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If you have been following my reviews lately, you may notice that I have been discovering a lot of websites that I was previously unaware of. Most of these sites are sites that will pay freelance writers to write content for them, and some have ended up being better than others.

But even I have heard of this one! The real question, though, is this… can you really make money writing for Listverse?

This is what I wanted to find out, so I did some research.

Here is what you need to know.

    Making Money Writing For Listverse

    Why do I care if I can make money writing for a website like this? That is actually a very good question… and before we move on, I would like to answer it.

    I love side hustles… mostly because I love making extra money.

    And to be super honest, I am currently in the middle of a test, to see if I can build an actual, profitable side-hustle by writing for websites like Listverse.

    Unknown to many people, websites like will pay freelancers for quality content. Obviously, the writers have to pitch the content to the site, and obviously, the website in-question needs to accept the submission before any money changes hands.

    But the good thing about this side-hustle idea is that it pays far more than non-skilled work does. In other words, you can make a lot more money writing articles than you can taking surveys.

    The downside, of course, is that this isn’t for everyone. You need to be a writer with at least some kind of talent, skill, and/or experience before you can hope to earn money freelancing.

    But the good news is that there is plenty of work out there. Even if you don’t get rich or make ‘big bank,’ you can still earn some sweet cash and get ahead a bit.

    And that is what side hustles are all about, right?

    But is a good choice if you are wanting to do some freelancing? That is probably the biggest question, as no two websites are created completely equal. I’ve looked at some that were better than others and some that were just not worth the time (like Tutorial Board).

    I was actually already familiar with Listverse before even starting this review, so I already knew a bit about it—which gave me a bit of an advantage on this one.

    The Basics: What Is Listverse?

    Listverse is basically an entertainment website that posts ‘top 10 list’ articles. That’s it. That pretty much covers everything they do. In fact, if you want to hear a bit more about what they say about their website, here is the ‘about us’ page.

    The content on Listverse is anything but ‘ordinary.’ They post top 10 list articles about all kinds of things—ranging from scientific, to entertainment-related, to topics in the lifestyle category, to things that are even ‘bizarre.’

    SItes like this can be quite popular. Another example is 5 Best Things. Sites like College Humor and Cracked often post list content too.

    A quick look at their home page will show you just how varied and diverse their topics can be.

    But what about the quality of the articles themselves? Is the content fun to read? Is it well-written? Will writers have to bring their A-game when they write for Listverse?

    Here are some answers.

    The Quality Of The Content On

    The quality of content on the site is actually pretty good. I mean, the articles can range from a bit ‘typical’ to ‘really random and bizarre,’ but even so, there are apparently a lot of good writers who submit content to this site.

    I actually really enjoy reading articles on Listverse. And one of the more awesome things about this site is that there is always something unusual or unexpected to read.

    Finding content that you may like is pretty easy too. There are drop down menus to help you search for the style of content that you might like, as well as a search bar to help you search for more specific topics.

    I feel like any writers submitting content to this site would really need to have an imagination. They would also need to have a pretty thorough understanding of their topic.

    I mean… the average Joe writer will probably not be able to definitively choose their ‘top 10’ of anything… except for maybe movies or songs, unless they really have a pretty in-depth knowledge of a topic.

    For that reason, I could definitely see how writing for this site could require quite a bit of research. But then again, that is not a bad thing at all.

    In fact, most good articles and pieces will require some research… so this is kind of a part of the game that writers should expect to encounter.

    Writing For

    But what about actually writing for the site? What do they pay, and what are their writing guidelines?

    This information was pretty easy to find, as there was a link in the footer to the page that dealt with such questions. Here is a screen shot of what we found when we got there.

    Write For Listverse

    I was surprised to find that is actually a pretty easy site to write for, all things considered. Here is a list of the most important facts that I learned while reading through their guidelines.

    • They pay $100 per article
    • You need to have English skills equal to that of a native speaker
    • They pay via PayPal
    • You should try to write one or two paragraphs per item on your list
    • You are NOT required to supply photos or videos with your lists, which is pretty awesome
    • As for a word count, they say that lists should be roughly 1,800 words
    • You also need to have a quality online source to verify each fact in your list
    • There is also an online author’s guide that you can look at to figure out how best to format and write your article

    There is a bit more information on this page that could potentially help you to figure out how best to format and write your list article, but it would be best if you just visited the site to read up on this, as it does get a bit technical.

    But yeah. This is what I learned, and I must admit that I liked what I was seeing.

    My Personal Feelings About Writing For

    I actually really liked the looks of the writer’s submission guidelines on this site. I am not a ‘picky’ writer by any means, as I generally take what I can get (or at least, take what will make me the most money!). But I can definitely say that Listverse has more than a few good things going for it.

    • They pay pretty well (maybe not as well as some sites that I’ve looked at, but better than average)
    • Their guidelines are easy to understand and very reasonable
    • Their site would actually be pretty fun to write for
    • They pay via PayPal, which is super easy
    • It also sounds like they get back to you whether or not they actually end up publishing your list, which is nice

    On the downside, obviously, if your writing does not at least meet the minimum quality requirements of the site, you will not get accepted… though, from the sound of it, they are pretty understanding when this happens and give you a chance to ‘adjust’ things before turning it in again.

    You will probably find that it is difficult to make writing for just one website a good side hustle. So as with any website on my list (I will be compiling a list of good websites to write for), I would always advocate that you do not put all of your eggs in one basket.

    Rather, it is better to make a list of sites that you may want to pitch to and then rotate… as these things not only take time, but are also pretty competitive.

    A lot of writers jump at the opportunity to write content for sites that pay… so it is in your best interest, most of the time, to write for at least half-a-dozen sites once you get going, if not more… depending on how much you actually want to make.

    Of course, it is important to remember that you will not get rich writing for websites like this. But also, that does not mean that you won’t make some pretty good money either. You just have to commit to it, keep trying, and not get too dejected if you get something turned down the first, second, or even third time around.

    Thoughts About Writing For

    Should you try to write for them to make a bit of extra money?

    There are a lot of ways to make money online. Some are good, some not, but ALL of them are still just trading hours for dollars.

    Starting your own affiliate website really is the best way to build passive income and “make money while you sleep”. Affiliate websites earn income in every timezone, and can be instantly accessed by billions of smartphones across the globe!

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