Top 10 Food Storage Affiliate Programmes That Stock Up Affiliate Wealth

food storage affiliate programmes to maximise wealth on your niche affiliate site

The best food storage affiliate programmes include everything from freeze-dried foods to canning supplies, dehydrators, and chest freezers.

First, it was toilet paper and water bottles. As the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak expanded, Americans started buying up hand sanitisers, disinfectant wipes, antibacterial soaps, and cleaning supplies containing bleach. The next wave hit the food aisles in the grocery stores, with items like rice, beans, sugar, and flour flying from the shelves as soon as they were stocked.

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As we push through the coronavirus pandemic, the empty food shelves cause feelings of insecurity among many shoppers. Long-term food storage options and fully-stocked pantries are quickly becoming an essential way of life.

There are a variety of different ways that consumers are trying to meet their needs, and many companies that can help them also have affiliate programmes. The best food storage affiliate programmes include emergency food rations and bulk commodities in #10 cans and large plastic buckets, but they can also include appliances such as freezers and food storage products like vacuum sealers, containers, dehydrators, and canning supplies.

If you’re interested in tapping into this market, read through this list of the top 10 food storage affiliate programmes. If you are still in need of inspiration for your niche site then there are some pointers at the end of this article.


Food Storage Affiliate Programmes


1. Mason Jars Marketplace

This screenshot of the home page for Mason Jars has a gray and white header, a gray navigation bar, and a photo of a woman in black cutting lemons on a green cutting board near a multicolored fabric basket holding fruit, along with black text announcing maker-made home solutions and an orange call-to-action button.

Mason Jars manufactures and sells glass jars, lids, rings, and other canning supplies.

Mason Jars manufactures and sells glass jars, lids, rings, and other canning supplies. This company also carries storage jars and kitchen items such as trivets, serving trays, and flip-top lids that allow people to use Mason glass jars as water bottles.

The website contains a lot of anecdotes from customers who have found unique and creative ways to use the glass jars. The company encourages customers to share what they create with mason jars to help fuel ideas from other people. There’s also a shopping link in the online store for homesteaders, and customers can use the search bar to learn more about canning, using glass jars to grow herbs, and other food storage methods that use glass jars for storage.

Mason Jars administers its affiliate programme through ShareASale.

Reasons To Promote Mason Jars Maker Place: Mason Jars is well-known for its canning supplies and is becoming more well-known for more creative food storage ideas that use glass jars, including growing herbs or fermenting some foods.

2. Wise Food Storage

This screenshot of the home page for Wise Food Storage has a gray header, a white search bar with information on a money-back guarantee, a red navigation bar, and a white main section with a photo on the left side of the page showing a city street with white text reading 'Disasters can happen to anyone anytime' and a photo on the right side of the page showing an emergency kit with red lettering reading 'The time is now.'

Wise Food Storage makes and sells gourmet freeze-dried foods.

Wise Food Storage makes and sells gourmet freeze-dried foods that can be used for outdoor activities like backpacking or camping or for long-term food storage. Products range from emergency backpacks to individual pouches and buckets of freeze-dried foods. There are also starter kits and long-term food kits. One unique product that this company offers is an emergency pet kit.

This company administers its affiliate programme through both AvantLink and Commission Junction.

Reasons To Promote Wise Food Storage: This company has a decent commission rate and one of the best cookie lengths I’ve seen for a food storage company. The emergency pet kit sets this company apart, too.

3. The Home Depot

This screenshot of the home page for The Home Depot has a white search and navigation bar, an orange bar announcing free delivery, and two side-by-side photos showing 1) a white kitchen with stainless steel appliances, and 2) a white tiled bathroom, and both photos have white text announcing sales, along with orange call-to-action buttons.

The Home Depot carries appliances like chest freezers and shelving that could be used to organize dried goods.

The Home Depot is a do-it-yourself store with both local stores and a large online store that carries more than 500,000 products. This company has several departments ranging from hardware and building materials to paint and outdoor living. The Home Depot could be helpful for food storage enthusiasts because it carries appliances like chest freezers and shelving that could be used to organise dried goods.

The affiliate commission varies by department. Some departments, such as home décor, bring in an affiliate income of 8%. For appliances such as freezers, affiliates can expect to earn a 2% commission. Most products have a commission rate of 3%, but affiliates aren’t given commissions on custom products, special orders, gift cards, or in-store purchases.

The Home Depot runs its affiliate programme through Impact. Affiliates are provided with a daily data feed of promotional materials.

Reasons To Promote Home Depot: Affiliates have access to a daily data feed of materials they can use to promote the store, but the cookie length is only one day long.

4. Emergency Essentials

This screenshot of the home page for Emergency Essentials has a black header above a white search bar and a gray navigation bar, both with orange elements, and an orange main section with text in black and white urging customers not to wait to get emergency food because it is flying off the shelves.

Emergency Essentials is one of two preparedness companies with Quality Survival Standards.

Emergency Essentials is a preparedness company that makes and sells food storage kits and individual items ranging from MREs to full year-long food and water storage kits.

Emergency Essentials food kits provide 1,800 calories and 40 grams of protein per person, per day. It’s one of two food storage companies that meet these Quality Survival Standards.

One great thing about this company is that it has an auto-ship plan for customers who want to build long-term food storage by purchasing a certain amount every month for a year. Customers can also browse through categories to find items such as water storage, MREs, survival gear, and food kits. The website also has tabs for resources and sales.

This company has a conversion rate of more than 5% and an average order value of $246. The affiliate programme is run through AvantLink.

Reasons To Promote Emergency Essentials: Affiliate marketers get a great commission rate, cookie length, conversion rate, and a high order value to work with.

5. Excalibur Dehydrator

This screenshot of the home page for Excalibur Dehydrator has a navigation bar for brands the store carries above a green free book announcement, which is above a white navigation bar and a photo of a dehydrator filled with fruit slices, next to black text describing how dehydrators can naturally preserve foods.

Excalibur Dehydrator is one of the best-known manufacturers of food dehydrators.

Excalibur Dehydrator is one of the best-known manufacturers of food dehydrators. The company also carries items like vacuum sealers, drying sheets, slicers, peelers, meat grinders, sausage stuffers, and fermentation pots.

The website has a shopping area for customers who want to browse through the products. There’s also a section for people who want to buy commercial dehydrators and a section containing recipes, which could be helpful for newbies who are just getting started with their home food storage systems.

Reasons To Promote Excalibur Dehydrator: This company carries a nice selection of items that can help food storage enthusiasts. The commission rate is nice, too.

6. Mountain House

This screenshot of the home page of Mountain House has a blue header and navigation bar above a photo of a craggy mountain under a gray sky, along with a red banner with white text inviting customers to discover where to get Mountain House products.

Mountain House carries freeze-dried meals that come in individual serving sizes, pouches, #10 cans, buckets, or kits.

Mountain House carries freeze-dried meals that come in individual serving sizes, pouches, #10 cans, buckets, or kits. These meals account for around 70% of the backpacking meals sold in the United States, so they are light-weight and easy to store.

The meals include breakfasts, entrees, desserts, sides, and meats. Mountain House also sells full emergency food kits that can last from two days to twelve weeks. Customers in the United States can get free shipping on orders of $99 or more.

Mountain House runs its affiliate programme through AvantLink. Because of tax laws, affiliates are only accepted from certain states.

Reasons To Promote Mountain House: The food is light-weight and stores well, and there’s a nice selection to choose from. The commission rate and cookie length are nice too.

7. Lehman’s

This screenshot of the home page for Lehman's has a brown header with white lettering discussing COVID-19's impacts on shipping, above a white search bar and menu, which is above a gray secondary menu and a photo of a bottle of Aladdin lamp oil on a white background, next to text in black describing the lamp oil.

Lehman’s has a great selection of simple products for producing, preserving, and storing food.

Lehman’s focuses on simple farm-type lifestyles, and it sells items made by the Amish community as well as hand-powered machinery, gardening tools, canning supplies, farming equipment, and other items meant to help simplify and improve life.

Many of the items, including the farming and gardening supplies, can be used to help build food storage necessities. Customers can also find items such as apple cider presses, hand-turned wheat grinders, coffee grinders, steamers, juicers, cherry pitting machines, and butter churns. There are even some pantry items, including dried goods like soup mixes, jams, and even some freeze-dried food storage items.

Lehman’s runs its affiliate programme through Pepperjam.

Reasons To Promote Lehman’s: Lehman’s has a great selection of simple products for producing, preserving, and storing food.

8. Augason Farms

This screenshot of the home page for Augason Farms has a dark header above a white navigation bar, along with two large gray sections in the center of the page, both with white and light green text, announcing a pause on taking new orders and a section for tracking orders, as well as a thank you for allowing the company to focus on filling orders during the coronavirus crisis rather than taking new ones.

Augason Farms carries more than 300 emergency preparedness items.

Augason Farms carries more than 300 emergency preparedness items, including food storage products with a shelf life of up to 30 years. The website includes categories such as emergency kits, emergency supplies, and food storage.

The products range from freeze-dried meats and vegetables to beans, rice, soups, and baking mixes. There is a selection of individual MRE-style entrees, too, and Augason Farms carries water storage solutions, as well. The food storage kits range from 72-hour packs to survival kits that can last a year. Many of the full-year food storage kits can cost in the thousands of dollars.

Take Note: However, the average order value is $200, and the store takes payments.

Reasons To Promote Augason Farms: Augason Farms’ high average order value is great. The store’s ability to take monthly payments could also bump up shopping cart totals, and the kits contain everything customers need to eat well for a year even if they can’t go shopping at a local grocery store.

9. Appliances Connection

This screenshot of the home page for Appliances Connection has a pale yellow header with blue and pink lettering, a white search bar and navigation bar, and a main section with a large photo of a nice kitchen with white cupboards and several stainless steel appliances next to a black text announcement with white lettering describing a buy-one, get-one sale on Viking brand appliances, along with a pale red call to action button.

Appliances Connection is a high-end home goods and appliances store.

Appliances Connection is a high-end home goods and appliances store. Food storage enthusiasts could find this company most helpful because of its high-quality refrigerators, freezers, beverage centers, and ice-makers. This company sells commercial versions of its freezers and other appliances, too.

The average order value is $1,000. The affiliate programme is run through CJ Affiliate.

Reasons To Promote Appliances Connection: The high average order value could mean decent affiliate earnings. Some customers could enjoy the option of buying commercial-grade freezers or food storage solutions, as well.

10. Valley Food Storage

This screenshot of the home page for Valley Food Storage has a dark red header, an empty green bar, a white navigation bar with green text, and a photo of some food storage items in pouches and buckets overlaying a photo of a country road, along with white text announcing nutritious freeze-dried food.

Valley Food Storage sells long-term food kits and other freeze-dried food items.

Valley Food Storage sells long-term food kits, as well as freeze-dried breakfasts, lunch and dinner entrees, protein, fruits, and vegetables. Customers within the United States can get free shipping on their orders.

The commission varies depending on whether you join the affiliate programme through AvantLink or Commission Junction. Affiliates with AvantLink get a 14% commission rate, while those with Commission Junction receive a 13% commission rate.

One nice thing about Valley Food Storage is that it has a customer referral programme, which gives customers a chance to send $25 discounts to family and friends. If the codes they send are used, then the original customer gets a $25 discount as well.

Reasons To Promote Valley Food Storage: The commission rate is nice. The Family Table Rewards customer referral plan is unique and fun, too.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve read about these top 10 food storage affiliate programmes, do you know how you’re going to incorporate them into your affiliate marketing efforts? They can fit well with a variety of different website ideas.

For example, if you have a nutrition website, any of the companies that sell freeze-dried fruits and vegetables could be promoted here. You could also feature seeds and gardening equipment, dehydrators, canning supplies, and even diabetic medical supplies or nutrition tracking apps to help people keep their eating under control.

A second idea is a website focused on urban gardens. Besides basic gardening tools, a website like this could promote homesteading options like aquaponics, larger equipment such as compost turners, and growing containers.

A final idea is a website for hunters. Dehydrators, sausage-making kits, and canning supplies could be featured here, but you could also promote camping gear, hunting equipment such as guns or bows, and hiking boots.

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