Can You Really Make Money With The Springboard America Survey Website?

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This site, which you can find at, operates with the tagline description “Your Opinion in Action.” But can you really make money with the Springboard America survey website?

I found this survey site on a list of survey sites that were listed as being sites that would pay you for taking polls and surveys.

In the ‘What Is Springboard America’ portion of the home page, this description was given for the website… which seems to do a pretty good job of describing what it is all about.

“Springboard America is one of the leading online market research communities in the US, giving fellow Americans the opportunity to participate in surveys and discussions that will influence the brands, products, and services we all use every day!”

The site also says that in August of 2017 alone, Springboard America awarded a total of $104,000 to members. That’s pretty awesome!

    Making Money With The Springboard America Survey Website

    So let’s get in-depth and take a look at it. Is Springboard America the kind of survey site that I’m looking for, or is it going to fall prey to the same downfalls that a lot of these sites succumb to?

    Here is what you need to know.

    Getting Started With Springboard America

    I clicked on the ‘Not a member? Join now’ button located on the home page, and was promptly taken to this screen.

    This did a pretty good job of describing what the survey site does and how it works. Below this, there was an ‘About You’ section of the site that basically consisted of a short survey that you take to answer questions about yourself.

    This is pretty standard operating procedure for survey sites, as they need to know some things about you before they can place you for market research surveys.

    They asked me to supply my gender, date of birth, where I live, my education level, my employment status, etc.

    This ‘registration’ process actually took several minutes. The questioning got relatively in-depth, but not too-much so. I felt like the site behaved a little bit wonkety during this process as well. It was just finicky enough to be a little bit of a pain… but not enough to cause me to give up.

    It also took a few minutes for the verification email to show up. It took long enough that I had already refreshed my email page several times, and was looking around in my spam folders to try to figure out where it could have gone.

    Anyway, once I got this all done, it was time to access the main hub of the Springboard America site. Here is what I found.

    Opening Up Springboard America

    The main hub of the site actually ended up being pretty straightforward. Here is a screenshot of it.

    There were tabs along the top for Surveys, My Points, Refer A Friend, and Contest Winners. I could also update my profile, or take a Quick Poll. I was not sure if the Quick Poll really meant anything or not, so I took it.

    I answered the question, and it responded by showing me graphs of the answers the poll had received thus-far. This almost felt like a social-media type of activity, intended to make the platform more fun and interesting.

    I was ‘mildly entertained’ by it.

    I scrolled down a bit, and came to a spot called ‘My Surveys.’ This seemed to contain two surveys that were matched to me, along with a button that I could click to view ‘All Surveys,’ and another button that I could click to ‘Find Me A Survey.’

    There was a welcome study survey that I could take, or a technology quiz. So I decided to go ahead and give all of this a try, and take the welcome study survey. Here is what happened.

    Taking My First Survey On Springboard America

    So, when I first clicked on the survey, it took me to a page where it basically gave me a summary of what would be happening.

    They said that this was a short profiling survey, that they wanted to know my interests, habits, and preferences on a wide variety of topics, that it would take 10 minutes, and that I would get 100 points for completing it.

    This seemed pretty cool. I mean, I really like the idea of getting points for completing these introductory surveys, as a lot of survey companies do not give out points for this. So yeah. This was a pretty cool thing so far.

    I got started on the survey. It was pretty basic and seemed to behave decently. I still encountered a glitch or two. For example, I clicked ‘next’ on one question, and it just reloaded the same question and asked me again.

    The site has proven to be a bit glitchy… but not so much that it isn’t possible to use. It is almost glitchy enough to be frustrating, but it’s not a deal breaker.

    The survey barely took 5 minutes, even though it was estimated to take 10 minutes… so that is also a good thing.

    But before I got to the last question, this message popped up… which I found quite interesting.

    I have to say, I am pretty impressed with how the site handled this. This message is quite well-worded, and does a really professional job of explaining the situation. I also like how they give you an option. So, many kudos to Springboard America for this detail. I was really impressed by this.

    After I finished the survey, I wanted to make sure that my points had been added to my account. So I went back to the main hub and clicked on the ‘My Points’ tab. This took me to a place where I could see my account balance, and also see my point-redemption options. Here is what that screen looked like.


    As you can see, there are a number of gift card options, and the conversion rate is pretty straightforward. For 5,000 points, you can get a $50 gift card.

    Plus, there are actually a lot more options than you can see here, because you can scroll over to view more of them. You can even get cards for Amazon and iTunes, as well as PayPal payouts, and even prepaid Visa Gift Cards.

    So far, so good. I also checked back to see if I now qualified for any more surveys. I still had two available to me, and they both seemed like introductory-type surveys, much like the first one. They are all probably intended to help place me with surveys that would work for me.

    How Much Money Can You Make With Springboard America?

    The first survey I took awarded me 100 points. But the next two surveys that I could take part in didn’t pay out in points. They only paid out by entering me into a sweepstakes where I could possibly win some cash… so that is a bit of a downside for me.

    I felt like Springboard America started off really strong by offering points in exchange for the introductory survey… and then, the experience really tapered off.

    I am not saying that they should absolutely pay out for all of this introductory stuff—but I am saying that they should at least make it worth my time to get all of this going. Apparently I need to finish these surveys before I can really hope to gain access to more… but as it was, I was struggling with feeling like it was going to pay enough to be worth it.

    What Was My Official Opinion Of The Springboard America Survey Website?

    There were elements of this website that I liked. It was clean, easy to understand, and pretty user-friendly. I liked how simple the layout was, and how easy it was to navigate the site. It was a bit glitchy, which took away from the experience for me a little bit. But aside from that, on a technical level, it was pretty darn awesome.

    The time investment, when compared to how much you get paid, was also actually pretty good, all things considered. The first survey paid pretty well… but this was also sort of mitigated a bit by the other surveys, which didn’t pay at all.

    I don’t count being entered to win sweepstakes as payment, really… because there is no consistency in that.

    And if I am going to spend my time on something, I need it to pay well and be consistent. In that sense, I feel like this site did a pretty good job… but perhaps not enough to make it work in the long-term for me.

    Springboard America does offer more than the average survey site—but I am afraid that they don’t offer quite enough to attract my serious attention.

    For anyone interested in survey sites, there are various others to check out too, like Quest Mindshare, TeensEyes and Medical Advisory Board. However, they all follow the same patterns.

    The Springboard America Survey Website Review

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