Can You Really Make Money With Vasayo?

is wealthy affiliate a scam or can i make a six figure income online as an affiliate marketerVasayo Review

Company Name: Vasayo

Costs: Not Provided

Rating: 19/100

Do I Recommend Vasayo?

As with almost any company – there is the potential to make money from Vasayo. But, Vasayo only offers five products, all of which are types of supplements. The company also has a fairly complicated compensation plan with 18 different ranks to progress through.

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The company’s unusual distribution system and newness may increase your chances of making long-term income from Vasayo but the odds still aren’t good. Instead, you would be much better turning to something like affiliate marketing.

What Products Does Vasayo Sell?

Vasayo is basically a health and wellness company, so it offers a range of different products that are designed to support optimal health. There are various companies that do something similar, although they tend to follow different approaches. In the case of Vasayo, the product selection itself is small, with just five different options.

Two of those products are fairly traditional supplements. One of these is designed to boost brain function (called Microlife Neuro), while the other is a general multivitamin (called Microlife Core Essentials).

The idea itself isn’t unusual and there are no countless different multivitamins on the market. Likewise, Microlife Neuro is simply a nootropic and the nootropics field is a large one as well.

The other products are either microgels or micromists. These are basically still supplements, they’re just delivered in a different way. For example, the option below contains many of the ingredients common in energy supplements, such as green tea leaf extract and guarana seed extract. Likewise, the sleep product contains melatonin.

is wealthy affiliate a scam or can i actually make money online as an affiliate marketer

The company does claim that the products stand out because of the technology and delivery system used. In theory, this should increase absorption or availability, giving people more benefits from the products.


The basic idea is that the nutrients are protected in liposome layers, which prevents them from being damaged by the digestive system. This all sounds good, in theory. My problem is that there’s no indication of whether or not the approach actually works. The site itself just offers a fairly simple description and I can’t find links to a single study.

I don’t know about you but I’d like to see some actual proof. After all, the company claims that their delivery system ‘makes all the difference’. Asking for evidence doesn’t seem unreasonable.

Beyond that delivery system, the products at hand are just supplements. There’s certainly nothing very unusual about the ingredients they contain or about the underlying concept. For that matter, they’re also fairly expensive supplements, ranging from around $50 to a little over $60.

Microlife Core Essentials

That’s a decent amount of money to pay, especially when the products only offer a month’s supply – and people may be taking multiple supplements at once. As supplements go, the pricing is on the high end but it isn’t extraordinary. I’ve seen other brands with similar prices and some customers do assume that higher prices mean that the quality is better.

Selling Vasayo Products

In many ways, the product selection makes Vasayo a fairly challenging company to promote. After all, supplements are everywhere these days and many people try to sell supplements online as well. Likewise, other direct sales companies offer supplements, such as Juice Plus and Kyäni. Regardless of the brand, supplements often contain many of the same ingredients, meaning that the benefits are often similar as well.

The one thing that Vasayo has in its favor is the unusual delivery system. Even though there is little proof that this is more effective – some people may be interested in the concept anyway. And, there is always the chance that the delivery system does increase absorption, which could then promote health.

So, the level of competition makes selling Vasayo supplements harder but not necessarily impossible. To be successful, you’d have to be able to convince people that Vasayo’s delivery system is powerful and truly is unique.

But, that being said, some people do strongly believe in the products and many are interested in trying out new things, on the off chance that doing so makes a difference. Plus, many people take multiple supplements, so the demand exists.

With all of this in mind, I recommend taking the time to think about your potential audience. For example, do you know people who use supplements regularly or products for sleep or energy? If so, you may be able to convert them over to Vasyao. In contrast, if most of your social connections tend to avoid supplements, making headway with this company would be more difficult.

Is Vasayo A Good Business Opportunity?

In all honesty, you can make money with just about any product on the market. That’s especially true for supplements, where the demand is still high. But, the real question is how the business opportunity stacks up? A good compensation plan will give you more chances to earn an income, while a poor one can mean that you’re struggling to break even.

Not surprisingly, Vasayo seems to think that it has an amazing plan – one that offers significant benefits.

Incredible Rewards

The most basic aspect here is commission and distributors receive 20% commissions on the sales that they make. This isn’t an unusual figure but it is a little on the low end for an MLM.

The company also boasts that there is no forced autoship, so you’re not stuck making the same order each month. But, that being said, there is still a requirement to stay active. This means that you need to buy or sell 80 CV of product each month.

Vasayo doesn’t provide CV information for the individual products, making it more difficult to know what the monthly cost is. But, their cheapest pack of products is $329 and provides 240 CV. If the same ratio holds, then you would need to spend around $110 per month to reach the CV you need. Spending the minimum would also take a little juggling, as most of the products are around $50.

The one advantage is that this CV is purchases or sales. This suggests that you wouldn’t need to buy any product at all if you can make a couple of sales each month. That isn’t too bad, as most similar companies require you to make personal purchases as well. Nevertheless, the plan isn’t entirely clear here, so there may still be the need to buy products and the company could also add that requirement in the future.

The required volume also increases as you go up the ranks, ending up at 320 CV. Theoretically, your income would increase as well, so the increased requirements aren’t horrible. However, they’re something to be aware of.

In addition to compensation for sales, Vasayo does provide bonuses just for sales, if you have enough active customers. That bonus isn’t high enough to make sales alone an amazing way to earn money. Still, most companies don’t even offer bonuses for sales, so this is nice to see.

Sales Bonuses

The Team Aspect

Vasayo is an MLM, so most of the income potential will always come from building a team. This design means that you have to rely on your own sales and recruitment, along with the efforts of your team members. But, you’re also earning money from the success of your team members. So, if you have a large and strong enough team, the potential for income is high.

There are also various bonuses tied into the structure. To do this, Vasayo uses a fairly common binary structure, which you can see here. The numbers aren’t really important but the idea is that you need to develop and balance two different legs in your team.

is wealthy affiliate a scam or can i actually make money online as an affiliate marketer

The other thing to mention is the ranks. Most MLMs use a rank system and Vasayo is no exception. Going up ranks is kind of like being promoted in a conventional business. Each new rank increases the amount of income you can earn but also comes with various requirements.

And, for Vasayo, these get complicated fast. For that matter, there are 18 ranks to consider.

The various areas of requirements are as follows. You can find out more about the terms by reading the company’s actual compensation plan but it’s never a good sign when even the requirements are hard to understand.

  • Personal Volume
  • Active Customers
  • PE Active L/R Count
  • Lesser Leg Volume
  • PET Volume
  • PET-V Max Per Leg
  • Consecutive Weeks
  • Qualified Leg Req.

The end result is that you need a specific team structure and levels of sales to progress through the ranks and to earn bonuses. The higher ranks are also where the most income potential is.

Because of this, you probably wouldn’t make all that much money simply selling products. That approach may be okay if you just want a little money on the side – although you could go with any MLM if that were the case. But, if you want to try and make a living from Vasayo, team building would be absolutely essential.

Doing that successfully involves recruiting others and getting them to do likewise. Many distributors find that there is a considerable amount of management involved too, especially as your team grows. After all, the individuals are all trying to make money themselves and many will have questions and may need significant guidance.

This team component is why countless people get involved with MLMs but relatively few are successful in the long-term. In practice, getting a team that is large and successful enough is very difficult, especially for people with no previous sales experience. Achieving that outcome also involves putting in a considerable amount of work, something you need to be aware of right from the beginning.

The Company Itself

On a side note, Vasayo is a relatively new MLM and interest in it picked up towards the end of 2016. At that time, the MLM was in its early stages and there wasn’t much information available about what the compensation plan was or how much money people could make.

Since then, Vasayo has released its compensation plan online, which makes it much easier to get a grasp on what the company offers. Myself, I’m not too excited about the plan. It is fairly typical for an MLM, with all the ranks and requirements that I’ve come to expect.

The newness of the company (and its products) could be a good or a bad thing for making money. The main disadvantage is that the products are still relatively unheard of. As a result, people may not trust them or the company as a whole. There are also more unknowns with a new company. For example, you don’t know whether they are going to stick around in the long-term or even whether they’ll turn a profit. So, there is significant risk involved.

Nevertheless, the newer nature of the company does mean that there are fewer distributors than for MLMs that have been around for years. This can be an advantage and increases the chance of building a good team.

One final thing is that there are no guarantees. If you wanted to make a full-time income from any MLM (including Vasayo), then you’d need to put in a considerable amount of time. But, there is no way of knowing whether the company will stay around or how the compensation plan will change in the future.

As a result, you could potentially lose your ability to make money overnight. And, because you’re working for a single company, there isn’t much you can do to protect yourself. This is one reason I prefer methods like affiliate marketing. At least with that, you can work with multiple companies and hedge your bets somewhat.

Can You Generate Reliable Income With Vasayo?

The Vasayo Review


Business Opportunity


Vasayo is a complicated company in a saturated field. While you may be able to make money from Vasayo by selling products, making a decent income from the company would be challenging, complicated, and probably not worth the effort.

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What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I have to be honest though. I’m not a big fan of MLM. Tried it. Hated it.

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