Top 10 Self Help Affiliate Programs That Help YOU Make Money With your Website!

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Self help is designed to help people achieve their personal and professional goals without having to rely on other people. Online tools and resources have made it easier than ever to overcome your problems without the help of professionals.

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Self help programs can cover a wide variety of topics such as relationships, stress, anxiety, depression, personal development, and weight loss. I love self help books, but they are broad in what topics they can cover. You could read a self help book about waking up early in the morning (Morning Miracle), or a book about how to start a business (Unscripted).

Here are 10 great self help affiliate programs that focus on general well-being, mental health, and happiness. I’ll update this page with links to more specific self-help categories in the future.

best self help affiliate programs

    Self Help Affiliate Programs

    1. Amare
    2. Hypnosis Downloads
    3. Hay House
    4. InnerTalk
    5. Brian Tracy
    6. Jonathan Parker
    7. Open Forest
    8. Release Technique
    9. TONE Networks
    10. Tony Robbins


    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Amare

    Amare helps people learn to love and be loved

    • URL: Amare Affiliate Program
    • Commission: 40%
    • Cookie: 30 days

    Amare offers advice and tools to help women transform their love lives. Their team of experts includes marriage counselors, coaches, PhDs, and best selling authors. Their line of self help products has helped tens of thousands of people enjoy fulfilling love life.

    They use Commission Junction to run their affiliate program. Amare provides their affiliates with optimized creatives and real-time reporting tools. They are constantly improving their sales funnel and offer high converting products.

    Why Should You Promote Amare: Relationship advice leader, great commission rates, proven sales materials

    Affiliates can also promote their free newsletters to help maximize their commissions.

    Hypnosis Downloads

    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Hypnosis Downloads

    Hypnosis Downloads is the world’s largest hypnosis provider

    Hypnosis Downloads has helped over 600,000 people with their hypnosis downloads. They use hypnosis as a natural way of dealing with problems and feelings. Every download is developed by 4 experienced hypnotherapists and they cover a variety of self help topics including anxiety treatment, depression, phobias, self-esteem, and stress management.

    Their affiliate program is managed in house. Hypnosis Downloads gives their affiliates access to easy to use promotional content, their product catalog, and detailed tracking tools. They have paid their affiliates over $1 million since 2003 and offer very high conversion rates.

    Why Should You Promote Hypnosis Downloads: Biggest hypnosis provider, year-long cookie life, recurring commissions

    Affiliates earn a generous 35% commission rate with monthly recurring commissions from their membership program along with 5% 2nd tier commissions on all downloadable products.

    Hay House

    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Hay House

    Hay House is the top publisher of self-help online courses and books

    • URL: Hay House Affiliate Program
    • Commission: Up to 50%
    • Cookie: 30 days

    Hay House has published over 350 audio programs and 300 self-help books for some of the top authors in the industry. Their self-improvement topics range from parenting, relationships, health, and finance. They also offer their own radio station, live events, online events, and online seminars.

    Affiliates can sign up for their affiliate program on their website. Hay House provides their affiliates with all the marketing materials affiliates need to start promoting right away. Their responsive affiliate management team is on hand to help answer any questions and offer suggestions on how to optimize your campaigns.

    Why Should You Promote Hay House: Leading self help publisher, best selling authors, generous commission rates

    Affiliates can also promote their value-packed promotions to help increase conversion rates.


    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for InnerTalk

    InnerTalk offers high-quality personal growth products

    • URL: InnerTalk Affiliate Program
    • Commission: 20%
    • Cookie: 90 days

    InnerTalk develops self help programs to help end the negative self talk and empower self-confidence. Their proven technology has been tested by more than 40 studies and clinical trials. Their patented products are guaranteed to work for you.

    Their affiliate program is powered by ShareASale. InnerTalk supplies their affiliates with professionally designed banner ads and text links. Affiliates can track their leads, sales, and commissions on their easy to use affiliate dashboard.

    Why Should You Promote InnerTalk: Patented personal development products, guaranteed to work, featured on the Discovery Channel

    They have had thousands of positive testimonials from happy customers they’ve helped.

    Brian Tracy

    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Brian Tracy

    Brian Tracy helps people achieve their personal and professional goals

    • URL: Brian Tracy Affiliate Program
    • Commission: 25%
    • Cookie: 120 days

    Brian Tracy is one of the top personal and business success authorities with over 30 years of experience. He has helped over 1,000 companies and reached over 5,000,000 people in his seminars and talks. His line of 120+ products includes courses on personal achievement, improved productivity, and sales training to double your income.

    They have an average order size of $140. Brian Tracy has teamed up with Commission Junction to oversee their affiliate program. They offer a library of optimized creatives, robust tracking tools, and monthly affiliate bonus opportunities.

    Why Should You Promote Brian Tracy: Top personal success authority, high average order value, promotional opportunities

    Affiliates can also request custom creatives to suit their marketing needs.

    Jonathan Parker

    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Jonathan Parker

    Jonathan Parker has sold over 10 million copies of his self help audio recordings

    Jonathan Parker specializes in personal growth through spiritual enlightenment. Over the past 40 years, he’s created hundreds of meditations, guided visualizations, subliminal programs, and audible affirmations with more than 10 million copies sold. His techniques help people learn how to awaken their true potential.

    Their affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale. Jonathan Parker has an average order value of $60. Affiliates have access to banners, text links, reporting tools, and help from their dedicated affiliate management team.

    Why Should You Promote Jonathan Parker: Spiritual counselor with over 40 years of experience, one of the largest libraries of recordings, hundreds of products to promote

    They are looking to partner with affiliates that have websites that appeal to people interested in meditation, self-empowerment, and personal growth.

    Open Forest

    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Open Forest

    Open Forest offers online self-tests and self help modules

    • URL: Open Forest Affiliate Program
    • Commission: 10%
    • Cookie: N/A

    Open Forest is a subscription-based self help online course provider. They offer acclaimed courses for anxiety, mindfulness, depression, ADHD, and drinking problems. Their courses can be used on their own or with regular counseling sessions.

    They use FlexOffers to run their affiliate program. Open Forest provides their affiliates with text links, videos, and targeted banner ads. Affiliates can also check out their tips and ideas for effective marketing.

    Why Should You Promote Open Forest: Acclaimed self help courses, targeted creatives, increased commissions available

    Performance incentives are available for top-performing affiliates. Incentivized affiliates are also available for affiliates who bring in company subscriptions.

    Release Technique

    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Release Technique

    Release Technique helps you change the quality of your life

    Release Technique is the most effective self-improvement course in the world. Their method helps you learn how to get rid of negative emotions so you can take back control of your life, health, wealth, and happiness. Customers who purchase the Release Technique Abundance course receive 90 days of free one on one support to help them reach their goals.

    Their affiliate program is managed in-house. Release Technique gives their affiliates access to a great selection of buttons, text links, and banner ads. Affiliates can share their links on their blog, website, newsletter, or emails.

    Why Should You Promote Release Technique: Easy self-improvement course, 90 days of free support, increased commission rates

    They are currently offering 40% commissions on their improved digital online course or bundle

    with a CD set.

    TONE Networks

    screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for TONE Networks

    TONE Networks helps women help themselves and others

    • URL: TONE Networks Affiliate Program
    • Commission: 25%
    • Cookie: 90 days

    TONE Networks is a social network and subscription-based video service for busy women. Their expert coaches and specialists offer guidance to grow personally and professionally. Members can access their frequently updated library of bite-sized videos with customized just for you topics like work, money, life, and mind-body.

    Affiliates can sign up for the TONE Networks affiliate program with ShareASale. Their membership makes a great gift idea for friends, family, clients, and coworkers looking to grow both professionally and personally. Affiliates have access to all the marketing materials and promotional tools needed to start promoting right away.

    Why Should You Promote TONE Networks: Helpful advice for women, learning in just a few minutes, great gift idea

    Affiliates can also promote their weekly chats and streaming events with prominent women leaders.

    Tony Robbins

    screenshot of Tony Robbins homepage

    Tony Robbins is a recognized leader in human-development training

    • URL: Tony Robbins Affiliate Program
    • Commission: 15%
    • Cookie: 45 days

    Tony Robbins has empowered people from all over the world via his audio, video, and life training programs. He dedicated his life to creating and implementing strategies to achieve an extraordinary quality of life, both for individuals and organizations.

    Their affiliate program is managed by Commission Junction. Affiliates will receive a commission of 15% with a cookie duration of 45 days and access to banners and text links. Unique tools such as BounceLinks are created as well to help affiliates better monetize their traffic.

    Why Should You Promote Tony Robbins: High commission, a recognized leader in human-development training, have impacted the lives of over 50 million people

    He produced the #1 personal and professional system and affected the lives of people with his best-selling books, multimedia products, public speaking engagements, and live appearances.

    Affiliate Website Ideas

    Now that you’ve discovered 10 great self help affiliate programs, you should start thinking about what niche you want to promote. You could focus on relationship self help for people looking to improve their dating & love life. Amare has helped thousands of people transform their relationships. Affiliates earn a very generous 40% commission rate.

    Self help hypnosis is another great niche idea as a natural option to deal with your feelings. Hypnosis Downloads offers guided hypnosis for anxiety, self-esteem, phobias, stress management, and more. They offer a 35% commission rate with a very long 1-year cookie life.

    You could also target online self help courses. Hay House is the industry leader for self help books and online courses. Affiliates receive up to 50% commissions on all sales.

    Lastly, of course, you could target any specific industry or type of person like business, women, businesswomen, young entrepreneurs, high-stress-job individuals, and more. Think about who you are helping to find a great niche to get into!

    Boost Your Affiliate Earnings

    These 10 affiliate programs are just the beginning of what’s possible. There are hundreds of ways to earn affiliate commissions with your website, including product reviews, top 10 lists, how-to guides, and more.

    But what about traffic and conversions? How do you make sure your affiliate links get clicked?

    I used the affiliate training here to turn my brand new website into a six-figure income generator in less than two years. Build a business, not just a pocket-money side project!

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