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When it comes to earning extra money, sometimes the greatest gains are to be had right in your own backyard! Many people think that you have to get a raise, a promotion, or even a second job to bring more money in and balance your crumbling budget—but the truth is that you may be able to turn things around just by finding a side hustle.

And that is what led us here. Can you really make money with

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    • How Much Can You Earn In A Month?
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Making Money With

To start off with, let’s just address the core issue at work here. After all, it’s worth considering why you might want to sign up with

Most of us want more money so that we can live the kind of life we want. We all want better financial situations and more control over our finances.

This will invariably lead to us being able to spend more time doing the things we want to do, and less time doing things that we would rather not have to do.

But… we’re often slaves to our own financial deficits. We fall behind on bills, we get hit with unexpected expenses, we miss a day or two of work—and suddenly, we find ourselves behind the curve.

So how do you catch up? How do you get ahead? For many, the answer lies in finding a great side-hustle or two to help add to their monthly income.

But—the biggest problem may lie with finding the right side hustle for you. Some people honestly do not realize that there are a lot more opportunities out there than you see at first glance—and while it might take some work to find the right one for you, figuring this out sooner (rather than later) can help you to start making big strides in your own financial life.

But what about Is this a website that could possibly help?

What Exactly Is operates under the following mantra.

“Anything, anytime, anywhere. We get it. Food, drinks and groceries for delivery or pickup.”

This company runs not only a website, but also apps for both Android and iOS. They also operate in a lot of different cities, including (but not limited to)… San Francisco, Miami, San Diego, East Bay, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Seattle, Portland, Nashville, New York City, Orange County, Atlanta, Chicago, etc.

But what do they actually do? It is obvious that they are into deliveries, but I wanted to see exactly what their service offered. So I dug a bit deeper.

I found out that they are, in fact, a delivery service (just like many others) —but that they do things a lot differently than normal. You can pay $7.99 per month for a year of free delivery with Postmates Unlimited, but you can also pay for monthly plans.

They use what they call ‘urban logistics’ to connect customers with local couriers who can deliver items from restaurants, grocery stores, etc…. and empower communities by helping them to shop locally without waiting in lines or actually being required to go out to the store.

The key here is in the word ‘courier.’ This is the position we were interested in, because these are the guys and girls who get paid to deliver items for This is where the side-hustle comes in!

We took a closer look at what it takes to get started with the company. Here is some information.

How Do You Become A Courier With

Becoming a courier so that you can deliver items for is pretty easy. To sign up, you simply give them your email and your password.

One thing to double-check, however, is that is operating in your area. The company seems to be focused more on metropolitan areas, so it is pretty important to make sure that your city or town is supported before putting in too much hope and effort!

There is quite a bit of information on their fleet page. Here is a screenshot of one particular part that I found good to hear!

Delivering For Postmates

They also give you a number of other benefits, including…

  • The ability to work on your own schedule
  • The ability to identify busy places in your city so that you can place yourself in areas with maximum earning potential
  • The ability to earn weekly bonuses and tips
  • Clear earnings
  • Instant deposits on deliveries
  • The ability to cash out instantly at any time

They also give you lots of tools to help you with your deliveries. These include a delivery bag and a prepaid card so that you can deliver from anywhere in your city.

Just to be clear, this is how it all works. You basically sign up with the company and use the app to track jobs and tasks.

When you get one, you accept it, complete it, and are then paid for making the delivery. It is a lot like Uber Eats, just a different service with a slightly different model.

How Much Can You Earn In A Month?

There is a pretty clear-cut method for determining how much you earn on Here is a screenshot of a page from the FAQ that can help to determine exactly how payouts are measured.

Calculate Earnings On Postmates

According to an advertisement on the Postmates website, you can earn up to $18 an hour for deliveries—which is obviously pretty good, especially when you consider that you can deliver in a number of different ways and on your own schedule!

In other words, this could make a pretty awesome side-hustle because it could allow you to work on your own time, at your own pace, whenever you have the desire to do so. This could mean working after hours in addition to your job, or even using it to supplement your income if you are in-between jobs at the current moment.

But—with that being said, your monthly earnings would also tend to vary with two things.

  1. How much time you can/are willing to put in
  2. How many deliveries your area offers

Obviously, the busier your area, the more jobs you would get access to. You can also move around your city to put yourself into better situations and opportunities to make money.

But of course, this all requires time and effort—so you will need plenty of both if you want to make money with

What Does It Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to make money with, except for your time and effort. There are no fees that delivery couriers need to pay.

You will obviously need to pay your own transportation costs, but this is also outweighed by the fact that you are getting paid to do deliveries by the service.

I feel like it is also really important to point out that does a really good job of offering support on their website and app.

They have a pretty detailed FAQ section on the app that you can use to research most questions about it, and I pretty much found answers to all of my questions there. They also have a support button on their app that you can press if you run into problems, so kudos to them for that!

My Personal Feelings About Using As A Side Hustle

Personally, I love services like this. I love that gives people the ability to deliver packages, food, and groceries for a profit. It cuts down on costs for businesses, gives consumers more options, and makes it easier for some people to get what they need without being forced to spend time at the grocery store, supermarket, etc.

I know that this service doesn’t exist in every city, so that is a bit of a downside. You are probably more likely to see success with this side hustle if you live in a larger metropolitan area.

But, with that being said, there is little else to say about it—other than that you would obviously need to be ok with making deliveries for cash if you wanted to make this opportunity into a side-hustle.

My area is actually serviced by, which surprised me. I live in a town that is pretty small (not tiny, but not huge), so I was pleasantly surprised to learn that I could get delivery using Obvious local choices include options like fast food, restaurant cuisine, etc.

But, pickup was not being offered in my area as of the time that this review was written—so while I could get things delivered, it does not seem like they support couriers as of right now. I was not surprised by this, and to be honest it was not a downside, because I do live in a smaller town. But in areas where couriers are supported, this could be pretty awesome.

You will not get rich using, but it could be a great side-hustle for the right person in the right situation!

Our Final Opinion Of

Should you log in and see if you can make extra money as a courier/delivery person?

There are a lot of ways to make money online. Some are good, some not, but ALL of them are still just trading hours for dollars.

Starting your own affiliate website really is the best way to build passive income and “make money while you sleep”. Affiliate websites earn income in every timezone, and can be instantly accessed by billions of smartphones across the globe!

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post.  Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!


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