How I Earn $90,000 Per Year From Everyday Affiliate Products

is wealthy affiliate a scam or can i actually make a six figure income online as an affiliate marketer

There’s always a lot of chatter about high ticket affiliate programs and how they can earn a lot of money for affiliates. While that may be true, very often it leaves out the other side of the equation: The buyer. So what you end up with is a bunch of low quality affiliates spamming their affiliate links for high ticket programs through email and social media.

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While earning $1,000 or $10,000 per sale is definitely exciting, there’s not a whole lot of people who can do that in a consistent way since most high ticket programs are scams. People will cycle through these programs each year, promoting one until it goes defunct, then picking a new scheme to promote the following year. After 10 years in the affiliate marketing business, I’ve seen this happen many times over.

The good news however is that you can earn really good affiliate income even if you promote products which earn you small commissions.

  • Earning Consistent, Reliable, Small Commissions
  • Diversification Of Small Commissions
  • My Strategy For Earning Affiliate Commissions
  • Adsense Is The Smallest Earnings of Them All
  • Final Tally Of Earnings From Small Commissions

Earning Consistent, Reliable, Small Commissions

I promote a wide variety of products on my affiliate websites, including one program which only earns $4 per sale! For most people, if you saw $4 laying in the road you probably wouldn’t pick it up. It could be small tip for your lunch at a restaurant. It’s not something most people would get excited about.

flexoffers affiliate commissions

However, making just 11 sales per day adds up to $44 per day in affiliate commissions. Multiply that by 365 days per year (because your blog is operating every day, rain or shine), and that adds up to $16,060 per year. This is still not a full time income, and if I told someone that I earned $16k/year from my websites, most people wouldn’t think too much of it.

OK, that’s nice, but it’s just a side hustle! You can’t live off of that, at least not in the USA.

However, that leaves out the fact that your website is likely to grow, and you’ll naturally start adding other methods of monetization as you gain authority, rankings, and generate more ideas for product reviews.

Diversification Of Small Commissions

Affiliate marketers threw themselves a pity party in 2020 when Amazon cut their commission rates. I agree. It sucks. However, even though most product categories are now paying just 1%-4% now, you can still earn good money with small earnings. I promote a variety of products across multiple categories.

Even though I only earn a few dollars per sale, and do not have amazing conversion rates, I’m still able to pull in over $10,000+ per year in Amazon affiliate commissions paying in a 3% commission category.

Amazon Commissions 2020

Are you keeping track? So far that’s $26,000+ in affiliate commissions per year from tiny sales numbers.

There are many opportunity to earn money from a website that has traffic. With this same website, I’ve also worked out a premium placement deal with one affiliate company, and they have agreed to pay $500/month for this placement.

Again, $500/month alone isn’t a full time income, or really much to brag about. However, over the course of a year that’s $6,000 in affiliate commissions. We’re now up to $32k per year.

500 invoice

Here’s one more example, and another good reason why you should really try to find recurring affiliate programs, no matter what niche you’re in. The affiliate program below pays about $8 per sale, then about $9 recurring (the exact percentage depends on what’s ordered on the website).

It’s really interesting to see how $400 in sales can result in $1000 recurring fees. The screenshot below is from July 2020, so that’s about 1/2 a year earnings, so we’ll call that $3,000 for the year.

Total earnings from “small” commissions are now up to $35k/year

recurring subscriptions impact

My Strategy For Earning Affiliate Commissions

The process of how I actually earn this money is very simple.

  1. Write Product Reviews
  2. Write Supporting Content
  3. Write Listicles

I won’t get into the exact process of affiliate marketing here, but in general, those are the three types of posts I publish. Of course, the reviews convert the best, but it’s very difficult to guarantee that you can rank #1 for any particular product review.

That’s why I always write some “supplemental” content, which supports the initial products review. The relevant content and internal linking may help the product review rank, but the main reason I do that is to create a sort of mini funnel effect. People land on the informational pages, then click through to the product review. This is essentially driving relevant traffic to my money page.

On top of that, listicles are great too. They also have the effect of being a funnel to your money page, but they are very good for promoting on social media, and the format is very simple to outsource. The format is simple:

  1. Pinterest Image
  2. Introduction
  3. Bullet List
  4. Items 1-10

Since each item on the list will be just 100-200 words, writing listicles is very simple, and involves minimal research.

I use the Taqyeem plugin for the product review pages (top of page), but other than that, I don’t have any special secrets to getting clicks and sales. Perhaps I could actually refine my process and get better earnings than I’m getting right now!

Adsense Is The Smallest Earnings of Them All

I was really anti-Adsense for many years, but I’ve since come around. For content which is difficult to monetize, or for people who just want a hands-off approach to earning money from their website, Adsense is a great choice. Even better, an ad network like AdThrive or Mediavine and earn a really good amount of money if you have enough traffic.

Traffic in the thousands of visitors per day may not happen in the first year of business, but long term, as you grow to become an expert in your niche, it’s absolutely an “easy” thing to do within 2-3 years. Even longer, in the 5-10 year range, if you are really dedicated to your niche, I would say it’s nearly guaranteed.

mediavine earnings June 2020

My earnings for June 2020 from ads alone, on a single website getting around 6,000 visits per day was $4,611. That’s $55,332 per year in earnings, and I don’t even have to “sell” anything at all. The social media presence of this particular niche is is not very strong, and I don’t have an email list or any other marketing avenues other than organic search.

Doubling down on social media and email would of course increase traffic, and therefore revenue.

Final Tally Of Earnings From Small Commissions

So $55k + $35k per year is a total of $90,000 per year in earnings from small commissions. Pretty amazing right? That’s almost a six figure income, and I didn’t have to sell a six figure scam to my friends on Facebook!

This is not a super-secret niche with super expensive products. It’s stuff that your mom would buy. It’s stuff your grandparents could understand. It’s things that people toss in their cart on Amazon and don’t think twice about it.

I didn’t have a master plan, or have some kind of unique angle that cannot be replicated. In fact, success certainly didn’t happen over night.

June 2020 Traffic

Earning excellent money online with a simple affiliate website and not a whole lot of advanced strategy or tactics is absolutely possible for anyone willing to put in the time. Even pennies add up. If you’d like to learn how to do what I do, and get my personal 1-on-1 coaching while you do it, then you should absolutely consider joining this affiliate training program.

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!


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