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As a fiction genre, writers often overlook dirty stories. The topic remains somewhat taboo, even in the modern day. Yet, there is high demand for this type of story and many writers are making a decent income in the field.

This means that you can get paid to write dirty stories as well, even if you’re inexperienced at doing so.

Even from my own website, I can see that some of my most popular posts have to do with fetishes, sex work, and other explicit topics. There’s a huge interest in this area, and if you can capture that interest, you can make money.

Is the space crowded? For sure. The fact that people are still producing content like dirty stories just means people are making money, and there’s no reason you can’t jump in and get a piece for yourself as well.


  • How To Get Paid To Write Erotica For Websites, Magazines Or Competitions
    • Guest Post On Erotica Blogs & Websites
  • Start Your Own Erotica Website
  • Publishing Your Own Book Of Sex Stories & Fetishes
    • Publishing Short Stories
  • Finding Success Writing Dirty Stories
  • Are There Any Erotic Writing Jobs Out There?
  • Final Thoughts

How To Get Paid To Write Erotica For Websites, Magazines Or Competitions

One of the most common ways to get paid for any type of fiction writing is to submit your work – often in the form of a short story or novella. This means you don’t have to create a full book or a collection of stories. Instead, you can write individual short stories and try to earn money from them.

The difference in time alone makes this a powerful starting point. Plus, submitting individual stories gives you a better idea of what people like and what they don’t.

However, dirty stories, more formally known as erotica, is a slightly unusual genre, so it also comes with its own kinks…ehemquirks.

For one thing, you have to think about the type of dirty story you want to write. In particular, some writers focus on explicit content, which puts them into the category of erotica (think 50 Shades of Grey as an example). Others will tend to write pieces that are suggestive but not explicit.

The difference is important, as each style has its own audience. Erotica is more controversial and there are more limitations on where you can publish it. For example, most sites will refuse all erotica, even if they accept every other genre. Some places will refuse suggestive content too – but not as many.

Despite this, the demand for erotica for both men and women is pretty high. Over the past couple of years, this blog post has gotten a lot of action. Have you had enough puns yet?

In either case, you are best to focus on sites that specifically want erotic content.

The site Duotrope can be a useful option for finding publishers that you can target. This includes the ability to search by categories, genre, style and length, along with filtering by which publishers will pay for your work. Duotrope is a membership site, so you have to pay to use their services, although there is a free trial. It is also frequently recommended and also offers tools to help you submit work and keep track of your submissions.

There is also a site called Erotica Readers and Writers Association, which offers information for writers, including details on sites that will accept fiction. The focus here is on erotica specifically, so it may not be viable if you want to write suggestive dirty stories instead.

If you want to find people who will pay for your writing, those two sites are the best places to start. They are both comprehensive and update their information regularly.

Guest Post On Erotica Blogs & Websites

It’s no secret that adult content is widely distributed on the internet, but not all of it is video pornography (risky click – I know. It’s just an article here on this website, and there are no dirty pictures)!

There’s plenty of written adult content as well. Some erotic literature websites are just individual submissions from readers and amateurs, while others may be book review blogs. If you’re a good writer and do a couple of free submissions to start, you may be able to start charging a small fee for articles you submit to these individual sites.

It’s actually pretty easy to make money writing erotica for a website, and there are many ways to monetize website traffic, no matter what topic you write about.

Start Your Own Erotica Website

Starting your own erotica-themed website and making money from it is easier than you think. Building a website takes only a few seconds, since modern websites builders don’t require knowledge of any code.

As a writer, you might be familiar with WordPress. Though 20 years ago it was known as a “blogger” platform, these days, you can use it to grow a six-figure business just by selling ad space and adding affiliate links.

There are plenty of ways to make money from an erotica-themed website, even if you never post a single nude picture or video!

You can actually use keyword research to discover what people are searching for. Though I allude to sex a lot in this post as being synonymous with erotica, the genre is actually much larger than that. There are all kinds of niche topics out there that people enjoy reading about. By building a website about your specific interests, you can essentially become a hub of information for everyone else interested in that topic.

You can monetize the site with display ads like Adsense, or you could sign up for adult affiliate networks like CrakRevenue and promote products or services for a commission. There are tons of companies out there that want to advertise their services.

Publishing Your Own Book Of Sex Stories & Fetishes

Another option is to self-publish your work, probably as an eBook. These days, eBooks are immensely popular, letting people carry their literature with them. Has there ever been another time in history where you could have several dozen books in your pocket at a time?

eBooks are particularly relevant for dirty stories. Many people don’t like admitting they read this type of writing and digital versions are much easier to hide. You can also create a novel or a collection of dirty stories, depending on your preference.

Books and stories in this genre are often on the short side too. This is another reason for going the eBook route rather than trying to create physical versions.

Besides all of that, eBook publishing makes financial sense. With services like Publish to Kindle from Amazon, you can publish your own digital version of a book with relatively little effort. You do have to pay them commissions but you’re still earning as much as 70% of your sales. That’s impressive, especially as you’re not paying to upload the book initially.

There are many other services that work in a similar way. You might sell the same book in multiple places or get a higher commission rate by making it exclusive to a single service.

Once your book is published, you’re competing against a large range of other eBooks. But, you can improve your odds. Having a good cover design is a key first step. You should also be sure that all your spelling and grammar is correct.

You can promote the book in various ways too, including using your own social media accounts. If that’s too personal, you could have a separate profile for you as an author (perhaps under a pseudonym). You could also build your own website and promote your writing that way.

You should also consider pricing. As a general rule, eBooks in this genre tend to be relatively inexpensive – often $0.99 or $1.99. This price point is appealing because many of the books are relatively short and fast to read, especially as the emphasis is on sensuality, not on the depth of plot (there are exceptions, of course).

This pattern also means that dirty eBooks often sell quickly. And, if readers like one of your books, they’ll probably buy any others that you create.

You don’t have to keep to those price points either. Many people find that they can charge more as they start to get popular. Successful authors will often get $3.99 to $5.99 per book, even for relatively short ones.

Publishing Short Stories

On a side note, you don’t actually have to publish full books either. Many people choose to publish short stories instead, often charging as much as $2.99 for them. This is for single short stories not compilations and the stories can be around 3,000 to 5,000 words or so.

Stories like this are a great way to test the waters and to develop an audience. After all, many authors could write at least one such story each week without too many problems.

For example, one writer on Amazon aimed to publish 100 short stories in the space of 12 months and was able to make a considerable amount of income doing so. Even if you want to write novels eventually, short stories can be a good place to start.

Finding Success Writing Dirty Stories

Finding success with any type of fiction writing takes time and effort. Realistically, there are many authors out there, so breaking into the field isn’t easy.

If you’re planning to submit stories, this may mean you have to approach many different sites and companies. You’ll probably get rejected often as well. If you’re going to publish, then you may have to write multiple books before you see any traction.

One key approach is simply to make your writing stand out. For example, if you’re writing about a common theme or storyline, make sure you add your own twist.

screenshot of books from the comedy erotica fiction genreIll bet you didnt know that gay dinosaurs was a genre of books Chuck Tingle has single handedly developed this comedy gold and is profiting wildly from it

Focusing on quality is also important. This is true for every genre, of course., but, dirty stories frequently focus on the sensational, to the point that their storytelling may barely make sense. If you can create something that would be considered high-quality in any genre, then you may be able to stand out in the market.

If you find a niche you like, keep in mind that your first book published probably won’t be a home run. 88% of authors making $100k/year had been publishing books for more than 3 years. (Side note, that’s a must-read article with statistics from successful self-published authors, like the fact that 100k-ers have professional editors and have professional book covers designed for each book)

This genre sells fast on Amazon and most readers expect relatively short novels (eBooks are often around 200 to 300 pages). Some estimates suggest that erotica is the fastest selling genre on Amazon.

romance and erotica top selling genres on amazon

This also means that being a prolific writer can help you find success. For example, you might publish a book every few months or short stories more often than that. Plus, publishing on Amazon or similar sites is easy and inexpensive, so why not give it a go?

One other approach is to tie your stories into one another. Some of the most successful authors in this field may have dozens of books and short stories, all set in the same universe. Some of the stories may be directly related to one another, while others may be barely related at all.

The style means that readers have somewhere to go if they didn’t want a story to end. The idea also works well for writers, as some of the foundations for your story are already present before you begin.

Are There Any Erotic Writing Jobs Out There?

Despite the great demand for stories about sex, there just simply aren’t a lot of sex story writer gigs available. My guess is that it’s just the typical story of supply and demand. There are a lot of people who enjoy writing about this topic, so the supply of writers keeps the cost of writing down.

There are some avenues for you to find erotic writing jobs though, namely through online gigs. If a website owner needs some erotic stories written, they’ll probably post their job to an online job board, like this one on

Other places to try are and

If you want to get paid now, then the first thing I’d do would be to create a profile on those freelancing sites and keep an eye out for jobs that pop up. Both short term and long term writing gigs are available.

In the meantime, the best approach is to start start building out your profile of published work by either submitting stories to other websites for free, or, a better option in my opinion, is to start publishing these stories on your own website so you have a proper portfolio to present when relevant jobs come up.

Final Thoughts

As with most genres of writing, there is income in self-publishing as long as you can get enough sales. This is particularly true if you are focusing on erotic dirty stories, simply because of the demand. Nevertheless, if you can find some good sites that focus on this field, you may be able to make some money from submissions as well.

Either way, income potential certainly exists and the demand is surprisingly high. After all, we all know that sex sells and that’s true for fiction writing as well.

As a writer, you have an in-demand talent. Words are the lifeblood of the internet. I’m busy writing every day, but I don’t just do it for fun. I do it to make money.

If you’re truly interested in writing dirty stories, you could find a cool niche writing about adult industry topics. Sex, love, relationships – they are all topics people search for online, and you can make good money writing about that stuff. Learn how to do what I do, and start making money with your writing!

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. I started my first online business in 2010 promoting computer software and now I help newbies start their own businesses. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!


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