Top 10 Self-Improvement Affiliate Programmes To Better Your Life And Your Cash Flow

self-improvement affiliate programmes to make money

When did you last hear someone say they needed to lose weight some weight? To stop smoking? To find a better job?

Self-improvement is huge for people because it involves making a change. Change is uncomfortable, however, it still seems to be something that we all crave in one way or another. At least, we’re willing to pay for it. The self-improvement industry is valued at over $9.9 billion. It’s projected to grow to more than $13 billion by the end of 2022.

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With this astounding potential growth, affiliate marketers have not missed the boat and really have a fantastic opportunity to connect customers and self-improvement resource providers—whilst making a healthy profit. If you’re interested, then check out these top 10 self-improvement affiliate programmes.

self development affiliate programmes to make money

Also, remember that your website doesn’t have to be specifically about self-improvement in order to feature these companies. You could have a niche site about addiction recovery that leverages hypnosis affiliate products, or a “get out of debt” themed website that publishes content related to money mindset. Self-improvement is a big deal because it involves change.


Self-Improvement Affiliate Programmes


1. NLP Times

screenshot of NLP Times homepage, with black header with the website's name and main navigational menu, with a top view image of a swimmer in the waterNLP Times aims to help people successfully use NLP practices to change their lives.

NLP Times is a neuro-linguistic programming site that aims to help people successfully use NLP principles to transform their lives. There are a lot of articles to read on the website, but the programme sales are where affiliates can make money.

The NLP Times programs cover topics like managing your emotional state, overcoming everyday problems, improving planning skills, and learning to stay motivated by yourself. Some of the titles that are eligible to be promoted on an affiliate website include ‘Habit Hacking’, ‘Purest Persuasion’, and ‘Kickstart Your NLP.’

These programmes are priced close to $400 each, and affiliate earnings are around $91 each.

Reasons To Promote NLP Times: The commission rate is great. For products with monthly subscriptions, the commission remains active every time a payment is received for as long as your referral stays with the programme.

2. Inner Talk

This screenshot for the home page for Inner Talk shows a white and blue header with 'Inner Talk' written in fancy lettering in blue, with a white text window below it and yellow, blue and green navigation bars on the leftInner Talk carries more than 300 subliminal message and hypnosis programs to help customers retrain the way they think.

Inner Talk carries more than 300 subliminal messages and hypnosis programmes to help customers retrain the way they think and talk to themselves. Topics include personal prosperity, eliminating self-sabotage, and healing from abuse. They’re priced at around $25-$30 each.

Inner Talk uses some innovative technologies in their tracks. The parent company, Progressive Awareness, is continually researching new technologies to make experiencing change easier and more effective.

Reason To Promote Inner Talk: The deeply technological side of these products could appeal to a niche market as well as to people who want to try a different, possibly more effective format for their hypnosis sessions.

3. Mind Valley

This screenshot of the home page for Mind Valley shows a dark-filtered photo of a woman talking with a few children, as the background to the white-lettered words, Mind Valley is very particular about its requirements to become an affiliate marketing partner.

Mind Valley is a platform for sharing wisdom for and about personal growth and transformation. This includes online classes that reach around 50,000 people. Some of the topics taught in Mind Valley cover productivity, career, relationships, and health. Many courses are priced in the $250-$400 range.

In order to become an affiliate with Mind Valley, the websites you’ll be using need to have steady web traffic, more than 200,000 followers, and high interaction.

Reasons To Promote Mind Valley: Mind Valley is focused on high-quality courses and presentation. Besides fitting well with a niche market, Mind Valley’s credibility could help increase sales.

4. Simple Truths

This screenshot of the home page for Simple Truths shows a possible training presentation with a beige background and teal and yellow accents.Simple Truths is a collection of books that can be read in less than an hour each.

Simple Truths is all about providing self-improvement help in book form, but the books have to be quick reads. They’re intended to be read in an hour or less. These include titles such as ‘Develop Team Synergy’ and ‘Create Your Success.’

The company provides special offers and discounts to help draw in customers. Some promotions are exclusive for affiliates and their website visitors.

ShareASale runs the Simple Truths affiliate programme. Affiliates can only join one of the programmes. Simple Truths prefers eBay Enterprise because it allows the company to offer VIP exclusive commissions and other affiliate bonuses.

Reasons To Promote Simple Truths: Affiliates who have high monthly sales can get exclusive commission rates.

5. I Need Motivation

This screenshot of the home page for I Need Motivation shows a dark-filtered photo with two women jumping into the air, as a background to these white-lettered words: I Need Motivation offers more than 650 products to help people with both physical and mental health.

I Need Motivation offers more than 650 products to help people with both physical and mental health. Products are mostly subliminal sound courses, Hypnosis courses, and brainwave courses. These can be downloaded as MP3 files or purchased as CDs. Shipping for CDs is always free.

The topics that I Need Motivation covers include issues such as weight loss, relationships, overcoming bad habits, getting good sleep, and others. There’s even a track to help customers improve their golf game.

The commission structure with I Need Motivation is based on affiliate performance. The more sales you bring in, the more commission you get, all the way up to 50%. The average sale is more than $70.

Reasons To Promote I Need Motivation: The 50-year cookie is amazing, and it applies to repeat customers, which makes up about 40% of this company’s business.

6. Hay House

This screenshot of the home page for Hay House shows images of Hay House products, including a spellbook, a book about empaths, and an advertisement for a flash sale.Hay House is one of the best-known self-improvement book publishers.

With Hay House, commission rates are set on an individual basis for each special offer. This currently includes Hay House events and Hay House books. There are also some online courses.

The books are written by well-known self-improvement gurus, including Louise Hay, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Suze Orman, and others. Events generally feature these authors and are often set up as writer’s workshops, and the online courses are taught by the authors, as well.

Reasons To Promote Hay House: Hay House and Hay House authors have a lot of credibility in the self-improvement world. Customers have a lot of choices for books, courses, and events, as well.

7. Brian Tracy

This screenshot of the home page for Brian Tracy shows a photo of Brian Tracy from the side, while he appears to be speaking to a large group of people.Brian Tracy has more than 30 years of experience in the self-improvement industry.

Brian Tracy, the CEO of Brian Tracy International, works to help people achieve personal and career goals as quickly as possible. He’s created a series of products to help people reach their potential.

There are five main programmes affiliates can promote. These programs are designed to help customers become better public speakers, write and publish a book, become more productive, dissolve self-imposed limitations, and improve sales performance.

CJ runs the main Brian Tracy affiliate programme. Brian Tracy has two affiliate programmes: one for email and social media promotions, and one for website promotions that are run through CJ. The average order size is $140.

Reasons To Promote Brian Tracy: Brian Tracy has more than 30 years of experience in the self-improvement industry, and he’s spoken to more than a million people. He has a lot of credibilities. That could be a conversion factor for some reluctant shoppers and a draw for other customers, as well.

8. Mastery InSight Institute

screenshot of Mastery InSight Institute homepage, with grey header with the website's name and main navigation menu, a banner image, and a welcome messageMastery InSight Institute enjoys a high level of return customers and students because of the quality of their work.

Mastery InSight Institute provides high-quality NLP training, NLP CDs and DVDs, and NLP coaching. Their workshops and CD/DVD recordings are highly useful for most anyone with any level of NLP background. They aim to help improve one’s leadership and change-management skills by providing techniques, and actionable strategies for improving relationships and succeeding in business.

They offer a free CD and sensory-system vocabulary list and product seminar catalog for those who fill out their Welcome Packet Request Form. Mastery InSight Institute’s NLP Trainer, Jonathan Altfelt has 20+ years of training history.

Their affiliate program is owned and managed by J. Altfeld’s Mastery InSight Institute. Affiliates will receive 20% of every customer purchase referred and 10% on every seminar signup. They develop marketing links and banners that affiliates can borrow for marketing purposes.

Reasons To Promote Mastery InSight Institute: Once a certain level of referrals is achieved, rewards in the form of free copies of products are given that they can also resell for a profit.

9. Hypnosis Downloads/Uncommon Knowledge

This screenshot of the home page for Hypnosis Downloads/Uncommon Knowledge is mostly text on a white background, with one banner-type photo of people having fun together near the header.Hypnosis Downloads carries more than 1,000 different self-hypnosis programs.

Hypnosis Downloads carries more than 1,000 different self-hypnosis MP3 tracks that customers can purchase and listen to. Topics range from healthy eating and personal fitness to parenting skills and overcoming addictions.

Customers can also order CD versions of the tracks or hypnosis scripts. One of the most interesting things about this company is that it offers a membership area, called the Growth Zone. A subscription to the Growth Zone allows customers to get 31% off the hypnosis tracks they order, along with other exclusive downloads and goodies. Membership in the Growth Zone costs around $22 per month.

Reasons To Promote Hypnosis Downloads: Besides the 35% base commission, there’s an additional 5% second-tier commission on downloadable products.

10. NeuroGym

screenshot of NeuroGym homepage, with a signup button and video of snow-covered mountainsNeuroGym is on a mission to be the leading provider of life transforming technology, products and services.

NeuroGym offers products with scientifically-proven methods and technologies that help people expand their mental and emotional power via mental and emotional exercises. These will help in improving mindset, attitude, and emotional control that will then help lessen negativity, unproductive thoughts, stress, and anxiety to increase one’s levels of confidence and certainty.

They offer different programmes that will get the training that best fits your needs. One of their most popular programs is Innercise, Winning the Game of Fear, Winning the Game of Weight Loss, and Winning the Game of Procrastination. They also offer free training where one can simply signup for.

NeuroGym affiliates will earn 40% per sale. They will also benefit from their short sales cycle and incredibly low refund rate. Affiliates can also have their own army of affiliates to bring you passive income. NeuroGym is constantly adding new resources to help promotions convert.

Reasons To Promote NeuroGym: Affiliates can earn an additional 10% on the sales made by other affiliates they bring to the programme.

Affiliate Website Ideas

There’s a heck of a lot of information packed into these top 10 self-improvement affiliate programmes, so now it is time for you to work how to maximise their potential within your niche website. One of the best things an affiliate marketer can do is develop a niche website where products like these can be promoted.

For example, if you created a niche website that was focused solely on weight loss, there would be plenty of books, hypnosis tracks, and subliminal MP3 files that you could promote. You could also feature headphones, e-readers, and other electronic equipment designed to people change the way they think about their life circumstances.

How about a website that focuses on learning other languages? Various language-learning programmes could be promoted here, as well as hypnosis CDs, books, online courses, and even travel packages to other parts of the world.

A niche website that targets improvement in a specific hobby, such as oil painting, could be fun, too. You could promote online courses and books, but you could also include affiliate programmes for art supplies, framing companies, and even online galleries where artwork could be sold. Creating art can definitely a part of self-improvement!

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