with hype and clever marketing. Modere manages this well, even though many of the product types are familiar. Whether their approaches are enough to promote sales or not depends on a variety of factors, including your audience.

So, let’s take a look at what Modere has to offer.

Two Ways To Make Money With Modere

Modere follows familiar patterns and has two general ways that you can make money. The first is to promote the products, while the second is to work on building a team as well.

In this post, we’re looking at the specifics of each angle, along with how realistic Modere is as a reliable source of income.

Make Money From Product Sales

Modere includes a variety of product types, but one of their main focuses is collagen. Their collagen is naturally derived and has been scientifically tested.

A collection of collagen products

This overall focus means that collagen is present in many of their products, providing a useful selling point. For that matter, collagen has been linked to various benefits for the skin and other parts of the body.

Modere has a surprisingly decent selection of product types, including personal care items, Collagen sciences, health and wellness, household, and a few pet products.

Not surprisingly, the Collagen Sciences section is based on the health benefits of collagen. The products all contain collagen in some manner, with many acting like supplements and offering other components to improve health.

A liquid collagen supplement

There is the potential for health benefits – and collagen itself has been researched in depth. Still, the idea is far from unique. You’re also looking at expensive products too. For example, the Liquid Biocell Skin collagen supplement costs $74.99 as a one-time purchase.

The health and wellness category offers various supplements and related products. For example, I saw supplements for omega-3, fiber, vitamins, prebiotics, and digestive enzymes, as well as ones targeted at specific needs, like sleep health and eye health.

This is a good way to increase the selection. Many of the items are expensive but not absurdly so. For example, the 60-count bottle of omega-3 pills is $22.99 without a discount. I’ve seen better prices and worse ones.

Personal care follows a similar pattern. The selection isn’t unusual and you’ll find the same types of products from other brands. But, if you made people passionate about the unique items from Modere, it’s easy to see how you could sell these ones too.

Supplements from Modere

There is a small selection of Home Care items. These are options like hand wash, laundry powder, and dishwashing liquid, which contain fewer chemicals than conventional options. Like most similar products, these are a little expensive and come in fairly small containers. But, the price points aren’t unusual for the type of product.

Household Care Items

All-in-all, there is a decent selection of products. Some are more unusual and tend to be more highly priced as well. Others are more common and have a lower price point.

This combination of products would be good for attracting a wide audience and helping people find items that work for them. Modere also has consistent marketing and promotes its products well, so even the conventional items feel somewhat high-quality.

One interesting product set is the M3 Body System, which is part of the health and wellness category. This is a collection of three Modere products, designed to promote weight loss. The system costs $159.99 for a one-time purchase. Members get a discount, as do people who order using auto shipping.

A selection of products from Modere

The idea is that customers use the system for at least three months. That means at least three purchases, one each month. To lose weight, customers are meant to take the three products daily and make three lifestyle changes.

Make 3

The changes are all healthy – although they’re also common sense. Unless you were doing them already, making three such changes would probably lead to weight loss, regardless of the products.

For people who already make most of those changes, the overall system might have little to no impact.

Reviews are also mixed. Some people have lost weight successfully, others haven’t. Many people suggest that the Sustain shake tastes awful. That’s a serious problem – as there are so many other protein shakes on the market.

Nasty Tasting

The system is also oddly promoted as being a Mediterranean-diet approach. Yet, none of the changes are particularly Mediterranean. Taking supplements and protein shakes certainly isn’t part of the Mediterranean diet approach.

The company may provide some Mediterranean recipes and advice as part of membership but that seems to be about it. Honestly, the Mediterranean aspect seems to be mostly marketing, little more.

At once point, the M3 system was Modere’s main product focus. The company seems to have scaled this idea back now and is focusing more on collagen.

Making Money With Modere

The products from Modere are good enough that you could sell them, as long as you had the right audience. They’re not my first pick for health but you might be passionate about them. If you are, making money through Modere may seem particularly appealing.

Modere’s compensation scheme is unusual. You earn just 5% commission on sales at the first rank if you have more than 300 Customer Points (CP). If you don’t hit that 300 CP target, you don’t get any commission from sales.

Sales Commission

You have to get a decent way up the ranking system to earn more than 30% commission. In fact, you need more than five active customers to get past 20% commission.

There is also an odd quirk. As well as the commission rates here, you earn Live Clean Shopping Credits. They seem to be bonuses, so you get the appropriate one for your rank once a month. The credits are basically currency with the company. So, they’re a type of income, but only if you want to buy the products for yourself.

These bonuses only apply to the first orders of your new customers. It isn’t clear whether you earn from subsequent orders or not.

And, of course, there are the ranks. Most of the bonuses increase as you go up the ranks. But, Modere is unusual here too. In particular, there are two different rank systems.

The first is based on sales and the number of active customers. This is the one highlighted above, which starts at Promoter and includes Bronze, Silver, Gold, and various Platinum tiers. The requirements look like this:

Promoter Ranks

You may notice that the active customer requirements increase very quickly. Keeping even a handful of active customers could be difficult in many situations.

Make Money Building A Team

The rest of the income potential comes from building a team. This is where the second set of ranks comes into play.

These begin at Consultant and include Team Builder, Social Marketing Director, and Elite Social Marketer. The style here is the same as other companies. To progress through these ranks, you need to hit targets with your sales and the structure of your team. For example, the early ranks look like this:

Builder RanksThe main team commissions come from a uni-level system. The commission percentage increases across the ranks, as does the depth of your earnings.

Unilevel Commission Scheme

There are also various bonuses. These are based on ranks as well, as you might expect.

Honestly, there is far too much complexity. There are two different rank systems, many individual bonuses, and differences in how initial sales and reorders are treated. It all feels unnecessary.

Could you earn money? Of course. That’s true for almost every MLM. But, the complexity puts you at a considerable disadvantage.


As with most similar companies, there is little information about what you’re taught. Distributors suggest that there is a back office with decent training, which can help get you started.

However, you wouldn’t know what you’re getting until after you sign up.

Most of the time, training will be limited. You may learn the basics about how Modere works, how to host parties, and how to get people interested. But, you’re unlikely to learn the finer points of salesmanship and actually being successful.

Being effective in making sales does take considerable skills. It seems unlikely that you could learn those through digital training alone. You would also have more sales potential if you could take advantage of social media. But, few MLMs offer detailed training in this area. I’ve seen nothing to suggest that Modere is any different.

Costs And Ongoing Requirements

First of all, Modere is easy to join and is fairly inexpensive. It just costs $29.95 to become a Social Marketing Consultant (or Social Marketer) for the company.

Like many companies, Modere does have ongoing requirements. To get commissions, you need to hit 150 Activity Points (AP) or have a 75 Marketing Points (MP) SmartShip each month. AP refers to all purchases and sales that you make, while MP is just the purchases you make for yourself.

If you could reach that 150 AP tier, then you could skip buying any products yourself. That lowers your ongoing costs and increases profit potential.

But, you have to reach that amount every month. There is no margin for error. If you can’t hit the goal, you would have to buy items yourself to earn commissions.

Monthly requirements are a serious problem. Even if you’re amazing at sales, you’re likely to have some good months and some bad ones. I personally prefer companies without any sales requirement (which is more common in affiliate marketing). If you do want an MLM, look for one that has lower requirements, ideally every three or six months, rather than monthly.

In the long-term, monthly requirements could even cost you money. Unless you’re carefully tracking, you may not even realize how much you’re spending on products.

Can You Generate Reliable Income With Modere?

The Mōdere Review


Business Opportunity

Final Review

Yes, you can make money with Modere. There is a decent range of products and customers who are willing to buy them, even at the high prices. The health angle also has some advantages.

Wanting to be healthy and live well is hardly a new idea. But, it has become exceptionally popular in recent years. Modere cashes in on this, using phrases like ‘live clean’, along with discussions of weight loss and fighting aging.

One good thing is that people want to be healthier. All the hype and marketing around the idea has made it much more popular. This should make sales much easier. Health can even be considered an evergreen field. Ideas about what is healthy may change over time but the general focus on getting healthier remains consistent.

Health is also surprisingly subjective.

By that, I mean people can’t really tell whether most products actually work. Take the M3 Body System for example. You can track weight loss, sure. But, people tend to make other changes when they join any system and often lose weight regardless.

With most products, customers have no objective way to know whether or not the item worked. They might lose weight or feel like they have more energy, but those outcomes could be from other changes or the placebo effect.

For sales, this is mostly good. Your customers might convince themselves that the items work, leading to increased sales.

Modere even works well in this field. They have powerful marketing and use all the right terms. The products look high quality too and get decent enough reviews.

So far, so good, right?

The problem is that health is an incredibly competitive field. There are countless similar companies out there, all with their own angles. For example, NeoLife, TruVision Health, and Bod.ē Pro are all MLMs that offer health products. There are many other examples, along with physical and online-only companies.

When you compare it with all these, Modere doesn’t stand out that much. They have some advantages, sure. But, the products are still expensive. You might convince some people to buy them, which could be enough, depending on your goals.

Still, for long-term income, you need to be able to make consistent sales and recruit others. With so much competition out there, the process would be tough.

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What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I have to be honest though. I’m not a big fan of MLM. Tried it. Hated it.

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