Media Temple Review: Great WordPress Hosting For Your Small Business?


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Media Temple has a long track record of providing exceptional customer support. Learn more about this business-oriented hosting company.

  • About Media Temple
  • What Makes Media Temple Unique?
  • Media Temple Online Reputation
  • Grid Shared Hosting (From $20/mo.)
  • Managed WordPress Hosting (From $20/mo.)
  • VPS Hosting (From $30/mo.)
  • Fully Managed VPS (From $55/mo.)
  • Virb Website Builder ($10/mo.)
  • Media Temple Customer Service Review
  • Who is the Ideal Customer for Media Temple?
  • Media Temple Final Review

About Media Temple

Founded in 1998, Media Temple offers website hosting for entrepreneurs, bloggers, businesses, and developers. At first glance, Media Temple looks a little expensive, but their fully managed WordPress hosting offers some outstanding value at just $20 per month. Many other hosting companies charge double that price for managed hosting, which is why Media Temple is worth a closer look.

Media Temple is a professional hosting company that can count thousands of big brand businesses as customers. One distinct advantage of hosting your website with Media Temple is the dedication to detail. With the managed hosting plans, everything is taken care of for you.

With over 1.3 million websites hosted in over 100 countries, Media Temple has simplified website hosting. This makes Media Temple attractive to both businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

What Makes Media Temple Unique?

Media Temple offers personalized services, as they work with big brand clients daily. They have a powerful server network and clever hosting solutions backed by excellent 24/7 support.

The WordPress hosting offered by Media Temple has several unique features that are perfect for online business owners that are new to WordPress. The WordPress hosting plan is specially optimized and comes with Easy Mode, which allows you to have a powerful WordPress blog live in under one hour.

Shared hosting utilizes Grid, which is a unique feature normally found with more expensive enterprise hosting plans. The Grid uses multiple geographic servers to store your website, so your website is stored on dozens of servers worldwide. If one server goes down, your website will not go offline, as other servers on the network take over. Your web pages also load extremely quickly wherever your visitors are located.

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Managed WordPress hosting plans offer the best value compared to other hosting solutions from Media Temple.

Another company that offers a unique way to keep your website online is DreamHost. They just have one shared hosting plan, and can accommodate for traffic fluctuations based on your own needs rather than charging extra.

Media Temple Online Reputation

Media Temple has a great online reputation, with online reviews that rarely score below 80%. The only place they lose points is “value”, as they are a little more expensive than other hosts, but you are paying for reliability and a quality reputation. Of the various plans on offer, the basic managed WordPress hosting provides the best value.

PC Mag and both gave Media Temple a score of 4 out of 5-stars. Media Temple consistently scores high for both features, reliability, and support. Customer reviews often list the quality support as one of the company’s best features.

Grid Shared Hosting (From $20/mo.)

Grid Hosting utilizes a global server network, where your websites are stored on multiple geographic servers. With grid hosting, if one server goes down your website will not be affected as other servers in the network will take over and deliver your website. Another advantage is that your web pages will load equally fast, wherever in the world your visitors are.

The Grid Hosting network comes with a simple, but highly effective control panel. You will have single click control over your website and installations. Installing WordPress is simple and requires just one mouse click. You can also carry out functions over multiple websites with a single click.

All hosting comes with advanced security features that include Malware scans. There is also a 30-day backup and restore, where you can access daily backups of your website for up to 30-days.

  • Basic ($20/mo.) 100 Websites, 20GB SSD Storage, 100 Database, 1TB Bandwidth
  • Pro ($30/mo.) 500 Websites, 100GB SSD Storage, 500 Database, 5TB Bandwidth, 5 Website Content Delivery, 1 Sites Malware and Firewall
  • Elite ($60/mo.) 500 Websites, 250GB SSD Storage, 500 Database, 5TB Bandwidth, 1 Website Content Delivery, 5 Sites Malware and Firewall

Managed WordPress Hosting (From $20/mo.)

If you want to concentrate on your website content and not your server, fully managed WordPress hosting lets the experts look at the technical, while you focus on your content and marketing. All hosting comes with free website transfers and setup. Security and plugin updates are automatically taken care of, along with enhanced security monitoring and access to daily backups for up to 30-days.

One feature that will be of use to those new to WordPress is “Easy” mode. This will let you simply edit WordPress templates using a simple drag-and-drop interface, as you would find with a website builder. WordPress “Easy” mode will let you have a professional looking WordPress blog in under one hour. If you have any problems, you have access to expert 24/7 support.

  • Personal ($20/mo.) 2 Websites, 20GB Storage, 250,000 Visits
  • Pro ($60/mo.) 10 Websites, 200GB Storage, 500,000 Visits

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If you have technical knowledge, the basic VPS plans offer a great value. For those that lack technical know-how, you should consider the managed plans.

VPS Hosting (From $30/mo.)

If you study the VPS plans, you will find powerful and managed VPS that can be scaled for websites of all shapes and sizes. The highest level offers 64GB of RAM, with 8TB of bandwidth.

It is important to note, this is command line VPS only. You will need technical knowledge to use this VPS hosting plan. If you’re new to VPS hosting and server configurations, it’s highly recommended that you use the Fully Managed VPS option.

  • Level 1 ($30/mo.) 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD Storage, and 2TB Bandwidth
  • Level 2 ($50/mo.) 4GB RAM, 40GB SSD Storage, and 3TB Bandwidth
  • Level 3 ($100/mo.) 8GB RAM, 80GB SSD Storage, and 5TB Bandwidth
  • Level 4 ($250/mo.) 16GB RAM, 160GB SSD Storage, and 6TB Bandwidth
  • Level 5 ($500/mo.) 32GB RAM, 250GB SSD Storage, and 7TB Bandwidth
  • Level 6 ($1,000/mo.) 64GB RAM, 500GB SSD Storage, and 8TB Bandwidth

Fully Managed VPS (From $55/mo.)

Using the same specifications and same features as the standard VPS plan, but with fully managed VPS servers, this is a suitable option for anyone that doesn’t know how to configure a server.

All updates and technical aspects are automated. You will have access to an easy to understand control panel, installed as standard. You will also get 24/7 live support. Overall, the fully managed VPS plan is the preferred option for those that are new to VPS hosting.

  • Level 1 ($55/mo.) 2GB RAM, 30GB Storage, 2TB Bandwidth
  • Level 2 ($100/mo.) 4GB RAM, 50GB Storage, and 3TB Bandwidth
  • Level 3 ($150/mo.) 8GB RAM, 100GB Storage, and 5TB Bandwidth
  • Level 4 ($350/mo.) 16GB RAM, 200GB Storage, and 6TB Bandwidth
  • Level 5 ($750/mo.) 32GB RAM, 350GB Storage, and 7TB Bandwidth
  • Level 6 ($1,500/mo.) 64GB RAM, 600GB Storage, and 8TB Bandwidth

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The Virb website builder from Media Temple simplifies the process of creating your own website. Easily drag-and-drop elements to build a custom website.

Virb Website Builder ($10/mo.)

There are hundreds of website builders available. Media Temple has Virb, a simple to use drag-and-drop website builder that comes with some stunning templates and additional features. This includes the ability to design as many websites and web pages as you like. It’s possible to launch a basic website in a matter of minutes or you could develop a more complex website in no time at all.

Virb Website Builder is extremely easy to use. The admin interface is clean and simple. The websites that you create with Virb will be both responsive and stylish, capable of viewing from any device. However, I always steer people away from website builders like this, because they can be a pain in the butt when you have to move your website to another host. It’s not as simple as moving a WordPress website!

Media Temple Customer Service Review

Media Temple has more than just a live help facility. They have a network of experts and users to help walk you through any issues. The Media Temple “award-winning” support is delivered by live chat, telephone, Twitter, and a support ticket system. All reviews mention fast response times and quick problem-solving, with the use of Twitter support being very useful.

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Media Temple is ideal for small businesses and those wanting a fully managed hosting plan. Get started without spending a fortune.

Who is the Ideal Customer for Media Temple?

Media Temple has a long track record of delivering great service to small blogs and big brand websites. Media Temple caters to businesses, which is why you can expect fast response times and minimal fuss. They want their business customers to receive quick support and the positive customer reviews reflect this, with the company scoring over 80% for customer satisfaction (that’s a really high score for the hosting world!)

Media Temple Final Review

The shared hosting is more expensive than some places like Bluehost, but the WordPress hosting offers the closest thing you will find to managed hosting at an affordable price. Many potential problems have been solved for you. If you find WordPress to be a challenge, you can switch to “Easy mode” and easily create a professional WordPress blog using a drag-and-drop interface. If you run into any problems, you will find the expert 24/7 support to be incredibly helpful. In my opinion, this is one of the best WordPress hosting plans that you’ll find.

The free website builder is wonderful, the VPS plans provide access to incredibly powerful servers, and managed hosting solutions are affordable. With Media Temple, anyone can easily create a quick and stylish WordPress site.

You should take a closer look at Media Temple WordPress hosting as they are bar one of the best hosting companies out there for small businesses just getting started online.

My all-time favorite host is Kinsta. They are pricey, but freakin’ fast, fast and the support is rock-solid. The STARTER plan is great for one website, but I recommend the BUSINESS 1 if you want to build multiple websites

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