Top 10 Camping Affiliate Programmes For Year Round Profits

top camping affilialte programmes to make money on your niche affiliate website

More than 40 million Americans going camping each year. There are lots of different types of camping experiences you can have ranging from backpacking, dry camping, canoe camping, car camping, RVing, camping (with access to electricity, running water, and bathrooms), or even glamping. Camping requires you to buy at least some gear beforehand to make your trip more enjoyable. Which makes it a profitable industry to target people just getting started or upgrading their camping equipment. After all, not all travelers prefer the luxurious type of trips – there are those who simply one to enjoy the thrill of authentic outdoor experience.

What better way to fund your camping trips than to start a camping related business through affiliate marketing, right? Check out these10 great camping affiliate programmes to check out:

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Camping Affiliate Programmes


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Cotopaxi

Cotopaxi creates high-quality outdoor gear that comes with a lifetime warranty. They are passionate about alleviating poverty and donate 2% of their revenue to charity

Cotopaxi is a Certified B-Corp that creates amazing outdoor gear and gives 2% of their revenue to alleviate poverty. They work with organisations like Educate Girls, Rescue Committee, and Proximity Designs to provide education and health in developing countries. They sell everything from outdoor clothing, backpacks, sleeping bags, water bottles, and more. Free shipping is available on all orders over $99 and all products come with a lifetime warranty.

They use AvantLink to manage their affiliate programme. Cotopaxi provides their affiliates with a large selection of text links, banners, and their product feed. Their responsive affiliate manager is available to help maximise your sales. Custom partnerships and promotions are available upon request. They also offer increased commissions or bonuses for special sales incentives.

Reasons To Promote Cotopaxi: Lifetime warranty, 2% revenue donated to charity and a dedicated affiliate manager.

Bonus: Customers receive great perks like a lifetime warranty on all products and free shipping on orders over $99. Affiliates get access to a great selection of marketing tools and assistance on how to increase sales from their dedicated affiliate manager.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for LifeStraw

LifeStraw removes harmful bacteria and protozoa from water without any chemicals or batteries

LifeStraw filters remove 99.9999% of bacteria and 99.9% of protozoa. Their products do not use any chemicals, require any pumping or energy input like batteries to work. They are easy to clean and meet US EPA drinking water standards. All of their raw materials are BPA free and US FDA compliant. They offer free shipping on all orders in the United States.

They are interested in partnering with websites focused on camping, hiking, backpacking, emergency preparedness, and other relevant communities. The average order size is $75 with a website conversion rate of 2%. LifeStraw uses AvantLink to manage their affiliate programme and gives access to creative, tracking tools, and issue affiliate payouts.

Reasons To Promote Lifestraw: Great site conversion rate, high average order size and a donation with every purchase which is a nice touch.

Bonus: For every LifeStraw sold, they donate an entire school year of clean drinking water to a school child in Africa.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for CampChef

CampChef offers their customers a great selection of premium outdoor cooking products and excellent customer service

CampChef prides itself on being a premier source for outdoor cooking equipment. They have over 20 years of experience in the outdoor cooking industry. Their extensive selection of premium products allows them to cater to all types of price ranges and needs. They’ve optimised their website for great customer experience and high conversion rates.

CampChef uses Commission Junction to manage their affiliate programme and provide their affiliates with all the tools they need to market their products. They offer everything from basic banners, industry-leading data feed technology, RSS feeds, and dedicated affiliate support. They offer no hassle returns and an average order size of $88.

Reasons To Promote CampChef: High conversion rates, lots of marketing tools and a large selection of outdoor cooking products for affiliates to promote.

Bonus: CampChef optimised their website to provide a better user experience and high conversion rates with means more commissions for their affiliates.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for InstaFire

InstaFire was featured and backed on Shark Tank. Their products start fires fast even on water and in wind up to 30-49 mph

InstaFire was featured on Shark Tank and is a Mark Cuban and Lori Greiner company. Their fire starter kits start fires fast and burn up to 15 minutes. It even burns on water and in 30-49 mph wind. They are lightweight so they don’t take up a lot of room in your camping or backpacking gear. Their average website conversion rate is 2.7%.

Their affiliate programme is open to affiliates with websites with 50k+ visitors per month, a large 30k+ email list, or 50k+ social media followers. Their affiliate management team will work with you design special offers or email sales for your followers. There are many affiliate networks like Fiverr but InstaFire uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate programme and give access to creative, tracking tools, and issue commission payouts.

Reasons To Promote InstaFire: Shark Tank company, great conversion rates and customised offers and email sales.

Take Note: It’s important to note, affiliates must have a certain amount of visitors or followers to be accepted into their affiliate programme.

Ramsey Outdoor

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Ramsey Outdoor

Ramsey Outdoor specializes in camping and outdoor gear and carries more than 450 of the top brands in the outdoor industry

Ramsey Outdoor has been catering to the needs of outdoor enthusiasts for the last 55 years. They specialise in camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, hunting, and all the clothing and gear you need to enjoy the great outdoors. They owe their success to their wide array of innovative products, great customer service, and by supporting their community and customer base.

Their average order size is over $80.00. They offer free ground shipping on all orders over $74. Affiliates can promote products from more than 450 of the top brands in the Outdoor Industry including Patagonia, Carhartt, Columbia Sportswear, PolarMax, and more. Ramsey Outdoor has partnered with AvantLink to run their affiliate programme.

Reasons To Promote Ramsey Outdoor: Innovative products, free shipping on orders of $74 or more and great customer service.

Bonus: The free shipping option on orders of $74 or more helps increase order sizes which means higher commissions for affiliates.

Gear Co-op

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Gear Co-op

Gear Co-op is the only retailer that offers a lifetime guarantee, free 2-day shipping, and free return shipping

Gear Co-op was the first national outdoor retailer to offer free 2-day shipping. They are also the only retailer to offer free 2-day shipping, free return shipping, and a lifetime guarantee. Some of the top brands they carry are Marmot, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Patagonia, and Adidas Outdoor. They have gear for all types of outdoor activities including hiking, camping, rock climbing, trail running, and snowboarding.

Affiliates earn 7% commissions on sales & clearance items, 8% on gear, and 9% on clothing and footwear. Top performing affiliates can earn commission rates of 11% or higher. The average order value is $120+. Gear Co-op uses AvantLink to manage their affiliate programme and give access to their complete SKU Data Feed, marketing materials, and tracking tools.

Reasons To Promote Gear Co-op: Lifetime guarantee, large average order size and high commissions for top-performing affiliates to profit from.

Bonus: Top affiliates can earn 11% or higher with average order values of $120+. They offer generous base commissions that vary by category.

Rock Creek

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Rock Creek

Rock Creek has 30 years of experience in the outdoor industry. They only offer the best outdoors equipment in their shop and online store is one of the fastest growing online outdoor specialty stores. Their dedicated staffs are outdoor enthusiasts themselves and experts in outdoor gear. They only offer the very best in outdoor equipment and apparel from the top brands in their shop and online store. You can find high-quality outdoor gear for all types of outdoor sports including kayaking, hiking, adventure racing, camping, trail running, and more.

They use AvantLink to run their affiliate programme. Affiliates have access to marketing materials, raw data and dynamic solutions data feeds, one-on-one affiliate technical support, and dedicated programme management. Performance incentives are also available to affiliates with high sales volumes.

Reasons To Promote Rock Creek: Outdoor enthusiasts, affiliate technical support and performance incentives for affiliates to benefit from.

Take Note: It’s important to note that Coupon and Deals sites only receive 4% commissions. Performance incentives are available to top-performing affiliates.

Outdoor Vitals

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Outdoor Vitals

Outdoor Vitals provides premium ultralight outdoor products at direct to consumer prices

Outdoor Vitals challenges outdoors enthusiasts to Live Ultralight by using premium ultralight products that eliminate waste. Their premium ultralight products allow their customers to hike faster and go farther. They design their gear with very high standards to allow you to enjoy your adventures in any weather. Outdoor Vitals sells directly to consumers online so you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the outdoors. They also donate 1% of revenue to sustainable poverty projects all over the world.

They have worked hard to optimise their site for high conversion rates which means higher sales commissions for their affiliates. Outdoor Vitals partnered with AvantLink to give their affiliates a robust set of tools and the best support in the business. Along with their high-quality gear, you can also promote their limited lifetime warranties on all products and free shipping.

Reasons To Promote Outdoor Vitals: Direct to consumer prices, limited lifetime warranties on all products and a portion of sales are donated to poverty projects which is a nice touch.

Bonus: Outdoor Vitals offers their customers direct to consumer prices and a limited lifetime warranty. Affiliates benefit from their high conversion rates on their optimized website.

Paragon Sports

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Paragon Sports

Paragon Sports offers their customers the most innovative products in the outdoor industry

Paragon Sports has been selling quality sports equipment and clothing since 1908. They take pride in their great selection of well-known brands along with unique, exceptional brands you might not be familiar with yet. Their product inventory includes over 30,000 products in hundreds of categories from 300+ different name brands. They are committed to bringing their customers the most innovative and technologically advanced products in the outdoor industry.

The average order size is $170. Paragon Sports uses Commission Junction to run their affiliate programme. Affiliates receive access to detailed real-time performance reporting, full product feed, and trusted third-party tracking. They also provide customisable creative banners and links to fit your site.

Reasons To Promote Paragon Sports: Huge product selection, high average sales and customisable banners.

Bonus: Affiliates can promote Paragon Sports’ large inventory of outdoor products and benefit from their high average order sizes.

Oregon Mountain Community

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Oregon Mountain Community

Oregon Mountain Community sells the top brands in the outdoor industry with a full-year return policy and free shipping on orders of $35 or more

Oregon Mountain Community has offered their customers the best in outdoor gear and apparel for over 30 years. Their knowledgeable and friendly staff not only provide great customer service, they also do their own product testing in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Their online store carries apparel and gear from some of the top brands like Canada Goose, Arc’teryx, The North Face, Patagonia, Marmot, and many more. They offer a full year return policy and free shipping on orders $35 or higher.

The average order value is $200. Affiliates benefit from their great selection of top brands, rock-solid customer service, and 100% price matching. Oregon Mountain Community uses AvantLink for their affiliate programme management. Performance reviews and increased commissions are available upon request. No affiliate coupons are needed because all their coupons and discounts are displayed on the product page so there are no confusing restrictions or terms.

Reasons To Promote Oregon Mountain Community: High average order value, 100% price matching and increased commissions available.

Take Note: The Oregon Mountain Community affiliate programme is open to communities and review sites. Most other sites will be denied because they want to focus on building the community and not catering to shopping styles.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve had time to check out these 10 great camping affiliate programmes, it’s time to start thinking about what camping niche you want to target. You could focus on camping cooking gear, campers would of course still want to enjoy cooking and eating food in style. Most hikers and campers will want to find lightweight and durable cooking tools instead of having to bring their heavy cookware from their kitchen. CampChef has a great selection of outdoor cooking equipment for all types of needs and budgets. Affiliates earn 10% commissions with an average order size of $88.

Camping high tech gear is another good niche for campers who are looking for gadgets to make their camping experience more enjoyable. Ramsey Outdoors has a great selection of high tech camping gear. Affiliates receive 8% commissions on sales with an average order size over $80.

You could also target essential camping gear for families and write articles and product reviews about what camping tools and gears families should bring on their camping trips. Oregon Mountain Community has all the essential camping tools you need and more. Affiliates earn 8% commissions with high average sales of $200.

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