Top 10 Luxury Watch Affiliate Programmes – For A Lux Lifestyle

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Luxury watches have been a classic fashion piece for centuries, especially for men. About 70% of millennials prefer the look of luxury watches to smartwatches even if they can’t afford them. The market is dominated by Swiss brands with Rolex at the top as the most valuable and recognized brand. Boutique and direct to consumer online luxury watch companies have started to offer luxury watches at lower prices to attract more customers.

Here are 10 great luxury watch affiliate programs, but you may also want to consider products from the wearable tech or luxury goods industry to monetize your website, depending on what your specific niche luxury watch affiliate programs

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Luxury Watch Affiliate Programmes

Bob’s Watches

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Bob's Watches

Bob’s Watches is the leading online store for buying, selling, and trading pre-owned Rolex watches

Bob’s Watches is the top destination for buying, selling, and trading pre-owned Rolex watches and other luxury watches online. Having been in business since 1999, they now have over 2 million monthly page views. Customers receive a great selection of luxury watches with new products added daily, no sales tax (except for California), and free insured overnight shipping.

Commission Junction run Bob’s Watches affiliate programme. As an affiliate you will be provided with

high-quality banner ads, text links, the product catalog, and tracking tools. Affiliates may also request custom creatives for their marketing campaigns. Their average order value is an extremely high $8,500. Bob’s Watches has partnered with Commission Junction to manage their affiliate program.

Reasons To Promote Bob’s Watches: Leading destination for pre-owned Rolex watches, extremely high average order value, affiliate placement fees.

Bonus: Along with earning commissions, affiliates can also receive a $350 placement fee for each unique mention of their brand in a 300+ word article.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Watchmaxx

Watchmaxx carries some of the world’s most respected luxury watch brands at great discounts

Watchmaxx offers the best luxury watches at great discounts with superior customer support. They offer luxury watches from some of the world’s most respected brands including Omega, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Oris, Michael Kors, and more. Their site has over 15,000 products to choose from with new products added daily.

Commission Junction run the Watchmaxx affiliate programme. With an average order size of $2,000-3,000, orders range from $75 to $60,000. As an affiliate, you will have access to the Watchmaxx product catalog, banner ads, text links, and reports to track their sales.

Reasons To Promote Watchmaxx: Over 15,000 SKUs, high average order size and lots of marketing materials for affiliates.

Take Note: Be sure to check out their terms and conditions to learn more about their commission rates and flat fee items.

Filippo Loreti

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Filippo Loreti

Filippo Loreti is a premium, direct-to-consumer luxury watch brand

Filippo Loreti has set out to change how customers think about watch creation and the online shopping experience. They are a premium, direct-to-consumer watch brand offering iconic limited edition watches. Selling directly to the consumer allows them to offer luxury products at a fair and honest price.

Their award-winning affiliate management team from Acceleration Partners is dedicated to your success and is available to help answer any questions. Their average order value is $350. As an affiliate, you will be provided with all the marketing tools you need to get started including newsletters with updates on promotions, launches, and sales opportunities.

Why Should You Promote Filippo Loreti: Premium limited edition watches, direct-to-consumer prices, dedicated affiliate help.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for LuxChoice

LuxChoice carries over 2,000 luxury brand name watches and gifts at discounted prices

LuxChoice it was a well-known distributor of luxury goods with over 10 years of experience. They offer a wide selection of over 2,000 luxury brand name watches and gifts all at greatly discounted prices. Customers receive free shipping and a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee.

FlexOffers manage the LuxChoice affiliate programme. With an average order value of over $300, LuxChoice provides a great selection of marketing materials including banner ads, text links, promotional coupon codes, product data feed, and customized banners.

Why Should You Promote LuxChoice: They have over 10 years of experience, more than 2,000 luxury watches and an authenticity guarantee.

Bonus: Along with their great selection of marketing materials, affiliates can also promote LuxChoice’s authenticity guarantee and their two year limited warranty.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Ashford

Ashford is one of the oldest online luxury jewelry retailers. They offer 100% authentic, brand name luxury watches, and jewelry.

Ashford offers 100% authentic, brand name, brand new luxury watches, and jewelry all at discount prices. Being in business since 1997, they are one of the oldest luxury jewelry retailers online. Their large selection of brand name watches includes Calvin Klein, Rado, Hamilton, Bulova, Movado, and more.

Commission Junction run the Ashford affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will be provide with their product catalog of over 10,000 items, exclusive coupons, year-round coupons, text links, and banner ads.

Reasons To Promote Ashford: They are one of the oldest luxury online jewelry retailers with over 10,000 products and lots of coupons and promotions for affiliates.

Bonus: Elite terms are available for high-performing affiliate partners.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Ambassador

Ambassador makes exceptionally crafted watches built to last for decades

Ambassador watches exceed the standard and are a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. Their watches are the ideal choice for luxury, fashion, or casual wear. They believe in traditional watchmaking and build watches to last for decades.

Ambassador uses an in house affiliate management programme to track commissions and issue weekly payouts. As an affiliate, you will have access to their tracking link and be able to download promotional material like banners, photos, and videos from their affiliate dashboard. They can also track their sales in real-time with Ambassador’s highly accurate tracking software. They have high conversion rates which mean more profit for your efforts.

Reasons To Promote Ambassador: High-quality classic designs, high conversion rates and re targeting campaigns.

Bonus: Ambassador gives their affiliates a 60-day cookie duration on tracking links with active re targeting campaigns to help maximize conversion rates.

Certified Watch Store

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Certified Watch Store

Certified Watch Store specializes in luxury and designer watches at discounted prices

Certified Watch Store is a family-owned business with 10 years of experience in the industry. They specialise in luxury and designer watches at discounted prices. They offer 100% new authentic products, free shipping on orders over $99, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

AvantLink manage the Certified Watch Store affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will be provided with free tracking tools, banner ads, text links, specials, coupons, and more.

Reasons To Promote Certified Watch Store: Luxury watches at discounted prices, 100% authentic products and lots of coupons and specials for affiliates to promote.

Affiliates receive lots of tools and promotional materials to help increase conversion rates.

James Free Jewelers

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for James Free Jewelers

James Free Jewelers sells luxury watch brands and is an official Rolex jeweler

James Free Jewelers is an official Rolex jeweler. They guarantee the authenticity of each and every part of your Rolex. They also carry other luxury watch brands such as Tag Hauer, Frederique Constant, Alpina, and more. Customers receive a price match promise, free shipping/free returns, no sales tax on orders outside of Ohio, and a free 3-year jewelry protection plan.

ShareASale manages the James Free Jewelers affiliate programme. As an affiliate, you will be provided with the tools and materials they need to get started. Their affiliate management team is available to help answer any questions and offer suggestions on how to increase conversion rates.

Reasons To Promote James Free Jewelers: Official Rolex Jeweler, price match promise and free 3-year jewelry protection plan.

Bonus: Along with their marketing materials, affiliates can also promote James Free Jewelers’ price match guarantee, free gift wrapping, and a free protection plan (a $199 value).

Invicta Stores

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Invicta Stores

Invicta Stores offers the best prices and selection on Invicta watches

Invicta Stores is the official online retail store of the Invicta Watch brand. They are one of the world’s most recognised and popular watch brands. They offer the best prices and selection on Invicta timepieces including their most popular styles as well as hard to find pieces and brand new arrivals.

ShareASale run the Invicta Stores affiliate programme. Their average order value is $170. As an affiliate you will have access to banners, text links, coupons, and their product data feed. They use Auto Deposit for fast commission payouts.

Reasons To Promote Invicta Stores: Official Invicta Watch brand store, best prices, and selection, lots of promotional materials.

Bonus: Affiliates can promote Invicta’s most popular timepieces along with rare and hard-to-find items with coupons to help increase click-through rates.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Jomashop

Jomashop is the leading website for discount watches with over $300 million in annual revenue

Jomashop is the online leader in discount watch sales with over $300 million in annual revenue. They carry top luxury watch brands such as Omega, Rolex, Michael Kors, Citizen, Tag Hauer, and more. Customers can check out their over 500,000 positive feedback ratings and enjoy a hassle-free 30-day return policy and free shipping on all orders over $100.

Commission Junction run the Jomashop affiliate programme. They have an average order value is over $400. As an affiliate, you will have access to creatives and tracking tools. Jomashop also run flash sales every Tuesday/Friday, have 3 new deals daily, and offer affiliates exclusive coupons daily.

Reasons To Promote Jomashop: They are an online discount watch sales leader with over 3 million dollars in annual revenue and offer affiliates exclusive coupons.

Bonus: Jomashop receives over 20 million page views monthly which means affiliates can benefit from their great brand recognition.

Added extra!

It’s inevitable to run into new opportunities online, and I will add these to this list as I find new products to promote.

Affiliates Website Ideas

That’s it all wrapped up – 10 great luxury watch affiliate programmes. Now it’s over to you to choose a niche to target. You might want to focus on pre-owned Rolex watches, particularly since Rolex is the most valuable watch brand worldwide. Bob’s watches is the leading destination for pre-owned Rolex watches and has an extremely high average order value. Affiliates earn a 4% commission on sales with a 14-day cookie life.

Classic luxury watches would be another possibility for a niche site, catering for people looking for timeless pieces. LuxChoice offers a great selection of classic luxury watches at discounted prices. Affiliates earn 6% commissions on sales with a 45-day cookie life.

Another option could be to focus on more fashionable modern luxury watches. Certified Watch Store specializes in designer and luxury watches. They offer a 6% commission rate and a 45-day cookie duration period.

Naturally, many of these watches would fit into any lifestyle blog which aims to focus on luxury or exclusive items.

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