Top 10 Depression Affiliate Programmes To Boost Your Mood

top 10 depression affiliate programmes to make cash on your niche affiliate site

The best depression affiliate programmes offer relief from depression through aromatherapy, self-education, natural supplements, online therapy options, and more.

Everyone has down days when nothing seems to go right. You might get down on yourself, feel critical of others, or complain about your current situation, but those days usually pass.

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That’s not true for people with major depression and other depression-related mental health disorders. They might feel afraid to try new things, or they lose interest in their favourite activities. They can avoid people, be irritable, and neglect their personal hygiene or work. Sometimes life feels so bad for them that they don’t even get out of bed.

There are around 300 million people in the world who experience depression. While that’s a lot of people, depression can be treated both medically and through natural means. Several companies carry e-books, online therapy programmes, supplements, aromatherapy items, and other products to help people treat and manage depression. Affiliate marketers can get on board by promoting these programmes to people who suffer from depression.

If this sounds interesting to you, then check out these top 10 depression affiliate programmes below. As you read, think about ways you could incorporate these programmes into your niche market websites. I’ll give you some inspiration at the end of this post to set you on your way to making money with your niche website.


Depression Affiliate Programmes


1. Destroy Depression

This screenshot of the home page for Destroy Depression has a light gray background with red and blue elements, along with a row of media icons that the program has been featured in above a sales letter in black and red text.

Destroy Depression is one of the best-selling natural treatments for depression online.

Destroy Depression is one of the best-selling natural treatments for depression online. The programme teaches people who suffer from depression how to get their lives and emotions back under control naturally in seven steps. Because the programme works so well, the product isn’t returned often, and the conversion rate is high.

Although the main product only sells for $37, the sales funnel includes both upsells and down sells, and an affiliate marketer could potentially earn $117 from each customer. This company also gives a $100 cash bonus to new affiliates.

Reasons To Promote Destroy Depression: The commission rate is extremely high, the down sells and upsells increase the ability to earn more commissions, and the product converts well with almost no returns. The cash bonus is another plus.

2. Overcoming Depression And Anxiety

Overcoming Depression And Anxiety is hosted by Healthy ME Summits and brings together around 50 experts to discuss different aspects of depression and how to overcome them.

Overcoming Depression And Anxiety is hosted by Healthy ME Summits. This programme brings together 50 experts who discuss everything from foods to eat or avoid to aromatherapy, environmental stresses, and how treating thyroid issues can help with depression.

Registering for events is free, and then registrants are offered the opportunity to purchase the full summit library, which includes audio and video downloads as well as transcripts. Complete access to the digital library costs $147, and it comes with a 100% money-back-guarantee.

Reasons To Promote Overcoming Anxiety And Depression: Besides the 50% commission rate, affiliate marketers can earn 10% on sales made by other affiliate marketers they bring into the programme.

3. Cure Depression And Anxiety

This screenshot of the affiliate sign-up page for Cure Depression And Anxiety has a gray and white background, a gray and green Click2Sell logo in the upper left corner, and black and green text describing the affiliate program.

Cure Depression And Anxiety is an e-book with a low sales price but a decent commission rate and cookie length.

Cure Depression And Anxiety is an e-book that sells for $2.00 each. At the 20% commission rate, affiliates can make $0.40 per sale, and they receive their earnings through PayPal or Skrill two weeks after the end of each month.

The affiliate programme is free to join, and affiliates receive access to performance statistics and professional support. This company administers its affiliate programme through Click2Sell.

Reasons To Promote Cure Depression And Anxiety: Although the e-book has a low sales price, the 20% commission is decent and the cookie length is great. Depending on how an affiliate marketer’s niche website is set up, the inexpensive cost could also result in a large number of sales and increase the number of affiliate earnings.

4. Floracopeia

This screenshot of the home page for Floracopeia has a green header announcing a flower essence is back in stock, a white area with a search bar and the Floracopeia logo, a gray navigation bar, and a filtered photo of a smiling brunette woman in a field of tall grass, along with black text offering a two-for-one coupon code for educational courses.

Floracopeia targets depression through flower essences and its educational program, ‘A Flower’s Power.’

Floracopeia is an aromatherapy company that sells flower essences, essential oils, and skincare products, and it provides educational resources, as well. Affiliates earn commissions on two of the educational resources, which are audio/video programmes entitled The Pharmacy Of Flowers and A Flower’s Power.

Depression is targeted in A Flower’s Power, which discusses depression, anxiety, fear, chronic stress, and other negative states of mind, as well as how to use flower essences to overcome these challenges. A Flower’s Power is currently priced at $450.

Reasons To Promote Floracopeia: Floracopeia targets depression from a natural wellness perspective, which could attract some customers. The relatively high sales price and the 30% commission could increase affiliate earnings, too.


This screenshot of the home page for ETTCH has a white navigation bar with red text and a red logo above a colorful header that resembles a patchwork quilt, and a white text area at the bottom of the page with text in red and black that describes how ETTCH works against childhood depression, along with a partial photo of a face of a young girl with brown hair.

ETTCH is an educational product store to help treat and prevent depression in children.

  • URL:
  • Commission: 20%
  • Cookie: 7 days

ETTCH, an educational product store for children, was created by volunteer Lisa Toner, who worked with children in Ireland. After hearing their stories, she opened ETTCH to provide materials to help children cope with depression, anxiety, and other issues that are on the rise among children.

Products include a guided journal meant to help children ages 8-12 practice gratitude and kindness, develop a positive outlook on life, boost their self-confidence, and have a safe place to express their feelings. The journal includes brightly-colored pictures and affirmations that children can use to help them focus on the positive things in their lives.

This company also sells a confidence kit and a memory box for both happy and sad memories.

Reasons To Promote ETTCH: This is one of the only programmes I’ve seen that specifically targets the rising trend of depression and anxiety in children. Besides its feel-good factor, it could fit well with a niche market strategy, and the commission rate is decent.

6. End Your Depression

This screenshot of the home page for End Your Depression has a pale yellow background, along with a small image of the book being sold and a semi-circular image of a man and a woman smiling at each other, above a sales letter with text and other elements in red, blue, black, and white.

End Your Depression is an e-book that reveals several secrets for overcoming depression naturally, without the side effects that come from pharmaceutical options.

End Your Depression is an e-book that reveals several secrets for overcoming depression naturally, without the side effects that come from pharmaceutical options. The book itself costs $37, and it comes with several bonuses that add up to about $250 in free gifts.

The bonuses include books covering nutrition for overcoming depression, the relationship between anxiety and depression, weight loss and depression, and lifetime updates. This company also offers a 60-day, 100% money-back-guarantee.

With the 75% commission, affiliate markets make $24.92 per sale.

Reasons To Promote End Your Depression: The 75% commission rate is great, and the free bonuses could convert some customers.

7. How To Treat Depression

This screenshot of the home page for How To Treat Depression has a gold header, a pale green navigation bar, and a green-filtered photo of a desert road headed toward snow-capped mountains, along with an opt-in window in gold and white and white text that reads

How To Treat Depression is an organization dedicated to helping people understand and cope with depression.

How To Treat Depression is an organisation dedicated to helping people understand and cope with depression. The website includes information on several types of depression, including catatonic, psychotic, bipolar, and postnatal depression, as well as major depression and seasonal affective disorder.

Affiliates make money by promoting a book entitled Depression Self-Help: How To Break Through Depression. The company also sells a book for overcoming anxiety, but the affiliate marketing information page only contains information for selling the book about depression.

The affiliate programme is run through ClickBank.

Reasons To Promote How To Treat Depression: the 75% commission rate is attractive, and the website offers support to people suffering from depression, which could help convert some shoppers.


This screenshot of the home page for Online Therapy contains a filtered photo of a sideview of a smiling woman in glasses and a ponytail looking away from her open computer screen, along with white text that reads

Online Therapy is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy program that’s administered over the internet.

Online Therapy is an online cognitive behavioral therapy programme that provides customers with real one-on-one visits with certified therapists. There’s also an online toolbox that includes online chats, worksheets, a message system specifically for patients and their therapists, a journal, stress-reducing activities like yoga, and an activity plan.

The programme has eight modules and can be customised to fit patients’ needs and budgets. The prices range from $32-64 per week.

Online Therapy offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. Customers who sign up through affiliate links also get a 20% discount for the first month of their service.

Reasons To Promote Online Therapy: The ability to interact with a certified therapist and get a 20% discount off the first month could convert some shoppers. The flat-rate commission rate is great is easy for affiliate marketers to plan around, but the commissions are one-time rather than recurring.

9. CLE Holistic Health

This screenshot of the home page for CLE Holistic Health has a white and blue navigation bar above a large overhead photo of several fruits and vegetables lying on a white background, along with a

CLE Holistic Health sells a variety of nutritional supplements, including Mood Effex, which is designed to treat depression.

CLE Holistic Health sells a variety of nutritional supplements. One of its products, called Mood Effex, is focused specifically on treating depression. The proprietary blend of herbs includes St. John’s Wort, Morinda Officinalis root, and several extracts. A single bottle of Mood Effex costs around $70 dollars.

This company also carries a handful of other products to provide mineral supplementation and to help treat diabetes and high blood pressure. All of the supplements are gluten-free, dairy-free, organic, soy-free, vegan-friendly, non-GMO, and free of pesticides and herbicides.

One nice thing about CLE Holistic Health is that affiliate marketers earn income on repeat sales, and the repeat customer rate is around 90%.

Reasons To Promote CLE Holistic Health: The supplements are high-quality, and the possibility of repeat customers is high. The commission rate is excellent, too.

10. Joy Organics

This screenshot of the home page for Joy Organics has a white navigation bar above a light gray section showing small boxes containing Joy Organics products, along with text in black and gray announcing premium THC-free CBD products and a burgundy call-to-action button.

Joy Organics is a CBD supplements company that offers a variety of products ranging from soft gels to tinctures and salves.

Joy Organics is a CBD supplements company that offers a variety of products ranging from soft gels to tinctures and salves. The affiliate information page lists CBD products as being helpful for treating depression, as well as depression-related conditions like anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain.

The company has an affiliate resource center that provides instructions, affiliate materials and even optimised articles that can be used on some niche-market websites. Joy Organics is also certified for Good Manufacturing Practices and includes both in-house and third-party testing to make sure customers are getting the best pharmaceutical-grade CBD oils possible.

Reasons To Promote Joy Organics: The commission rate and cookie length are decent. The high-quality products and multiple product testing could convert some shoppers, too.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve read about the top 10 depression affiliate programmes, do you have any ideas about how you’d like to integrate them in your niche market strategies? I have a few thoughts of my own to share with you to help get your creative juices flowing.

For example, you could create a niche market website focusing on treating and preventing depression in children. A website like this one could promote programmes like the EFFTCH products described in the section above. It could also feature suicide prevention programmes, play therapy or music therapy, and family recreation options such as Disney cruises.

Another idea is a website that targets depression through the use of exercise and nutrition. A website like this one could feature home gym equipment, subscription-based yoga workouts, organic supplements, and even meal kit delivery services. Workout clothing, local gym memberships, and sneakers could be promoted here, as well.

What about a website for new mothers? Treatments for postpartum depression could be featured here, but affiliate marketers could also promote baby furniture, mom-and-tot fashions, babysitter services, aromatherapy options, and self-care products such as lotions and body washes.

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