Top 10 eCommerce Affiliate Programs For Profit Without Actually “Selling” Anything

In 2017, retail eCommerce sales in the US reached $409 billion. Online shopping makes it simple and convenient to purchase items and have them shipped straight to your door. ECommerce platforms have now made creating an online store quick and easy so anyone can start selling their products online. Though Amazon takes the cake here and is a juggernaut in the industry, there are millions of smaller shops that are doing business online, and a huge potential for even more in the future. Here are 10 great eCommerce affiliate programmes:

best eCommerce Affiliate Programs

Ecommerce companies pay big bucks for you to get them new members. Why build your own online store when you could make money selling the software to build the stores?

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e-Commerce Affiliate Programmes


Shopify makes it easy to set up your eCommerce shop and run everything from marketing, inventory, checking and shipping all in their easy to use platform.

  • URL: Shopify Affiliate Program
  • Commission: 200% bounty (First 2 Months of Paid Subscription Fee), 100% on Enterprise Plans
  • Cookie: 30 days

Shopify started over a decade ago as an online snowboard equipment store. They quickly realised other stores could benefit from a hassle-free platform to build their online business. Merchants can manage everything from customers, products, and orders on their easy to use platform. There are currently 600,000 active Shopify stores that have produced $55 Billion worth of sales. Shopify offers competitive rates and plans for all types of budgets and needs.

Their affiliates range from bloggers and business leaders to educators and social media mavens so everyone can benefit from promoting Shopify to their social network. Shopify uses their own affiliate management software and provides their affiliates with a unique affiliate link, simple linking tools, tracking tools, and eye-catching banners. They also offer a partner programme to help freelancers and agencies accelerate their businesses.

Reasons To Promote Shopify: Industry leader, very high bounty and plans for all types of budgets

Bonus: Shopify has eCommerce plans for all type of budgets and needs. They offer their affiliates industry-leading commission rates on the software trusted by over 600,000 businesses.


BigCommerce is an industry leading eCommerce platform that offers tons of built in features to help businesses efficiently run their online stores.

BigCommerce is the leading eCommerce platform that makes it easy to create customised online stores. Some of their built-in features include analytics, hundreds of integrated apps, SEO, marketing tools, and more. You can even sell on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Google Shopping. Plans start at $29.95 up to $249.95 per month. Discounts are available for yearly plans. For enterprise plans, you can call to receive a custom pricing that is cheaper than Magento and Shopify Plus.

Affiliates can earn unlimited commissions with no commission caps, minimum commitments, or obligations. You can promote BigCommerce with their referral links or their premade banners, emails, and other marketing materials. They use Impact Radius to manage their affiliate programme and provide tracking tools, creatives, and access to a dedicated affiliate expert.

Reasons To Promote BigCommerce: Leading eCommerce platform, dedicated affiliate expert and lots of marketing materials for affiliates to benefit from.

Bonus: Their dedicated affiliate experts will help you reach your business goals. They also provide you with lots of marketing materials and tools to help you convert more leads.


Etsy is a global marketplace for handmade and vintage goods. They give independent businesses all the tools they need to succeed.

Etsy is a global marketplace that allows people from all over the world to connect to buy and sell handmade and vintage goods. They give independent creative businesses the tools they need to be successful and their customers’ personal shopping experience. Their merchants offer a wide variety of products that appeal to a large audience range.

Etsy uses Awin to manage their affiliate programme. They provide affiliates with a wide selection of banners and other marketing materials. Cashback/Loyalty websites can earn 2% commissions but are evaluated on individual bases. Affiliates are not eligible to earn commissions on sales from their own shops or closely related shops in which they have a financial interest or share a bank account with their own shop.

Reasons To Promote Etsy: Global marketplace, competitive commission rate, lots of marketing materials

It’s important to note Cashback/Loyalty websites earn 2% commissions but they are evaluated on individual bases. Be sure to check with their affiliate manager before you apply.


Ucraft is an easy to use website builder with excellent customer service and high conversion rates.

Ucraft is an easy to use website builder that allows anyone to create stunning websites. Their all in one advanced eCommerce platform makes it simple to start selling online with 70+ payment and shipping methods and amazing designs to show off your products. Website plans range from $6 per month when paid annually to $13 a month for an annual eCommerce package. Their high-quality products and excellent customer support have led to high conversion rates of 3.35%.

Affiliates earn commissions on all monthly subscriptions for both new referrals and renewals. Ucraft uses iDev to manage their affiliate programme. They provide their affiliates with high quality visually appealing graphics and content to maximise the click-through rate. You can share your affiliate link everywhere online to maximise exposure and increase the number of clicks.

Reasons To Promote Ucraft: High conversion rates, lifetime cookies and visually appealing graphics for affiliates to make good use of.

Bonus: Ucraft makes it easy for their customers to set up and maintains their eCommerce website. Affiliates receive lifetime cookies on their high converting plans.


Mozello helps people create beautiful, responsive eCommerce shops with no commission charge and hosting and domain name included.

Mozello was created to give everybody the ability to create beautiful websites without having to learn how to code or pay for expensive web development. They are a minimalistic website builder that focuses on the ease of use, fast results, and clean design. Its simplicity and usability make it easy for anyone to create a stunning, responsive website or the online shop in just minutes. Plans range from Free to $14 per month and include hosting, domain, and no commission charge on eCommerce stores.

They have winning conversion rates because of their easy to use platform. Mozello uses ShareASale to manage their affiliate programme and give access to high performing banners, promotional images, and other marketing materials and tools. Affiliates receive a 5¢ bonus for every free account signup which could lead to a commission if they pay for a plan after the trial has ended.

Reasons To Promote Mozello: Great conversion rates, lots of marketing materials and hosting and domain included.

Bonus: Mozello provides their affiliates with lots of marketing materials to help convert leads to their already high converting products.


Zenfolio’s award-winning eCommerce platform helps photographers build their online store without having to code or design it themselves

Zenfolio is an award-winning all in one online solution for photographers. They allow photographers to build a professional mobile-ready website without having to code or design it themselves. Their state of the art eCommerce platform and elegant designs provide everything you need to set up your online photography shop. They offer three subscription plan levels with monthly and annual payment options ranging from $60-504 per year.

Affiliates earn 30% commissions on direct paid plans and trial to paid plan conversions. They have a very high trial to customer conversion rate. Zenfolio uses Commission Junction to manage their affiliate programme. Affiliates receive tools to help them convert more sales and optimise their earnings including ad images, links, and editorial content. Custom promo codes are also available.

Reasons To Promote Zenfolio: State-of-the-art platform, eCommerce just for photographers and a high conversion rate for affiliates to profit from.

Bonus: Zenfolio only focuses on the eCommerce needs of Photographers to help them set up the online photography shop. They have a very high trial to customer conversion rate which means more commission potential for their affiliates.

Yahoo Small Business

Yahoo Small Business has all the tools businesses need to get online include a website builder, eCommerce, business mail, and more.

  • URL: Yahoo Small Business Affiliate Program
  • Commission: Website Builder $10-$100, eCommerce $10-$100, Web Hosting $5-$150, Business Email, $3-$30, Localworks $30-$100, Domains $1
  • Cookie: 45 days

Yahoo Small Business has been helping entrepreneurs get online since 1998. They have everything a small business needs to grow and thrive. Their award-winning, easy to use, and affordable tools include business mail, domains, hosting, local listings, website builder, eCommerce, and more.

Affiliates can earn commissions on all their products with a wide range of flat fee commissions. Be sure to check out their programme terms to learn more. They also provide their affiliates with exclusive discounts and performance incentives. Yahoo Small Business uses Commission Junction to run their affiliate programme.

Reasons To Promote Yahoo Small Business: Affordable tools for businesses, lots of commission options and exclusive discounts available.

Bonus: Yahoo Small Business offers affordable tools to help a small business grow and thrive. Their wide range of commission fees and performance incentives rewards their affiliates for converting leads


3dcart is the best eCommerce platform for SEO and provides all the tools you need to build, promote, grow your online store.

3dcart is an industry-leading eCommerce platform that offers a complete online store solution. They are the best eCommerce platform for SEO. You can use it to start an online business, add a shopping cart to your existing website, or replace your current shopping cart platform. Their platform includes all the tools, features, and support you need to build, promote, and grow your online business. Plans range from $19-$229 per month.

They are one of the fasting growing affiliate programmes. You can use their affiliate links and banners on your website or newsletter. You can sign up for their affiliate programme with Commission Junction or ShareASale. Both provide you with the same commission rate and cookie life and access to creative, tracking, reports, and monthly commission checks. They also offer bonuses and incentives to their affiliates.

Reasons To Promote 3dcart: Incredibly high commissions, best eCommerce platform for SEO, affiliate bonuses and incentives on offer.

Bonus: Both Commission Junction and ShareASale offer the same high commission rates and cookie life so you can join whatever program works best for you


xSellco helps businesses save time and money while selling products at optimised prices

xSellco is on a mission to make it simple to support all of your eCommerce customers in one place. They build innovative products that allow businesses of all sizes to fulfill their potential. Their software leverages multiple data sources to optimise your pricing so you can save time and money. Their products help manage your customer queries, increase reviews, and sell more at higher prices.

You can share your referral link on your website, on your social media pages, and emails. xSellco uses their own affiliate management software to run their programme and provide affiliates with all the marketing materials and tracking tools they will need to successfully promote xSellco.

Reasons To Promote xSellco: Innovate eCommerce products, cookie life never expires and a great commission rate.

Bonus: Affiliates earn 15% of revenue share for the next 12 months for every new customer you refer. There is no limit on much you can earn and the cookie life never expires.


Volusion’s award-winning eCommerce experts help small businesses create, manage and expand their online stores.

Volusion is a complete eCommerce solution for small business owners to create, manage, and even expand their online store. Their award-winning eCommerce experts are there to help customers with every step including domain purchase, web design, cart integration, SEO, and security. Plans range from $15-$135 per month.

Affiliates have access to their product catalogue, exclusive marketing materials, and receive a unique promo tracking code. Volusion uses Impact Radius to manage their affiliate programme.

Along with their referral programme, they also have a reseller discount. Web designers and eCommerce managers get discounts up to 35% on monthly hosting plans, dedicated support, and additional discounts on specialised services.

Reasons To Promote Volusion: Complete eCommerce solution, very high commission rate and exclusive marketing materials.

Bonus: Along with their very generous commission rates, Volusion also offers their affiliates a large selection of marketing materials to help them increase their conversion rates.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve discovered these 10 great eCommerce affiliate programmes, it’s time to choose a niche to focus on. You could target a specific industry like eCommerce for photographers. Zenfolio only focuses on eCommerce solutions for photographers. Affiliates receive a 30% commission with high conversion rates.

Other affiliate programmes on this page could be used for other types of businesses. What about your local pizza store? How’s their eCommerce site? You can help them improve it to draw in more customers and get each customer to spend more money.

You could also seek out groups of businesses selling specific types of products, like people trying to sell their art online with an art blog.

What about focusing on eCommerce website builders for business owners who don’t want to spend time or money learning who to code or paying to have a website built for them. Shopify offers their affiliates a 200% bounty and up to $2000 in commissions for Enterprise plans. This can work with any company on this page really, but Shopify has one of the best commission structures and is a well-known brand name.

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