Top 10 Airline Affiliate Programmes To Create A High-Flying Affiliate Income

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The best airline affiliate programmes can offer bargain deals on airfare or luxury travel for business and pleasure.

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The booking process for any travel itinerary includes a lot of time spent online browsing through possible flights. customers will check out prices, luggage rules, the times of the day that they will be in the air and whether or not family or other travelling companions will be able to sit together.

It’s a complicated process, and several companies now address this with websites that allow you to book flights directly with your favorite airline or to compare the costs of several flights. Affiliate marketers can help with this process and earn money as they provide links to their customers that lead them to the best airline options.

If you’re interested in this type of programme, then check out this list of the top 10 airline affiliate programmes. As you read, think about some ways you can use these programmes in your niche market efforts. I’ll share some ideas of my own at the end of the list.

Airline Affiliate Programmes


1. United Airlines

This screenshot of the home page for United Vacations has a royal blue navigation bar with gray bars above and below it inviting customers to book flights, along with a white search window on the lower left side of the page and a photo of a woman in a hat lying on a lounge chair on a sunny beach.

United Vacations combines the best United Airlines airfare with bookings in over 250,000 resorts and 10,000 activities to make fantastic vacation packages.

United Airlines has a vacation affiliate programme called United Vacations. This combines the best United airfare with hotel bookings, car rentals, tours, and other necessities for creating great vacation packages. These include over 250,000 resorts and 10,000 activities.

United Vacations can be booked in 400 different locations in the United States, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia. The average order value of a United Vacation is $2,900.

United administers its affiliate programme through Impact Radius. Affiliate marketers are provided with banners, text links, and other promotional materials.

Reasons To Promote United Airlines: The 2% commissions on the high average order value packages result in decent affiliate earnings for every sale. Affiliate marketers also have the opportunity to earn more based on their performance.

2. Villiers Jet Charter

This screenshot of the home page for Villiers jet Charter has a large gray travel search box in front of a photo of palm trees on the edge of a blue ocean with fishing boats on it, along with text in white lettering that reads

  • URL:
  • Commission: 30%
  • Cookie: 365 days

Company unresponsive to new clients

3. Dollar Flight Club

This screenshot of the home page for Dollar Flight Club shows a large photo of a trail in a jungle forest, along with white lettering reading

Dollar Flight Club is an economy flight booking service that can save customers $500 or more on tickets for international flights.

Dollar Flight Club is an economy flight booking service that can save customers $500 or more on tickets for international flights. Rather than using a website to browse for the best airline prices, customers can just check their email inbox to find cheap flight alerts that Dollar Flight Club sends.

So far, more than 500,000 people have used Dollar Flight Club. Affiliates earn commissions when people use the service or sign up for a new membership. The commissions are recurring when customers renew their annual membership, too, so affiliates can continue to make money long after the first sale for each customer.

Dollar Flight Club runs its affiliate programme through Refersion, and it provides affiliate marketers with everything they need to promote the service.

Reasons To Promote Dollar Flight Club: This service is convenient for members because they don’t have to spend time searching for the best travel deals, and they often save $500 or more per ticket. For affiliate marketers, it’s great to work with a company that allows recurring income on purchases made by return customers.

4. Southwest Airlines

This screenshot of the home page for Southwest Vacations has a white navigation bar with blue text above a large royal blue area with white text and a large gray search box, along with a yellow call-to-action button.

Southwest Vacations are only offered by Southwest Airlines, so they’re not listed by other vacation-booking services.

Like United, Southwest Airlines also has a vacation package affiliate programme that allows customers to purchase vacation packages. With this company, the average order value is $1,300 and destinations include places such as Mexico or the Caribbean, and vacation packages are available for almost every Southwest departure city.

Besides the high average purchase value and the competitive commission rates, this company offers affiliates the opportunity to make more money based on their performance. The affiliate programme is run through both Impact Radius and Commission Junction. Southwest Vacations are also only offered by Southwest Airlines rather than by other vacation-booking services.

Reasons To Promote Southwest Airlines: The high average order value is nice and the vacation packages are available for more than 100 different destinations.

5. FlightsMojo

This screenshot of the home page for Flights mojo has a dark-filtered photo of air balloons above a cityscape behind a white and blue travel search bar and white text announcing a Christmas sale, along with a light blue bar with black lettering describing the best price promise and a row of icons and words on a light gray background that describe some of the features of this service.

FlightsMojo is a flight booking programme that specialises in bargain flights and vacations.

FlightsMojo is a flight booking programme that specialises in bargain flights and vacations. This company has a low markup structure on airfare so it can provide cheaper flights than many of its competitors and still offer flights to destinations around the world, including sites in Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and South America. Because of its low pricing structure, FlightsMojo has a high conversion rate.

This company has a secure booking process, a 12-hour cancellation policy, and the best price guarantee. The affiliate programme is administered by Commission Junction. Affiliates are provided with all the marketing materials they need, including newsletters with special promotions they can share with their audiences.

Reasons To Promote FlightsMojo: The lowest-price-guarantee and high conversion rate could attract and convert shoppers. Affiliate marketers also earn a $200 bonus after 200 successful bookings.

6. Cheap Flights

This screenshot of the home page for Cheap Flights has a yellow header, a black navigation bar with white and yellow text, and a blue background with a white search window as well as wording in white text that reads

Cheap flights books airline tickets, hotels, car rentals, and bundled travel packages.

Cheap Flights is an airline booking business, but it goes beyond booking airline tickets. This company also provides bookings for car rentals, hotels, and full travel packages. Vacation packages can be found under the Cheap Flights’ ‘Special Offers’ tab, where the company promotes vacation packages to destinations such as Kona or Vietnam.

The affiliate programme is administered through CJ. This affiliate programme is pay-per-click rather than pay-per-sale. Affiliates can earn $0.25 for clicks made from mobile devices and $0.45 for clicks made from desktop computers.

Cheap Flights brings the best deals possible to its customers by working with other travel companies such as Priceline, Travelocity, and Expedia. The website also offers travel news and tips.

Reasons To Promote Cheap Flights: Cheap Flights works hard to provide the best bargain deals on travel and the great prices could appeal to many potential customers.

7. JustFly

This screenshot of the home page for JustFly had a dark blue header, a light gray navigation bar, and a gray and transparent travel search window in front of a photo of a seascape.

JustFly is a travel booking company that offers flash sales and deep discounts on flights.

JustFly is a travel booking company focused on helping customers get great deals. Customers can browse through the website to find flash sales and deep discounts on flights.

This company runs its affiliate programme through CJ under an experienced marketing team at Affiliate marketers are provided with text links, banner ads, and comprehensive reporting tools.

Reasons To Promote JustFly: JustFly offers some great travel deals that could boost conversion rates, and the support from the marketing team is nice. Affiliates can also request information on private commission arrangements and consumer offers.

8. Etihad Airways

This screenshot of the home page for Etihad Airways has a black header with a window for choosing a preferred language, a white navigation bar, and a photo of a young man in a red shirt and blue shorts waterboarding with a waterpark in the background, along with an invitation to stop by Abu Dhabi and a large search window for booking a flight.

Etihad Airways has 40,000 routes available.

Etihad Airways has a fleet of more than 90 Airbus and Boeing aircraft and 220 more aircraft ordered. This company also has 40,000 routes available, making it one of the top global airlines. The company’s premise is to provide guests with great customer service and innovative features that make each journey unique.

Affiliates only earn commissions from flights even though some other services are offered, such as bookings for car rentals, rail travel, chauffeurs, and hotel stays.

The affiliate programme is administered through Commission Junction. Affiliates are sent a weekly email that includes regional offers they can share in their marketing efforts, as well as promotional materials in several languages for affiliates who market outside of the United States or the UK.

Reasons To Promote Etihad Airways: The company states that the commission rates are competitive, but that information isn’t listed on the affiliate information webpage. The weekly offers are great for helping to promote the company.

9. Qatar Airways

This screenshot of the home page for Qatar Airways shows a photo of a man and a woman in white and blue clothing holding hands as they walk toward a semicircle of tropical cottages built into the edge of the ocean, along with a white navigation bar and tabs at the bottom of the page for finding flights and checking travel statuses.

Qatar Airways serves all six continents with flights to over 160 destinations daily.

Qatar Airways is one of the fastest-growing airlines in the world. It currently serves all six continents with flights to over 160 destinations daily. The average order value is around $1,000.

The affiliate programme is run through ShareASale and is available in 50 languages and countries. Affiliates are provided with frequent updates, comprehensive reporting tools, and promotional materials to help market flights.

The website is friendly and easy to navigate. It includes links for family travel and group travel as well as corporate and executive travel. The company also provides a Privilege Club that provides tiered benefits depending on the package that customers purchase.

Reasons To Promote Qatar Airways: This is a fast-growing and large airline that can provide travelers with a wide range of services.

10. CheapFareMart

This screenshot of the home page for CheapFareMart has a white navigation bar and travel search window in front of a photo of a woman in a blue dress, sitting at a dining table with white china and crystal glasses, as she looks out one of the windows on her flight toward a sky of blue above white clouds.

CheapFareMart compares flights from both well-known and lesser-known airlines to get customers the best deals on airfare.

CheapFareMart sells both travel reservations and travel insurance. Affiliates can earn tiered commissions on both, including a base $12 commission for affiliates who sell under 200 flights. There are four tiers for flight bookings, topping out at $16 per booking when affiliates sell more than 1000 flights.

Customers can compare travel options on the website to make sure they’re getting the best budget-priced flights. This includes comparing well-known airlines against lesser-known airlines.

CheapFareMart runs its affiliate programme through Commission Junction, and the company provides affiliate marketers with everything they need to promote the service.

Reasons To Promote CheapFareMart: The ability to compare lesser-known airlines to well-known airlines could be a converting factor and the tiered commission structure is a nice incentive for affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve read through the list of the top 10 airline affiliate programmes, what ideas do you have for using programmes like these in your niche market strategies? There are a lot of ways these programmes could be applied.

For example, a website focusing on teaching geography to children could promote bargain airline programs to help make traveling with children to different destinations possible. Travel insurance, luggage, journals, and even homeschool curriculum could be promoted on this type of website.

Another idea is a website that focuses on corporate travel. This would be a good place to promote luxury flights through companies like Qatar Airways or Villiers Jet Charter. A website like this could also feature the newest technology in mobile devices, high-end business fashions like suits and dress shoes, and even time management or self-development programmes. Related: Luxury Travel Affiliate Programs

What about a website that caters to millennials who want to experience their world to the fullest? This type of website would be a great place to promote bargain fight programmes or even airlines that fly mostly domestically. A website like this could also promote regional tours and activities, as well as WordPress plugins to help young travelers create online galleries of their travel photos.

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