Top 10 Payday Loan Affiliate Programmes To Increase Your Cash Flow

payday loan affiliate website to make money with your affiliate niche website

If you’ve ever run short of cash before the end of the pay period, you know how stressful it can be. What if you can’t make rent? How are you going to pay for food?

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Each year, approximately 12 million Americans use payday loans to answer these types of questions. Around 16 percent of these loans are for emergencies, while the rest cover recurring expenses.

Matching up loan seekers with people who can provide them with funding has given rise to payday loan affiliate programmes. With these programmes, affiliate marketers become part of the process by generating and supplying leads or by connecting customers directly to lenders.

Interested? Read through these top 10 payday loan affiliate programmes to see which ones would be the best match for your niche sites. Related, debt relief services could also resonate with this same audience.

payday loan affiliate programme to boost your niche website affiliate earnings

These best payday loan affiliate programs can help affiliate marketers break into the lucrative field of financial offers.


Payday Loan Affiliate Programmes


1. LendUp

This screenshot shows a few photos of smiling people and the words 'We believe everyone deserves access to quality credit.'

LendUp is fast and easy to use.

Customers can apply to LendUp in as little as five minutes. It takes about a day for funds to be transferred into the customer’s bank account. They’re also given all the information they need, including repayment information, upfront.

The company asserts that it’s working to change the way payday loans work. The focus is on building repeat customers and retaining them. Bank accounts are debited for the repayment amount, but customers can also send in a check if they prefer.

Reasons To Promote LendUp: This is one of the top direct lenders for online payday loans. It’s fast and easy to use, which could be a big plus when it comes to converting browsers to buyers.

2. Check City

This screenshot shows a small calendar, against a blue background, with the word 'payday' circled on it in red.

CheckCity has a flat-rate commission, so affiliate marketers always know what they’ll be getting when they make a sale.

Check City takes online applications in 14 different states. The company offers cash advances, payday loans, and other types of loans. It also cashes checks, processes money orders, provides some tax services, and even buys gold.

Check City is interesting because it has store locations in Utah, Nevada, Colorado, and Virginia. However, in Colorado and Virginia, customers can’t apply online. They have to use the store locations.

One nice thing about Check City is that with the flat-rate commission, affiliates know exactly what they’re going to get. There are a lot of payday loan affiliate programmes that aren’t as upfront about commission rates.

The affiliate program is administered through VigLink.

Reasons To Promote Check City: Affiliates whose sites do well can qualify for affiliate-only offers and bonuses.

3. Avant

In this screenshot, a dark-filtered photo shows a family riding bicycles, while the text is in white lettering with a green call-to-action box.

More than 600,000 people have worked with Avant.

Loan applications with Avant generally take about five minutes to fill out. Most people who apply for these loans have a credit score of 600-700. Avant doesn’t charge penalties for early payments. Payments are amortised over time, so customers pay an equal amount each month until the loan is repaid.

Like many other lenders, Avant usually tries to move funds to customer accounts on the next business day after a loan is approved. There is often an administrative fee that’s worked into the total loan amount.

Reasons To Promote Avant: more than 600,000 people have worked with Avant, and the company has a rating of 4.5 stars.

4. DRCredit

this screenshot has a blue background, a dark blue text box with an orange call to action button, and the image of a woman holding cash in both hands.

DRCredit is upfront about its commission rate and cookie length.

With DRCredit, affiliates make 15% of all sales generated through their websites. There’s also a small commission for leads that fill out applications, even if those applications aren’t funded.

DRCredit products include payday loans. This company also offers other types of personal loans, auto loans, home loans, credit cards and credit repair, and debt consolidation. The company works with customers who have bad credit as well as those with good credit. The main focus is on personal loans, such as payday loans, that don’t require a credit check.

Reasons To Promote DRCredit: One thing I really like about this company is that it’s completely upfront about the commission rate and cookies. Many of the payday loan direct lenders or lead-generating affiliate programmes are much less open about what they’ll pay.

5. LeadsGate

This screenshot shows a red rocket passing a planet in space, and the text on the page is white.

LeadsGate is one of the top payday loan affiliate programs.

This company is a lead aggregate company for customers seeking payday loans, personal loans, and installment loans. Leads gathered from affiliate marketing sites are sold, and affiliate marketers get paid for every lead, even if those leads are declined.

Reasons To Promote LeadsGate: The company promotes itself as having the #1 affiliate programme for payday loans. Decisions are customised, and top affiliates can qualify for unique offers.

6. LeadNetwork

This screenshot shows black text on a beige background, with a few black icons to symbolize honesty, reliability, and partnership.

LeadNetwork acts as a connection resource between customers and payday lenders.

As with LeadsGate, LeadNetwork acts as a connection resource between customers and payday lenders. Customers who click through become leads that LeadNetwork sells for a flat rate to interested payday lenders.

LeadNetwork provides several types of marketing tools for affiliate marketers, including email templates, fresh banner ads, social media marketing tools, SEO advice, and web support. Partnerships with this company are customisable.

Affiliate marketers who bring other publishers into the system get three percent of those sales, too.

Reasons To Promote LeadNetwork: Although the website is vague about the commission rate, LeadNetwork has one of the largest markets for lead buyers. This increases the chance that your profit could go up as buyers pay for your quality leads.

7. Payday Mansion

In this screenshot, an image of the earth is against a beige background with orange call-to action buttons and information bubbles.

To become an affiliate with Payday Mansion, you have to receive an invitation.

Payday Mansion is another lead generation company that sells leads generated from affiliate websites to payday loan lenders. In addition to the commission for the leads, affiliates who refer other affiliates to this programme can get 5% of those gross sales.

Promotional materials are already created and ready to go. There’s also an app so potential customers can click through from affiliate websites on their mobile devices.

This company doesn’t guarantee you a spot as an affiliate marketer, though. You have to receive an invitation code in order to join as an affiliate. This is where the affiliate referral commission comes in. You have to contact a webmaster who already works with Payday Mansion to get an invitation.

Reasons To Promote Payday Mansion: The affiliate referral fee is a little higher than rates with most other companies I’ve seen.

8. Zero Parallel

A dark-filtered photo shows the inside of a car, while white text informs readers that they can drive their own destiny.

One of the interesting things about Zero Parallel is its Open Market program for affiliates.

This lead generation company pays for leads based on their quality. It focuses on bringing short-term loan seekers to lenders. The company has been in business for 15 years.

One of the interesting things about Zero Parallel is its Open Market programme. Affiliates can sign up for a Lite subscription, which is free, or a Premium subscription, which requires a customised quote. Affiliates are then assigned a dedicated account manager and a Ping Tree system is set up and integrated.

The Open Market allows affiliate marketers to resell leads they generate or post to lead buyers or lenders themselves, which can increase profits. Zero Parallel also has a three percent affiliate referral commission.

Reasons To Promote Zero Parallel: If you like being in charge of the data and being able to drive sales beyond just generating leads, the Open Market for Affiliates is full of possibilities.

9. CashNetUSA

This screenshot has a blue background, a lighter blue login box, and an orange call to action button.

As with many other direct payday lenders, CashNetUSA has a quick application, approval, and funding process.

CashNetUSA offers short-term lines of credit for up to $1500 and payday loans that are usually up to $500. As with many other direct payday lenders, CashNetUSA has a quick application, approval, and funding process.

Most payments are paid electronically, but customers can also pay by check if they make the proper arrangements. For more information about their affiliate programme, one can signup with FlexOffers.

Reasons To Promote CashNetUSA: Payday loans from CashNetUSA can be approved quickly. From a customer’s perspective, the speed that a loan can be approved and funds transferred could make a big difference in converting shoppers to buyers.

10. Profitner

This screenshot has a slightly filtered photo of a road and a cityscape with white text and a red call to action button.

Profitner is a pay-per-lead program that focuses on building partnerships.

Profitner is a pay-per-lead programme. As with Zero Parallel’s Open Market, Profitner allows affiliates to increase their profits by posting to multiple direct lenders and lead buyers.

Affiliates are provided with automated software to track analytics. There’s also a blog to help develop traffic and take advantage of new trends. For example, one blog post focuses on the best strategies to promote payday loans on Instagram.

The website is professional but a bit vague. Affiliate marketers who are interested should browse the site and then use the contact form to ask specific questions.

Reasons To Promote Profitner: Profitner is all about building partnerships, which can be great for hands-on affiliate marketers who want to take control of the data and push sales through.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you’ve read about the top 10 payday loan affiliate programmes, it’s over to you to decide exactly how you are going to incorporate them into your niche website.

Your website could specialise in money management for recurring expenses, such as food and rent. Since most payday loans are taken out for these types of needs, you could promote a wide variety of payday loan direct lenders.

What about a website for handling emergencies? The site could promote payday loans for emergencies, but it could also promote emergency first aid kits or 72-hour survival kits, higher education opportunities, and job search programmes.

You could also develop a website about building or re-building a good credit score after a financial crisis such as bankruptcy. On a site like this, you could promote legal advice, consolidation services, and even real estate services as well as payday loans.

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