Norwex Review: Can You Actually Make Any Money?

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Norwex is a cleaning product MLM, which doesn’t sound especially exciting. You could also consider them an organic company.

That term isn’t entirely accurate, as Norwex isn’t producing organic products (but the term organic doesn’t really apply to their field anyway). Even so, the overall focus is similar to an organic company. Norwex aims to reduce the use of harmful chemicals around the home through its product line.

A key aspect of this is the Norwex cleaning cloths. These are meant to be especially powerful and some can even be used without cleaning products. There are also cleaning products and related items. The uncommon approach is likely to make the products appealing to the right audience.

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Norwex is also operating in a popular field. Customers are increasingly looking for ways to decrease their exposure to chemicals and to improve their health. The products from Norwex could be one way of doing so.

Two Ways To Make Money With Norwex

As an MLM, the ways that you can earn money with Norwex are fairly typical. The first is that you’re selling the products as a distributor. This mostly occurs through home parties. Distributors can also work on building a team. Building a team doesn’t get you out of selling products, it simply provides an additional way to earn (along with the associated work).

At the end of the post, I also look at whether earning consistent income with Norwex is a goal to try for.

Make Money From Product Sales

What Products Does Norwex Sell?

The key goal of Norwex is to create a safe and healthy environment around the home. This includes selling products that are safe, effective, and sustainable.

Norwex's Mission

More specifically, the product line is focused on helping people to clean their home, without relying on chemicals. The main way that the company achieves this is through various cleaning tools, including a wide range of different types of cloths, some are designed for specific purposes, while others are more general.

Bacteria Cloths

The individual cloths are also associated with various advantages, such as the ability to ‘self-purify’, along with removing more bacteria from a surface than conventional products. However, the term self-purify doesn’t necessarily mean that the cloths kill bacteria, even if some distributors suggest that they do.

There are also other cleaning tools on offer, including a mop system and brushes. Likewise, the company has its own range of cleaning products, including a cleaning paste and a descaler – although there are fewer cleaning products than most similar companies.

Cleaning Products

One of the key concepts of Norwex is to use chemicals as little as possible. Because of this, the clothes are designed to be effective with just water in many situations.

Norwex Claim

There are many companies out there that focus on green products, including cleaners that don’t contain many chemicals. However, the way that Norwex focuses primarily on cloths and other tools, rather than cleaners is a little different. This aspect could give the company an advantage in the market and may make the products appealing to many people.

As for price, the products aren’t excessively expensive – particularly when you compare them to what other similar companies offer. There is also the potential to save money over time. After all, the clothes are washable and could last years. Their use could also decrease the amount of cleaning products used in a home, which helps as well.

Lasted More Than A Year

Nevertheless, the prices are higher than conventional products and they can add up. Because of this, the potential to make Norwex sales really comes down to your audience. In particular, some people are willing to pay extra money for at-home products that are healthier and contain fewer chemicals. But, other people aren’t.

Too Expensive

One other thing to consider is product reviews. Like most MLMs, there are many glowing reviews for the products online – most of which come from distributors. But, there are also some positive reviews from individual users.

No Smears

Nevertheless, not all reviews are positive. Instead, some people find that the products don’t work as they should or that they aren’t as amazing as the company implies.

Smelly Dish ClothLeft a Smear

The end result is that the reviews are mixed. Many people have good experiences and some have bad ones. In many ways, the outcome may simply depend on your situation and what specifically you are looking for.

At the same time, other brands produce similar products. For example, one reviewer mentioned e-Cloth, which follows the same basic approaches. However, their products seem to be less expensive and easier to obtain in some cases.

Norwex versus e-Cloth

This aspect doesn’t make Norwex a bad brand. But, it does mean there is significant competition out there. That’s always going to be a relevant factor if you’re trying to earn money from the company.

Norwex And Home Parties

The opportunity from Norwex means that you can earn money by promoting the company’s products. The main way to do this is by hosting parties. This style is exceptionally common and is repeated time and time again across different MLMs.

Norwex Party

The basic concept is that you hold a party at the house of a friend and use that as an avenue to make sales. From a marketing perspective, the concept works well and is particularly powerful for a company like Norwex.

One key reason is that distributors use the parties as a chance to demonstrate the various products. By doing so, they can make the cloths and cleaners seem amazing – especially if they are selling to customers who normally use basic grocery store cloths. The party style also creates social pressure, which helps to increase sales as well.

But, there are downsides too. One of these is that you’re promoting mostly to friends and family members. That process can get irritating fast and you risk damaging relationships if you push products too hard.

Additionally, some people find that willingness to attend parties and to buy tends to decrease over time. This can make it progressively more difficult to make sales. And, as mentioned previously, the products are going to appeal to some people more than others. Because of this, it’s important to make sure you have an interested audience before you get too heavily involved in Norwex.

On a side note, the parties are all about demonstrating the products from Norwex. This creates some pressure for distributors to expand their selection over time and ensure that they can demonstrate as many items as possible. Now, you do get some products from the $200 starter kit but this may not be enough for many people and could easily mean that you buy products as you go along.

Norwex doesn’t have any ongoing requirements for you to buy products, so you do have control over what you purchase and what you don’t. Nevertheless, it’s important to be aware of this pressure to buy – as the company isn’t a good income opportunity if you end up spending more than you make.

The Compensation Plan

The product selection at Norwex can make the company sound appealing, especially if you like the idea of hosting parties. But, the main indication of income is in the compensation plan. This plan strongly impacts how much money you can make and what the long-term income potential is.

First off, basic compensation from sales is shown in the image below, which assumes that you get an average of $500 in sales per party. This calculates to around 35% commission – although that rate may vary if you make some sales online as well (Norwex does offer websites for consultants, at a fee).

Party Income

35% is an attractive number, which is higher than what many similar companies offer. So, this is a key advantage.

Make Money Building A Team

Norwex is an MLM. This means that the main income potential doesn’t come from sales directly. Instead, it is associated with building a team under you. That process creates a downline, which you then earn various bonuses and commissions from.

The structure always sounds amazing at first and it is somewhat powerful, at least in theory. So, if you can get a large enough team, then you may be earning a decent income from them and from your own work. But, doing so assumes continued sales and recruitment.

As your team gets larger, there is also more management work involved. For example, you may need to encourage and train some of the people you recruit, helping to be sure they are able to make sales at their parties. You may also need to ensure that the people in your team are targeting different customers, rather than all promoting to the same general group of people.

Norwex also has a rank-based component. This means that your income isn’t just tied to your team. Instead, the best outcomes come from progressing up the ranks.

Norwex Ranks

There isn’t a large number of ranks (which is a plus), but each does come with its own requirements. For example, the image below is the requirements for Team Leader, which is the second rank available. Each successive rank comes with more requirements, meaning that you need a larger, more successful, and more well-developed team to progress.

Qualifying Requirements

The further up you go in ranks, the more income that you can make. There are also various bonuses based on the structure of your team and the success of the people within it.

Team Structure

Finally, there are requirements to stay active in the company. The main one is that you need to sell $250 worth of product every 3 months. Falling below means that your account becomes dormant and you may need to pay a reactivation fee.

This requirement is fairly low compared to many other companies and there is no mention of you having to buy products yourself. And honestly, if you can’t sell that much product in 3 months, being a distributor may not be the right decision for you.

Can You Generate Reliable Income With Norwex?

The Norwex Review


Business Opportunity

Final Review

The end result is that you can earn money, just like you can with almost any MLM. For that matter, the overall structure here is fairly typical. There are also key advantages, including the 35% commission rate, the relatively decent products, and the fact that you don’t need to buy products for yourself.

If you are considering Norwex, you should also be aware of the risks involved. Perhaps the most significant issue is how you end up relying on the company entirely, especially if you want to make a full-time income. After all, you do have to invest considerable time into Norwex to build a downline and to ensure that your recruits perform well.

Regardless of what your income ends up being, that could all disappear overnight if anything were to happen to Norwex – or if you got kicked out for any reason (which does happen). There are even cases where companies like this go from successful to failures almost overnight. Ava Anderson Non Toxic is a perfect example of that pattern.

Other companies find that their reputations get tarnished over time, such as Herbalife and Jeunesse, both of whom have faced lawsuits in the past. The risk of reputation damage is also especially high for companies like Norwex, where there is an emphasis on clean and green products. Even a single case of misleading advertising could be enough to dramatically lower confidence in the company.

The end result is that the potential to make money with Norwex could easily change suddenly. Perhaps the company may close – after all, they are in a competitive field. Alternatively, any reputation damage could simply mean it becomes more difficult to make a sale. Either way, if all of your income is from Norwex, you could find yourself in a bad spot quickly.

This is probably the biggest risk of any MLM. Plus, you don’t have the same security or guarantees that you would have in a conventional job.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Norwex is going to fail. The company may continue to succeed and could even become a giant in the industry, given enough time. Nevertheless, it is important to be wary and make informed decisions. You don’t want to be surprised later on.

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