Top 10 African American Affiliate Programmes That Fit Well With A Variety Of Niches

african american affiliate programmes to make money with your niche website

African American businesses help address the specific needs and concerns of the African American community. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift idea, beauty products for your hair and skin type, or to support local black-owned businesses, there are websites and directories to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Check out these 10 great African American affiliate programmes, but there are many more out there. If you haven’t built your website or chosen your niche yet, you can use these affiliate programmes as a springboard to find a great topic for your website!

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Potential niche ideas could be helping black entrepreneurs start their first business, black hair care, or raising black children. Even traveling as a black person is a unique experience compared to other races!

Another idea is that your website doesn’t have to be for black people only. You could do something like Asian women who want to date black guys or white parents who are adopting a black child, where your audience is technically not black, but still relates to African American issues.

Actually, your site doesn’t have to be about race specifically, and you can just promote affiliate programmes that resonate with the black community for whatever reason. I’ll leave that up to you to decide what those products or companies would be.


African American Affiliate Programmes


SCAM WARNING: Please scroll to the bottom for a quick scam warning related to websites claiming to support black-owned companies.

1. Poetic Justice

Poetic-Justice-Affiliate-ProgramPoetic Justice designs affordable curvy clothing for black urban professionals

Poetic Justice is an urban professional lifestyle brand for curvy black women. Their clothes are designed to flatter your curves, eliminate waistband gaps, and they offer a variety of styles to suit your style. They offer everything from streetwear to high fashion in sizes 4-24 to fit every shape.

They use ShareASale to manage their affiliate programme. Poetic Justice gives their affiliates access to regularly updated banner ads, text links, their full product data feed, and exclusive affiliate offers to share with your audience. Sample products may also be available upon request.

Reasons To Promote Poetic Justice: Affordable curvy fashion brand, designed to fit your shape and frequently updated creatives.

Bonus: Affiliates can also promote their 15% off discount for all new customers.

2. It’s A Black

It'’s A Black specializes in African American products

It’s A Black is a Black-owned, African American online retail shop. They started by selling Black History crossword puzzle books but soon realised the need to expand their product line. They have grown to offer over 25,000 items and are the #1 source for African American Art.

They use iDevAffiliate to run their affiliate programme. It’s A Black provides their affiliates with unique tracking links, banners, logos, text links, and page peels to share on their website, blog, or Facebook page. Affiliates can receive their commissions via Paypal or as an electronic gift card for It’s A Black

Reasons To Promote It’s A Black African American products and gift shop, lots of marketing tools and two-tiered commissions for affiliates to profit from.

Bonus: Affiliates also earn 3% commissions from any affiliate they get to sign up for their affiliate programme.

3. Ultimate Black Girl Boss

Ultimate-Black-Girl-Boss-Affiliate-ProgramUltimate Black Girl Boss helps you build and grow your online business

The Ultimate Black Girl Boss bundle by SistaSense was created specifically for black women entrepreneurs. They provide step by step training to start or jump-start your online business. Their bundle includes 100+ training videos, audiobooks, eBooks, templates, workbooks, tools, and resources.

Their affiliate programme is hosted on ThriveCart. Ultimate Black Girl Boss provides their affiliates with eye-catching graphics, swipe cope, a promotional video, and a customisable affiliate link. Affiliates can track their clicks, sales, and commissions on their easy to use affiliate dashboard.

Reasons To Promote Ultimate Black Girl Boss: Tools to help black women business owners, professionally designed promotional materials and commissions on upsells.

Bonus: Affiliates can also sign up to promote SistaSense’s other great products like the Monetize Now Program and Smart Start Biz Bundle.

4. Black Opal

Black-Opal-Beauty-Affiliate-ProgramBlack Opal is a cosmetics and skincare brand for women of color

Black Opal is an industry-leading beauty company that celebrates the beauty of black skin. They develop cosmetics and skincare products to address the specific needs of black women.

Their award-winning products have been featured as the best in their category, in Essence, Allure, Teen Vogue, People, and Cosmopolitan.

They’ve teamed up with Rakuten Marketing to oversee their affiliate program. Black Opal provides their affiliates with banners, images, text links, email copy, product links, and state of the art tracking tools. Their dedicated affiliate management team is available to answer any questions and offer suggestions on how to get the most out of their program.

Reasons To Promote Black Opal: Award-winning cosmetic line for black women, optimised marketing materials and exclusive affiliate offers to benefit from.

Bonus: They also send out frequent newsletters with the latest promotions and exclusive affiliate only deals.

5. Especially Yours

Especially-Yours-Affiliate-ProgramEspecially Yours offers the best hairpieces, wigs, and apparel for black women

Especially Yours is the leading online retailer for stylish wigs, hairpieces, clothing, and accessories for African American women. They manufacture all of their high-quality hairpieces and wigs themselves which allows them to pass the savings onto their customers. Their affordable product catalogue offers everything from luxury suites to casual clothing for every occasion and taste.

Their affiliate programme is powered by Pepperjam. Especially Yours has an average order size of $75+. Affiliates can use any of their professionally designed banners, coupons, text links, suggested keywords, and their product data feeds to help them promote.

Reasons To Promote Especially Yours: Best selection of wigs and apparel for African American women, affordable prices, lots of deals, and specials to benefit from.

Bonus: They also run sales, discounts, and free shipping offers on orders of $89+ to help increase conversion rates.


screenshot of which owns

From the same folks that own sites like (Mormons) and is the popular website Dating affiliate programmes are a huge moneymaker since “romance” is one of the top evergreen industries online (the others are health, wealth, and happiness).

Every community has unique needs and expectations in the dating world, so whether you’re targeting farmers, Asians, or black people with your dating site, there’s plenty of unique content you can produce for that audience. Plus, helping someone find the perfect person for themselves is a great way to make money while also creating a positive force in others’ lives. Starting a dating blog isn’t just about getting paid – it’s about helping people!

There are plenty of angles you could take to promote this affiliate programme. You don’t have to be a dating advice blog! Sites about coping with divorce or death, entrepreneurship, travel, or lifestyle blogs could be a great platform to promote a dating website like this. Even a social media account like Instagram would be great for promoting your affiliate links!

Reasons To Promote is a longstanding, trustworthy company with a history of high payouts. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to enter one of the most competitive, and most lucrative industries!

7. Eyes See Me

eyes see me affiliate program

This is a really cool website idea, and you have the opportunity to help them promote their products. The concept of Eyes See Me is to sell children’s books for African American kids. Not only is it very important for children to have positive role models and story characters that look like them, but it’s also important for children of other races to see black people in positive contexts too!

Plus, fun stories promote literacy in children, which makes this another choice for sending out positive vibes with your affiliate website. Your website doesn’t have to be about black kids, or about African Americans at all. Any niche website about reading, children, kids books, or literacy would benefit from promoting this company.

Reasons To Promote Eyes See Me: It’s a unique product with a very specific audience. You get rewarded for selling more, and 15% on physical products is a pretty decent payout rate.


While doing research for this post, I came across quite a few websites with the theme of supporting black-owned businesses and products. One such website, however, triggered my “Spidey Sense”. I write about online scams on my website from time to time, and the website seemed to fit the bill.

screenshot of the scam

There are many aspects that make this a potential (and likely) scam. For one, they claim to promote black-owned products and businesses but don’t really provide a lot of proof of who owns which businesses.

Secondly, they have a lot of pages that seem incomplete on their website. They have a few promotional videos on YouTube about a TV and radio show, but they were from last year, and no other media seems to have been launched since.

Finally, to make money you need to recruit people to the community. For what? What do community members get? Not much it looks like.

You may have been able to figure out that this was not a quality site to promote on your own, but I just wanted to give a PSA that just because a company claims to be doing something positive, it doesn’t automatically mean they are actually doing so.

When picking products to promote for your website, do your due diligence! I saw at least 3-4 companies doing this similar thing as this company.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve digested these10 great African American affiliate programmes, it’s time to decide what niche you want to focus on. You could target African American gifts. It’s A Black Thang is the top source for African American products, gifts, and artwork. Affiliates earn a 10% commission rate.

Makeup for African American women is another great niche idea. Black Opal makes cosmetics and skincare products for women of color. They offer their affiliates 6% commissions on all sales.

You could also promote African American entrepreneurs and businesses. Any website related to businesses can also promote b2b or business loan products!

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