Can You Really Make Money With Sabika?

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Sabika Review

Company Name: Sabika

Costs: $250

Rating: 36/100

What Is It?

An MLM that sells a range of jewelry that appears to be unique to the company.

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Short Review

Sabika might be an interesting choice for people wanting to make a little money, especially those who like the jewelry the company has to offer. However, the nature of the company and its compensation plan means that actually making an income from the company would be extremely difficult for most people that tried.

Product Breakdown

Sabika is a jewelry company and sells a range of different jewelry products, including necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Jewelry isn’t really an area that I have a lot of experience with but, in general, their designs seem to be pretty and unique to the company.

Pink jewelry set

Additionally, many of the company’s products are in design sets, like the one above. While the items are sold as individual pieces, these sets allow people to purchase pieces of jewelry that match one another.

Now, there certainly is a demand for jewelry but at the same time, there is a huge number of companies that sell jewelry and many different collections of jewelry out there. While the products from Sabika might be unique to the company, it isn’t really clear if they are good enough that people would actually buy them.

At the end of the day, the products from Sabika are pretty much what you would expect from a jewelry company. Ultimately, this type of jewelry all comes down to personal style. Some people might find the products appealing and make a purchase but other people might find the products unappealing.

Sabika necklace example

As with most MLM products, there are two other main things to consider, the price of the products and their quality. In terms of price, products from Sabika are relatively expensive. For example, most of the necklaces on offer were around $100 or significantly higher. Even sets of earrings were at least $39.00 and went up to $69.00.

Once again, jewelry has a lot to do with personal preference and what people think products are worth. To some people, these pieces of jewelry may well be worth the prices charged and these prices aren’t extremely high when it comes to jewelry.

Nevertheless, the price is something to be aware of. If you’re trying to make money from this company one of your goals is to get other people to buy the products. A lot of people probably can’t afford $100 or more on a single piece of jewelry. Even if they could, they aren’t likely to make purchases very often.

It’s also worth noting that there are a decent number of the products sold on eBay. In some cases, those sales look like they are from distributors but in other cases, the sales may be from people who purchased the products. Either way, their prevalence on eBay gives people an alternate place to buy the products, which may make it harder to earn money.

As for the product quality, there isn’t really any information online. To me, this suggests that there aren’t a huge amount of people actually purchasing the products, and those that do typically don’t comment online. So, the jewelry from the company could be really good or it could be poor quality for the price.

To me, the absence of reviews for the products is always something to be concerned about. At the very least, I would suggest actually looking at some of the products in person before anyone considers becoming a distributor.

After all, making money through Sabika or any similar company is partly about selling the products. If those products aren’t any good, then your chance to make sales is always going to be small.

Retiring Products

One common pattern with companies like this is to cycle the products they have available. This means that over time companies will release new collections and designs for products. At the same time, they will periodically retire old products. That pattern can be an advantage and a disadvantage for distributors.

The main advantage of the approach is that there are new products for customers. This provides new things for people to buy and also helps keep people interested in the company.

However, this can also mean that the company retires sets. If you have a customer who has purchased one or two items out of a set and was waiting until they had the money to purchase more, this can create an issue. However, that isn’t likely to happen very often.

A more significant issue is that over time distributors for the company will purchase products themselves to show off the range. This practice is especially common for companies like this one because people often want to see what a piece of jewelry looks like before they actually pay money for it.

The fact that products get retired means that distributors can easily find themselves with inventory that no longer helps them get sales. At the same time, it also pressures distributors into buying more products so they have examples of newer products.

Opportunity Breakdown

We know about the products, but what about the making money side of things? Well, like many similar companies Sabika does tend to make the process of earning money sound pretty easy and even fun.

Get paid to party

The company also provides a breakdown of information that highlights just how much members can potentially earn in their first few months with the company.

Possible income

Claims like this really annoy me because they sugar coat everything about making money from the company. In theory, you could really earn more than $1,000 a month soon after joining but theory and practice are two very different things.

For one thing, that calculation assumes that you are having ‘average’ Sabika parties, which result in $1,100 in sales. For the first month, it estimates you have two parties, then three the following month and then four the month after that. Honestly, I doubt most people would even manage one party with upwards of $1,100 in sales, let alone four per month.

Often, distributors find that they can have one or two successful parties early on in their experience, and then the parties decline in the number of sales. This tends to happen because in the early parties people are excited about the new products and keen to give them a try.

To make consistent sales in the long-term, distributors really need to be able to get new people coming to the parties and also convince people that do come to make purchases. All of this is a lot easier to say than it is to do.

That brings me to one other issue. Sabika does offer some training to distributors but it isn’t a lot. Direct marketing is a tough business and even experienced marketers often struggle to make sales. How much more difficult is it going to be for a brand new distributor to effectively make sales and make money?

The first part of making money with the company is commissioned from selling products. But, commissions will only get you so far. To make a decent amount of money you have to take the next step, which involves recruiting others. The idea is that you recruit people who also earn money-making sales. Over time, you end up earning money from your own sales and you earn a small percentage of profit from the sales your team makes.

How much you make depends on what rank you are in the company. Your rank is connected to the size of your team and their success. For example, these are the criteria for the first rank that involves recruitment:


As you go up the ranks, the amount of bonuses you can earn increases, as does the money you earn. But at the same time, the criteria for each rank becomes more complex as well.

This structure is a key reason that so few people are successful in MLMs. Realistically, the amount of work you have to do far outweighs your potential reward – unless you can make your way into the higher ranks. Even then, your success depends on other people as much as it does on yourself.

After all, you have to recruit and cultivate a team of people under you. This means that you have to get them to the point where they are making a profit and then keep them on the right track. Yet, you will probably find that most people you recruit quit long before they get anywhere.

Other Comments

Advocates for companies like Sabika often claim that you have to ‘spend money to make money’ and that you have to put in the effort to be successful. All of this is true, to some degree, for any business. But, unless you’re following a good model, throwing your money and time at a business isn’t going to do much for your chances of success.

I’ve seen people try to make money from this type of company in the past. Often they focus on working harder and buying more products themselves to try and be successful. Likewise, they may end up trying to pressure friends and families into joining the company or buying products. That approach really doesn’t work for making sales and it is a good way to alienate your friends.

With that in mind, it’s really important to take a step back and think about Sabika. Does the model really make sense? Are your chances of making money actually that good?

Everything I’ve learned about this type of company tells me that your chances of being successful with Sabika are slim. You might be the exception to the rule and actually be successful but you might be like most others and end up making a loss.

MLM VS Affiliate Marketing

Regardless of the approach you choose, making money through your own business does take time and effort. However, some approaches are much more effective than others. Through my own experiences, I’ve learned that one of the most powerful ways to make money is online through your own website.

With an MLM like Sabika, you heavily rely on your direct interactions with others and your ability to convince them to spend money. In the online environment, you have the ability to promote products that people actually want to buy and there isn’t the need to interact with them directly.

One powerful way to do this is through an approach called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing lets you earn money by promoting products from other companies, but it doesn’t involve the same complex structure that you find with an MLM. Any product you promote is going to be based on your opinion, and you are not required to stick with just one company.

Can You Generate Reliable Income With Sabika?

The Sabika Review


Business Opportunity


Although Sabika might be an interesting choice for people who are into jewelry, I still don’t think that this is going to worth your while. The nature of the company as well as its compensation plan makes it extremely difficult for most people to generate a reliable income.

What is this – the 1950’s selling Tupperware? Gimme a break. It’s 2020. If you want to build a business, you NEED to be online or your business will be dead in less than 10 years.

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What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I have to be honest though. I’m not a big fan of MLM. Tried it. Hated it.

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