Can You Really Make Money With Miessence?

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Miessence is basically a beauty company, offering a variety of skincare, haircare, body, and cosmetic items. While this idea is hardly unusual, Miessence does stand out because the company offers organic products.

In fact, Miessence has been certified organic since 2001. This is a very impressive feature for an MLM company. There aren’t many others that take this approach.

Organic products are currently popular, as many people seek to limit the chemicals that they are exposed to. The products also appear to be high-quality, especially as Miessence provides details about extraction processes and purity standards.

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Then of course, there’s the industry that Miessence operates in. Beauty is a popular field, one where you are selling many different types of consumable products. Beauty products even tend to be popular when the economy is doing poorly. This is why the field is sometimes called ‘evergreen’.

These areas all make Miessence look appealing. However, there are some negative aspects related to selling beauty products too. The biggest is the sheer amount of competition.

There are countless companies out there offering similar items. Some even have organic products and these may be better quality or less expensive than what Miessence has to offer. Potential distributors should be confident that they can make sales regularly before committing to Miessence.

With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at the processes of earning through Miessence.


Two Ways To Make Money With Miessence

As an MLM, Miessence provides two income approaches. You can earn by selling the products or you can focus on building a team as well.

This post will consider both areas in-depth, along with the overall potential of Miessence as a way to make money.

Make Money From Product Sales

With Miessence, the first thing that caught my eye was the company’s focus. The marketing and rhetoric strongly focuses on the fact that the range is certified organic, and on the idea that it is healthy for the environment and for people.

Without a doubt, this is a marketing technique. After all, people tend to have a pretty strong focus on the environment nowadays, and this does affect their decisions about where to shop and what to buy.

The company does also claims to be the first brand globally to produce organic versions of the types of products that it makes.

Miessence's claims about being the first organic range

Personally I doubt that. Companies have been focusing on being organic and ‘green’ as a selling point for quite some time now. Miessence may be the first company to simultaneously produce an organic line in all of those areas (skincare, haircare… etc.), but honestly, that’s not such a grand claim.

This aspect is really important when it comes to the company’s products because their organic nature is one of the key selling points.

Miessence breaks its products into four key areas: Skin & Body, Super Foods, Home Care, and Orient.

  • Skin & Body includes items like skincare, haircare, and cosmetics
  • Superfoods includes a variety of superfood supplements and protein powders
  • Home Care includes eco friendly products for the home, like dishwashing concentrate, laundry liquid, and air freshener
  • Orient is a skincare line that was originally designed for oriental skin types. The line is now distinguished by the use of interesting textures and fragrances that are uncommon in skincare.

Across all the categories, the company does offer a decent number of products, with probably more than 100 individual products and a range of value packs and combinations. That variety is important if you were going to try and sell the products, as more variety makes it easier to appeal to a wider audience.

Relying on four distinct product areas is interesting too. These areas could appeal to different people, which is great from the sales perspective.

The Products Themselves

The products that the company promotes are really about what you would expect from this type of company.

Cleansers from Miessence

The products are all health and beauty-focused, and this makes reviewing them a major challenge. One issue is that you can’t tell a lot about a health or beauty product without actually using it. The other thing is that this type of product is very subjective. So, some people might love it and others hate it, but that gives little information about whether the product itself is any good.

The site does publish testimonials for its products, like this here for the product above:

Positive Review on the Miessence Site

Honestly though, reviews like this don’t mean anything, Miessence is an MLM company, so there is a large number of distributors out there that want the company to look as good as possible. It’s likely that many of the reviews posted on the site came from distributors, or from people who are biased in some way.

The same problem turns up when you search for reviews online. It’s pretty much impossible to work out when a reviewer actually liked the product and when they are being biased because of their connection to the company.

For me, the biggest indication is when a reviewer is prepared to be negative. Typically, distributors for a company (and many affiliate marketers for that matter) will only say good things about the company or its products.

In the case of Miessence, I did find one site ( that offered realistic reviews of the products. Specifically, the writer noted that she loved some of them, but one of the products she tried was no good.

Another site looked at reviews for 82 products from the range, giving an average score of 6.1.

Miessence Reviews and Ratings

In general, this information suggests that the products may be decent, but certainly not amazing. Likewise, you might find that some of their products are less appealing than others. That mightn’t be a problem if you were specifically buying the products because they are organic, but even then, I suspect there are better options out there.


If the prices for these products were reasonable, I would say that the products might be worth a try. After all, the organic certification is unusual, especially as the company certifies many of its products to food-grade (whether or not that makes a health difference is hard to know).

But, most of the products are expensive, like the ones in the image below.

Prices from Miessence

Likewise, products like cleansers are more than $50, while exfoliant is more than $30. Some people will pay high prices to get quality, but many more people won’t. That’s especially true in the case of an MLM because people often aren’t really sure what they are getting for their money.

The price alone would make these products hard to sell, even though their organic nature does offer some advantage.

We’re not saying that sales are impossible. Some distributors might do well, especially if they had a suitable audience and good sales skills. Still, it’s worth seriously thinking about how realistic sales are for your audience.

Commissions From Miessence

The compensation plan from Miessence focuses almost entirely on the team side of the plan, providing few details about how to earn from sales. However, the main mechanism seems to be a purchase-first approach. This design means that distributors need to buy products at a discount and then sell them on for a profit.

The cost of buying products entirely depends on the amount that you buy. The image below shows the full details, but basically you need at least 75 in volume points to get any discount.

Discount For Different Purchase Levels

To get a 30% discount and free shipping, you need either 300 points in product purchases or at least 140 points via autoship.

These volume requirements are monthly, so you need to consistently buy products to get a decent discount. This could be an issue if you’re making more sales some months compared to others.

What this looks like in terms of cost is complicated. You’re getting 70% of the retail price (which is in Australian dollars) as points. The image below provides some indication of this.

Relationship Between Price and PV

The ratio means that you need to spend more than $1 AUD for each volume point. This calculates out to more than $1 for each volume point. This means more than $300 AUD each month or more than $140 AUD via autoship to reach the 30% discount level.

You would be reselling those products, but still, that’s a lot to buy each month. Purchasing fewer items means that you’re getting a lower discount and may need to pay for shipping too. Both issues would cut into your profit margin.

Buying and reselling models like this are always frustrating. You need to try and predict the products that customers are going to want to buy. That’s pretty difficult when there are so many different products to choose from.

I don’t like the way that your discount is linked to the amount of the products that you purchase either. It would be tempting to purchase more to hit the next discount tier, even if you’re not certain of making sales. Patterns like this are one reason that many MLM members end up spending more than they earn.

Make Money Building A Team

The team aspect of Miessence uses a variety of bonuses. Some of these are related to a person’s rank in the company.

As is always the case, the requirements increase for each new rank. The image below shows the first four ranks, which aren’t too bad. The main requirements are the number of personally sponsored reps or lifestyle members, along with the team volume per month.

Rank Requirements from Miessence

However, the requirements quickly get more complex. Here are the requirements for the higher ranks:

Higher Rank Requirements for Miessence

This time you also need some recruits who are getting at least 1,000 volumes in their own downline. This means that they need to be actively recruiting as well as making sales.

Take a look at the middle line too. This shows the number of members or reps that you must have recruited yourself.

Personally Sponsored Reps from Miessence

Having to get 20 or more recruits/members at the higher ranks would be seriously tricky. The requirement is frustrating too. At these ranks, you would need to focus on your own sales, recruiting other people, and supporting your team members. Trying to optimize multiple tasks like this would be no easy feat.

Miessence offers seven different bonuses for your team. The initial three are only relevant in the first 30 days of your membership. I suspect that many people would never access these bonuses, as the bonuses are linked to recruiting and team sales.

One of the ongoing bonuses is paid on reorders only and looks like this:

Team Compensation Plan from Miessence

The style is similar to a uni-level plan, where you are earning residuals from your team’s earnings. However, in this case, you’re only making money from orders made after a person’s initial 30 days. Starting at 17% residual commission is nice, but it’s not clear how this calculates out in terms of income.

Another bonus is based on autoships, where you earn a bonus for every three personally sponsored members. You need to be on an autoship yourself as well and hit all relevant requirements.

In general, the bonuses do provide more chances to make money. But, they all have requirements. Even just reaching the required rank would be difficult.

The bonuses tend to rely on percentages too. They only become profitable once your team is making a decent amount of sales. So, growing an active and large team would be essential for income.

It’s also worth mentioning that you need 75 points in volume every month to remain active. This will involve purchasing more than $100 AUD, just to have the chance to earn. If you’re not making at least $100 AUD in sales for that month, you would end up losing money.

Can You Generate Reliable Income With Miessence?

The Miessence Review


Business Opportunity

Final Review

If you’re into skincare, cosmetics, and similar products, then Miessence may well look appealing. Making money would be possible too, especially if you had a passionate audience. After all, the products seem decent enough and some customers wouldn’t mind the prices at all.

The problem is that making money with this type of company isn’t as easy as it seems. As I mentioned before, the system heavily relies on recruiting others into the company. So, you have to be able to recruit, and your success depends on how successful the people on your team are.

That’s not an ideal situation for your own business. After all, it means that you can never be truly independent and you can’t really have control over your own income.

To make matters worse, you are completely dependent on the company. So, if Miessence ever folds, you could lose your source of income very quickly. That would be a horrible situation if you did manage to get far up the ranks in the company.

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