Top 10 Pricing Table Plugins For WordPress


best pricing table plugins wordpress

Adding a pricing table to your product review pages can be one of the most powerful conversion tools in your WordPress toolkit

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The pricing structure and how you present your various pricing plans can make a huge difference in sales for your e-commerce website. For affiliates, pricing charts can help you create an easier way for potential buyers to identify which product meets their needs.

No matter which role you play in the customer purchase lifestyle, a pricing table can help you make more money from each visitor to your website.

People need to see clear-cut comparisons, accurate descriptions, and sometimes, as many details as possible to make a good decision about which product to buy. Pricing table plugins are the easiest way to master this equation and make your website both informative and appealing to your potential customers.

Plugins are always a great answer that require no coding knowledge, and can take your website to the next level. Here are 10 of the best plugins that can help you do that job with little effort.

Best Pricing Table Plugins

  1. Go Pricing
  2. WP Pricing
  3. Pricing Table Plugin by Supsystic
  4. Responsive Pricing Table
  5. CSS3 Responsive WordPress
  6. Plugmatter Pricing Table Plugin
  7. Easy Pricing Tables by Fatcat Apps
  8. Pricing Table by Shaon
  9. Pure CSS Responsive Pricing Tables for WordPress
  10. Revenue

1. Go Pricing

  • Price: $25

A grid of pricing table designs as they appear inside the Go Pricing tab on the WordPress dashboard. At the bottom there are import and export buttons that you can use to transfer the information to go inside the pricing tables from or to the plugin.

Go Pricing lets you use all of the advanced features and designs that it offers from inside the WordPress Dashboard.

Go Pricing is 100% WordPress–compatible. It’s an easy setup, too. All it takes is a few steps before you’re all good to start managing the pricing on your website via the plugin’s interface which is extremely easy to use.

The plugin comes with a wide range of templates that right now holds over 250 demo tables and the list is expanding. It also allows you to import ready-made templates through its drag-and-drop file manager.

From inside the plugin’s visual composer, you can apply any of around 39 animation effects, and manage the tables’ responsivity, layout, and styling, as well as add any media elements you want. There is an icon library carrying over 2000 font icons that you can select from using the Iconpicker tool.

You can further decorate your pricing tables using the plugin’s decoration tool which enables you to configure the shadow and sign settings.

The plugin allows you to add an unlimited number of buttons on each table, including a PayPal button in order to allow users to pay on the spot. It’s worth noting here that Go Pricing comes with the Google Fonts library as well as support for Google Maps built into it.

Changes are enacted with an amazing speed, too. There is a live preview function that allows you to see the visual changes in real-time, and the price counter does the same for any price changes. The shortcode editor makes it easy to generate shortcodes in order to add the tables wherever you wish, whether on your website or otherwise.

2. WP Pricing

  • Price: $22

A sample of a pricing table generated by this plugin. The table is colored in several shades of red, and at the bottom of each column is a purchasing button.

The plugin’s drag-and-drop builder offers tools and fonts that can help any amateur create pretty decent designs.

Through a highly-practical interface, WP Pricing provides you with a top-notch drag-and-drop builder that you can use to create and design your pricing tables from scratch. It has all the styling tools you need, and all it takes you to add new elements (rows, columns, etc.) is to press on their icons inside the WP Pricing builder.

There are default fields for the pricing plan name, purchase button, plan price, currency symbol, etc., and you are provided with 12 tooltip positions and 3 animation effects.

Besides that, you have 89 ready-made templates that come with the plugin. WP Pricing is compatible with Bootstrap, and it has built-in support for the Font Awesome icon library.

All of these designs whether they are your creation or from the templates, are fully-responsive and can adapt to any type of device. The admin panel is not confusing at all, too, and you will find with the plugin documents that will help you around at the beginning. You can view all of the changes in real-time.

3. Pricing Table Plugin by Supsystic

The plugin's dashboard showing its server settings in the overview tab. Below that tab are various tabs through which you get to create pricing tables, show the existing ones, and import/export tables among other things.

This plugin brings all of the tools you might need to set up your pricing tables to your WordPress dashboard. It’s an easy setup and can help you manage your pricing and sales.

Supsystic usually provides some of the best interfaces for WordPress plugins. This one is no different. The pricing table builder here is quite sophisticated, yet is very easy to deal with and Supsystic provide the tutorials and content that you might need to work with it.

You are unlimited in the size or complexity of the tables you will create using the plugin. It allows you to add as many rows and columns as you want (they are automatically made to be mobile-friendly), and you can add as much content as you find necessary.

The builder lets you adjust the alignment, borders, color settings, and there are a number of hover animation effects that you can apply. Font settings are pretty flexible, too, and there is a built-in CSS editor that gives you more leeway in your styling.

You can import tables to be added to your new designs, and tables that were created using the plugin can be exported as well. Besides the builder, the plugin comes with a template library that includes some amazing designs. That library is even larger with the premium version of the plugin.

4. Responsive Pricing Table

A sample of the plugin's pricing table designs. It compares three pricing plans, each with a title, icon, the details, and an action button at the bottom.

The Responsive Pricing Table plugin has some beautiful and responsive designs that will make your users’ purchasing experience way more convenient.

By installing this plugin, you get a “Price Tables” tab inside your WordPress dashboard and can manage the whole thing, including the creation and design of the pricing tables, from there.

The features are all available on the dashboard, and these include various pricing plan templates, color settings, and the various styling effects that you can apply to your tables.

The fields that are available by default include the title, description, price, recurrence (one-time, monthly, or annual fee), button URLs and text, and you get to choose a different color per plan. You have the option to highlight a recommended plan, too.

Among the buttons available in this plugin are for the payment options. These include Stripe and PayPal, but you can also find the link to whatever other payment solution you want and add it there.

There are custom CSS classes for this plugin that basically do the work of a template. You add them to the CSS editor and their elements are applied to the entire table.

The plugin’s PRO version comes with some extra features, including additional skins, equalizers, and tooltips. The different PRO packages also include mail, Skype support, and business cards (only in the Gold package).

5. CSS3 Responsive WordPress

  • Price: $19

One of the plugin's pricing table designs. It has a yellow header, red header text, and below that are the table details shown in white and grey cells. One of the cells shows a tooltip with extra details that appears when you hover on it with the cursor.

The CSS3 Responsive WordPress gives amateurs access to the many tools that CSS provides without them needing to do any coding.

This plugin operates completely using CSS and HTML. It’s basically a tool for people who do not want to code the styling themselves to do the changes through an interface and let the plugin take care of applying them.

The plugin’s admin interface is very intuitive and it lets you see the changes live as you make them.

You have 2 different table styles to choose from, as well as 20 ready-made color versions to include in any of them, and you are unlimited in the number of tables that you can add to your website nor are you limited in their dimensions.

You also have the option to make your tables mobile-friendly depending on your targeted segment which serves well in most cases nowadays, and you even get to determine for yourself the dimensions to be made responsive.

There is a wide variety of fonts to be chosen from the plugin’s font configurator.

The plugin allows you to add the effects that are normally facilitated by CSS, but of course, you have the advantage of making them code-free. These include, for example, the CSS3 tooltips, as well as the hover and slider effects.

You are given 20 ready-made sample configurations that can be applied to any of the 2 table styles that are available, and there are over 40 icons and 60 ribbons to decorate your tables with.

6. Plugmatter Pricing Table Plugin

The plugin's table builder. At the top are the templates, and at the center appears the selected template. Above the selected template is a toolbar enabling the admin to adjust the table's layout.

When it comes to customization, Plugmatter will give you the best tools and the highest level of assistance no matter how experienced you are.

This plugin from Plugmatter comes with an amazing WYSIWYG visual editor that can make any amateur create pricing tables as sound in terms of design as those produced by any professional designer.

You get to see every change as you make it, and therefore you get to make all the necessary adjustments on the spot. There are several templates that come with the plugin, but these templates are broad enough to allow you to add your own touch to them.

Once you apply a template, you then start to drag and drop the elements, from the rows and columns to the icons, media file, etc.

For each pricing plan in your table, you are given space for the title, description, an image, and the price. The rest of the table is dedicated to the comparison criteria and the action buttons.

The cell editor lets you customize each cell with the icons and symbols that you want. There are 10 sets of check and cross icons that come with the plugin, as well as 23 customizable buttons and the Font Awesome and Google Fonts library. You can add tooltips to explain any complex features in more detail.

And now, let’s get to the smart features. The plugin is integrated with the Google Events Tracking system which enables you to monitor all of the sales activity resulting from one of the pricing tables which you can view through the analytics tool.

You also get an “A/B testing” feature, whereby you can try out campaigns using different colors, combinations, prices, and buttons, and compare the conversion rates between them in order to detect the most effective of them. The good thing is that everything in this plugin is implemented via shortcodes, which makes the job way more efficient.

7. Easy Pricing Tables by Fatcat Apps

The plugin's

Managing your pricing table content is made as easy as possible by this plugin.

Fatcat Apps tend to put some fun into their plugins. This one comes with 10 cool cartoonized designs that suit entertainment websites most of all. You also get the tools you need to customize your own pricing tables or add some decoration to the existing templates, including tooltips to provide your users with extra information for each item in the table.

There are also effects like, for example, the pricing toggles that enable users to switch between different tables or pricing plans.

This plugin is integrated with Google Analytics, which will enable you to keep track of all the activity taking place through your pricing buttons using some of the most advanced analytic tools out there.

It even helps in enhancing your conversion rates through its conversion rate optimization features, guiding you to the best practices and giving recommendations. The plugin is fully compatible with WordPress and can fit into any WordPress theme.

When you create a new table, the plugin gives you a shortcode that you can use to embed the table anywhere on your website.

The Easy Pricing Tables app can be integrated with numerous e-commerce and payment platforms, including PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce, and Easy Digital Downloads.

8. Pricing Table by Shaon

A sample of the plugin's pricing table designs. It has 4 columns, each showing a title, price, action button, and then the details.

This plugin is a perfect balance between simplicity and practicality.

This plugin is a bit simple but is at the same time quite practical and efficient. It comes with 5 templates that you can choose from, and there is a drag-and-drop tool that enables you to reorder the tables as you wish.

The number of column, rows, or table items allowed is unlimited, and you can add effects like tooltips, highlights, and icons very easily.

That is all done using the plugin’s TinyMCE editor button, and after your design is all set, the editor then gives you a shortcode to embed the table with. Finally, the plugin allows you to import tables from outside sources and include them in one of its templates.

9. Pure CSS Responsive Pricing Tables for WordPress

  • Price: $12

One of the plugin's designs shown in both desktop and mobile versions. The table has 4 columns, each of which has 9 rows besides the header. The colors are numerous, and one of the columns has a

Using this plugin, you can tap the complexities of CSS without having to possess any technical knowledge. It is all done through a simple interface.

That’s a pretty awesome plugin for such a low price. You get to create an unlimited number of pricing tables using any of the plugin’s 10 templates that are all very flexible and customizable.

The plugin works using CSS3, so you have all the CSS3 tools (ex: tooltips, ribbons, icons, and buttons) at your disposal without having to code them in yourself.

It is also compatible with Bootstrap, and it comes with built-in Google Fonts support. All of these tools are enacted using the plugin’s simple drag-and-drop editor. The plugin is also integrated with PayPal, so you can connect buttons directly to your PayPal account and have customers purchase on the spot.

  • Revenue
  • Price: $18

A pricing table showing 4 plans. Each of the headers has a background image faded behind the text, and below that is a cell for the title followed by all of the details. Each cell shows a check icon next if the mentioned feature is available, and at the bottom comes the action button.

The plugin’s drag-and-drop table builder has massive potential and can help you add alluring designs to your website.

With Revenue, you have unlimited flexibility in designing your pricing tables thanks to the plugin’s drag-and-drop pricing plan builder. You get to set all the dimensions as you wish and make them fit into any device or screen.

The plugin’s visual styler uses advanced CSS3 features as well as the Google Fonts library. It allows you to import and export data very easily, and the data you import can then be processed through its pricing plan builder in order to fit it into a nice and appealing table.

The plugin also enables highlighting and tooltips for featured items/columns.

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