Can You Really Make Money With Wakaya Perfection?

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Wakaya Perfection is part of the largest network marketing field out there – health and wellness. Honestly, there are countless health and wellness companies these days. Many of them are almost copies of one another, with similar products and marketing angles.

It must be said that Wakaya Perfection follows some familiar themes. The site talks about areas like inflammation, digestion, nutrition, and detoxification. They’re all terms that you’ll see on many similar sites. Wakaya Perfection does also suggest that their products are better than most other companies, which is tired and unrealistic rhetoric.

Still, Wakaya Perfection has some interesting aspects too. There are some less common products in their lineup. There is also a strong focus on quality, making the company feel much more trustworthy than competitors.

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Health and wellness might be a big industry, but it can still be a viable way to make money. After all, many people are looking for ways to get healthier. They’re not searching out the best possible products either, just ones that work.

The nature of health products means that you don’t need to be selling the best products in the world, nor the cheapest. For the most part, you just need products that are appealing and good value for money.

Of course, even the best products in the world won’t sell themselves. If you want to make money from Wakaya Perfection, the product line is only one of the areas that you need to consider.

Two Ways To Make Money With Wakaya Perfection

Wakaya Perfection is a classic MLM. As such, your first method of earning is simply to sell the products. Doing so will only get you so far, so the next aspect is to work on building a team as well.

In this post, we examine both of these areas, along with how realistic Wakaya Perfection is as an income opportunity.

Make Money From Product Sales

What Products Does Wakaya Perfection Sell?

Wakaya itself is an island in Fiji, so it’s no surprise that Wakaya Perfection strongly plays on the idea of paradise and a perfect lifestyle. With that in mind, the company is all about health and wellness, offering a range of products and services that promote this idea.

The Benefits of Products from Wakaya

The implication is that compounds sourced from Wakaya may offer health benefits. Wakaya does include some of these in their products, like Fujian turmeric and pink Fijian ginger.

But, unlike many other companies, Wakaya Perfection doesn’t suggest that the compounds used are going to overhaul your health. Their marketing is more realistic instead and includes discussions on areas like getting enough nutrients in your diet.

There are a variety of products to choose from, but Wakaya Perfection focuses on a few key areas. The first is GT Core. The GT Core products are meant to help with overall health.

Marketing for GT CoreThe idea isn’t unusual. While including turmeric and ginger is interesting, both of those spices are pretty common health choices. They’re useful additions from a sales perspective, but it’s hard to imagine that they would ever have dramatic benefits for health overall.

A critical point is that the GT Core products aren’t cheap. You’re looking at more than $100 for 30 days of just one of the two products from the pack. Buying both GT Core Health products costs $212.30. That’s a lot to ask people to pay for something to promote basic health.

Products from GT Essentials

Distributors might say that you can’t place a value on basic health. That’s certainly true, but I’m certain that you could find better ways to improve your health for a much lower price.

Another aspect of Wakaya Perfection is the BulaFIT program. Once again, this is about health in general. But, in this case, the emphasis is primarily on weight loss through ketosis.

An Introduction to BulaFit and Ketosis

Some of the marketing goes back to Wakaya Perfection’s focus on Fiji. As part of this, the weight loss program is talked about as promoting “Warrior Health”. This seems to include the idea that muscle mass is protected.

Other parts of the marketing are a bit more familiar, like the use of weight loss testimonials, along with a general disclaimer that weight loss is an individual process and that no results should be considered typical.

Weight Loss Testimonials from the BulaFIT Program

The disclaimer also mentions that “typical weight loss is 1-2 pounds per week”, which is the same as any healthy weight loss program.

Of course, testimonials only tell part of the story, especially as the people in question are mostly distributors. But, weight loss does make people passionate. So, if you lost weight through the program, it’s easy to see how you could promote it to others as well.

The underlying idea here is basically a keto diet. As such, BulaFIT includes guides about how to get into ketosis and stay there, along with information about what you can and cannot eat.

The keto diet is popular. BulaFIT also provides a less confusing way for people to get involved in the keto diet, which could make it appealing to some people. There are also various products to support keto, including a cookbook, keto coffee, a supplement, and a keto meal shake.

The products could be appealing to the right audience. Despite the diet’s popularity, keto products are still relatively hard to find in mainstream stores and they’re not often featured in MLMs.

Nevertheless, a keto diet is heavily restrictive and involves cutting down or out many common foods, including pasta and bread. That restrictive nature makes keto unappealing for some individuals and can make it difficult to follow as well.

The end result is that the idea will work well for some people and be a horrible choice for others. That’s not the best situation for an approach you’re trying to sell.

Regardless of your views on ketosis – it is a common enough weight loss approach. In fact, you can find guides and recipes on countless different food blogs, many of which are dedicated to the eating approach.

What makes BulaFIT different is the heavy reliance on products. For example, their plan focuses on supplements, specific filters designed to promote hydration, meal replacement shakes, and various products to help ‘recovery’, such as relief cream and turmeric capsules.

The end result is a product-heavy approach to weight loss, one that doesn’t actually offer any unique advantages. What’s more, all of those products are expensive. So, it could easily cost people hundreds of dollars a month to follow BulaFIT, with no guarantees that they will see any results at all.

Still, for any weight loss approach, there are always some people who find success. And, BulaFIT does rely on an underlying approach (ketosis) that can promote weight loss. Even with the costs and limitations, it’s likely that some people would still be interested and may lose weight with the program.

There are some other interesting products too, including cookbooks, supplements, ingredients, and similar items. Many of these play into the idea of being as natural as humanly possible, which results in products like ‘organic pink Fijian ginger’ and ‘Fijian kosher sea salt’.

Ginger and Salt

The company also offers descriptions like the image below for their products (this one is for the sea salt). Now, it’s debatable whether or not premium salt is any actually better than regular salt – but it’s likely that any difference isn’t dramatic. And, this particular salt costs $24.40 for a 1.4 oz container, which is far more than most people would be willing to pay.

Special Salt

I’m not going to go through all the products but the general idea remains the same. In particular, they tend to have a high focus on quality and purity, with considerable marketing to that effect. But, the products themselves are expensive and there is little evidence that they are any better than what’s already on the market.

And honestly, there are countless other companies that offer similar types of products, with the same emphasis on quality. These might not be from a remote Fijian island – but that doesn’t stop them from increasing the competition dramatically.

Nevertheless, the price and competition don’t make Wakaya Perfection products unsellable. Instead, some people will still be interested in them and will like the way that they seem luxurious. The high price point also means that, in theory, there is more chance to make a decent profit. After all, you do earn a percentage of the price when you make sales.

The Income Side Of Wakaya Perfection

The products that Wakaya Perfection offers are generally overpriced and most are not particularly unusual. Still, you might be able to sell them to the right audience.

If you do so, the commission rate is 20% for sales to regular customers and 10% for sales to Preferred customers. Preferred customers get a discount, which is why you earn less from them.

The commission rate here is lower than many other MLMs, especially if you mostly earned at the 10% rate. Nevertheless, the products on offer are fairly expensive, so this could help with your income potential.

In theory, you could make a significant income from product sales alone. But, most people fail to do so in practice. One issue is that you’re mostly targeting a warm market, which involves people that you actually know. This is a fairly limited audience and only some of them would be interested in the products.

You can get a bonus of up to 10% on sales if you are considered active in the company. To do so, you must purchase or sell 80 product volume every month. What this means financially depends on the products that you’re selling.

Price versus QV For Wakaya Perfection Products

As you can see, the dollar value of products isn’t directly linked to volume. You would probably need to sell $100 or more of products each month to hit that 80 volume requirement. There are also some products in the mix that don’t offer any qualifying volume at all, like the cookbooks.

Cookbooks and QV From Wakaya Perfection

There are other bonuses for sales too. You can get all the way up to 26% extra commission on sales (giving you an impressive 46% commission rate), but only if you progress all the way up through the ranks.

We’ll come back to ranks later. For now, it’s simply worth noting that ranks are directly related to team building. To get high commissions from your own sales, you would need to also build a large and successful team.

This is a frustrating design. It’s unusual to find an MLM that has such a strong link between team building and your commission from sales.

Make Money Building A Team

There’s no doubt that the Wakaya Perfection compensation plan is designed to promote recruitment. As a result, most of the income potential comes from getting other people to join and building a team.

When you do so, you start to make income from the sales that your team members make. These bonuses become larger as you progress through the company. Likewise, who you can earn from increases as well.

In practice, this ends up looking roughly like a pyramid, as you’re recruiting people, who recruit others, and so on. You then earn from different levels of that pyramid. For example, an ‘active’ member can earn 10% from the sales of people they recruit and 10% from the next generation down.

Team Commissions from Wakaya Perfection

While I’m not a fan of the style, I have to admit that the percentage of team commissions are high for Wakaya Perfection compared to most companies. The ability to earn 20% residual commission from your first and second level is pretty impressive.

This aspect creates the potential to earn from a fairly small team, rather than needing to build a large and comprehensive one.

In total, there are 10 different ranks to move through, going from Ambassador to Black Diamond. Each progressive rank earns more income from their team and has access to a larger range of bonuses. But, each rank also has extra requirements, which relate to sales and team structure.

For example, the requirements below are for the earliest six ranks (I’ve cut out the initial Ambassador rank, as that has no requirements). The ranks after Emerald have the most income potential and their requirements are even higher. The highest rank even requires 1,500,000 in group volume, which equates to more than $1.5 million in sales across your team, per month.

Different Rank Requirements From Wakaya Perfection

The basic principle is that your success is directly related to your team. So, the larger and more profitable your team is, the more money you will make. Doing this means progressing up the ranks and meeting those requirements along the way.

Wakaya Perfection also has bonuses. These offer extra chances to earn. I’m not going to talk about these in-depth. The general pattern is simply that as your rank and team income increase, you can earn more from bonuses.

Ongoing Costs

The marketing for Wakaya Perfection specifically states that there are no personal purchase requirements. This is true, but only if you can meet the ongoing sales requirements.

You need 80 in sales volume every month to stay active. You can still earn from personal sales without hitting this target, but you won’t get any commissions from your team. Once you hit the third team rank (Jade), the requirement jumps to 150 sales volume each month.

This requirement means that you’ll always need to make sales yourself, regardless of the team that you build.

Monthly targets like this are frustrating. Life is rarely predictable. You’re likely to find sales more difficult some months than others – especially if you face challenges in your personal life from time-to-time.

There may be the temptation to purchase products yourself to make sure you hit the activity goals each month. Doing so can get expensive quickly. It’s easy to see how you might end up spending more than you earn.

Can You Generate Reliable Income With Wakaya Perfection?

The Wakaya Perfection Review


Business Opportunity

Final Review

I have no doubt that earning with Wakaya Perfection is possible. While the products are expensive, there is a decent selection to choose from and many of them do look appealing.

The various bonuses also mean that if you can get far enough, the potential for income is high. Still, it’s critical to be realistic. It is difficult to find success with this model, especially as you have to heavily rely on other people.

You and your team are also still selling primarily to friends, family, and acquaintances, which does limit your audience. If nothing else, consider whether the product selection is a good fit for the people you know. For example, how much are people interested in their health? How many of them need to lose weight? Would they be interested in the idea of a ketosis diet?

I can easily imagine that some people would be passionate about the products sold through Wakaya Perfection. If you had that type of audience, your potential for income would be higher.

On the other hand, if the people you know are already healthy, don’t have much money, or are opposed to the idea of ketosis, many of the products from Wakaya Perfection just wouldn’t be relevant.

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