Constant Content Review: A Money-Maker for Some, But Not Me

Constant Content is discerning in their selection of writers. Long story short, and sadly to tell you the truth, I didn’t get any jobs. I was not accepted into their crew of writers and no reason was given for the rejection. I’d still like to write a review of Constant Content from the perspective of … Read more

iWriter Review: Does The Inviting Design Reflect The Quality Of Work Offered?

Introduction to iWriter Getting started with iWriter Landing jobs at iWriter Getting Paid at iWriter Pros and Cons of iWriter Would I recommend iWriter to New Freelancers? Introduction to iWriter The web site looks very professional with mostly clear and functional actions. After three days I scored a $3 job. This site is not the … Read more

Outsourcing Content To Don’t Waste Your Time or Money

One of the most frequent complaints/questions I get from beginners building an affiliate website is that they don’t have time to write, or are not a good writer, and want to start outsourcing the content. I try my best to discourage them from doing this unless they have a budget and are willing to lose … Read more

Content Refined Review: Do They Really Make Outsourcing Articles Easier?

As a content marketer, the main reason to start outsourcing content is to free up time in your schedule, so you can take care of more important things. Rather than researching and writing, your time is better spent working on conversions, SEO, or something that’s harder to hand off to another party. Content, considering that … Read more

Textbroker Content Quality VS Price: Are They Worth It?

Is Textbroker just another content farm or does it offer some quality content you can use for your website? Before I used Textbroker, I was pretty confident I was going to hate their service. I tried out two other “boutique” content writing services in previous months, and was pretty disappointed with their performance. Slow delivery … Read more