Can You Really Make Money With Zija?

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Zija Review

Company Name: Zija

Costs: $41.90

Rating: 23/100

Do I Recommend Zija?

Zija is yet another company with ‘amazing’ health and wellness products based on a random plant or tree. While the products are decent enough they’re not especially unique and the compensation plan is far too complex.

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But, can you really make money with Zija? In theory, I’m sure you could. Making a decent income from the company is an entirely different story and wouldn’t be realistic for most. Instead, it’s better to focus on an idea like affiliate marketing, which provides you with much more control.

What Products Does Zija Sell?

In general, Zija can be considered a health and wellness company. As a result, all of their products focus on ways to improve your health, as does the overall marketing.

Health, Wellness and Beauty

The idea is a popular one. Most people do want to live longer and companies like Zija can seem amazing because they promise just that. But, there is no shortage of different companies in the same field.

Zija breaks their product selection into four general areas, which you can see below. Two of these are types of supplements, while there are also personal care items and essential oils in the mix. None of the product areas are especially unusual but that won’t stop people from finding them appealing.


For example, the section on essential oils is about what you would expect, with some of the options being fairly common and others being less so.

Zija Essential Oils

Nevertheless, there are some more unusual areas that the company focuses on. One is the use of compounds from Moringa olefera leaves. This species is sometimes known as the drumstick tree or the horseradish tree and is promoted for a range of health benefits. For example, the protein powder products make use of protein from the plant, while hand cream from the company appears to use a different part of the plant.

Relying on compounds like this does help to set Zija apart. But, while Zija does talk about the benefits of the plant, the company doesn’t offer much evidence to support that claim.

Over the years, there have been countless different plants and herbs promoted for their ‘amazing impacts on health’, yet most fail to live up to the claims. For example, the company XanGo focuses on mangosteen as an ingredient, while Forever Living heavily promotes the benefits of aloe. So, while the plant may make Zija seem unique, it doesn’t necessarily improve the products.

Zija also promotes Moringa protein as being a complete source of protein, something that is relatively rare for plant-based protein. This seems to be the reason that the compound is used in their protein powder.

But, the idea is somewhat strange, because Moringa olefera isn’t the only source of protein in the products. Instead, some of the powders contain whey protein, while the plant-based alternative (below) has pea protein and rice protein as well. That makes the whole concept considerably less innovative.

Zija Shakes

Now, these various products may well be beneficial for health, of course. But, there’s nothing to indicate that they’re revolutionary. The main advantage simply seems to be the complete protein aspect. But, you can get something similar by combining multiple plant-based protein powders (or just using whey) and the company seems to do this anyway.

There are other products too but there isn’t much that makes them stand out. Instead, you end up with items that may improve health but probably aren’t much better than what other brands offer.

Pricing And Reviews

As a general rule, health products from any MLM will be more expensive than from a regular store. This is partly because the company has to pay commissions on sales. That pattern is true here as well and many of the items are fairly pricey.

For example, their protein powders cost more than $100 for a 32 serving bag. In contrast, you could find a 30-serving container of protein powder at the grocery store for perhaps $20 – $40. Now, there are some things that make Zija’s version different but still, this is a considerable amount to pay for protein powder.

Whey Shakes

The same pattern is true for other products too, such as tea that costs $49 for 30 bags or an 8oz tube of citrus conditioner that costs $32. These prices might be okay if the products were amazing but there isn’t much evidence to support this. In fact, some of the items don’t seem all that different than other items you find on the market.

So, there is nothing particularly radical about the products. But, how are they received? Well, some of them do get surprisingly good reviews on Amazon, with customers suggesting that they do work as advertised – to some degree at least.

Zija Tea

Zija Reviews

Of course, these reviews will be biased to a degree. This will include some reviews from distributors, while many customers may get fooled by the placebo effect. Likewise, the majority of people who buy the items will do so through distributors, not Amazon.

Even with those limitations, the reviews are more positive than I would expect. So, at least some legitimate customers are happy with their purchases, which is positive if you’re trying to sell them.

Making Money With Health And Beauty

The products from Zija may get decent reviews but they’re not that unique and they exist within a crowded market. Realistically, health and beauty are one of the most common fields for MLMs to tackle and that doesn’t even count all the other types of businesses that sell this type of product.

But, if you are passionate about this field, why limit yourself to one company and a narrow selection of products?

Instead, you could build your own website and promote products from many different companies at once. For example, there are affiliate programs for essential oils and for yoga, either of which strongly ties into this field. There are other examples too, including the potential to promote almost any type of product that you can think of.

Is Zija A Good Business Opportunity?

The products from Zija may not be amazing but they seem to be decent enough for people that can afford the price. So, you probably could sell them successfully if you were passionate about the products. This brings us to the next part of the discussion, the opportunity itself.

Zija operates through a structure known as MLM, which stands for multi-level marketing. The company recruits people as distributors and then gives them the ability to make money in two main ways. The first is to simply make sales and the other is to grow a team.

In many cases, you simply have to get people to order, and then you earn a percentage of their total. But, Zija doesn’t operate like that. Instead, you have to purchase the products first (at wholesale) and then sell them to customers.

is wealthy affiliate a scam or can i actually make a living as an affiliate marketer online

Personally, I hate that type of system. Sure, it can work in theory and the principle is the same as what regular store and Amazon FBA sellers use. But, having to buy items first makes it easier to lose money. For one thing, you have to try and guess what is going to sell. Doing that successfully involves a fairly steep learning curve.

The company estimates that you earn around 20% profit from doing so – assuming you don’t end up discounting your product simply to sell it. That percentage is on the low side, and some MLMs will offer 30% or more in commission (without requiring you to buy the products first).

Of course, selling retail isn’t the main part of the plan. If you want to make a significant income, then you need to get involved in the team-building aspect. This means that you’re recruiting others and getting them to do the same. Along the way, both you and your team members are promoting sales.

This results in a structure that looks like the image below. The idea is that the more you grow your team, the greater your income and your bonuses.

Binary Structure

Notice the two legs? This is a common trick among MLMs. It means you need to separate out the people you recruit into two teams. Your bonuses are then tied into how these teams perform compared to one another.

In particular, you get paid based on how much the lesser of the two teams achieves. So, if you have one that performs well and one that doesn’t – then you don’t end up earning much at all.

This is the most simple level of the plan and basically refers to one type of bonus. But, it does get more complicated as you go along. For example, the company uses multiple legs within your tree, each of which can have different generations. Under this aspect, each leg is a person that you’ve individually recruited and you can go as wide as you like.

Pyramid Structure

But, the real income comes from the generations. The person you recruit is the first generation, the person they recruit is the second generation and so on. As you progress through the company, you have the ability to earn a commission from more and more generations, while the percentage you earn increases as well.

It sounds amazing and if you could build a large enough team, the income potential would be extremely high. But, actually doing so is another matter.

You also have to progress through ranks within Zija to increase your income potential. Doing this involves having a specific team structure and getting some of your team members to increase in rank as well.

Finding Success With Zija

The MLM model spurs a wide range of views and emotions. Some people love the idea and think it’s exceptionally powerful, while others (like myself) are much warier. In theory, it is entirely possible to make money through Zija – some people probably already are.

For that matter, there will be some success stories for most MLMs out there, including individuals who may make a significant amount of money. But, doing so isn’t as easy as the company implies.

Unless you’re happy making a relatively small amount of money, the model forces you to get involved with recruitment. And honestly, that’s a tough process, especially as you’re doing so face-to-face. I don’t know about you, but I hate the idea of trying to get my friends and family to join anything.

To really be successful, you have to get a large enough team, make sales, and progress through the ranks. Some people manage this but you need to be passionate, good at sales, and have the ability to find new social connections. After all, the larger your team gets, the further afield you’ll have to look for new customers.

While doing this, you’re also promoting products that aren’t especially unique and are fairly expensive. That’s going to make success more difficult still. Sure, it’s possible. But, the odds aren’t great. If nothing else, be sure you know exactly what you’re getting into first.

Can You Generate Reliable Income With Zija?

The Zija Review


Business Opportunity


Ziji operates in a saturated industry with average products. But, the worst part is that you have to buy the products and then sell them. Give this one a miss. If you want to make money selling health products – there are many better options out there.

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What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I have to be honest though. I’m not a big fan of MLM. Tried it. Hated it.

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