Can You Really Make Money With NeVetica?

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If you love pets, NeVetica might sound like an interesting way to earn money. It is one of the few network marketing companies to heavily focus on pet products and offers a surprisingly decent product range as well.

With so few pet MLMs out there, you should face less competition than with many other companies. After all, when was the last time you were approached by a distributor to buy pet products?

You’re also working with a passionate audience. Many people are willing to go to great lengths to promote the best health for their pets.

An image from the NeVetica website showing a man and a woman kissing a dog

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Another cool thing is that the products are consumable. If people become loyal to the NeVetica brand, then there’s the chance that you could get regular sales from them.

Of course, there are many other pet products on the market. This means that we have to take a close look at NeVetica to see whether the products are competitive and whether the company’s compensation plan is realistic in the long-term.

Two Ways To Make Money With NeVetica

The MLM nature of NeVetica means that product sales are your initial method of making money. There is also a chance to build a team. Doing so may increase your income if your team becomes successful enough.

Those styles are both common, so let’s take a look at how NeVetica compares, along with whether you can earn money through the company.

Make Money From Product Sales

Let’s start with the products. NeVetica provides products in the categories of nutrition, oral care, home goods, and hygiene. There are also some bundles that contain multiple items.

A key advantage is that the products all look appealing. They seem high quality, just like items that you might find at a specialist store. This aspect helps the company to appear reliable.

A selection of four pet care products from NeVetica

I know that the packaging isn’t stunning, not by any means. But, consistent and appealing packaging like this isn’t guaranteed with MLMs. Simply having packaging that looks good goes a long way towards helping you to make sales.

On the company’s site, NeVetica highlights the various advantages of each product, like the presence of minerals or the potential to support periodontal functions. The claims appear realistic and most of the ingredients are what you might expect for the product type.

NeVetica does include some less common ingredients, such as the use of rosemary extract and aloe vera in their digestive support chews. While the company mentions that these ingredients could have benefits, there is no hype, which is a welcome change.

An example of the marketing that Nevetica uses

For better or worse, the pricing from NeVetica is in line with the concept of quality products. They are fairly expensive, especially for consumable items.

A selection of three pet products from NeVetica

Still, the prices aren’t too far off what similar products in local stores sell for. As such, the pricing might be a hindrance for casual customers, but not for people already interested in high-quality products for their pets.

One other thing to mention is that there aren’t all that many products. There are only 20 items featured on the site. That total includes the bundles and different sizes of the same product.

In fact, there are just 11 distinct products for sale. Having so few items is likely to make sales more difficult to achieve.

Earning Money

Annoyingly, NeVetica doesn’t provide much information about their compensation plan. They have a video, but this involves a fair amount of hype and skims over the surface of many concepts.

The basic idea is that you can earn as much as 35% income from making sales. 35% is a decent figure, but that’s the top amount that you can earn – not the starting rate. It’s likely that you’d earn less when you first got started with the company.

That 35% may include some bonuses, such as bonuses based on your rank and ones based on your personal sales each month. As such, the base rate for each sale could be considerably lower, perhaps around 20% or 25%.

Make Money Building A Team

While you can earn just from making sales, building a team is where the main income approach lies. As part of this, NeVetica follows the common rank-based design. There are 14 different ranks that you can progress through, with income increasing across these ranks.

The main way to earn with your team is a unilevel plan. NeVetica illustrates the plan like this:

An illustration of the unilevel compensation plan from NeVetica's video

This suggests that you start off by earning just 2% from your Level 2, then 2% from your Level 3, then 5%, and so on. As a general rule, you’ll need to increase your rank to earn from more levels in your team. However, NeVetica doesn’t provide any further details.

The image from the company suggests that the percentage you earn increases as you go down the levels. This is a relatively unusual structure (most companies go in the other direction).

This type of design means that you earn less with a small team. However, the overall potential for team earnings ends up higher, as you earn a higher percentage from your lower levels. As the previous image shows, the lower levels in your team can end up being much larger than the earlier ones.

Of course, this assumes that you end up with a large team. Many people won’t, as recruiting is much more difficult than it first sounds.

You can also earn through bonuses. One of these is a First Order Bonus, which offers a 15% bonus when Preferred Customers are recruited.

Another is the Infinity Bonus. This allows high-level distributors to earn from many generations in their downline. The amounts that distributors earn aren’t stated, nor are the requirements.

Even without the details about percentages and rank requirements, it’s clear that NeVetica follows the same patterns as other MLMs. This means that most of your income potential will come from your team rather than from sales.

To be truly successful, you would need to develop a large team. Your team members would need to be successful at recruiting others and at making sales. Even with a team, it’s likely that you would need to still make regular sales yourself.

There’s also one more area to mention, ongoing costs. Once again, NeVetica doesn’t provide details in this area, so it’s not clear what you can expect.

It’s likely that there are low sales requirements if you just want to promote the products and higher ones if you plan on team building. Regardless, it’s essential to find out about any ongoing requirements before committing to the company.

High requirements make it much more difficult to earn consistently from any company. You could even find that you spend money trying to hit the volume goals for some months.

Can You Generate Reliable Income With NeVetica?

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Final Review

The simple answer is that yes, you can make reliable income with NeVetica. To be honest, you could do so with almost every MLM out there.

But, there’s a reason that I don’t tend to recommend MLMs. While making money is possible, you’re dealing with a model that makes things much more challenging than they need to be.

Because of this, it’s generally best to only choose an MLM if you’re passionate about the products and are convinced you can sell them. Being passionate is important. Potential customers are often sensitive to insincerity. Many won’t respond well if they feel like you are trying to manipulate them.

It’s also worth seriously thinking about your audience. Do you have a wide enough audience base that you could regularly make sales? If not, do you have the skills and expertise to develop such an audience?

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