Top 10 Kawaii Affiliate Programs To Sweeten Your Income Stream

(WARNING: Some of the affiliate programs have expired)

This picture has a pink background with the word 'kawaii' stamped across it in several places, with a cute kawaii cat graphic and a white conversation bubble that also reads 'kawaii,' representing the best kawaii affiliate programs.

Kawaii means everything cute, adorable, and lovable–including the products you promote with the best kawaii affiliate programs.

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If it’s cute and it’s sweet, you can call it kawaii.

Kawaii is a Japanese word that means loveable or cute, and it’s something that an entire subculture thrives on. From sweet manga and anime to adorable mascots and cartoons, kawaii items are set to take over our phone cases, our clothing, and even our snacks.

If you love the idea of tapping into a market full of opportunities for impulse buys and repeat customers, the kawaii subculture might be perfect for you. Read on to learn about the top 10 kawaii affiliate programs and how they can tie in with your best niche marketing efforts.

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    Kawaii Affiliate Programs

    1. Kawaii Box
    2. Kawaii Nation
    3. The Kawaii Shoppu
    4. Kawaii Slime Company
    5. Kawaii Case
    6. SoKawaii
    7. Kawaii Punk
    8. Kawaii Shop
    9. Totemo Kawaii Shop
    10. That’s So Kawaii

    1. Kawaii Box

    This screenshot of the homepage for Kawaii Box has a white background with a pink window showing the various items that could come in a subscription box, along with text in white lettering announcing this company's cute kawaii items.

    Kawaii Box sends subscription boxes with cute kawaii items each month.

    Kawaii Box is a subscription-based service that sends lovers of all things cute a box full of Kawaii goodies every month. Boxes include items such as squishies, plushies, stationery, bags, Japanese candy, keychains, things to wear, and accessories.

    The premise behind Kawaii box is that a daily dose of cuteness can increase positive feelings and experiences in life. The subscriptions are for one month, six months, or 12 months and cost around $20 each.

    Why You Should Promote Kawaii Box: The subscription box is a fun way to get involved in Kawaii, and because customers can order just one box at a time, there isn’t a huge risk for customers.

    2. Kawaii Nation

    This screenshot of the homepage for Kawaii Nation shows a pale peach background with various kawaii graphics on it, including girls, bunnies, and stars, along with the words

    Kawaii Nation has free worldwide shipping.

    Kawaii Nation sells affordable kawaii apparel and accessories with free worldwide shipping. Customers can shop by preferences: street style, gothic and edgy, or frilly and girly. The products range from airpod cases to animal hoodies and socks.

    The Kawaii Nation affiliate program is a little bit different. Rather than getting cash, you get your commission as a gift card. There’s a $15 sign-on balance for your card, and once it reaches, $50, the card is sent to you.

    Why You Should Promote Kawaii Nation: Affiliates are given a unique code for 15% off that they can give to friends. The free worldwide shipping is nice, too, but for an affiliate marketer trying to make a living, a gift card for kawaii items may not be the happiest reward.

    3. The Kawaii Shoppu

    screenshot of The Kawaii Shoppu homepage showcasing a partial image of a girl in white long-sleeved top and white and blue checkered skirt school uniform and pink cherry blossoms

    The Kawaii Shoppu strongly believes in the healing powers of cuteness and how that benefits life.

    The Kawaii Shoppu, established in 2019, offers kawaii products that are only available in East Asia. These kawaii goodies are curated to make them accessible to kawaii lovers all over the world. They have apparel, jewelry, bags, plushies, stationeries, and all sorts of accessories. They even have a Kawaii Bento Collection, bottles, mugs, lunch boxes, and kitchen accessories.

    The website even has an active Kawaii Shoppu News that connects to its readers and keeps them updated. They also actively use Facebook and Instagram.

    Their affiliate program offers a 10% commission on total referral sales through an affiliate link or use of coupon code. The cookie life is set at 30 days.

    Why You Should Promote The Kawaii Shoppu: Although they are relatively new they do have a wide selection of products and a huge following on Instagram, over 100k. They also offer a generous commission rate and free shipping in certain countries.

    4. Kawaii Slime Company

    This screenshot of the Kawaii Slime homepage has a light blue background with pink and dark pink graphics announcing a super event that was held in July 2019 and a dark pink navigation bar with white lettering.

    Slime can be cute, too!

    Kawaii Slime Company sells fun slime kits, premade slime, and kawaii gifts for those who like both slime and cute things. There’s an ice cream slime collection. There’s also a unicorn candy fluff cloud slime, a don’t-feed-the-unicorns butter slime, a mystery mini heart slime, and much more.

    For customers who want more than just slime, the company also carries items like iPhone cases, squishies, fingerless gloves, and bags.

    Customers who really get into the company can order monthly subscription boxes. The company offers 12-month, 6-month, and 3-month prepaid subscriptions as well as a monthly box that customers can purchase one at a time.

    Why You Should Promote Kawaii Slime Company: The combination of being able to shop for individual items or order a subscription box could be appealing to some shoppers. The cookie length is nice, and the slime angle is definitely a fit for a niche market.

    5. Kawaii Case

    This screenshot of the homepage for Kawaii Case has a white background with photos of three featured kawaii-decorated mobile phone cases.

    If you have a favorite kawaii mascot, you could feature it on your phone with products from Kawaii Case.

    Kawaii Case sells cases for iPhone and Samsung mobile devices. Customers can shop by collections, such as the Japanese collection or the cute-animals collection. The Famous Characters collection includes cases themed around well-known kawaii graphics, such as Kakao Talk friends, Totoro, and even Snoopy.

    Customers can also shop for the particular type of phone they want a case for. Cases range from $10 to $25 each. All items ship for $3.99.

    Why You Should Promote Kawaii Case: The wide range of cases could draw in shoppers who want to find something totally unique. The items aren’t pricey, either, and that could be a converting factor.

    6. SoKawaii

    screenshot of SoKawaii homepage, with picture of a box with different kawaii items for main image

    SoKawaii is a monthly box subscription of cute and kawaii items from Japan.

    SoKawaii offers a monthly box full of cute items curated straight from Japan. The company is based in Tokyo with a team of kawaii lifestyle lovers constantly working on each and every box. Currently, they have subscribers from all over the world.

    Each box contains 6 to 8 adorable items that are 100% official licensed merchandise, selected and packed by their team. It has everything kawaii in Japan including plushies, kawaii figurine, stationery, kitchen tools, household goods, other useful items, and more. They also offer free worldwide shipping.

    They offer a $6 commission on each order. Affiliates will have a supply of banners, logos, and images that they can use to convert more sales.

    Why You Should Promote SoKawaii: They offer different subscription plans to choose from. Their referral program can grant referrals with a 10% discount while giving the referrer a free box when 5 of those referrals buy from his invite link.

    7. Kawaii Punk

    This screenshot of the homepage for Kawaii Punk has a white background, a large Kawaii Punk multi-colored banner, and an image of several Kawaii Punk mascots standing in a row.

    Kawaii Punk usually has a new mascot every month.

    • URL:
    • Commission: 15%
    • Cookie: 30 days

    Kawaii Punk has created a new line of Japanese-inspired kawaii mascots. The mascots carry their own meanings. For example, there’s a mascot for mischief, a mascot for money, and a mascot for good luck. Among the other mascots, shoppers can find an eighties mascot, an alien mascot, a muscle mascot, and a zombie mascot.

    Kawaii Punk sells tee shirts and apparel decorated with its mascots through its CafePress website and other novelty items through its Zazzle shop. Affiliates earn commissions on sales made in these marketplaces.

    Why You Should Promote Kawaii Punk: For a kawaii store, the commission is great and the cookie length is decent. Kawaii Punk usually has a new mascot every month, which could draw in repeat customers.

    8. Kawaii Shop

    This screenshot of the homepage for Kawaii Shop has a white and light blue background with several small photos of children in cute kawaii outfits.

    This store carries cute clothing for children.

    • URL:
    • Commission: 5%
    • Cookie: Unknown

    Kawaii Shop sells cute apparel with an Asian flair for children. Many of the outfits are in the $40-50 range, with a few in the $20-30 range. Besides dresses and outfits for boys, the store sells gold sparkly shoes, full-body swimsuits, rompers, and sleepwear.

    One interesting thing that this website offers is the ability to compare products side by side. This could be helpful for shoppers who are looking for a perfect gift or can’t decide between two items.

    There’s also a sales section where shoppers can browse through clearance items.

    Why You Should Promote Kawaii Shop: This store stands out because its kawaii apparel is meant for children rather than teens or adults. This could fit well with some niche websites, and the ability to compare products could help convert sales.

    9. Totemo Kawaii Shop

    This screenshot of the homepage for Totemo Kawaii Shop shows a white background with four photos of kawaii bags, tee shirts and other items on sale.

    Customers can browse through Totemo Kawaii Shop sale items from the home page.

    • URL:
    • Commission: 20-30%
    • Cookie: Unknown

    Totemo Kawaii Shop carries a wide range of kawaii products, with many sales. Shoppers can often find items for around 60% off, and they can search for items for under $10. They can also shop by new arrivals, best sellers, apparel, shoes, and other categories.

    This store offers 90-day free returns and free shipping for orders of $35 or more.

    The affiliate marketing for this company is done mostly through social media websites. Affiliates are given a code that gives a 10% discount to the people they share it with on social media. When someone makes a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission on the total order price.

    Why You Should Promote Totemo Kawaii Shop: The 20-30% commission is great. However, if you’re used to promoting products through websites, the shift to social media marketing might feel a little bit awkward.

    10. That’s So Kawaii

    This screenshot of the homepage for That's So Kawaii shows a variety of kawaii mascot USB cords.

    That’s So Kawaii has a section for items that can be purchased for $3 or less.

    • URL:
    • Commission: 15%
    • Cookie: Unknown

    That’s So Kawaii carries a large selection of items that are based on gaming, cartoon, anime, and manga characters. There’s a variety of different types of products, too, including toys and plushies, tee shirts, hoodies, figures, home décor, and artbooks.

    Besides shopping for the types of items they want, customers can click the section for items under $3. Most of the products are shown from the home page, too, so shoppers can have a great time browsing and adding items to their cart.

    Why You Should Promote That’s So Kawaii: The 15% commission is nice. The selection is large, so customers could spend more time on the website browsing, and that could result in more sales.

    Affiliate Website Ideas

    Now that you’ve read about these top 10 kawaii affiliate programs, you can see that many of them already fit into niche markets—so where do you start building your own kawaii niche market efforts?

    I have three ideas for you to help get your creative juices flowing.

    First of all, consider what you could do with a kawaii website centered on pets. Besides promoting licensed Hello Kitty items and similar kawaii mascot products, you could feature pet insurance, organic pet foods, and cute pet clothing for cold weather.

    A website focusing on K-pop culture for pre-teens could incorporate products featuring kawaii mascots like the ones used by Kakao Talk. K-pop music, iPhones, and headphones could be promoted here, as well as age-appropriate subscriptions to Asian television services or language-learning apps.

    You might also consider a kawaii website dedicated to grandparents and grandchildren. Cute children’s clothing like the outfits sold in Kawaii Shop could be featured here. You could also promote gift ideas such as mascot-themed bedding and furniture, toys and squishies, and art kits.

    Boost Your Affiliate Earnings

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