Top 10 Bookmaker Affiliate Programmes To Bet On Affiliate Wealth

bookmaker and betting affiliate programmes to become rich with

I think it would be true to say that everyone gets a thrill out of winning no matter what it may be. That’s the main reason why the betting industry is doing so well. Betting accounts for 30-40% of the gambling industry, which pulls in around $450 billion worldwide each year.

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Betting on sporting events, poker, or casino games is entertaining, and it can be profitable, too. A quick online search will bring up a list of bookmaker websites that book bets on a variety of different events and games.betting and bookmaker affiliate programmes to make money on your affiliate blog

Gambling is more heavily regulated or restricted in the United States versus other countries, so most of the bookmaker websites that come up in searches are located in Europe, the UK, or Australia. However, if you are savvy as an affiliate marketer, then you will be able to incorporate these top 10 bookmaker affiliate programmes into your marketing strategy to start winning some extra cash of your own.

Bookmaker Affiliate Programmes

1. BetOnValue

This screenshot of the home page for BetOnValue has a white background, a dark filtered photo near the top of the page showing what appears to be a professional soccer player behind some betting information, and black and red text through the rest of the page giving information about current and upcoming sporting events to bet on.

BetOnValue is a website where customers can compare odds from 165 different bookmakers and betting exchanges.

BetOnValue is a company headquartered in Romania, with a website where customers can compare odds from 165 different bookmakers and betting exchanges. This company’s mission is to allow customers the opportunity to find and play with the best possible odds.

Sports betting is especially popular. The sports events include football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, baseball, rugby, handball, horse racing, American football, golf, and 30 other sports. Customers sign up for either the silver programme or the gold programme with subscriptions that last one month, six months, or 12 months.

With BetOnValue, customers get the best deals by choosing the bookmakers they want to work with and then clicking through to the individual bookmaker websites.

Affiliates get a 30% commission on their referrals for as long as their referrals remain active with the bookmaker.

Reasons To Promote BetOnValue: This company’s large directory of bookmakers can be a draw for some bettors who want to try a lot of different types of bets worldwide. The 30% commission is nice, too.

2. 888sport

This screenshot of the home page for 888sport has a dark background and text in orange and gray, with an orange text box containing white writing that invites people to check out NFL specials, along with a green 'click here' call-to-action button.

888sport allows betting on sports events, casino games, poker, bingo, and other games.

888sport is one of the top betting sites in the United Kingdom, but it’s based in Gibraltar. This company allows betting on sports events, casino games, poker, bingo, and other games.

Affiliate commissions are based on the number of people that sign up through affiliate links each month. The commissions are tiered, as well. For sports betting, the commission ranges from 20-30%. Bingo commissions start at 20% and top out at 35%. Commissions for casino games range from 20-40%, and poker games have commissions of $64-200 each.

This company has a few different 888 brands, including 888 Casino, which has had around 25 million members and is available in 23 languages. 888Poker has more than 8.2 million players who play with real money. 888sport New Jersey is the 888 branch operating in the United States.

Reasons To Promote 888sport: One nice thing about the 888 brands is that they give affiliate marketers information about the best demographics to target to. There’s also a mobile app for 888sport.

3. Smarkets

screenshot of Smarkets homepage with dominantly black page with the navigation menu at the left-hand side of the page

Smarkets has a superior online investment platform for honest and user-centered trading on sports.

Smarkets simplify the peer-to-peer trading on sporting and political events. With their industry-leading commission rates, one can confidently set their own odds and trade against others. Their state-of-the-art platform has handled over £15 billion worth of trades since they launched in 2010.

They began as a small group of investors and engineers who chose to apply financial trading principles to the online betting industry. They set out to make a difference in the industry by developing an online platform focused on honest and user-centered trading.

Reasons To Promote Smarkets: They have the highest-rated betting app that offers high conversion and retention. You can get the commission plan that works best for you and your revenue account.

4. Bet365

This screenshot of the home page for Bet365 has a dark-filtered image of an American football tackle happening in midair, next to text in white lettering that announces Bet365 as the world's favorite sportsbook.

Bet365 stands out because of the detailed and prolific statistics that are available to affiliate marketers.

Bet365 gives affiliates a 30% commission on the monthly net profit made from referred customers. The company offers betting opportunities for sports, casino games, poker, Vegas, bingo, and other games, and it stands out in the detailed and prolific statistics that are available to affiliate marketers.

For sports bets, this company books bets on football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, tennis, boxing, and mixed martial arts, cricket, carts, golf, and several other sports events. The company is based in the United Kingdom, but there’s an American outlet in New Jersey. The New Jersey webpage includes an invitation to get help for gambling problems, along with a phone number that concerned individuals can call.

Reasons To Promote Bet365: The New Jersey outlet makes it possible for affiliate marketers in the United States to promote this company locally.

5. William Hill

This screenshot of the home page for William Hill shows an old black and white photo of men that appear to be watching a sporting event, behind white text that reads

William Hill takes bets on sports, casino games, poker, bingo, and other games and has support in more than 20 different languages.

William Hill takes bets on sports, casino games, poker, bingo, and other games and has support in more than 20 different languages. This company offers multiple payment options to customers and personal account managers for affiliates.

Affiliates can sign up for a 30% commission rate for sports, casino games, Vegas games, and other games, or they can choose a cost per acquisition option. This is the only company that I’ve seen that also offers a hybrid option.

The commission rate for bingo, poker, live casino, and other events is 15%.

Reasons To Promote William Hill: The ability to mix and match cost per acquisition plus revenue share income makes this company stand out.

6. Fanduel

screenshot of Fanduel homepage with dominantly blue page, with a dark blue header with navigation menu, showcasing a picture of three mobile phones with their app software

FanDuel gives fans more ways to win, whether you like to bet spreads, money lines, teasers, props, or parlays.

FanDuel is the premier destination for sports fans online, they give fans the ability to play one-day fantasy sports for real cash prizes. They also made sports betting and horse racing easy and accessible by simply signing up and placing bets. And since they have a mobile app, you can play whenever or wherever you want.

Fanduel affiliate programme offers a one-time fee for each new user referred to FanDuel. This starts at $25 and reaches up to $35 per player. Affiliates will be paid a 35% net of revenue generated by referrals for their first 730 days of play.

Reasons To Promote Fanduel: They have quite an impressive statistics to back up their claim with over 6m registered users to date.

7. Kindred

This screenshot of the home page for Unibet has a gray background with a forest green header and footer, along with an image of Aladdin's Legacy as the game of the week and several images of other recommended games below it.

Kindred is the affiliate program for Unibet New Jersey, which is the US branch of Unibet.

Kindred is the affiliate programme for Unibet New Jersey, which is the US branch of Unibet. Unibet is an enormous bookmaker company that’s active in the UK and Europe.

Unibet New Jersey can only accept players who live in New Jersey, so the ability to promote betting on this website is geographically limited. However, this branch sponsors a game-of-the-week casino game. Unibet New Jersey allows betting on casino games, themed slot games such as Aladdin’s Legacy or Anchorman, and table games such a blackjack or roulette.

Unibet European includes betting on sports, casino games, poker, bingo, and other games. There are marketing tools available for affiliate marketers.

Reasons To Promote Kindred: Having a New Jersey branch allows affiliate marketers the chance to market both locally and globally. The cookie length is nice, too.

8. Bwin

This screenshot of the home page for Bwin has a black background with a photo of some professional soccer players in the middle of a game, above a 100% welcome bonus announcement in yellow and black over a photo of some casino games.

Bwin’s affiliate program goes through GVC Affiliates, along with several other gaming brands such as Party Casino, Party Poker, and Cheeky Bingo.

Bwin’s affiliate programme goes through GVC Affiliates, along with several other gaming brands such as Party Casino, Party Poker, and Cheeky Bingo. There are more than 5,000 affiliates registered with GVC Affiliates. Commission rates start at 25% for up to 25 sign-ups and top out at 35% for more than 300 sign-ups.

Bwin’s sports betting programme includes betting on more than 90 different sports, including football, tennis, basketball, and Formula 1 racing. Betting is live 24 hours per day. This company also offers the ability to bet on casino-style games.

Reasons To Promote Bwin: When you sign up for Bwin’s affiliate programme through GVC Affiliates, you are eligible for sign-up offers, promotions, bonuses, free bets, and customised deals for affiliates only.

9. BetVictor

This screenshot of the home page for BetVictor has a black background with a gray, white, and light blue section in the middle with a photo of a man holding up his cell phone as if he's using it to place bets.

BetVictor has a by-invite-only exclusive affiliate program.

BetVictor has a by-invite-only exclusive affiliate program, but interested affiliate marketers can still contact the company through the email link on the affiliate website. They will need to provide some documentation papers.

Affiliates with BetVictor choose a primary product when they sign up, and they receive 30% commissions for sign-ups with that product. They also get 15% commissions for cross-over products. BetVictor releases new games every week to keep customers interested in playing.

This company books bets for sports such as football and horse racing, along with casino and live casino games.

Reasons To Promote BetVictor: This company offers customised deals to affiliate marketers and exclusive offers for your website.

10. 10Bet

This screenshot of the home page for 10bet has a graphically-designed image in gray, white, and red of a soccer player on a soccer field, behind an announcement in white text for a welcome bonus.

10Bet has more than 60 different types of sports to bet on.

10Bet is a UK-based bookmaker that takes bets on sports events and casino games. There are more than 60 different types of sports to bet on, including horse races, racing greyhounds, NBA events, NFL games, volleyball, and virtual sports. This company offers live betting for casino games and sports.

Players can also place bets with an immense array of slot games.

The commission structure for affiliate marketers is tiered. It starts at 10% for affiliates who bring in up to five first-time customers, and it goes up to 35% for those who attract more than 40 first-time depositors.

Reasons To Promote 10Bet: 10Bet offers promotions that can help convert shoppers.

Affiliate Website Ideas

This list of the top 10 bookmaker affiliate programmes is a fantastic start, and the ways affiliate marketers can use them are as varied as the bets that customers can place. Now it’s over to you to decide exactly how are you going to use these programmes in your niche marketing strategies?

You could focus on betting in the United States alone. A website like this could act as a portal to American-based branches of large European bookmakers, such as the 888sport New Jersey outlet and the New Jersey branch of Unibet. A website like this could also promote Las Vegas, Indian Casinos, and small American-based bookmakers that operate in areas where gambling is legal.

What about a website that focuses on UK-based fun? Besides promoting bookmakers that are headquartered in the UK, a website like this one could promote travel packages that feature tours, cruises, unique restaurants, and shopping experiences.

A quirky website targeting role-playing games, board games, and table games could also promote betting on bingo games or online table games. This type of niche site could also branch out into cosplay accessories based on role-playing games or novelty gifts to use as prizes for local bingo events.

Naturally, strategy-focused websites, or specific types of betting like horse racing are absolutely possible ideas too.

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