20 Online Jobs For Teens That Actually Pay Out JULY

20 Online Jobs For Teens That Actually Pay Out More and more, people are turning to the online world to make an income. Even teens! Current-day teenagers actually grew up with the internet so they’re extremely tech-savvy. If you’ve ever seen a kid hold a phone, then you already know that. Most of the time, … Read more

Can You Really Make Money With Figure-Eight.com?

Build An Income-Generating Website That Lasts Decades! Earn online income for a lifetime. >>Start Now<< Figure-Eight website was once called ‘CrowdFlower,’ but it’s changed names and direction. The general idea of doing microtasks to earn money is the same though, so I wanted to investigate if you can really make money with Figure-Eight.com or if … Read more

Top 10 Animation & Cartoons Affiliate Programs To Profit From Creativity

An animation is the sequencing of drawings or images put together to give the illusion of movement. A simple version of an animation is a flipbook but also includes everything from classic Disney movies to computer-generated images. Cartoons are simple drawings designed to make people laugh. It can also describe the image style and transforming … Read more

Outsourcing Content To Fiverr.com: Don’t Waste Your Time or Money

One of the most frequent complaints/questions I get from beginners building an affiliate website is that they don’t have time to write, or are not a good writer, and want to start outsourcing the content. I try my best to discourage them from doing this unless they have a budget and are willing to lose … Read more

17 Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs

There are many potential reasons why you might want a non-phone work from home job to earn a living. Whether it’s because you might feel shy and intimidated to speak on the phone, or because you have kids at home that make it impossible to have a quiet space free of background noise (often required … Read more

Can You Really Make Money Designing Logos On Fiverr.com?

  If you have a talent for graphics and/or design, and are also relatively computer savvy, then there is a chance that you can make some pretty decent money on Fiverr.com! I’ve done some research, and found out that this seems to be one of the more lucrative fields on the famous freelancing platform… but … Read more