Can You Really Make Money With Prime My Body?

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Prime My Body Review

Company Name: Prime My Body

Costs: $39 fee + $239 starter pack

Rating: 34/100

Do I Recommend Prime My Body?

While it sounds intriguing, I don’t recommend trying to make money with Prime My Body. The company only has four products to sell and they’re all expensive. Combine this with all the challenges of team building and you’re looking at a constant struggle to make money. Why do all of that when you can simply use affiliate marketing to sell similar products online?

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What Products Does Prime My Body Sell?

The name suggests that Prime My Body focuses on health-related products. That idea is partly accurate, although the company has a very limited selection.

The main item that they offer is hemp oil. This is 100% hemp extract and is promoted as using a ‘unique liposomal delivery system’. In short, the oil should contain more beneficial compounds from hemp than most other products.

That being said, the hemp oil is expensive. The company’s retail price is $149 for a 50 ml bottle. A bottle should last a while, as you use it as a spray. Still, this is more expensive than many other hemp oils. Delivery system and quality aside, this is just hemp oil, nothing more.

Prime My Body also makes various claims about the product, including the following.

These sound appealing but they don’t mean much. For example, ‘doctor approved’ just suggests that one doctor somewhere said it was a good product (probably the one on their staff). Doctors vary in their opinions all the time and they’re not always right.

Gluten-free and GMO-free are appealing concepts but any hemp product should fall into both of these categories. There is also marketing like this:

Basically, that’s saying that oil helps your brain work normally. That’s not amazing news and isn’t unique to this product or to hemp oil.

As for hemp oil itself, some studies have suggested health benefits but they are few and far between. However, the concept is often hyped on nutrition sites and social media. Between that and companies like Prime My Body, hemp oil often ends up sounding better than it actually is.

On the plus side, the site does contain more science and theory than most other similar companies. But, that information mostly focuses on education and claims, rather than actual proof. Most of the benefits also apply to help oil from any company, not just the version that Prime My Body offers.

The second product on offer is Prime Protein Superfood. This one costs $60.50 per container and you get 20 servings for that price.

Prime Protein

Basically, this is just a plant-based protein shake. It uses hemp (no surprise) as one source of protein, along with brown rice and pea protein. Each serving contains 140 calories, 2.5 grams of fat, 3 grams of sugar, and 15 grams of protein.

Nutritionally, the shake isn’t bad but it’s not amazing either. The protein content is high enough that it should help suppress appetite. But, it’s lower than is ideal, especially for weight loss.

Even with the lower protein level, the shake would be fine for most people. Still, they’re not unusual. There are countless plant-based protein shakes on the market. Many of those offer the same selection of ingredients for a much lower price. If you end up loving the flavour of this one – that’s great. But, it’s still just a protein shake.

The company also offers two different skincare products. One is s moisturizer and the other is a firming cream. Both are fairly expensive. Prime My Body makes significant boasts about benefits but there is little to prove that the items are better than other brands.

The only other items the company sells are apparel. Right now, there’s one of these – a hat. The company is promising a t-shirt in the future as well but that’s mostly a moot point. The key products are simply the hemp oil, the protein powder, and the two skincare items.

That’s it. Four products. They’re all expensive and none are unique.

There is one advantage though. The items are all firmly in the health field. That’s important because health-related products do sell and there’s always demand. This is even true for items where there is no proof at all about the benefits.

In most cases, health impacts are also subjective. They include things like people having more energy, feeling less pain, and having a better immune system. This is good from a sales perspective. It means that if you can get people to try a product, they might just convince themselves that it works.

Is Prime My Body A Good Business Opportunity?

Regardless of the products, Prime My Body is viable as a way to make money. There will always be some people wanting health products, even ones that are overpriced.

The first step of making money with Prime My Body is just sales. You do this through a replicated website from the company. Your earnings come from the difference between wholesale and retail prices. This is between 10% and 30% depending on the product and the type of customer.

Using a website has multiple advantages. This means you don’t have to physically buy the product and resell it. You also get to avoid hosting parties (like the ones for Pampered Chef and similar companies). By doing so, you decrease your costs and the amount of legwork.

A website also means you can sell remotely. For example, you could make sales to friends and family in other states. That gives you a larger reach than many other MLMs.

Because the website is replicated, you can’t rank it in Google and get organic traffic to it. But, you could build your own website and use that as a way to get traffic and sales. You might also promote the site through social media.

Beyond basic commissions, the next aspect is preferred, customers. These people sign up to have products shipped to them on a monthly basis. They get a discount for doing so and you earn a consistent commission. But, your commission rate is 10% in all cases.

Earning money each month without any extra work is nice. Still, dropping down to 10% commission for these customers is much less appealing.

These are the main ways to make money with sales. The more sales you make, the higher your income potential. The overall style isn’t as good as some companies but it’s better than others.

The next step is recruitment.

As with any MLM, most of your income potential comes from getting other people to join. When you do so, you get to earn commissions from their success, along with bonuses.

Prime My Body uses a binary structure for its payment plan. This means you’re basically developing two different teams. One will normally be larger than the other. Here, the larger one is called the Power Leg and the smaller is the Pay Leg. Members earn 10% of the total points for the smallest leg each monthly cycle.

There is also a residual rewards system, which is a common approach. This allows you to earn commissions from different generations of people you recruit. The image below shows what this looks like. The levels refer to recruits. Level 1 is the people you recruit directly, Level 2 members are recruited by Level 1, Level 3 members are recruited by Level 2, and so on.

As you can see, the earning potential is rank-based. You start out at New Star, where you can only earn from people you recruit directly. To get more income, you need to go up through the ranks. The rank requirements look like this:

To simply stay active, you need 200 points of sales across your team, one preferred customer and one person sponsored.

To hit the first rank (4-Star) you need 2,000 sales in your group per month, along with $250 of personal sales. You also need two preferred customers and to have sponsored four individuals into the company. The requirements just get more intense from there.

Progressing up the ranks is possible and some people manage to do so. But there is a considerable amount of work involved. This includes actively selling and recruiting, while also managing your team, training new members and encouraging people who are struggling.

There are other bonuses at play as well. But, most methods of earning money are associated with your team and their performance. This means you really do need to get up through those ranks and have a high-performing team.

You’re trying to do all of this with a company that offers four main products.

If you be effective then yes, the income potential is high. Even so, similar patterns exist for most MLMs. Because of that, I recommend choosing the company carefully. If you’re going to invest the time and energy into an MLM, make sure you are passionate about the products – and be certain that you can sell them.

So, if most of the people you know aren’t interested in the hemp oil and protein shakes… Prime My Body might not be the best choice.

Product Pricing

The design of Prime My Body means the best way to money is the recruitment and team building. With many companies, people will become a distributor just to get discounts and will slowly focus on earning more money as they go. This can make recruitment easier.

This isn’t a viable strategy with Prime My Body. Instead, distributors and preferred members pay the same prices for products. This can make it easy to turn people into preferred members but means that recruiting distributors is more difficult.

Preferred Customer Pricing

This aspect probably isn’t a deal-breaker but it is one more thing to consider.

The Affiliate Programme

An odd thing about Prime My Business is the wording they use. Most MLMs promote themselves as an opportunity of some kind. But, Prime My Body uses the term affiliate instead. This includes claiming that they have an affiliate program and calling members affiliates.

To a degree, the term is accurate. An affiliate is basically a person who earns commission promoting products for a company. There are many different affiliate programmes out there that let you do so. Examples include ones in the video games, eBooks, and even martial arts fields.

Most affiliate programmes stop there. So, affiliates don’t typically earn money from multiple generations and there isn’t normally a focus on teams. Affiliate programmes are normally online too. The term is rarely applied to physical businesses, especially ones where you are trying to recruit and team build as well.

Yet, Prime My Body insists on that phrasing, even though it’s misleading. I suppose they’re trying to distance themselves from the idea of MLM, which does have a relatively bad reputation these days. Even so, Prime My Body is an MLM – the compensation plan makes that clear.

Selling Hemp Oil

One final thing. Like Kannaway and My Club8, Prime My Body is selling hemp oil as a product. The legality of hemp oil isn’t as clear-cut as Prime My Body likes to suggest.

There is also interest in changing the law to increase control over hemp extracts. If this does happen in the future, it could mean companies like Prime My Body can no longer sell their main products.

That won’t necessarily happen, but it is something to be aware of. After all, progressing through the company would take considerable time and energy. You don’t want to do all of the work needed to build a decent income stream, just to find that a change in the law dramatically lowers your chance to make money.

Can You Generate Reliable Income With Prime My Body?

The Prime My Body Review

Prime My Body has some appealing factors and does look professional. But, with only four products and a complex compensation plan, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

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