Can You Really Make Money With The CashKarma App?

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Everyone loves free cash, right? If so, then this app sounds like the perfect solution to the ‘need more cash’ problem. But can you really make money with the CashKarma app, or is it actually more of a gimmick?

I heard about this app just recently, while researching easy ways to make extra money online, and was pretty fascinated by the idea right from the start. The app has some pretty good stats and seems to do well in the Google Play ratings.

CashKarma Basic Stats

The tagline description for the app says this… “Earn free gift cards by watching videos, completing surveys, and more!”

This gave me a pretty good idea about how the app helps you to earn money.

    Making Money With The CashKarma App

    So let’s take a more in-depth look at it, and find out if it’s really worth the time.

    Here’s what you need to know.

    A First Look At The CashKarma App

    I could tell from reading the app description that this was what I call an ‘offers app.’ These types of apps are all pretty similar most of the time in that they claim to provide you with the opportunity to earn more cash in exchange for you completing offers that you are then rewarded for.

    Most of these ‘offers’ include apps that you can download and/or try out, video ads that you can watch, surveys that you can take part in, or trial offers that you can sign up for. Other such apps include CashPirate, InboxDollars and Gift Wallet.

    These types of apps tend to have pretty consistent upsides and downsides that are specific to them. On the downside, they tend not to pay out very well. But, they are also super flexible and can be used anywhere.

    I wasn’t sure where CashKarma was going to land in all of this, however, so I wanted to open it up and give it a try. The positive Google Play ratings made me pretty optimistic, but I was still wondering what the app was going to look like on the inside.

    Upon opening the app for the first time, I was greeted with this screen.

    CashKarma Intro Screen

    I clicked the get started button and was then ushered into the wonderful inner world of CashKarma. Here’s what I found.

    Getting Started: Using CashKarma For The First Time

    The next screen I arrived at asked me if I had an account. I didn’t so I just clicked through to move on. Next, I was brought to what seemed to be the main ‘hub’ of the app. Here is what it looked like.

    CashKarma Main Hub

    I saw right away that there were different categories of offers on this screen, and that I could scroll down to look at them. There were categories for surveys, offers and deals, videos, etc. This was not all unexpected, though I will say that the app had a unique look to it.

    I liked how it was laid out, and I felt like the app had thus far performed technically well. No glitches or anything like that to speak of.

    I decided to click on the Offers And Deals tab in an attempt to figure out how many points I could conceivably earn with the app, so that’s what I did next.

    What I found was actually pretty surprising.

    CashKarma Earning Karma Points

    This page seemed to be offering far more points than apps like this usually offer for these types of offers. Some examples of offers that I could complete included surveys, entering to win a sweepstakes by giving my email address, starting a free trial of an online service, etc.

    But what surprised me were the larger numbers of points available to get in return for fulfilling the offers.

    I checked out another offer page (this one a survey page) to see if the point rewards were any different… and found them to be consistent.

    I did some quick calculations, and figured that, on an average day, I could probably easily earn about 600 points on the app if I just used it for about 20 minutes or so during downtime in my day to day life.

    I also figured that if I kept this up all week, I could pretty easily rake in about 4,200 points at the end of a 7 day period.

    But… here is the kicker. I had no way of knowing how much points were worth in real-world currency.

    So that is what I decided to figure out next.

    How Much Are CashKarma Points Worth In Real-World Currency?

    To figure this out, I visited the CashKarma Rewards Page, which is accessed by clicking on the gift icon at the top of the screen on the app’s main hub. Here is a screen shot of what I found.

    As you can see, you can get a $10 PayPal payout for 10,000 points, which isn’t too bad.

    This means that, at my calculated rate, I could earn just shy of $10 every two weeks using this app, which isn’t super awesome when you take into account the hourly payout rate. But, it is actually pretty good in comparison to what a lot of offer apps reward you with.

    The payout here is slightly higher than average, which is good.

    Some Thing I Noticed About CashKarma

    CashKarma does a lot of good things. Technically, it works like a charm. I like how it looks, and I like that they give you two different options for payouts, Amazon gift cards and PayPal.

    The offers are also pretty easy to fulfill, and I feel like there is quite a range of things you can do to earn cash.

    CashKarma has a 4.6 Star rating on Google Play, which is actually pretty awesome. But, something about the ratings and some of the reviews looked a bit strange to me, so I dug a bit deeper—and realized something that caused me to sway in my opinion of the app a little bit.

    Apparently, a lot of people have had negative experiences with the app, and have given it bad reviews.

    These people say that the number-one problem seems to be that the app just doesn’t credit your account with points when you complete an offer. They say that dealing with customer service is a huge pain, and that it just isn’t worth the time.

    But if this is the case, how can the ratings be so good?

    This is what I asked myself, so I read through more reviews, and realized that there were A LOT of people posting 5-star reviews with their referral code in them, seemingly in hopes that people would use it and give them points.

    So, this makes me feel a little bit like maybe the app isn’t quite as good as the ratings would suggest it to be.

    I understand that every app is going to have some negative reviews, but the ones that I found here seemed to be a bit overwhelming. There were just so many that were all saying basically the same thing—and that usually doesn’t happen without a reason!

    If you are thinking about trying this app, I would recommend that you take a look at the Google Play reviews first, just so that you can see what I’m talking about before spending any real time on the app.

    I am not saying that spending time on it is going to be a waste, but I am saying that there is a very good chance that the reviews exist for a good reason—because the app may not work as well as it looks at first.

    What Was My Personal Opinion Of CashKarma?

    At first, I liked it. I mean, it was a typical offers app, but it seemed to do a good job of doing what offer apps do.

    But as I got more into it and learned more about it, I started to like it a bit less. The good thing about it is that you can use it anywhere, but I was also really put off by what I was reading in the Google Play Reviews.

    I usually don’t put too much stock in a few negative reviews, but I found so many here that it just didn’t seem to be worth it to me to take the risk.

    Messing with payouts and points is really bad, and while I am not saying that this is a sketchy app, I am saying that it seems to have some glitches that do mess with the points… and that, to me, is a pretty big problem that I am just not interested in dealing with.

    As it turns out, using the CashKarma app, for me, just isn’t worth it.

    Our Final Thoughts About The CashKarma App

    Should you download it and use it on your phone?

    The CashKarma App Review

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