Can You Really Make Money With Threads Worldwide?

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Despite the slightly confusing name, Threads Worldwide is primarily a jewelry and network marketing company. They specialize in fair trade products, ones that have been created by artisan partners around the world.

The style is an interesting one. It helps to make the company distinctive, giving it the ability to stand out from other jewelry companies in the market. At the same time, Threads Worldwide is offering more than just jewelry. Their products give customers the ability to contribute to something greater than themselves when they make purchases.

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At least, that’s the marketing concept. How well the idea works in practice depends on many factors, including who your audience is, how they feel about the products, and the income that they have to work with.

Jewelry is a popular field, one that seems to be ever-expanding over time. Customers love finding new products and often look for pieces that match their outfits or their needs. While the competition surrounding jewelry is considerable, companies that are a little different end up having an edge in the market and may have a greater chance of success.

    Two Ways To Make Money With Threads Worldwide

    Threads Worldwide might have some interesting approaches, but the company remains an MLM. This means that they offer two different ways to earn. The first is to sell the products to customers and earn a commission. The second is to build a team at the same time. Doing so involves recruiting other people and getting them to make sales and recruit as well.

    So then, how does Threads Worldwide stack up? Does the fair trade aspect give the company enough of an advantage for distributors to find success? This post examines the topic and looks at whether earning sustainable income with Threads Worldwide is a realistic goal.

    Make Money From Product Sales

    Threads Worldwide sound like a clothing company and are promoted with an emphasis on fashion. But, the actual product selection focuses on jewelry, bags, and accessories. This includes many unusual styles and the items themselves are handmade.

    Products from Threads Worldwide

    One significant aspect is the ability to choose products based on the country. Needless to say, the countries vary dramatically in the style of product, which results in some fairly interesting pieces.

    Indian Products from Threads Worldwide

    This overall approach results in many unusual and unique products, including styles that other companies don’t commonly produce. From a competition perspective, this pattern is extremely appealing. Nevertheless, it might make the product selection irrelevant to some people.

    Because of this, it’s important to consider the types of people you will be promoting the items to. If your audience tends to be unique and adventurous, then the products may be popular. But, anyone who prefers conventional items might not be interested.

    Exciting Products

    Threads Worldwide also has a strong emphasis on fair trade, with distributors even being referred to as Fair Trade Partners. This helps to explain why the company offers this specific product selection rather than more conventional alternatives. As part of this focus, the products sold are handmade and can be considered artisan items.

    The pricing for the products varies considerably, with some being cheaper than others. On average, the items are more expensive than you would see in a conventional store, but not excessively so.

    Product Pricing

    That pattern is common for most MLMs. After all, the company does have an extra set of middlemen to pay, which tends to result in higher-priced products. In this case, the fair trade aspect may also increase the prices, as it’s important that the people making the products are paid enough.

    The prices here are high enough to make people hesitant about buying but they shouldn’t prevent sales entirely. If nothing else, many people would expect similar prices from fair trade items.

    Even so, it’s important to remember that opinions about the prices will vary. Some people will consider $80+ far too much to spend on a necklace, especially one that looks relatively uninspired. This pattern could easily limit your audience and make sales harder to obtain.

    There isn’t much information online about the quality of the products. But, the lack of complaints suggests that most items are decent, especially when you account for the limitations of homemade items.

    The Potential Of The Products

    Threads Worldwide have taken an interesting approach and that does offer some advantages.

    For one thing, the products here are different than what most other brands sell. Many of them would still be appealing to modern styles and fashion preferences as well. That uniqueness could make sales easier, especially as there aren’t many companies with similar products.

    Additionally, the fair trade aspect would appeal to anyone with a social justice mindset. So, people may be more willing to buy because they feel like they are helping people who are in need. This component may also be the reason that some distributors join in the first place.

    As a way to make money, jewelry is interesting. For one thing, it is considered an evergreen field, so there is always a demand for the products, regardless of the economy or current trends. What’s more, people tend to increase their jewelry collections over time. This makes it easier to get repeat customers.

    The biggest issue with jewelry as a field is that it is so competitive. After all, there are many different online and offline companies that sell jewelry, not to mention all of the individual creators at craft fairs and on sites like Etsy.

    Threads Worldwide partly get around this problem through the emphasis on fair trade. As such, the products do stand out and this could make them easier to sell.

    There are, of course, other places that offer fair trade jewelry. But, they’re much less common than conventional jewelry companies, so the competition is lower overall.

    Making Sales

    When considering products alone, Threads Worldwide seems like an interesting opportunity. For many, the idea of promoting fair trade items may also be extremely appealing.

    But, the products themselves are only one part of the equation. You also have to consider how realistic the company is and whether you could make consistent income through it. To address that topic, we need to consider the way Threads Worldwide pays its members.

    First of all, the company seems to operate through an order-based approach. This means that Fair Trade Partners don’t have to purchase and then resell the products. Instead, they earn their commissions from the orders that customers make. Doing so is always more powerful, as having to maintain an inventory can be challenging and stressful, particularly for people with no direct marketing experience.

    Nevertheless, you would still need to purchase some items yourself. After all, the more you have available to show off, the greater your chances of making sales. There may also be ongoing purchase and sales requirements, although the company doesn’t offer this information.

    From sales, you can earn up to 30% commission. The company doesn’t elaborate on this figure, aside from suggesting that you can reach 30% through sales alone, with extra bonuses coming from team building.

    Based on other companies, it’s likely that you start somewhere around 20% commission and earn higher rates if you can meet monthly sales criteria. Even if that’s the case, the amount you’re earning isn’t horrible. In contrast, many affiliate programs pay you less per sale, although those do have other advantages.

    There are also various bonuses for hitting sales targets. However, the company doesn’t state specifically what these are or how many sales you need to get the bonuses.

    Make Money Building A Team

    Beyond this area, you can also earn money through recruitment and team building. With this, you’re trying to get other people selling the products as well. When you do so successfully, you can earn money from their success and from your own.

    Threads Worldwide don’t offer much detail in this area either, simply stating that you earn more when you focus on the team component.

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    But, companies tend to follow similar approaches, so it’s easy to predict what will be involved. For example, most MLMs use a rank-based system, where the goal is to increase your rank over time. Each new rank comes with extra potential for income from your team members, along with some bonuses. As a result, the higher your rank is, the greater the chance for income.

    The challenge is that progression involves building a successful team. To do so, you must recruit various people into the company and then mentor them to ensure that they are successful at sales and at recruitment themselves. That process tends to get time-consuming, especially as you cannot force another person to be productive.

    To make matters worse, you are mostly promoting to a warm market (which includes friends and family) and anyone you recruit does the same. This can lead to intense competition between distributors. There is also a risk that your sales and recruitment efforts will cause strain on current friendships.

    I’d also be wary about any business that isn’t transparent. While Threads Worldwide boasts about all the good it does, they offer no specifics about the money you make or what you can expect. Personally, I would want that information up-front before I made any decisions.

    Practically Making Sales

    So then, the idea is to sell Threads Worldwide products and build a team at the same time. The company focuses on two general approaches for doing so.

    The first is events called Artisan Showcases. These are events held at the house of a host (someone other than you). These showcases allow you to highlight what the company offers and show off the various products. Many distributors also play games or award prizes to help keep people interested and engaged.

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    The events are social and they are typically fun. They are also powerful for sales, especially if you have products on hand to highlight. The host for the showcase also earns credits and discounts based on the success of the event. This encourages them to invite as many people as they can.

    Showcase Totals

    But, the parties come with limitations too.

    For one thing, most of the host rewards come from showcases with high sales. In practice, many events won’t reach those levels. This may lead to some disappointed people.

    The novelty of these events also decreases quickly. So, many people will be excited about attending the first couple of times and may make some purchases. But, after that, you’ll typically find it harder to find guests and to make sales.

    The parties are also time-consuming and may have a financial cost. For example, if you offer prizes, they will be things that you have purchased yourself. Likewise, you may provide nibbles or drinks.

    One key point of the showcases is to show off the products physically. This creates pressure on distributors, encouraging you to buy more items. After all, the more products you own, the greater your chance of making sales.

    These various areas all add to the cost of hosting events. And, there’s no guarantee that a single event will even make any sales. As such, you could easily end up out of pocket. That’s exactly what happens to some people as well.

    The second method of making money is through a website. Threads Worldwide don’t provide much information about doing so and don’t state whether the commission rate is the same. But, even if you earned less per sale, websites are still powerful tools, allowing you to reach a wider audience than you could otherwise.

    You could take advantage of this and build your own website to drive traffic and sales. In fact, doing so is more powerful overall.

    Nevertheless, the emphasis of Threads Worldwide is strongly on person-to-person sales, rather than the online element. As such, most of the income potential will come from this area and not from working online.

    Can You Generate Reliable Income With Threads Online?

    The Threads Worldwide Review


    Business Opportunity

    Final Review

    Without seeing more compensation plan details for Threads Worldwide, it’s impossible to know how powerful this business approach actually is. Still, it should be possible to create a reliable income from it.

    If nothing else, the MLM model does work for income and Threads Worldwide has more interesting products than most. The real challenge comes from the amount of work that is involved in making sales, along with the odds of successfully doing so.

    There can be no doubt about it. Promoting products in-person is tough. Recruiting others to an income opportunity is even more difficult. Few of us have the social skills and salesmanship knowledge to be effective at this from the beginning.

    Threads Worldwide does provide some training, but this will mostly teach you what to do, not how to do it. The information on their site is a clear indication of this pattern. The site tends to make the entire process sound easy and fun while glossing over any potential issues.

    If you’re considering Threads Worldwide, then it’s important to go into the process with your eyes open. Take the time to seriously think about your audience and whether they would be interested in Threads Worldwide. Would they have the money to buy the jewelry and accessories often? Would they want to?

    All of these questions are critical. Your audience will play a key role in your chance of success. If your audience is a poor match for the product at hand, then you’re fighting an uphill battle from the beginning.

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