There’s No Wealthy Affiliate Phone Number, So Here’s How To Get In Touch

Wealthy Affiliate Phone Number

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If you’re looking for the Wealthy Affiliate phone number, you’re not gonna find one. It doesn’t exist. There are plenty of ways to get in touch with them though, and I’ll go over your options here.

Why doesn’t Wealthy Affiliate have a phone number? Well, I can’t say for sure. I’m not an owner of the company. I’m just a long-time member and affiliate.

It’s actually more and more common for tech companies to not have a customer support phone number. In fact, I recently had an email exchange with a company I reviewed (not Wealthy Affiliate), and this is what they said:

The reason we don’t offer phone support isn’t due to lack of employees or manpower. We’ve found that it’s way more productive to do live chat.

Even our big brand names clients like MariaDB, Buffer, Freshbooks, Drift all prefer chat. Why? The first thing that happens on a support phone call is you’ll need to share an error or link, analyze log file, discuss New Relic data, or send a screenshot of what is happening. Then you’re right back to tickets all over again.

So yeah, a phone number would be convenient some times, but have you called customer support for anything recently? It’s annoying as hell. You get stuck in a “phone tree” for 10 minutes trying to get to the right department!

Not having a phone number is one of the complaints about Wealthy Affiliate that comes up, but I’ve come around to the idea that ticket and chat support is much more efficient. What do you think?

  • What Do You Need Support For?
    • Technical Problems
    • Website Customization Questions
    • Affiliate Marketing & Online Business Questions
    • Community Questions
    • Billing Issues
  • Phone Number? There Are Better Options
    • Email Support
    • Private Message
    • Profile Message
    • Need To Cancel Wealthy Affiliate?
  • Get In Touch With Me!

What Do You Need Support For?

Lots of people, especially older folks, want a phone number to get help for things that already have support systems in place. For example, I get requests all the time for people to call me so that I can walk them through the training modules.

Sorry guys, there are videos for that.

Here’s a list of problems you may need resolved, and how to best handle them without calling anyone.

Technical Problems

If your website has crashed or you can’t log in, this is a technical problem. Is something glitching out, or your website is loading super slow? Also counts as a technical problem. You can contact SiteSupport. SiteSupport is the official hosting support system. You can submit a ticket there. They usually answer in less than 24 hours, sometimes within minutes.

SiteSupport is also great if you are a new member and want to transfer your websites to WA hosting. They’ll transfer your website for free!

Website Customization Questions

SiteSupport is not for website customization questions. If you need help creating a custom menu or getting your image to display properly on the page, that’s what you should ask the community. Use Classrooms and post your question in the appropriate area (SEO, WordPress, PPC, etc).

You can also ask your question in Live Chat, or private message your mentor (person who referred you to WA). If you have some followers within the community, you could also create a blog post outlining what you need help with, but this is usually less effective method than posting in the Classroom area (they function pretty much like a forum).

Also, don’t forget about the search bar at the top of your members area. There are thousands of training modules and previous questions accessible from there. Your question was likely answered before.

Affiliate Marketing & Online Business Questions

Want to know how to start an email list? Want to know which plugin can create comparison charts? Questions about how to run your business or how affiliate marketing works should also be directed to Classrooms, Live Chat, or Private Messages.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of entrepreneurs, and there’s always someone that has an answer to what you’re asking.

Community Questions

These would be questions like, how do I change my username, or where can I find previously purchased domains. Same deal as above — ask the community, and search for past answers.

Billing Issues

For billing issues, you need to speak directly to the owners, Kyle or Carson. You can private message them and they’ll resolve any billing problems you have. Here’s Carson’s profile. Here’s Kyle’s profile. There’s a button to direct message them on each profile.

Phone Number? There Are Better Options

Ticket and email support is sufficient 99% of the time. It offers the chance for an expert to check out your situation, get a good response, then respond. It also means you can check and respond to your messages as you have time, instead of needing to carve out 30 minutes of your day to talk on the phone.

Anyway, here are your options for contacting the WA support team, and how you should use them.

Email Support

The only email address I know for sure you can use is That goes straight to the co-owner of Wealthy Affiliate. Other email addresses I’ve seen mentioned before are and I suspect that they all go to a “catch all” inbox anyway, so it probably doesn’t matter which one you use.

My suggestion is to NOT email the same message to all of the addresses. That’s so freakin’ annoying when people do that to me.

Private Message

Kyle and Carson’s profiles are linked above. You can private message them with any concerns about the community or billing. For example, if you see someone promoting spam within the community, you can private message them after you mark the post as spam.

If you accidentally got billed twice this month, definitely private message one of these guys. They’ll fix you up!

If you have general questions, please refer to the examples above on how to handle them.

Profile Message

If you are a Starter Member (free) and don’t have access to private messages, you can contact each of the owners on their profile. I just checked, and Kyle was responding to comments less than 30 minutes ago, so he’s definitely active! Here’s Kyle’s profile. Here’s Carson’s profile.

Need To Cancel Wealthy Affiliate?

A lot of times when people want the Wealthy Affiliate phone number, it’s because they are in a panic and want to cancel right now. If you need to cancel, you simply go to your account settings and cancel your membership there

If you are still having trouble, here’s an instructional video.

If you have a free Starter Membership and just want to “delete” your account, there’s no need for that. You are on a free account, and haven’t paid anything yet. Just log out of your profile, then unsubscribe from the next email they send, and you’re done. Easy!

Get In Touch With Me!

If you are here and are my referral to Wealthy Affiliate, just Private Message me! I log on every day and check my PMs like clockwork every morning, so I’ll get back to you ASAP. If you joined WA through another person, you can find out who that is by clicking “Help Center”. The top helpers are also listed there, meaning they are active in the community and can answer your questions or direct you to the correct place to ask them.

What’s up ladies and dudes! Great to finally meet you, and I hope you enjoyed this post. Sign up for my #1 recommended training course and learn how to start your business for FREE!

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