Top 10 Furniture Affiliate Programmes For Comfortable Living


antique furniture affiliate programmes to boost your income


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The bizarre thing about furniture is that it can have a sentimental value to it as well as a monetary value. Like clothing, we tend to show our identities and what we like by the type of furniture we buy and use, and by what we do with those pieces when it’s time to replace them.

In the United States, furniture and home furnishing establishments brought in sales of more than $106 billion in 2015. That’s a lot of money spent on our environmental identities. It’s good news for affiliate marketers because there are some great furniture affiliate programmes out there.

antique furniture to boost affiliate income

Our furniture can show off our personalities and what we like or don’t like.


Furniture Affiliate Programmes


1. (Neiman Marcus)

In this screenshot of the home page for Horchow, a photo of white patio furniture on a patio near some trees sits to the left of an advertisement for a summer sale, in blue and black text on a white background.

Horchow furniture has a feeling of ornate luxury. is a supplier of fine furniture, ornate wall hangings, and other home décor items. The online store carries items like sofas, sectionals, benches, end tables, coffee tables, dining room sets, china cabinets, and bedroom sets.

The overall feel for these products is one of luxury and elegance. The items are on the expensive side.

Both FlexOffers and Viglink run the affiliate programme.

Reasons To Promote They offer high-ticket item, therefore it only takes one or two sales to make a nice bump in income. For example, the affiliate income on one $8,000 sofa would be more than $600.

2. Best Portable Bars

This screenshot of the homepage for Best Portable Bars is a luminescent blue background with lighter blue words reading

Company logos can be included on these portable bars.

Best Portable Bars are made mostly from stainless steel, and they’re built on rollers so they can be moved wherever customers would like to place them. They also come with integrated LED lighting systems.

For companies that entertain, the bars can be branded with company logos. There are backlit bars, and customers can order the panels they want to give their portable bars a particular look or feel.

Reasons To Portable Bars: This is another high-ticket item company, so affiliates can make around $200-$500 in affiliate earnings per sale. It’s also a type of furniture that could fit well within a niche market.

3. Joybird

This screenshot of the home page for Joybird shows a man sitting on some outdoor patio furniture, toasting a marshmallow over a fire, while white fireworks explode in the background.

Joybird manufactures furniture that is friendly for families with children and pets.

Joybird manufactures furniture that is friendly for families with children and pets. The fabrics used in the furniture are spill-resistant. Customers can shop for sofas, chairs, bedroom sets, dining tables, coffee tables, and end tables, and even outdoor furniture. All the furniture is made-to-order, so it can be customized for special needs or limited spaces.

There’s a 365-day home trial period, which makes the purchase risk-free. This could increase the conversion factor for some shoppers. Returns are completely free during the first 14 days, and there’s a lifetime warranty on the products, too.

The price tag for a typical sofa runs around $2000, so the commissions are nice. FlexOffers run the Joybird affiliate programme.

Reasons To Promote Joybird: The ability to customise furniture could convert some shoppers. The family-friendly designs and fabric will appeal to a wide range of shoppers, too, and the guarantee and lifetime warranty could also convert shoppers.

Bonus: The commission rate is also one of the highest on offer for a furniture affiliate programme.

4. Apt2B Furniture and Home Décor

This screenshot for the home page of Apt2B shows a sofa and wall with matching stripes of red, orange, yellow, and blue, from left to right.

Apt2B furniture is designed to be affordable with a modern feel.

The average order value for Apt2B is $1300. At a 4% commission rate, affiliates can earn around $50 per sale. The products are designed to be affordable with modern appeal, including simple, straight lines.

This company has a nice variety of sofas, sectionals, sofa sleepers, and beds to choose from. There are also chairs, drawers and chests, bookcases, and tables.

CJ affiliate run the Apt2B affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will have access to a dedicated account manager, updated banners and text links, and exclusive promo codes that they can use to draw in shoppers. The home décor section includes rugs, throws, pillows, and lighting. A dedicated account manager, updated banners and text links, and exclusive promo codes that they can use to draw in shoppers.

Reasons To Promote Apt2B: Apt2B ships furniture for free, and there’s also a 100-day return policy. This could increase conversion, and the promo codes could be a great way to get more visitors to click through your affiliate links.

5. Ashley Furniture

This screenshot of the home page for Ashley Furniture shows a dark wooden dining set with beige cushions on the right side of the screen and a pink advertisement for 30% off on the left side of the page.

Furniture from Ashley Furniture is relatively affordable compared to some other furniture shops.

Ashley Furniture has an enormous inventory list and a wide range of furniture options that customers can browse through. Shoppers can look at the types of furniture that are offered room by room, such as dining room furniture or bedroom furniture, the same way they would if they were walking through a brick-and-mortar furniture store.

Customers can also shop by style, furniture collections, or items that have free shipping. One of this company’s fun features is that it carries pet beds as well as mattresses, beds, and other furniture for humans.

Reasons To Promote Ashley Furniture: The furniture from this store is quite a bit more affordable than furniture from some other affiliate programmes out there. This could appeal to (and possibly convert) a wide range of shoppers who might otherwise want to look at furniture in person.

6. Design Within Reach

This screenshot of the home page for Design Within Reach shows a dining table outside near a hedge, with the words 'Summer Clearance' in yellow text overlaying the photo.

Design Within Reach is dedicated to providing authentic furniture designs rather than knock-offs.

Design Within Reach offers ultra-modern furniture designs for homes and workspaces. The lines are simple, but not necessarily straight, and the surfaces of the tables and chairs tend to be thin. These items are on the expensive side.

eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network run the Design Within Reach affiliate programme. More than 90% of the orders ship within a day of the purchase. Shipping costs tend to be around 10% of the total order value.

Design Within Reach takes pride in selling only authentic designs from original designers, and so the designers and manufacturers are listed on the website.

Reasons To Promote Design Within Reach: Design Within Reach has a strong focus on authentic designer furniture, it could fit well with a niche market website. The modern styles could be another selling point for some customers.

7. Wayfair

This screenshot of the home page for Wayfair shows a light blue couch with orange and pink throw pillows in front of a matching blue wall, along with six images of products to look at.

Wayfair has some budget-smart furniture options.

Wayfair is a large furniture and home furnishings outlet with a wide variety for shoppers on a budget. Sofas generally run less than $1000 each.

Besides living room furniture, dining room furniture, and bedroom furniture, Wayfair also sells some interesting and unique items. There are billiard tables, table tennis and chess tables for game rooms. Wayfair stocks pub tables and wine racks, and there are shoe storage options near the back door. run the Wayfair affiliate programme. There are around two million products with data feeds for affiliates. As an affiliate, you will have access to a dedicated account manager.

Reasons To Promote Wayfair: The budget-wise options will appeal to some shoppers, and the wide variety of choices could increase the number of items in shopping carts.

8. Southern Creek

This screenshot of the home page for Southern Creek shows a rustic living room set with couches, a rug, and a fire inside a stone fireplace.

Southern Creek furniture is both rustic and luxurious.

Southern Creek Rustic Furniture is a brand of luxury furnishings that would fit well in a cabin getaway or mountain retreat. Many of the sofas and living room chairs are made from leather or a leather and fabric mix. Prices range from around $3,000-$8,000 for sofas.

Dining room furniture is made from rustic woods and iron. Dressers, shelves, and other furniture are made in a variety of woods.

Commissions from the sale of one Teak Wagonwheel bench at current prices would be around $65, and commissions from one leather sofa could be around $400.

One interesting thing about Southern Creek is that it has special sections for furniture made from reclaimed teak wood, aspen, walnut, Barnwood, greyed lumber, and other rustic lumbers.

Reasons To Promote Southern Creek: Besides the high-ticket prices, this furniture style could easily fit with niche market websites. The cookies are a nice duration, and the commission is good for items with these prices.

Bonus: Affiliates will earn an additional 10% commission when their sales total more than $3,500 per month.

9. Amara

screenshot of Amara homepage with a photo of a neatly-made bed for main image

With Amara, you can fill your home with luxury furniture from prominent homeware designers.

AMARA carries more than 300 leading luxury home brands of furniture, home accessories, and even home office essentials. They have great furniture selections to transform every room in your house. They offer different styles including shabby chic and vintage inspired to mirrored furniture and contemporary styles.

From a small boutique in 2005 to the online home of luxury interior style today, Amara continuously works to offer you the best products. At present, Amara connects you to over 20,000 products including the newest and most exciting collections from the world’s leading home brands and emerging home and interiors talent. Aside from furniture, they also have lighting fixtures, dining ware, bed and bath products, and more.

Reasons To Promote Amara: They also offer other services including gift finding service, personal shopping service, and interior design service. Affiliates have the chance to earn increased commissions and earnings through notable performance.

10. RST Brands

This screenshot of the home page for RST Brands shows a Beige and Navy outdoor patio set with a sofa, chair, ottoman, and coffee table on a patio in front of a swimming pool.

RST Brands allows shoppers to look at different color swatches for the furniture they’re considering.

RST Brands focuses mostly on outdoor furniture pieces, such as outdoor sofas, chairs, tables, and outdoor dining chairs, loungers, and fire tables. Its indoor furniture collections include modern accent chairs, sectionals and sofas, dining room furniture, and bedroom furniture.

One fun feature of RST brands is the ability to look at different fabric colors and frame colors for indoor sofas and chairs. There’s also a feature where shoppers can adjust a slider bar on the screen to filter items by price.

The affiliate page indicates high conversion rates, monthly coupon offers, and monthly affiliate bonus opportunities. RST Brands encourages people who are interested in becoming affiliates to find out more by directly emailing the company.

Reasons To Promote RST Brands: This company seems to be a mid-range company as far as pricing goes, and it gives shoppers a lot of filtering options so they can find what they want.

Affiliate Website Ideas

In a nutshell, the top 10 furniture affiliate programmes. Now it’s the exciting part, what sort of niche market website ideas do you have in mind? Still need a little of inspiration to get things of the ground? Check out the ideas below.

Specifically targeting gamers could work really well. Along with offering console stands, ergonomic computer desks for PC players, and specialty gaming chairs, a site like this could feature consoles, games, and other gaming equipment. Fan swag, soundtracks, tee shirts, and novelty items related to popular games could also be promoted here.

Alternatively, do-it-yourself outdoor furniture is a great on that has customers far and wide. Plans for wooden chairs, loungers, porch swings, and tables could be featured here. Affiliates could also promote kits for building the furniture, as well as power tools, safety equipment, and subscriptions to DIY publications.

An affiliate marketer could also create a niche website around creating a luxurious office environment. A variety of desks could be promoted here, from antique roll-tops to minimalist modern pieces. Ergonomic keyboards, spine-supporting office chairs, white-noise machines or office fountains, and even wall hangings and window coverings could be promoted on a site like this.

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