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I found this website while looking for some different sites that pay freelance writers for articles. This site claims that they pay for tutorials; but beyond that, I wasn’t quite sure what they were all about.

I took a look at them, and found out that they actually claim to pay out quite a bit—so I decided that they might be worth a try. Can you really make money writing for

Here is what I discovered.

    Making Money Writing For

    The first thing we need to talk about is itself. What is the site and how does it work?, at first, looks like a weird website. There isn’t much to be seen on the main home page. In fact, it looks almost empty at first glance.

    There are what seem to be buttons that you can click on to take you to recently-written tutorials, and there is a navigation button at the top of the landing page.

    Clicking on this navigation bar opens up a menu on the right side of the screen. The menu options that you have access to here include…

    • Home
    • Word Cookies Answers
    • Word Cookies Cross
    • Cookie Clicker Cheats
    • Cookie Clicker Achievements
    • Contact Us

    First of all, I had never heard of Word Cookie before… so I had no idea what that was. But it seemed to be an essential part of what this site was all about, so I decided to do a Google search about it.

    I found out that Word Cookies is a computer game that is available on both the Google Play store and the iTunes library. I am not totally sure what the game is about, but it seems to be a game with puzzles, where you unscramble words and stuff like that.

    I realized that there are a lot of websites dedicated to this game, which seems weird to me—but hey, some apps have a super-huge following, so I guess this just happens to be one of them.

    But is all about Word Cookies, or is there more to the site than that?

    I decided to do some looking around to figure this out.

    Does Publish Content NOT Related To Word Cookies?

    I took a look around, and actually had a hard time finding anything on the site not related to the Word Cookies app. I did find the ‘write for us’ page, but that was only because it was linked-to on another site and I followed the link. Here is what it looked like.

    Tutorial Board Submission Guidelines

    I am going to say that this was starting to seem a bit ‘weird’ to me. was supposedly a website that would pay freelance writers to write tutorials for them. And you can find the page for this here:

    On this page, they mention writers pitching tutorials for programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Autodesk Maya, and other types of software like this. And yet, the only thing I really found on the site were tutorials dedicated to the game Word Cookies.

    This was definitely shaping up as even more weird to me at this point, so I decided to do a bit more research. The website has some pretty common-sense guidelines for pitching content on their site, and say that they pay up to $150 for tutorials.

    But despite the seeming ‘normalcy’ of this page, I was starting to get a little bit suspicious. Why would they offer to pay so much for tutorials for key software options like Adobe Photoshop, but then only post tutorials for a puzzle game/app on their website?

    I decided to do a Google search to see if I could learn the answer to this question.

    I Dig A Bit Deeper Looking At

    First of all, a search only revealed a few things. Mostly, all I got in reference to my search were some web pages that seemed dedicated to helping freelance writers find work. All of them consisted of about one paragraph, and all they did was take their content directly from the website.

    I understand that websites don’t always have time to research these types of opportunities in-depth, but I also know that far too many don’t look into these types of things closely enough… and that is why I write reviews for websites like this.

    The internet is full of information on almost everything. And yet, it can be almost impossible for real writers to research information about websites like Obviously, you never know for sure about a site until you try it.

    But at the same time, sending in a pitch to a site like this is a little bit of a risk. Yes, you need to incur some risk when you pitch in the sense that you are risking the time you put into the pitch, but it is also a good idea to make sure that you know as much as you can figure out about the site before you pitch to it as well. And that is what I am doing.

    I am trying to educate myself about sites like this so that I can spend my time pitching to the sites that have the best reputation. That way, I can efficiently and logically choose where I want to pitch, and can do so with an informed plan, to give me the best odds of success.

    Freelance writing can be a very profitable side-hustle, but it isn’t going to earn you any money if you never pitch good websites.

    With that being said, I didn’t find anything super important about from my Google search. I did, however, find something interesting when I took a closer look at the website.

    Check this out.

    Taking A Closer Look At Submissions To

    Upon closer inspection of the ‘write for us’ page, I was surprised to come to the realization that there was no way to submit your tutorial anyway! There is no submission form, there is no email address… nothing!

    So I took a closer look at the ‘Contact Us’ page as well, just to see what I could find there… and once again, nothing! They say that there is a contact form beneath the paragraph of content there, but when you go to the screen—there is actually nothing to see except a ‘leave a comment’ button near the bottom.

    Contact Form Tutorial Board

    You can’t see it in the screenshot, but there is a ‘Leave A Comment’ button further down below. I was using Google Chrome as a browser, so I am not completely sure if that had anything to do with it—but yeah, I never saw a form or anything pop up. Also, when I clicked on ‘Leave A Comment,’ nothing ever happened.

    I also noticed that there were large spaces, seemingly left for advertisements, that were not filled with anything. This made me wonder if the site might actually be really old and kind of a ‘dead zone,’ so I checked out some of the tutorials for the app game that were posted, to see if there were dates on them.

    Sure enough, there was one that was less than a month old—which really added to the mystery of this site for me! Why did this site do things this way?

    Did they just never update their ‘write for us’ page? There wasn’t any obvious way to find it on their site without finding it linked-to on an external site… so maybe it was supposed to be invisible, but they didn’t format it right? Maybe they planned to remove it but never did it correctly?

    My Personal Feelings About Writing For

    To be quite honest, I am not totally sure what this site is actually doing. They don’t seem to be acting in a very consistent manner when you compare their ‘write for us’ page with their landing page… and to be super honest, I think that there was a change in the program at some point and they just failed to change their entire site to reflect it.

    I feel like the lack of a submission form, or email address, makes this site a bad site to pitch to. Plus, it seems pretty obvious that either…

    1. Nobody is pitching anything but Word Cookies tutorials to them, or…
    2. They are not accepting submissions of anything BUT Word Cookies Tutorials

    I personally feel like freelance writing is a great side-hustle. But with that being said, I will not be pitching to this site—just because I don’t get the feeling that it is going to pan out. The evidence seems to suggest that writing the tutorial would be a big waste of time, especially in the absence of a way to submit it.

    So yeah. There are much better sites to pitch to out there, and there are definitely better side hustle ideas to pursue!

    If you’re specifically looking to write tutorials, the site is a much better choice. That site is packed full of tutorials and seems to actually pay writers.

    Our Final Opinion About

    Should you pitch to them and try to make some extra money as a freelance writer?

    There are a lot of ways to make money online. Some are good, some not, but ALL of them are still just trading hours for dollars.

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