Can You Really Make Money With Music Xray?

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I found this site while researching creative ways to make some money online. I actually heard that you can make up to $1 per song reviewing music for this site… but can you really make money with Music Xray?

I have reviewed a couple of sites like this in the past; sites that allow you to review music for cash… And though I haven’t found any that have qualified as legitimate side-hustles, I must say that I actually really love the idea.

I mean, I love music, and I love making extra cash. So it seems to stand to reason that I would love reviewing music for extra money. Surprisingly, there are more of these types of sites out there than you would probably realize. You can even get paid to review music for Spotify.

But the real question is whether or not they work.

The big problem with most of these types of sites is that they require too much effort and time for what they pay. Side hustles need to be profitable, flexible, and consistent to be effective and worth the time… so this is my main concern with Music Xray.

Is going to pay enough? Is it going to make rating the tracks worth my time? Also, is there any other way to earn cash on the site, or is rating music tracks your only option?

musicxray homepage screenshot

Making Money With Music Xray

  • What Does Music Xray Do?
  • My Personal Feelings About Music Xray
  • Our Final Thoughts About Music Xray

Making Money With Music Xray

Let’s start with the site itself. So, my first impression of this site was actually not the greatest. It was made of a drab blue and white color combo, with a dark grey tab/header bar—and I just wasn’t feeling the look of it.

Of the music review sites that we have looked at (including HitPredictor and Slice the Pie), this one was certainly not starting out as the most attractive in an aesthetic sense.

But, aesthetics do not always mean anything either. So I decided to keep on going.

I try not to judge any website by it’s landing page. But it does still matter. It is important to have a good-looking site, I think, if you want to be successful.

I learned a few important things on the home page. I learned that Music Xray claims to be ‘trusted by the industry and musicians to identify the best,’ and ‘the leading sound and talent filter.’ These are all pretty big claims. But as of yet, I had no real reason to doubt any of it.

I was also made aware that this site boasts a number of impressive features, such as…

  • 2,000 or more available opportunities across all genres and styles
  • Automatic selection prediction/song to opportunity matching
  • Potential fan matching and targeting, for better fan conversion ratios
  • Detailed analytics that show how the music is progressing

There are more than this, but these seem to be the main ones.

The only problem, thus far, was that I was not totally sure what this website was even designed to do! So, I chose to do a bit of digging around to see what I could find. This is what I came up with.

What Does Music Xray Do?

As it turns out, Music Xray is a company that creates tools that help to target fans with campaigns designed to expose them to new music that they may or may not like. Here is an actual screen shot of what the About Us page says.

It does seem a bit convoluted to me, but whatever… I feel like this gets the point across pretty well. At least, I felt like I understood it after this.

Music Xray About Us

So yeah, this was pretty cool.

You can’t see it in the screenshot above, but there was also another section down below, which said this.

“We help music fans do one thing. Discover new music and talent targeted to their taste.” They also say that they compensate their listeners for their time and attention… and that, honestly, excited me more than anything.

I also checked out the FAQ page, and found some pretty interesting information there as well.

I learned that artists can use Music Xray to submit their music directly to industry professionals, which is pretty cool. I also learned how fans make money for listening to music on Music Xray.

Apparently, there is a program called ‘Fan Match’ on this page that allows artists to ‘pay’ for their songs to be heard by potential fans. The website uses a lot of criteria, obtained from potential fans, to try to match fans up with artists that are similar to them.

But the artists need to pay for the potential fans to hear the music—and that is how those who participate in Fan Match make their money.

But despite knowing, in a nutshell, how this practice worked… I still wasn’t totally sure that I really understood how it worked… you know? It still seemed kind of vague to me. So I went back to the landing page, and tried to figure out what to do next.

I scrolled down, and quickly realized that listening to music through Fan Match was not the only way to earn money. There were also opportunities for bands/musicians/composers.

One such opportunity was looking for a song for a travel application commercial. The expected payout was $2,000, and they included a ton of information about what they were looking for in the listing.

This was a pretty typical example of the types of listings that could be found here.

And there were many such listings for bands, artists, and composers available on the site—which is actually pretty cool. Obviously, this kind of opportunity is not accessible to everyone.

But for those who have the talent, means, and resources to make something like this happen, it is possible that they could find themselves being able to pursue some pretty lofty goals on Music Xray.

But it also goes without saying, you would need to be able to create/produce the right kind of music, at the right level of quality, before you could even have a chance at winning such a contract.

I am honestly surprised that I have not heard of this one before, especially since I used to do some musician work, back in the day. But as it was, I found myself pretty skeptical that this site would pan out as a side-hustle for the majority of people.

There are some money-making opportunities to be found here, but most of them are not accessible to the average music fan.

Anyway, with that being said, I felt like I was finally ready to give my official opinion about it. Here is what I figured out.

My Personal Feelings About Music Xray

First of all, I will say that there were several things about this site that I did like. I like that it…

  • Provides musicians with different music-related opportunities
  • Provides a means for musicians and fans to find each other
  • Provides a means for musicians to find work
  • Gives music lovers a chance to make some cash while listening to the types of music that they love

The site worked well, and seemed to provide some pretty cool features. But I still had some issues with it that I just couldn’t come to real terms with.

First of all, music fans don’t make very much on the site for checking out new music. They make less than a dollar per track, and though this may increase over time, it still didn’t add up to enough to make it worth the time for me.

With that being said, this could still be a cool site to check out if you are looking to find new music and just have fun… but don’t go into Music Xray expecting for it to be a real, legitimate side-hustle.

Now, if you are a musician or an artist, then the story might be different. There are definitely some side-hustle-level opportunities here that you could make-use-of to earn some pretty serious cash, though they are competitive and intensive.

But if you are a musician and desire to check them out, I would recommend that you visit the site and have a look around.

As a general rule, though, I think that most people will discover that this site is more about fun than it is about earning serious side-hustle-level cash.

If you need to make a dent in your bills or build up a savings account, this is not the site for you… unless you are an artist and willing to try your hand at one of the more intensive opportunities that are sometimes posted on it.

Another music-based site you could consider if you want to earn some online money would be TikTok. I wouldn’t worry too much about building an income stream dependent on this app which will clearly be gone in 3-5 years, but you can still have fun dancing, singing, and being weird, then just send people to your YouTube channel.

TikTok does have some other ways to earn money you could leverage as well, but I just wouldn’t have my mortgage dependent on how many TikTok Coins I can convert to TikTok Diamonds for my Paypal account.

Our Final Thoughts About Music Xray

Should you sign up and use it to make some extra money?

There are a lot of ways to make money online. Some are good, some not, but ALL of them are still just trading hours for dollars.

Starting your own affiliate website really is the best way to build passive income and “make money while you sleep”. Affiliate websites earn income in every timezone, and can be instantly accessed by billions of smartphones across the globe!

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!


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