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I have been hard at work researching new side hustles, hoping to find awesome ways for our readers to earn some serious cash in their down time… and was turned onto A “roadie” is typically a person who travels with a band or performance group and is responsible for breaking down, setting up, and transporting equipment.

What’s involved with being a Roadie (capital ‘R’), and can you really make money with

Is this a side hustle that can actually work for you, or is this just another ‘waste of time’ that won’t really amount to anything important in the long run?

Making Money With

  • Is It Realistic To Turn A Profit With
  • How Much Can You Earn With
  • What Are The Requirements To Drive For
  • What Are The Non-Monetary Requirements?
  • Roadie App Reviews
  • Is Roadie Legit?
  • Our Final Opinion Of

Making Money With

Let’s start with the basics and talk about exactly what is operates under the following mantra on their landing page.

“Across town or across the country, Roadie delivers. Urgent? Oversized? No problem. No matter what you need to send, Roadie gets it there without the hassle.”

Make Money Roadie

As it turns out, you won’t have to be setting up and breaking down equipment like a typical roadie. You’ll just be doing the transportation part.

What we are looking at here is like an alternative to other local delivery options. On their about-page, they say that they are ‘transforming the way delivery works,’ and that Roadie is the first ‘on-the-way delivery service.’

Roadie basically works by giving you the option to pay regular drivers to deliver packages for you. Not only does Roadie help to do this by giving people the option of delivering packages on their own, but they also enable this process by helping to connect multiple people in a collaborative effort to get packages to where they need to be.

They say that they will literally help you to deliver anything from cupcakes to couches. You can even have your pets transported if you need to!

Of course, I was interested in this site because they will pay drivers like you and I to deliver packages for other people.

But is it realistic to turn a profit with That is what I was interested in finding out next.

Is It Realistic To Turn A Profit With

Yes, it is absolutely realistic to turn a profit with—though how much you make is determined very much by where you live, what you drive, what kind of route you can offer, etc.

Earning Money On Roadie

There are a couple of different video reviews hosted on the website that I watched. In one of them, a student paid for an entire road-trip across the country by just doing two long-distance deliveries that were along his route.

Another review was of someone who had been driving for Roadie for an entire year. He said that he made really good money driving for the company as a means to earn an income, and made it sound like it was actually quite a cool gig.

There are some really good extra incentives to use as well if you are thinking about trying to use your car to earn some extra cash.

They offer real-time tracking, transparent pricing, coverage of up to $10,000, pickup and delivery confirmation, and secure payments online. They also pre-screen drivers and only use people who get verified.

This gives people on the outside, who need to send things with Roadie, a better deal—because they are getting a lot more than just a driver. They are also getting safety and security for their money—which is really important.

How Much Can You Earn With

This really depends on the situation. From the sound of it, you can earn hundreds of dollars (up to $650) for long-distance deliveries, meaning that you could easily use this to help fund longer trips.

But when it comes to shorter trips, there is also money to be made… because they say on the website that you can earn up to $60 for local deliveries.

They also maintain an app that makes it really easy to get everything done right from your phone.

Plus, there seems to be quite a bit of traffic on this site. There are some reviews posted on the driver’s page, and yes, they are probably depicting ‘best case scenarios,’ but still… one driver said that, after only being on the app for two days, they had already made 7 drops, which made quite a bit of extra cash.

So yeah. All things considered, this is pretty awesome. How much you can actually make will mostly be dictated by how much you drive and where you are going—but if you drive enough it make it worth it, it sounds like it would be a fantastic side-hustle.

What Are The Requirements To Drive For

There are definitely a few requirements that you will have to meet to drive with

First of all, you need to be verified before you will be allowed to accept gigs. This means that you will need to be at least 18 years old, have a social security number, and have a valid United States Driver’s License.

You must also maintain a 4 star rating in the Roadie community to continue driving for them. This is based on feedback from people you drive and deliver packages for.

There are also a few requirements for your vehicle. In some states, you might need to carry commercial auto insurance. This keeps you safe in the event that some kind of accident takes place while you are driving, and covers you… just in case.

There are also restrictions for your vehicle. You must have a valid license and your vehicle must be legal to drive. It must also be smoke and odor free, and not contain excessive pet dander.

What Are The Non-Monetary Requirements?

Obviously, having a vehicle, filling it up with fuel, and acquiring the right insurance are all monetary requirements. You must pay for all of these things.

But there are also non-monetary requirements… namely, your time and energy. To deliver packages with, you need to be able to take the time required to go through all of the motions of a delivery.

Honestly, the app makes all of this pretty easy, but you will still need to invest in it with your time, energy, and presence.

I actually like the way works. But it is not for everyone. If you don’t own a car, never drive, or do not have the time to drive distances beyond your normal routes, then it is likely not going to work very well for you.

To be super honest, this is a lot like Uber. It is just for packages and pets instead of passengers.

Roadie App Reviews

So all of this is just my opinion on the Roadie App, but what do other reviews say?

Unfortunately, Roading is getting a lot of bad reviews, from both drivers and customers. Some of the worst driver reviews include titles like, “Slave Labor”, and “Worst Driving Gig”

roadie custom reviews

Yelp was no different. Complaints from both drivers and users. Drivers complained of low pay and the app not tracking gigs properly. Users complained of drivers not showing up, or dropping off packages at the incorrect location.

roadie yelp review

The most positive Roadie reviews mentioned that they liked the people behind the app, and that they liked the customer service reps. I thought it was very creative that some Roadie drivers were using public transportation to transport packages, which probably helps them save on costs, and make more money overall!

roadie app star reviews

Is Roadie Legit?

Yes, Roadie is legit. This is an app where you could legitimately earn some side income. I feel like this site fits right into a category of sites that I have recently been taking a closer look at. Some of these sites include some pretty notable names…

The basic idea about these types of sites like this is that the app (or website) helps to put people together. On one side are people with marketable skills or assets, and on the other are people who need to cheaply purchase or hire-out these assets.

To me, this is all side-hustle gold (if you have what it takes to meet the requirements)… and I think that absolutely fits into this.

Do I feel like is a good idea for everyone? Not necessarily. If you…

  • Don’t own a car
  • Don’t drive very often
  • Don’t have a long commute
  • Don’t want to put extra miles on your vehicle
  • Don’t enjoy driving
  • Or don’t want to bother with increased maintenance on your vehicle

… then this is probably not the side hustle for you.

This side hustle is most likely to work the best for people who drive a lot, have nice cars, and have commutes (or plenty of extra time) that would allow them to deliver packages along mainstream routes. It might work even better for people who travel long distances, such as those who travel for a living or those who live more of their life on the road.

It could also be a fantastic way to help pay for a vacation.

It is free to sign up, and the company makes money by taking a small percentage of the fee paid out by the person shipping. So the company pays drivers directly, and the service doesn’t cost you anything to sign up for. So in that sense, it is a fantastic gig.

I could absolutely see a disadvantage where car wear and tear is concerned. But at the same time, if you stick to gigs that are pretty much on your scheduled route anyway, you shouldn’t have a problem.

I have read some pretty cool accounts of people making awesome money with this app just by sticking to their main routes. I have also heard of people covering travel costs by doing Roadie gigs along their route.

You won’t get rich with this website—but it could be a cool side-hustle for the right person!

Our Final Opinion Of

Should you sign up and try to deliver some packages for extra money?

There are a lot of ways to make money online. Some are good, some not, but ALL of them are still just trading hours for dollars.

Starting your own affiliate website really is the best way to build passive income and “make money while you sleep”. Affiliate websites earn income in every timezone, and can be instantly accessed by billions of smartphones across the globe!

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!

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